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melodic:was here
admin:und ja. umlaute und sonderzeichen funktionieren nicht mehr. ich hab keine ahnung warum, aber damit heiszt es jetzt leben
admin:bitte hoert auf betrunken die shoutbox zuzuspammen, dafuer war das ding NIE gedacht xD
Der russe:I kann net " wouzl bin ish dichdk s hreoenel
Der russe:Oida des nimmt kane leetzaichen

The links. This is why you are here.
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25.07.17Social Justice Warrior Insult Generator by admin[Other]
20.07.17how to commit suicide... the cool way! [gif] by admin[Image]
19.07.17holy crap catholics are stupid by admin[Image]
18.07.17Warum Wissenschaftler Greenpeace hassen by admin[Text]
17.07.17reckless century... by admin[Image]
17.07.17George A. Romero ist tot :( by admin[News]
14.07.17Sugar Mamas und ihre Flüchtlinge... by admin[Text]
11.07.17how to excel at sports by admin[Image]
06.07.17eurafrica by night by admin[Image]
06.07.17simply an aryan thing. by admin[Image]
03.07.17Finally! Wikipedia - The Text Adventure by admin[Game]
03.07.17into the black hole [gif] by admin[Image]
30.06.17Wienerisch für Anfänger? by admin[Other]
30.06.17NASA denies adult child labor on Mars by admin[News]
29.06.17wiki of the day: list of fetishes by admin[Other]
29.06.17priorities. [gifv] by admin[Image]
29.06.17schnell! by admin[Image]
29.06.17#TaxpayerPride by admin[Image]
29.06.17microwave for one by admin[Image]
25.06.17the internet of things by admin[Image]
23.06.17verschwörungs-baukasten by admin[HP]
22.06.17everyone cunts by admin[Image]
22.06.17the first rule of dunning-kruger club... by admin[Image]
20.06.178 m reicht eh ned xD by admin[Image]
20.06.17why there is no wifi at church... by admin[Image]
20.06.17science. by admin[Image]
17.06.17Juwelier überfällt sich selbst by admin[Image]
16.06.17life of a bartender by admin[Image]
16.06.17meanwhile, in Mississippi... by admin[Image]
14.06.17TIL: Bertrand Russell proved that 1+1=2 by admin[Other]
13.06.17modern times by admin[Image]
13.06.17life of a fat cat [gifv] by admin[Image]
12.06.17Das Comeback des Burgenlaenderwitzes? by admin[News]
08.06.17hypotheses on why we have not found aliens yet by admin[Image]
07.06.17damn you, forrest gump by admin[Image]

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