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plz post links without 'http://'...
admin:a 4chan prank gone too far xD
bullshitler:trump wurde auch nur mittels meme magic ins weise haus gebracht
admin:seit lemmy tot ist brauchen wir keine umlaute mehr.
Franky:"mimimi" schreibt man nicht "me me me"
bullshitler:toll zeller, das schreib ich jetzt nicht noch mal du opfer!
admin:das shoutbox problem wird wohl durch umlaute ausgeloest#

you probably don't have access to this...
The links. This is why you are here.
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06.12.16golden repost by admin[Image]
06.12.16truth about christmas by admin[Image]
06.12.16dead rich kid is best rich kid by admin[Image]
06.12.16meanwhile, in montreal [gifv] by admin[Image]
05.12.16Baywatch: Russia edition by PeP[Video]
05.12.16pool [gif] by admin[Image]
03.12.16good guy ron by admin[Image]
02.12.16so ist´s richtig by PeP[Video]
02.12.16welcome to 2016 by admin[Image]
29.11.16self-destructive beverages by admin[Other]
29.11.16sex with linguists by admin[Image]
28.11.16Trump did it xD by admin[Image]
25.11.16Norwegians play drunk football by PeP[Video]
25.11.16at the cat bar by admin[Image]
25.11.16Wiki of the day: Antimetabole by admin[Other]
24.11.16historical fun fact by admin[Image]
24.11.16listen to your heart xD by admin[Image]
21.11.16candellight paintings ;) by admin[Image]
18.11.16modern software development by admin[Image]
16.11.16da moon by admin[Image]
16.11.16all you need is... math xD by admin[Image]
16.11.16cynide and happiness - circle of life by admin[Image]
15.11.16Österreichischer Punkrock aus den 70ern (Bandbericht zum selbst youtuben) by admin[Sound]
15.11.16which spice girl are you by
15.11.16Probability by admin[Image]
15.11.16the flake equation by admin[Image]
12.11.16xD by admin[Image]
11.11.16auto einladen xD by admin[Image]
11.11.16Good luck with that. by admin[News]
11.11.16me me me democrats [gif] by admin[Image]
11.11.16international frontpages on trump*s victory by admin[Other]
10.11.164chan pranks getting more sophisticated by admin[Image]
09.11.16CAN immigration website crashes on election night by admin[News]
09.11.16Österreich 9/11 by admin[Image]
09.11.16wasting timeline by admin[Image]

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