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25.08.17Motörhead – Heroes by admin[Sound]
23.03.17MesS! - H-Song by admin[Sound]
10.03.17Bad Brains play Paranoid by admin[Sound]
03.03.17Richard Cheese - Too drunk to fuck by admin[Sound]
15.11.16Österreichischer Punkrock aus den 70ern (Bandbericht zum selbst youtuben) by admin[Sound]
27.07.16dischord records releases huge 80s hc punk archive by admin[Sound]
09.07.16the nerdiest way of making music by admin[Sound]
03.05.16because trigglypuff obviously is a thing now... by admin[Sound]
27.04.16musikalische zeitreise - radiooooo.com by admin[Sound]
19.10.15"Caviar Gold" by PeP[Sound]
26.05.15des brauchst... BARBIEPUPPEN BLOND by admin[Sound]
29.04.15Auch die FPÖ Burgenland hat eine musikalische Ader... by admin[Sound]
17.04.15Kampfbereit by PeP[Sound]
17.04.15best USA by PeP[Sound]
31.03.15Panda Ross by PeP[Sound]
13.02.15drugs a-z by admin[Sound]
08.12.14Gern a bissal härter... (thx an Manfred!) by admin[Sound]
23.11.14 Fuck This Shit I'm Out by admin[Sound]
05.09.14Mike Supancic - ÖBB train by admin[Sound]
22.08.14Junge Grazerin by admin[Sound]
19.08.14monochrom - danke! by admin[Sound]
27.06.14Spongebob Theme Song - 800% Slower by admin[Sound]
12.05.14Cattle Auctioneer Drops Some Sick Beats by admin[Sound]
27.04.14summertime is great by PeP[Sound]
17.04.14Hey Mr. Nazi by PeP[Sound]
27.02.14Jodel Reggae - exactly what shitfaced-u needs at 00:49am by admin[Sound]
13.10.13MC HCs neuer Rap by Stegi[Sound]
06.10.13NON SERVIUM - ACAB by admin[Sound]
05.10.13Last Song by PeP[Sound]
30.09.13Steiermoak by admin[Sound]
29.08.13a styrian punk classic (ostmarkzecken) by admin[Sound]
13.07.13Blurred Lines by PeP[Sound]
28.06.13Classic: "Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise by admin[Sound]
20.05.13Die Butcher Babes aus Graz by admin[Sound]
06.05.13Justin Bieber at 1/8 speed becomes ambient music by admin[Sound]
28.04.13was wurde aus Rosi by PeP[Sound]
03.04.13Sound recording of the Big Bang by admin[Sound]
25.03.13Hand Fart Champ by admin[Sound]
13.03.13do anscheinend :P by admin[Sound]
05.01.13 Band of Robots play Motörhead by admin[Sound]
21.12.12Crossfire - Trapped by admin[Sound]
09.11.12Cocksparrer - Sunday Stripper by admin[Sound]
16.08.12Der letzte Sommer by PeP[Sound]
07.08.12Paul Kalkbrenner by PeP[Sound]
02.08.12Aus aktuellem Anlass: Animaniacs - Hello Nurse! by Melodic[Sound]
19.07.12what’s my motherfucking name… by PeP[Sound]
13.06.12Fuck Chuck Norris - Bruce Willis is the Shit! by Melodic[Sound]
30.05.12Star Wars Yodalling by Propellerman[Sound]
27.05.12Los Colorados - Du Hast (Official Rammstein Cover) by Propellerman[Sound]
19.05.12TURKEY DUBSTEP by Propellerman[Sound]
13.04.12Threw It On The Ground by admin[Sound]
15.03.12World's First Beatboxing Champion by Propellerman[Sound]
03.03.12Deichkind - Leider Geil by Propellerman[Sound]
28.02.12The Fellowship of the Ring Remix by Propellerman[Sound]
24.02.12James Hunter - Carina by admin[Sound]
20.02.12KRAFTWERK new song 2011 "Music international" by Propellerman[Sound]
20.02.12Cock Sparrer - Out on an Island by admin[Sound]
19.02.12The Casualties - We Are All We Have by Propellerman[Sound]
03.02.12Digitals by Propellerman[Sound]
31.01.12Apache Indian - The Israelites by Propellerman[Sound]
28.01.12Boots and Cats by Propellerman[Sound]
23.01.12JUMP AROUND live w/ @OGEVERLAST & @badgerband by Propellerman[Sound]
20.01.12Jaaam (The Fresh Prince Remix) by Propellerman[Sound]
19.01.12Iggy Pop - Louie Louie by admin[Sound]
19.01.12'My First Hardcore Song' by 8yr old Juliet by admin[Sound]
19.01.12Motörhead - Stand by Your Man (featuring Wendy O. Williams) by admin[Sound]
18.01.12Gallows- Nervous Breakdown (Black flag cover) by admin[Sound]
14.01.12Microsoft - Exclusive Pogo Remix by Propellerman[Sound]
07.01.12Dicke frau heult - REMIX by Propellerman[Sound]
06.01.12Michael Kiwanuka - Tell Me A Tale by admin[Sound]
01.01.12Auld Lang Syne - Happy New Year (punk cover) by Propellerman[Sound]
30.12.11Daily Ska/Punk-Covers #41: Skafari - Breaking the Law by Melodic[Sound]
30.12.11Daily Ska/Punk-Covers #40: Tornados - Walk dont run by Melodic[Sound]
23.12.11Daily Ska/Punk-Covers #39: Rawside - Der Goldene Reiter by Melodic[Sound]
20.12.11MEOWSTEP! by Propellerman[Sound]
13.12.11Daily Psychobilly-Covers #38: Pennywise - Stand By Me by Melodic[Sound]
13.12.11Madness - Night Boat to Cairo by Propellerman[Sound]
12.12.11Samichlaus by Propellerman[Sound]
11.12.11Daily Psychobilly-Covers #37: The Brains - Enjoy The Silence by Melodic[Sound]
11.12.11Daily Psychobilly-Covers #36: The Quakes - Send me an Angel by Melodic[Sound]
11.12.11Daily Psychobilly-Covers #35: Evil Devil - La Isla Bonita by Melodic[Sound]
01.12.11Trojan Christmas Ska by Propellerman[Sound]
25.11.11Schatz, ich kann nicht mehr warten by Propellerman[Sound]
24.11.11Cerebral Ballzy - Don't Tell Me What To Do by admin[Sound]
18.11.11 Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #34: Rawside - I Shot The Sheriff by Melodic[Sound]
13.11.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #33: Polkahontas - Deutschland by Melodic[Sound]
10.11.11hayseed dixie by admin[Sound]
06.11.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #32: The Supervillains - Moving Out by Melodic[Sound]
05.11.11Angela Liebeslied by Propellerman[Sound]
05.11.11Der Gerät (Official Music Video) by DönerBoys by Propellerman[Sound]
29.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #31: Walter Elf - I Dont Like Mondays by Melodic[Sound]
24.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #30: Ghostbusters Theme in SKA by Melodic[Sound]
23.10.11Daily Screamo-Covers #29: The Hotel Ambush - Right Round by Melodic[Sound]
21.10.11Rolling in the beats by admin[Sound]
21.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #28: Public Access - Raining Blood by Melodic[Sound]
21.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #26: Skarface - Ace of Spades by Melodic[Sound]
21.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #26: Unknown Artist - La Cucaracha by Melodic[Sound]
20.10.11Daily Psychobilly-Covers #25: Radium Cats - Munsters Theme by Melodic[Sound]
20.10.11Russian Dancing Men by Propellerman[Sound]
19.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #24: Tanzende Kadaver - Spongebob Squarepants by Melodic[Sound]
19.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #23: Wärters Schlechte - Jungle Drum by Melodic[Sound]
18.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #22: Sondaschule - I wanna get High by Melodic[Sound]
16.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #21: Reel Big Fish - Stray Cat Strut by Melodic[Sound]
14.10.11"N*gga Song" Censored by Propellerman[Sound]
13.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #20: Verlorene Jungs - Das geht ab by Melodic[Sound]
13.10.11Fuck se Energiesparlampe by Propellerman[Sound]
12.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #19: Spunge - Land Down Under by Melodic[Sound]
10.10.11Daily Psychobilly-Covers #18: Hotrod Frankie - Summerwine by Melodic[Sound]
10.10.11Daily Psychobilly-Covers #17: Lucky Devils - Dont let me be misunderstood by Melodic[Sound]
08.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #16: Ska King Crab - Inspector Gadget by Melodic[Sound]
08.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #15: Nevermind - Rama Lama Ding Dong by Melodic[Sound]
06.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #14: Alpha Boy School - Boys Don't Cry by Melodic[Sound]
05.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #13: Toy Dolls - The Final Countdown by Melodic[Sound]
05.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #12: iZ - Lemon by Melodic[Sound]
05.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #11: Bloink 110 - Forever Young by Melodic[Sound]
02.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #10: Youth Brigade - Volare by Melodic[Sound]
01.10.11Klingonz - Oompa Lompa by Melodic[Sound]
01.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #9: Skafari - Another Day in Paradise by Melodic[Sound]
01.10.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #8: Skafari - The Lion Sleeps Tonight by Melodic[Sound]
01.10.11Floppy Music DUO Imperial March by Propellerman[Sound]
30.09.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #7: Räubertochter - Major Tom by Melodic[Sound]
29.09.11Daily Punk/Ska Covers #6: Reel Big Fish - Take on me by Melodic[Sound]
28.09.11Daily Punk/Ska Covers #5: The Bates - Hello by Melodic[Sound]
26.09.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #4: Ska-J - Pink Panther by Melodic[Sound]
25.09.11Daily Punk/Ska-Covers #3: Cueball - Viva Forever by Melodic[Sound]
23.09.11Obama's Elf by Propellerman[Sound]
23.09.11Daily Punk/Ska Covers #2: Skadaddyz - Hotel California by Melodic[Sound]
22.09.11Daily Punkcover #1: Anfall - Belfast by Melodic[Sound]
17.09.11Ernst - Trostlose Hoffnung by admin[Sound]
09.09.11Auto-Correct Love Song by Propellerman[Sound]
01.09.11Sich mal 10 Stunden sinnvoll die Zeit vertreiben... by Propellerman...[Sound]
01.09.11The one and only Pornchestra! by Propellerman[Sound]
29.08.11Dub FX 10/10/2008 'Love Someone' by admin[Sound]
28.08.11augenmerk besonders auf das album dubsonic by admin[Sound]
26.08.11BMW Sound by Propellerman[Sound]
18.08.11Die Waschmaschine by Propellerman[Sound]
17.08.11N.A.M.P- Every Day Im Facebooking by Propellerman[Sound]
16.08.11The Google+ Song by Propellerman[Sound]
13.08.11Cock Sparrer - Lies by admin[Sound]
09.08.11Heute nur Heute: SKANKINGWAVE sendung mit Reggae, Ska und Soul, 19:00 via substream by admin[Sound]
27.07.11Falklands. Hat sich aber etwas geändert? by Propellerman[Sound]
17.07.11Stephan Rossegger feat. Die Edlseer - Sicherheit geht vor by admin[Sound]
12.07.11Heute nur Heute: SKANKINGWAVE sendung mit Reggae, Ska und Soul, 19:00 via substream by admin[Sound]
12.07.11a song about loving cats by Propellerman[Sound]
12.07.11Du hast... :^) by Propellerman[Sound]
11.07.11first emo link by admin[Sound]
19.06.11dubby by admin[Sound]
12.06.11Der offizielle EHEC-Song by Propellerman[Sound]
21.05.11Rammsteinsky - Du Hast by Propellerman[Sound]
17.05.11Louie Rankin - Typewriter Faction Sound Dubplate by Propellerman[Sound]
14.05.11Red Dragon - Buduf Baf by admin[Sound]
06.05.11Der lachende Tür-Schlager by Propellerman[Sound]
24.04.11Skinhead Moon Stompers by Propellerman[Sound]
24.04.11Kissing the Pink-1984-Big Men Restless by Propellerman[Sound]
24.04.11Jean-Jacques Burnel - Freddie Laker by Propellerman[Sound]
23.04.11The Partisans - Killing machine by Propellerman[Sound]
23.04.11The Ejected - Fast And Loud by Propellerman[Sound]
23.04.11Punk is Dead by Propellerman[Sound]
22.04.11Liebesliedgenerator by Propellerman[Sound]
24.03.11crazy like alex jones by admin[Sound]
15.03.11pispers - haschisch by madness[Sound]
14.03.11Facebook by Propellerman[Sound]
13.03.11Oi! Punk by Propellerman[Sound]
10.03.11INFA RIOT - POWER by Propellerman[Sound]
10.03.11Aram Sam Sam by Propellerman[Sound]
10.03.11A Song by Charlie Sheen by Propellerman[Sound]
08.03.11substream - auscheckn by admin[Sound]
01.03.11Gaddafi - Zenga Zenga Song by Propellerman[Sound]
27.02.11Islamlied by Propellerman[Sound]
25.02.11Habanera by Propellerman[Sound]
21.02.11Guttenberg-Song by Propellerman[Sound]
16.02.11Yuyuyuyuyuhuhui by Propellerman[Sound]
11.02.11It´s goin´ by the book by admin[Sound]
05.02.11Ab wann ist man zu alt? by Propellerman[Sound]
05.02.11Dead Kennedys - Rawhide (lost session tapes) by Propellerman[Sound]
05.02.11The Original Don Gorgan by Propellerman[Sound]
02.02.11Obama Song by Propellerman[Sound]
01.02.11Rammstein - Ich esse den Keks (Sonne-Remix) by Propellerman[Sound]
29.01.11Angelic Upstarts - England by Propellerman[Sound]
29.01.11Daily Terror - Wenn ich mit dir Pogo tanz (R.I.P Pedder) by Propellerman[Sound]
29.01.11ein wörtchen weisheit aus der alpenrepublik by admin[Sound]
28.01.11The Exploited - Fuck the USA (Klassiker!) by Propellerman[Sound]
26.01.11Sommerhit für 2011 by Propellerman[Sound]
25.01.11Ismirworscht - Wann gibts mal wieder echten Content? by admin[Sound]
09.01.11redneck radio by admin[Sound]
15.12.10time for punkrock: black flag - rise above & american waste by admin[Sound]
05.12.10Heute nur Heute: Blood for Blood! by admin[Sound]
04.12.10Steff la Cheffe - Annabelle by admin[Sound]
20.11.10Heute nur Heute: Bauchklang in Weiz!!! by admin[Sound]
11.11.10Frage: Wie bucht man die VANILLA MUFFINS?? by admin[Sound]
31.10.10Katzenklooo! by admin[Sound]
31.10.10Hans Söllner - Hey Staat by admin[Sound]
20.10.10Peter Tosh & Mick Jagger - Burnin` together! by admin[Sound]
05.10.104 Chords make a Pop Hit! by admin[Sound]
29.09.10King Missile - Jesus was way cool! by admin[Sound]
12.09.10Reggea Battle!!! by admin[Sound]
04.09.10Young Rebel Set - If I Was by admin[Sound]
29.08.10Partyproletariat, Drecksgeneration by admin[Sound]
29.08.10King Missile - Gary & Melissa by admin[Sound]
16.07.10The Prodigy - Omendogstitch by admin[Sound]
29.06.10Want good sound? KOQX Blues radio! by admin[Sound]
07.06.10Ministry - lies lies lies by admin[Sound]
07.06.10Fear Factory - Fear Campaign by admin[Sound]
02.06.10Es lebe die Volksmusik by admin[Sound]
01.06.10Slash and Lemmy Kilmister by admin[Sound]
01.06.10Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper together on stage in toronto! by admin[Sound]
31.05.10Cockney Rejects - heute live in graz! by admin[Sound]
29.05.10Buda - American History 101 by admin[Sound]
22.05.10OFT 4Tagespasspreis GUT by admin[Sound]
06.05.10Gesungene Worte der Weisheit (Die Zaubersteuer) by admin[Sound]
06.05.10Schlager Neuauflage: Skandal um Griechenland! by admin[Sound]
26.04.10Light it up! by admin[Sound]
25.04.10Schlechte Musik der keine Grenzen gesetzt sind! by admin[Sound]
19.04.10Schlechte Musik zum Start in den Montag by admin[Sound]
18.04.10Absolute Beginner - Die Kritik an Platten kann ... by admin[Sound]
13.04.10David Guetta feat. Fakon (Mad Milian) - Average Bitch by admin[Sound]
05.04.10DJ Tool wiedermal by admin[Sound]
05.04.10Pilsner Oiquell - 1. Mai in Gleisdorf by admin[Sound]
05.04.10Lewis Floyd Henry @ Brick Lane by admin[Sound]
05.04.10Dead Kennedys playin Rawhide Theme by admin[Sound]
28.03.10Mehr von Alexander Marcus - Homo Dance by admin[Sound]
24.03.10Unanstastbar - 1. Mai in Gleisdorf! by admin[Sound]
12.03.104Skins 4 Punkrock! by admin[Sound]
08.03.10Xavier Naidoo: Goldwaagen-goldwagen by admin[Sound]
07.03.10NOCH mehr Dancehall (mit Katze!) by admin[Sound]
06.03.10Mehr für Topfenneger! by admin[Sound]
06.03.10Dancehall :-) by admin[Sound]
04.03.10Celldweller - Frozen by admin[Sound]
24.02.10NES Hell Yeah! by admin[Sound]
23.01.10joe strummer and jimmy cliff - over the border by admin[Sound]
21.01.10Rob Zombie: Hellybilly Deluxe 2 OUT NOW!!! by admin[Sound]
19.01.10Mal ein bisschen Slime hören... by admin[Sound]
04.01.10Johanny Cash mal wieder by admin[Sound]
16.12.09Gute Musik... nur leider legal gg by admin[Sound]
07.12.09Freiwild - Das Land der Vollidioten by admin[Sound]
26.11.09RaggaKings Radio by admin[Sound]
25.11.09Polly Duster RnR by admin[Sound]
24.11.09Reggae Radio #2 by admin[Sound]
24.11.09Reggae-Radio #1 by admin[Sound]
11.11.09Reggae Webradio! thx an Mukke by admin[Sound]
08.11.09Jünge komm bald wieder by admin[Sound]
08.11.09Oida wos? by admin[Sound]
02.11.09Big Seven :) by GsPoelt[Sound]
21.10.09Soko - I ll kill her by admin[Sound]
02.10.09Its Dildo by admin[Sound]
02.09.09Everyday Normal Guy - Gangstarap? gg by admin[Sound]
10.08.09Copyright Sklaverei by admin[Sound]
03.08.09More good music by admin[Sound]
30.07.09Cocaine Blues by Johnny Cash by admin[Sound]
30.07.09When the Man Comes Around by admin[Sound]
30.07.09Musikvideo: Johnny Cash - Hurt by admin[Sound]
05.07.09Some call it music (High contrast - Days go by) by admin[Sound]
15.06.09"straight outta kärnten" der jörg-haider-gedenksong von k.i.z. by admin[Sound]
22.05.09HC Strache - Heute Abend zu Gast im Weizer Tollhaus! by admin[Sound]
05.11.08DJ Blowfly - The first Black President by admin[Sound]
15.07.08Mal ein bisschen Radio hören by admin[Sound]
19.06.08Döner macht schöner by Cannibal[Sound]
08.06.08Greatest Rock Songs by admin[Sound]
14.03.08Iggy Pop spielt Madonna by admin[Sound]
20.01.083D Sound - Kopfhörer aufsetzen by Karl[Sound]
20.07.07Zellers Greräuschequiz Teil 3 by Salzamt[Sound]
20.05.07Kosher? by Melodic[Sound]
12.05.07What am I supposed to do? by Melodic[Sound]
06.05.07öhm.... i moag oire bullen :D by mincer[Sound]
08.04.07absolut schlecht !!! by Meister Kackstuhl[Sound]
14.03.07Hammergeil... hört euch das mal an by Melodic[Sound]
04.03.07die mit dem roten Halsband by Bleed[Sound]
04.03.07Stoiber vor! by Melodic[Sound]
15.02.07Softporno mit Bibi und Tina by LipstickDoggie[Sound]
30.01.07MUTE CITY by johnnymassaker[Sound]
19.01.07Sprachführer Führerdeutsch by admin[Sound]
04.01.07Lied von der runden Banane by Meister Kackstuhl[Sound]
30.11.064 in 1 (by meee) by Melodic[Sound]
24.11.06Ten Masked Men - Death Metal Coverband by Melodic[Sound]
19.11.06Gitta bei Domian (hab ich live gesehen ^^) by admin[Sound]
19.11.06Tolles vom Domian by admin[Sound]
07.11.06mütter.... by awsome mincer[Sound]
21.10.06METAAAAALLL!!!!! by Melodic[Sound]
20.10.06Beschwerde beim ORF by admin[Sound]
26.09.06Die musikalische Antwort auf Straches Rap by admin[Sound]
23.09.06Sex mit Cousine LOOOOOL by Melodic[Sound]
23.09.06Sponsor-Orga by Melodic[Sound]
24.08.06Geile Beatbox Sounds by Melodic[Sound]
06.08.06Nette Telefongespräche auf Hundefeind.de by admin[Sound]
06.08.063m0lekind :-P by Melodic[Sound]
05.08.06cool hardcore music by mincer[Sound]
27.07.06Soundboard by admin[Sound]
24.06.06Tourette-Syndromgestörter Mensch bucht Zimmer in Hotel by lool[Sound]
22.06.06Wie spät ist es? by admin[Sound]
08.06.06Punkrockers Radio by Melodic[Sound]
08.06.06Up On Drugs by RastaGyver[Sound]
27.05.06Der BMW C1 by Lipstick Doggie[Sound]
09.05.06Die Gewitter Oma (alt aber immernoch geil) by Melodic[Sound]
19.04.06Viel gute Musik (Gemeldet von: VIOLATOR) by admin[Sound]
14.02.06Free Audio Books by admin[Sound]
05.02.06Die Hinichen... (Gemeldet von: lustiger.lurch) by admin[Sound]
24.01.06Für alle Asipunks unter Downloads ein ganzes Album unsonst!! by [Sound]
26.12.05Ein Klassiker: Der Drogensong (Gemeldet von: Bademeister) by [Sound]
24.12.05Doom Music by [Sound]
16.12.05Cornholio Soundboard (Gemeldet von: Koarl) by [Sound]
30.10.05Full Metal Jacket Soundboard by [Sound]
24.08.05Neuer ASDF-Song by [Sound]
02.08.05Flying Omelette's Top 50 Favorite Game Ending Songs by [Sound]
28.07.05Incoming calls at a Pizza joint by [Sound]
22.07.05Wenn auch stark verkatert: Richtigstellung (Kommentare in die gestrige Seite) by [Sound]
21.07.05Warum Dr-Zeller.com? [Direktlink] by [Sound]
03.07.05Aua - Zahnarztgeräusche by [Sound]
27.06.05CS'ler heult sich an - GENIAL (Gemeldet von: Tabea) by [Sound]
24.05.05Coole Telefonscherze zum Download by [Sound]
18.05.05What the internet is for (Gemeldet von: cb) by [Sound]
20.04.05Simpsons-Sounds deluxe! by [Sound]
12.04.05Anspruchsvoller CS-Talk (Gemeldet von: Grasi) by [Sound]
11.04.05Die Keuchhusten-Hotline :D by [Sound]
08.04.05Endlich: Yosemite Sam Soundboard by [Sound]
02.04.05Ozzy-Soundboard! by [Sound]
27.03.05Online-Liebeslied-Generator :D by [Sound]
03.02.05Scooter-Pro-Schnappi-Version :D by [Sound]
12.01.05*icki, das kleine Krokodil by [Sound]
11.01.05Lustiges Liederraten (einfach Band deiner Wahl eingeben) by [Sound]
06.01.05Musik-Tip: "How Much Is The Katzenklooooo" by [Sound]
06.01.05Der gehört auf jeden Fall zur 1337 *g* by [Sound]
29.12.04Der Programmierer Song (was für die 1337 :-) by [Sound]
26.12.04Aller coolster Gangster-Rap *g* by [Sound]
26.12.04Ein Song aus dem linken, einer aus dem rechten Lautsprecher by [Sound]
24.12.04Turett-Syndrom - KLASSIKER! by [Sound]
23.12.04Mexikanische Weihnacht (kann sich hören lassen!) by [Sound]
09.12.04Englische Songs auf Deutsch *KRANK* by [Sound]
04.12.04Anti-Holz-Michl-Song (im Rammstein Style!) by [Sound]
03.12.04Firma mit perversem Namen by [Sound]
28.11.04Gratis Oi!, Ska, Reggae, Streetpunk, 2-Tone und Rocksteady download! by [Sound]
20.11.04Der dümmste AC/DC-Fan der Welt (gemeldet von Grasi) by [Sound]

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