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10.03.24A Humble Proposition by admin[Text]
10.03.24Deutsche Version: Eine skeptische Spaltung mit globalen Auswirkungen? by admin[Text]
10.03.24The German Dilemma: A Skeptic Schism with Global Implications? by admin[Text]
25.09.23How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the AI Arms Race by admin[Text]
11.07.23Uncensored LLMs by admin[Other]
01.06.23BidenCrimes.info by admin[HP]
01.06.23Noam Chatsky by admin[Other]
27.03.23all you need to know about the US incarceration system in one infographic by admin[Other]
09.03.23List of inventors killed by their own invention by admin[Other]
31.07.22unpopular opinion by admin[Image]
15.06.22reality vs. linkedin by admin[Image]
24.05.22the pigman cometh by admin[Image]
19.04.22Quite possibly the Hitler-comparison of the century. by admin[Video]
17.03.22alien message by admin[Image]
16.03.22the observable universe by admin[Image]
11.03.22Rokos basilisk by admin[Other]
14.02.22still he lickes fishsticks by admin[Image]
03.02.22a message from the future by admin[Image]
03.12.21better than MeinKraft by admin[Image]
24.09.21the machines have won by admin[Image]
19.09.21seo consultant and so on xD by admin[HP]
19.09.21RIP Betty... by admin[Image]
17.09.21Randy has SARS by admin[Image]
03.09.21[Fixed] The Dark Forest Theory (+ book recommendation ;-) by admin[Other]
03.09.21Make your own Drake equation! by admin[Other]
14.08.21please tell me more about freedom of speech xD by admin[Image]
27.07.21good weed in malaga... by admin[Video]
27.07.21Kristallschädel gefällig? xD by admin[Other]
29.06.21seriöse doku über den demokrative-verfall in österreich. bitte ansehen und teilen. by admin[Video]
15.06.21comendy gold by admin[Image]
08.06.21Anonymous Message To Elon Musk by admin[Video]
24.04.21#allesdichtmachen by admin[HP]
11.03.21The Palindromists by admin[Image]
26.02.21toyota, your partner in revolution by admin[Image]
25.02.21stop germans before it is too late! by admin[Image]

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