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hä?:Da ist wohl nichts mehr los...
admin:das leitet sich wohl von "Zwerg Bumsti" ab, aber wie es seinen weg zu HC-Bumsti gefunden hat, weiß ich auch nicht gg
Franky:Mal ne komplett off-topic Frage: Wer hat sich eigentlich ausgedacht, den Strache Bumsti zu nennen? Ich mein ich verwend es ständig aber wo kommts her?
admin:@franky: stegis bot-lakaien. @bullshitter mE ein fichten-buchen-mischwald

you probably don't have access to this...
The links. This is why you are here.
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31.03.15Panda Ross by PeP[Sound]
31.03.15best doctor ever by admin[Image]
31.03.15goats. by admin[Video]
31.03.15I just wanna break the rules by PeP[Image]
31.03.15Elena Ninja-Bonchinche by PeP[Video]
30.03.15lungs. [gif] by admin[Image]
30.03.15on facebook... by admin[Image]
30.03.15Every TV news report on the economy ever by admin[Video]
30.03.15Dude releases himself from Prison with Fake-Mail by admin[News]
28.03.15The world's deadliest animals by number of kills by admin[News]
27.03.15Ricky Gervaisí very honest Commercial by admin[Video]
27.03.15Nightvision Eye Drops by admin[Other]
27.03.15toothache? go to 1885! by admin[Image]
26.03.15The Sun says by admin[Image]
26.03.15paramedics by admin[Image]
26.03.15@GlasgowCCouncil &Jeremy Clarkson by admin[Other]
26.03.15Market Niche: "Your website should be so simple, a drunk person could use it." by admin[HP]
26.03.15fastest way to write an essay ;) by admin[Program]
26.03.15Karl Moik ist tot. by admin[News]
25.03.15chuckled. by admin[Image]
25.03.15cool uncle trick by admin[Image]
25.03.15almost there... [gif] by admin[Image]
25.03.15classic story. by admin[Image]
23.03.15quality warning by admin[Image]
22.03.15Bill Cosby? by admin[Image]
18.03.15genehmigte und nicht genehmigte vornamen by admin[Image]
18.03.15IE Nutzer sehen die Meldung dann 2020 by admin[News]
16.03.15Cat Rave! by Melodic[HP]
16.03.15/tv/ discusses fantasy movies by admin[Image]
16.03.15dating in the age of PC by admin[Image]
16.03.15rrrraving [gif] by admin[Image]
16.03.15acoustic levitation [gifv] by admin[Image]
16.03.15meanwhile, in Czech Republic by admin[Image]
16.03.15talk to your cat by admin[Image]
16.03.15rhino perspective by admin[Image]

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