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10.03.24A Humble Proposition by admin[Text]
10.03.24Deutsche Version: Eine skeptische Spaltung mit globalen Auswirkungen? by admin[Text]
10.03.24The German Dilemma: A Skeptic Schism with Global Implications? by admin[Text]
25.09.23How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the AI Arms Race by admin[Text]
11.07.23Uncensored LLMs by admin[Other]
01.06.23BidenCrimes.info by admin[HP]
01.06.23Noam Chatsky by admin[Other]
27.03.23all you need to know about the US incarceration system in one infographic by admin[Other]
09.03.23List of inventors killed by their own invention by admin[Other]
31.07.22unpopular opinion by admin[Image]
15.06.22reality vs. linkedin by admin[Image]
24.05.22the pigman cometh by admin[Image]
19.04.22Quite possibly the Hitler-comparison of the century. by admin[Video]
17.03.22alien message by admin[Image]
16.03.22the observable universe by admin[Image]
11.03.22Rokos basilisk by admin[Other]
14.02.22still he lickes fishsticks by admin[Image]
03.02.22a message from the future by admin[Image]
03.12.21better than MeinKraft by admin[Image]
24.09.21the machines have won by admin[Image]
19.09.21seo consultant and so on xD by admin[HP]
19.09.21RIP Betty... by admin[Image]
17.09.21Randy has SARS by admin[Image]
03.09.21[Fixed] The Dark Forest Theory (+ book recommendation ;-) by admin[Other]
03.09.21Make your own Drake equation! by admin[Other]
14.08.21please tell me more about freedom of speech xD by admin[Image]
27.07.21good weed in malaga... by admin[Video]
27.07.21Kristallschädel gefällig? xD by admin[Other]
29.06.21seriöse doku über den demokrative-verfall in österreich. bitte ansehen und teilen. by admin[Video]
15.06.21comendy gold by admin[Image]
08.06.21Anonymous Message To Elon Musk by admin[Video]
24.04.21#allesdichtmachen by admin[HP]
11.03.21The Palindromists by admin[Image]
26.02.21toyota, your partner in revolution by admin[Image]
25.02.21stop germans before it is too late! by admin[Image]
29.12.20bye bye Karen by admin[Image]
22.11.20it is a buyers market now by admin[Image]
16.11.20MBP numberplate by admin[Image]
28.10.20the dynamics of internet arguments by admin[Image]
27.08.20werde auch du jetzt insultarier by admin[Image]
22.08.20something wonderful by admin[Image]
22.08.20where is waldo 2020 by admin[Image]
03.07.20buy BRAND xD by admin[Image]
16.06.20jesus :D by admin[Image]
12.05.20gotta love grandpa by admin[Image]
09.05.20think about this, animals by admin[Image]
09.05.20good guy anonymous hacker by admin
09.05.20besser keine Globuli mehr kaufen! by admin[Image]
09.05.20hail the sun god by admin[Image]
04.05.20Heilkristalle ;-) by admin[Image]
21.04.20lock up games by admin[Image]
20.04.20VPN by admin[Image]
17.04.20america first by admin[Image]
17.04.20Legolize it! by admin[Image]
17.04.20rituell energetisiert, hawara by admin[HP]
11.04.20the lord of eternal darkness but, more importantly, a friend by admin[Image]
11.04.20good times by admin[Image]
11.04.20wiki of the day: magic smoke by admin[Image]
30.03.20fact by admin[Image]
19.03.20no flying cars :( by admin[Image]
27.12.19roses are red... by admin[Image]
27.10.19if programming languages were music... by admin[Image]
18.10.19invisibility shield [gif] by admin[Image]
14.10.19trip and morty [gifv] by admin[Image]
02.10.19chicks by admin[Image]
23.09.19big boned child by admin[Image]
23.09.19meanwhile, in Iowa by admin[Image]
31.08.19nostalgia :( by admin[Image]
29.07.19raising a snitch... by admin[Image]
29.07.19important message for paranoid people by admin[Image]
22.07.19Spirituelles Krafttier gefällig? by admin[HP]
18.07.19finally a challenge worth being shared by admin[Erotik]
17.07.19science proves horoscopes are bullshit by admin[Image]
17.07.191920s recreation of nightmares by admin[Image]
09.07.19Andromeda vs. the Moon in our nightsky by admin[Image]
09.07.19poor freaks :( by admin[Image]
31.05.19heroes of today by admin[Image]
21.05.19de-feminized by admin[Image]
18.05.19*save-button action figure* xD by admin[Image]
17.05.19upps, jetzt geht er auf der HC by admin[Text]
08.05.19revenge of the cat by admin[Image]
21.04.19how to steal an ATM by admin[Video]
21.04.19tazer ball, anyone? xD by admin[Video]
20.04.19breastfeeding wtf by admin[Image]
20.04.19offensive crayons by admin[Image]
20.04.19This is serious :D by admin[Image]
22.03.19most websites today... by admin[Image]
22.02.19info graphic on mother tongues by admin[Other]
11.02.19info graphic about all the money in the world by admin[Image]
11.02.19brain waves by admin[Video]
27.01.19the Covington controversy investigated by admin[News]
26.01.19wiki of the day: Euthanasia Coaster by admin[Other]
19.01.19reverse psychology by admin[Image]
05.01.19fish fingers. by admin[Image]
05.01.19spannender vortrag von harald lesch by admin[Video]
05.01.19like esoteric smut?;) by admin[News]
15.12.18captain puerto rico by admin[Image]
10.12.18meanwhile, in Wisconsin by admin[Image]
08.12.18adventskalender für coder by admin[Image]
02.12.18get pinball back on your windows computer in less than 60 seconds by admin[Program]
27.11.18mars. by admin[Image]
21.11.18just saying.... by admin[News]
09.11.18the real horror by admin[Image]
01.11.18caution: will fuck your brain by admin[Video]
01.11.18climate change timeline by admin[Image]
30.10.18kurze doku über unzensuriert.at by admin[Video]
30.10.18wiki of the day: Timeline of the far future by admin[Other]
29.10.18Austrian soldiers being roasted by admin[Other]
29.10.18Stuart MacBride takes a tour through Aberdeen by admin[Other]
29.10.18Friedenskonferenz? Never again... by admin[Image]
15.10.18Druidenstab, gefällig? ;-) by admin[HP]
14.09.18polyamory by admin[Image]
05.09.18building a raft by admin[Image]
22.08.18"Er träumt von einem Studium der Alternativphysik und Alternativmathematik an der renommierten Inzest-Universität Mürzzuschlag." by admin[News]
19.08.18hail satan! by admin[Image]
18.08.18wiki of the day: Paul Horner by admin[Other]
15.08.18news from 1912... by admin[Image]
13.08.18guns for teachers by admin[Image]
06.08.18dont break this by admin[Image]
29.07.18german trap by admin[Image]
19.07.18friends will be friends by admin[Image]
13.07.18frontend / backend by admin[Image]
02.07.18full moon rise in front of fire in england by admin[Image]
30.06.18dog lover on acid by admin[Image]
21.06.18ZEd by admin[Image]
18.06.18how to make coin rings by admin[Video]
18.06.18entscheidungen im willen des wählers... by admin[Image]
09.06.18chick cares too much about grades by admin[Image]
03.06.18a clue in the yearbook... by admin[Image]
03.06.18Oh Pete... by admin[Image]
13.05.18working the graveyard shift at the morgue by admin[Image]
08.05.18so unfair by admin[Image]
08.05.18this got me confused by admin[Image]
08.05.18good on ya, Kansas... by admin[Image]
08.05.18coyote sightings by admin[Image]
24.04.18#StopSwastikaDiscrimination by admin[News]
08.04.18lulz by admin[Image]
03.04.18new fisher price experience by admin[Image]
28.03.18Fucking gut by admin[News]
25.03.18name dominoes by admin[Image]
24.03.18science can save lives by admin[Image]
19.03.18you know who to call for strategic media consulting ;-) by admin[HP]
13.03.18every. goddamn. time. by admin[Image]
13.03.18library codes by admin[Image]
16.02.18meanwhile, in Scotland... by admin[Image]
16.02.18subvertizing by admin[Image]
14.01.18a map of every city by admin[Image]
24.12.17news about uranus by admin[Image]
03.12.17...and they never wrote back :( by admin[Image]
17.11.17no drama intended by admin[Image]
17.11.17who's next? ;) by admin[Image]
16.11.17Where to live (based on temperature preferences) by admin[Image]
15.11.17Wiki of the day: Sidewise Award for Alternat History by admin[Other]
14.11.17elections 2020 by admin[Image]
04.11.17medidation by admin[Image]
17.10.17Titanic Baby-Hitler-Spezial by admin[Other]
17.10.17racism simulator by admin[Image]
17.10.17Meteor over Buenos Aires 2015 [gif] by admin[Image]
04.10.17Oh Charlie... by admin[Image]
02.10.17the crazy conspiracy game by admin[Image]
26.09.17wiki of the day: Reductio ad Hilterum by admin[Other]
26.09.17waiting for the rapture... by admin[Image]
25.09.17happy birthday by admin[Image]
25.09.17science. by admin[Image]
25.09.17science fair by admin[Image]
25.09.17cracking open a cold one... by admin[Image]
13.09.17oh fuck billy by admin[Image]
30.08.17kid gets switch by admin[Image]
26.08.17better than post its by admin[Image]
25.08.17Motörhead – Heroes by admin[Sound]
25.08.17the duty to be offended! by admin[Image]
18.08.17butterfly tattoos by admin[Image]
18.08.17cheap hotels by admin[Image]
18.08.17elwood and jake knew how to handle it... [gif] by admin[Image]
18.08.17censorship proves inefficient by admin[News]
14.08.17babysitting advice by admin[Image]
10.08.17welcome to science hell by admin[Image]
03.08.17apple vs. samsung by admin[Image]
03.08.17Wenn Ärzte den Placeboeffekt nicht verstehen... by admin[Text]
01.08.17wiki of the day: List of nicknames used by George W. Bush by admin[Other]
01.08.17Racoon and friends [gifv] by admin[Image]
31.07.17make sure your kitty is safe by admin[Image]
29.07.17wiki of the day: LGBT Nazis by admin[Other]
25.07.17Social Justice Warrior Insult Generator by admin[Other]
20.07.17how to commit suicide... the cool way! [gif] by admin[Image]
19.07.17holy crap catholics are stupid by admin[Image]
18.07.17Warum Wissenschaftler Greenpeace hassen by admin[Text]
17.07.17reckless century... by admin[Image]
17.07.17George A. Romero ist tot :( by admin[News]
14.07.17Sugar Mamas und ihre Flüchtlinge... by admin[Text]
11.07.17how to excel at sports by admin[Image]
06.07.17eurafrica by night by admin[Image]
06.07.17simply an aryan thing. by admin[Image]
03.07.17Finally! Wikipedia - The Text Adventure by admin[Game]
03.07.17into the black hole [gif] by admin[Image]
30.06.17Wienerisch für Anfänger? by admin[Other]
30.06.17NASA denies adult child labor on Mars by admin[News]
29.06.17wiki of the day: list of fetishes by admin[Other]
29.06.17priorities. [gifv] by admin[Image]
29.06.17schnell! by admin[Image]
29.06.17#TaxpayerPride by admin[Image]
29.06.17microwave for one by admin[Image]
25.06.17the internet of things by admin[Image]
23.06.17verschwörungs-baukasten by admin[HP]
22.06.17everyone cunts by admin[Image]
22.06.17the first rule of dunning-kruger club... by admin[Image]
20.06.178 m reicht eh ned xD by admin[Image]
20.06.17why there is no wifi at church... by admin[Image]
20.06.17science. by admin[Image]
17.06.17Juwelier überfällt sich selbst by admin[Image]
16.06.17life of a bartender by admin[Image]
16.06.17meanwhile, in Mississippi... by admin[Image]
14.06.17TIL: Bertrand Russell proved that 1+1=2 by admin[Other]
13.06.17modern times by admin[Image]
13.06.17life of a fat cat [gifv] by admin[Image]
12.06.17Das Comeback des Burgenlaenderwitzes? by admin[News]
08.06.17hypotheses on why we have not found aliens yet by admin[Image]
07.06.17damn you, forrest gump by admin[Image]
30.05.171 type of innovation... by admin[Image]
24.05.17clouds... by admin[Image]
18.05.17dank cat nip [gifv] by admin[Image]
18.05.17zero vs. null by admin[Image]
11.05.17school naming contest xD by admin[Image]
08.05.175 moons in one pic by admin[Image]
08.05.17jupiter from below by admin[Image]
08.05.17Wikipedia has cancer by admin[News]
03.05.17visualization of global capital by admin[Image]
03.05.17ID please by admin[Image]
03.05.17must be a hilton thing by admin[Image]
24.04.17anti-vax family breakfast by admin[Image]
24.04.17Jesus, on Tinder by admin[Image]
20.04.17moon 360° [gifv] by admin[Image]
12.04.17the headline we have been waiting for by admin[News]
08.04.17satanism is really better than its image by admin[Image]
06.04.17tragedy world map by admin[Image]
06.04.17the true size of countries by admin[HP]
28.03.17Denunzianten teeren und federn ;-) by admin[News]
28.03.17save the planet, kill yourself by admin[Image]
28.03.17miss my attorney :( by admin[Image]
27.03.17The Koreas by admin[Image]
27.03.17Canada to legalize Weed on July 1, 2018 by admin[News]
27.03.17nihilism wins again by admin[Image]
27.03.17before the interwebs by admin[Image]
27.03.17Reason not to own a cat by admin[Image]
23.03.17MesS! - H-Song by admin[Sound]
22.03.17Come on, donote those $1135 already! by admin[Other]
20.03.17...so many morons xD by admin[Image]
17.03.17almost there... SAVE MIKE MCHUGH! by admin[Other]
14.03.17customer service experience xD by admin[Image]
14.03.17dried vomit by admin[Image]
14.03.17Ah! by admin[Image]
10.03.17Bad Brains play Paranoid by admin[Sound]
09.03.17protest signs in 2017 by admin[Image]
09.03.17programming projects... by admin[Image]
06.03.172-pack of socks by admin[Image]
04.03.17Al Jazeera Mini-Serie zu den Thoerien von Barthes, Hall, Said, Chomsky und McLuhan by admin[Video]
03.03.17Richard Cheese - Too drunk to fuck by admin[Sound]
28.02.17wiki of the day: Dr. Youngs Ideal Rectal Dilators by admin[Other]
27.02.17Solar eclipse in Chile by admin[Image]
18.02.17Zippo lighters of Vietnam soldiers by admin[Image]
18.02.17master of hunt [gifv] by admin[Image]
11.02.17pure magic: microsoft paint [gif] by admin[Image]
10.02.17fucking rich kids by admin[Image]
08.02.17Überdosis Web-Nostalgie im Spiegel by admin[News]
05.02.17ways to stop the wage gap by admin[Image]
05.02.17german cars... by admin[Image]
04.02.17rhino toy by admin[Image]
04.02.17Star Death in “Rotten Egg” Nebula by admin[Image]
01.02.17moon + venus + mars by admin[Image]
31.01.17icy foxy winter decor by admin[Image]
29.01.17america first, netherlands second by admin[Video]
29.01.17what crystals can do for you by admin[Image]
27.01.17#JumpAgainstTrump by admin[Image]
27.01.17best korea wins again by admin[Image]
27.01.17aftermath of the feminist march by admin[Image]
27.01.17ratings disabled by admin[Image]
23.01.17wiki of the day: Gaslighting by admin[Other]
21.01.17flowchart alternative heilmethoden by admin[Image]
20.01.17just the frame would have done just fine... [gifv] by admin[Image]
20.01.17must be canadian... by admin[Image]
20.01.17how to tackle global warming xD by admin[Image]
18.01.17meanwhile, in Alabama by admin[Image]
17.01.17falls wer notebook braucht by admin[Other]
10.01.17wie lang es dauert zu excels letzer zeile zu kommen? 9h36min xD by admin[News]
09.01.17how to argue with feminists by admin[Image]
09.01.17Real Housewives of ISIS by admin[Video]
09.01.17how to build an inverted aquarium for a fish pond [gifv] by admin[Other]
09.01.17goat needs an exorcist [gifv] by admin[Image]
09.01.17Wealth distribution in America by admin[Video]
04.01.17princess treja by admin[Image]
04.01.17beware of tea by admin[Image]
28.12.16McAfee on Voting Machines... by admin[Image]
25.12.16who needs a GUI... by admin[Image]
24.12.16catholizism at it*s best [gifv] by admin[Image]
21.12.16die kunst der list xD by admin[Image]
14.12.16research in 2016 xD by admin[Image]
06.12.16golden repost by admin[Image]
06.12.16truth about christmas by admin[Image]
06.12.16dead rich kid is best rich kid by admin[Image]
06.12.16meanwhile, in montreal [gifv] by admin[Image]
05.12.16Baywatch: Russia edition by PeP[Video]
05.12.16pool [gif] by admin[Image]
03.12.16good guy ron by admin[Image]
02.12.16so ist´s richtig by PeP[Video]
02.12.16welcome to 2016 by admin[Image]
29.11.16self-destructive beverages by admin[Other]
29.11.16sex with linguists by admin[Image]
28.11.16Trump did it xD by admin[Image]
25.11.16Norwegians play drunk football by PeP[Video]
25.11.16at the cat bar by admin[Image]
25.11.16Wiki of the day: Antimetabole by admin[Other]
24.11.16historical fun fact by admin[Image]
24.11.16listen to your heart xD by admin[Image]
21.11.16candellight paintings ;) by admin[Image]
18.11.16modern software development by admin[Image]
16.11.16da moon by admin[Image]
16.11.16all you need is... math xD by admin[Image]
16.11.16cynide and happiness - circle of life by admin[Image]
15.11.16Österreichischer Punkrock aus den 70ern (Bandbericht zum selbst youtuben) by admin[Sound]
15.11.16which spice girl are you by
15.11.16Probability by admin[Image]
15.11.16the flake equation by admin[Image]
12.11.16xD by admin[Image]
11.11.16auto einladen xD by admin[Image]
11.11.16Good luck with that. by admin[News]
11.11.16me me me democrats [gif] by admin[Image]
11.11.16international frontpages on trump*s victory by admin[Other]
10.11.164chan pranks getting more sophisticated by admin[Image]
09.11.16CAN immigration website crashes on election night by admin[News]
09.11.16Österreich 9/11 by admin[Image]
09.11.16wasting timeline by admin[Image]
07.11.1612m Pacman auf steirischer Autobahn by admin[News]
07.11.16damn beatniks by admin
05.11.16sarah jessica parker costume by admin[Image]
03.11.16wiki of the day: Alcubierre drive by admin[Other]
03.11.16how to appear smart in emails by admin[Image]
03.11.16First Trainspotting 2 Trailer is out!!!!!1111oneoneeleven by admin[Video]
26.10.16go go pirates iceland! by admin[News]
24.10.16how to get rid of parking fines by admin[Image]
20.10.16explain a film plot badly... by admin[Image]
12.10.16street name... by admin[Image]
12.10.16polish men again xD by admin[Image]
12.10.16a question to mr trump... by admin[Image]
12.10.16as halloween is getting closer... by admin[Image]
12.10.16Hein und der Staubsauger by PeP[Video]
12.10.16Time of my Life ft. trump & clinton by PeP[Video]
11.10.16great grandpa by admin[Image]
11.10.16reliable attorney by admin[Image]
06.10.16stage 4 hurricane? who cares. this is what Florida really worries about today. by admin[News]
02.10.16Thermochromatic paint by PeP[Video]
29.09.16Roland Düringer - nominiert für das Goldene Brett 2016 by admin[Other]
28.09.16face off with... by admin[Image]
28.09.16shooting training for american cops by admin[Image]
28.09.16software engineer cheat sheet by admin[Image]
27.09.16Second best way of selling music after vinyl by admin[Image]
25.09.16crap. by admin[Image]
23.09.16leopard hunts its prey [gifv] by admin[Image]
23.09.16smoking first by admin[Image]
20.09.16fashion / grammar police by admin[Image]
18.09.16How (not) to Write a Good Blog Post by admin[Text]
17.09.16wie böse ist Monsanto wirklich? by admin[Text]
14.09.16No plan, no schedule, no worries by admin[Image]
13.09.16a timeline of earth's average temperature [xkcd] by admin[Image]
12.09.16The roast of Patton Oswalt. by admin[Image]
11.09.16die fürst auf ebay by [HP]
09.09.16pet development by admin[Image]
09.09.16Ghostwriting: schlecht für die Karriere? by admin[Text]
08.09.16for once a musical i would be interested in by admin[Image]
06.09.16Romantisches Dinner by PeP[Flash]
01.09.162-Jähriger löst Weichenstellerproblem by admin[Other]
01.09.16wasp meets clitoris by admin[Image]
01.09.16fucking figs by admin[Image]
01.09.16wiki of the day: List of school pranks by admin[Other]
01.09.16thanks, marina. by admin[Image]
30.08.16happy b-day, linux... by admin[Image]
25.08.16just a man dreaming about his period by admin[Image]
25.08.16ganz normaler arbeitstag [gifv] by admin[Image]
24.08.16oh the good life by admin[Image]
24.08.16wiki of the day: Oscar gold by admin[Other]
23.08.16millennial freaks by admin[Image]
22.08.16ja zum kopftuch by admin[Image]
21.08.16rechenzentrum by admin[Image]
21.08.16eating chocolate periodically by admin[Image]
12.08.16Das Auto ist doch noch gut by PeP
10.08.16Wie das größte Arschloch der Welt zum Helden wurde by ´PeP[Video]
04.08.16"cheap help appreciated" by admin[Image]
04.08.16Thanks, Doug. by admin[Image]
04.08.16there are no stupid ideas... by admin[Image]
02.08.16science vs. religion by admin[Image]
02.08.16christianity. by admin[Image]
31.07.16wiki of the day: Carrington Event by admin[Other]
31.07.16tarantula sheds its skin [gifv] by admin[Image]
29.07.16autism. by admin[Image]
29.07.16Mittens has 10 lives by admin[Image]
28.07.16Chang Zheng 7 rocket reentry by admin[Video]
27.07.16dischord records releases huge 80s hc punk archive by admin[Sound]
27.07.16joys of parenthood by admin[Image]
26.07.16Weltrekord für Feuerwerk by PeP[Video]
25.07.16Long balls by PeP[Video]
23.07.16took me a while to figure it out by admin[Image]
23.07.16jesus und die unschuldsvermutung by admin[Image]
23.07.16Steve the cat by admin[Image]
23.07.16german girls by admin[Image]
23.07.16If ISIS attached Fucking... by admin[Image]
23.07.16happy caturday by admin[Image]
23.07.16hotel review by admin[Image]
21.07.16hail mr president by admin[Image]
19.07.16Dont judge people by PeP[Video]
18.07.16meanwhile, in brisbane -,- by admin[Image]
15.07.16Fox News uses City of Nice as a hashtag... by admin[Image]
14.07.16Wrestling ist so realistisch by PeP[Video]
09.07.16the nerdiest way of making music by admin[Sound]
06.07.16new high-speed cam captures neurons by admin[Image]
06.07.16question to god by admin[Image]
06.07.16trump's contribution to intercultural exchange by admin[Image]
06.07.16themenpark für zoophile kreationisten? by admin[News]
04.07.16Fifth force discovered at CERN? by admin[News]
02.07.16BREAKING: How To make a Banana Hash-Pipe by admin[Video]
01.07.16Jupiter Auroras by admin[Image]
01.07.16putting the fun in funeral... by admin[Image]
01.07.16eichhörnchenschleuder [gif] by admin[Image]
30.06.16why nobody in the middle east drives VW Polo by admin[Image]
28.06.164000 years of medicine by admin[Image]
28.06.16a whole lotta nazi shit by admin[Image]
26.06.16#proudtobe youtube comments best of by admin[Image]
26.06.16Ducan by admin[Image]
23.06.16pranking future linguists by admin[Image]
20.06.16the joys of VR by admin[Image]
20.06.16gotta love yard sales by admin[Image]
20.06.16The EU doesn't take No for an answer... by admin[Image]
20.06.16EM survival scenarios for Austria by admin[News]
17.06.16mimimi ORF by admin[News]
16.06.16motherhood. by admin[Image]
15.06.16feels great being a father [gifv] by admin[Image]
14.06.16Johann Gudenus - Lei lei? by admin[Other]
13.06.16Mike Tyson's abandoned mansion by admin[Image]
13.06.16cat fights snake with frog-tail [gifv] by admin[Image]
13.06.16recycling by admin[Image]
13.06.16awesome prank just requires bedsheet and bag by admin[Image]
13.06.16virus loves anti wax folks by admin[Image]
13.06.16govt agencies chase the rabbit by admin[Image]
11.06.16some memes... by admin[Image]
11.06.16The Passion of the Christ Reloaded: This Time it’s Biblical by admin[News]
09.06.16pied piper is here! by admin[HP]
09.06.16traditional birth control by admin[Image]
09.06.16moar train etiquette by admin[Image]
09.06.16-europe by admin[Image]
09.06.16european "strategy" by admin[Image]
09.06.16transniggerphobe by admin[Image]
09.06.162016 -,- by admin[Image]
09.06.16necrophilia mobile by admin[Image]
09.06.16ali's autograph by admin[Image]
09.06.16offensive garlic bread by admin[Image]
09.06.16Colorized Hardcore by admin[Image]
06.06.16a happy couple's car by admin[Image]
06.06.16bellyfuck [gifv] by admin[Image]
06.06.16snapchat condolences by admin[Image]
01.06.16Dr. Lesch: Wie gefährlich ist Hanf? by admin[Video]
01.06.16jpeg compression by admin[Image]
31.05.16stanley kubrick filmed the moon landing by admin[Image]
26.05.16library comments on mall by admin[Image]
25.05.16darth vader double fail [gifv] by admin[Image]
19.05.16Husky puppy by PeP[Video]
18.05.16interactive version of "Famous People Painting" Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante by admin[Other]
17.05.16Mr. Robot season 2 trailer! by admin[Video]
17.05.16academic software: open-access citation generator by admin[Program]
17.05.161st Trainspotting 2 trailer by admin[Video]
14.05.16wiki of the day: list of celebrity sex tapes by admin[Other]
13.05.16Böhmermann schleust Fake-Kandidaten bei RTLs "Schwiegertochter gesucht" ein... by admin[Video]
13.05.16toddler vs. ceo by admin[Image]
13.05.16what's your address? by admin[Image]
12.05.16Godwin's law wins by admin[News]
11.05.16sea slugs by admin[Image]
11.05.16job life... by admin[Image]
11.05.16Murmel und Magneten by PeP[Video]
11.05.16Man arrested after teaching sieg-heiling to pug XD by admin[News]
11.05.16the fog action figure by admin[Image]
11.05.16politics & actual support by admin[Image]
11.05.16amazing close-up of yesterday's mercury transit by admin[Image]
09.05.16Sooo überraschend, ORF... by admin[News]
05.05.16anaconda [gifv] by admin[Image]
05.05.16Grissemann als Herr Karl by admin[Video]
03.05.16Hoover Dog by PeP[Image]
03.05.16modern whatever by admin[Image]
03.05.16because trigglypuff obviously is a thing now... by admin[Sound]
03.05.16Trigglypuff. by admin[Image]
03.05.16jesus is libertarian by admin[Image]
03.05.16what are we offended by today? by admin[Image]
03.05.16for some reason this made me laugh so hard i cried for the first time since harald juhnke died... by mr. black[Image]
03.05.16a job well done [gifv] by admin[Image]
01.05.16Erdogan mit Ziege "Angela" by PeP[Other]
27.04.16prince... by admin[Image]
27.04.16top tool: stichwahl-rechner für die bundespräsidentenwahl by admin[Program]
27.04.16musikalische zeitreise - radiooooo.com by admin[Sound]
27.04.16ex-boss... by admin[Image]
26.04.16wenn 3 MB reichen ;-) by admin[Image]
22.04.16Shakespeare und seine Übersetzer... by admin[Text]
21.04.16eiernockerl mit salat XD by admin[News]
19.04.16developer console - always good for a laugh... by admin[Image]
19.04.16ISIS Blooper by PeP[Video]
18.04.16massenkreuzigung [gif] by admin[Image]
17.04.16microsoft caption bot by admin[Program]
17.04.16eating ET by admin[Image]
16.04.16time flies by admin[Image]
15.04.16pleonasm by admin[Image]
15.04.16...be safe though! by admin[Image]
14.04.16Photoshop-trolle by PeP[Image]
14.04.16Böhmermann vs Erdogan by PeP[Video]
12.04.16Aldous Huxley und die Wiedergeburt der LSD Forschung by admin[News]
12.04.16jus' buddies by admin[Image]
12.04.16the pope orders a vodoo doll by admin[Image]
12.04.16teachers with OCD by admin[Image]
09.04.16Debunking the "Imaginary Bullshit Planet" Nibiru by admin[Other]
08.04.16Alligator farm in the 20s - good times ;-) by admin[Image]
08.04.16a bissal no... [gifv] by admin[Image]
07.04.16Does the Average College Graduate Know More than a Priest Could Teach in Five Minutes? by admin[Other]
04.04.16honest recruiting by admin[Image]
03.04.16Sextoy-Fail by PeP[Video]
01.04.16Toonhole best of by admin[Image]
01.04.16not sure if american doctors can deal with cubic centimeters... by admin[Image]
31.03.16oh google... by admin[Image]
31.03.16science. by admin[Image]
31.03.16cat love taken too far? [gifv] by admin[Image]
31.03.16lookalike picdump by admin[Image]
31.03.16worst client comments by admin[Image]
30.03.16Asteroid smashing into Jupiter filmed by amateur astronomers by admin[Video]
29.03.16investors are fucking stupid by admin[News]
29.03.16Jason's dad by admin[Image]
29.03.16a bloody disappointment... by admin[Image]
29.03.16john the waterboarder by admin[Image]
29.03.16rape threat identified by admin[Image]
29.03.16hockey players & feminists [possibly repost] by admin[Image]
28.03.16recommended read by admin[Image]
28.03.16failed at life? by admin[Image]
25.03.16Klassiker: Hape Kerkeling als neuer Trainer beim GAK by admin[Video]
25.03.16new neighbors... by admin[Image]
25.03.16Teurer Saft ist BS by admin[News]
25.03.16jokester doc by admin[Image]
24.03.16Bierwalze by PeP[Video]
24.03.16free candy franchise by admin[Image]
23.03.16my thinking exactly by admin[Image]
21.03.16welcome to hell by admin[Image]
21.03.16should be a valid reason for mitigation by admin[Image]
18.03.16Sanders after Presidency by admin[Image]
18.03.16ISIS naval fleet by admin[Image]
18.03.16at heaven's gate... by admin[Image]
18.03.16how feminists see the world by admin[Image]
18.03.16Polish Bruja by PeP[Image]
15.03.16Ariana Grande Celebrity Covers by PeP[Video]
14.03.16anon dies by admin[Image]
14.03.16cowardly babies! by admin[Image]
14.03.16biblio-mat by admin[Image]
14.03.16most googled products by country by admin[Other]
11.03.16levitating cars mystery solved by admin[Video]
11.03.16Just no. by admin[Image]
11.03.16wiki of the day: Esoteric programming language by admin[Other]
11.03.16neues schwärzeste schwarz by admin[News]
11.03.16Bryan Cranston spielt Trumbo by admin[News]
11.03.16Brew Dog goes open Source by admin[News]
09.03.162016 VHS ad by admin[Image]
09.03.16feeding lizards [gifv] by admin[Image]
08.03.16m00t @ google by admin[Image]
08.03.16fluids & pipelines by admin[Image]
08.03.16one more episode... by admin[Image]
08.03.16fehlersuchbild zum weltfrauentag by admin[Image]
03.03.16business kids by admin[Image]
03.03.16In 2017 by admin[Image]
03.03.16der is amoi echt guad by admin[Image]
03.03.16how disney integrated racism into star wars by admin[Image]
02.03.16finnish park rangers by admin[Image]
01.03.16crime in best korea by admin[News]
01.03.16österreich by admin[Image]
28.02.16wiki of the day: Jesus and friends by admin[Other]
26.02.16Absolute gold: Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe by admin[Other]
26.02.16the life of a gay fish by admin[Image]
26.02.16Fictional alphabets by admin[Other]
26.02.16praying against dehydration by admin[Image]
26.02.16a science fair meta study by admin[Image]
25.02.16not funny, jesus... by admin[Image]
25.02.16anti vax people by admin[Image]
25.02.16good luck with that... by admin[Image]
25.02.16Dear Atheists... by admin[Image]
24.02.16chewbacca prank by admin[Image]
24.02.16in the restroom [gifv] by admin[Image]
24.02.16Vote Garrison / Jenner! by admin[Image]
23.02.16watch this toad by admin[Video]
22.02.16anon trollt pegida by admin[Image]
22.02.16Wiki des Tages: Eudaimonie by admin[Other]
21.02.16kopfimarsch by admin[Image]
21.02.16venn diagram of smartness & television by admin[Image]
19.02.16frau eines Kollegen (kein Scherz) by Mysterion[Image]
19.02.16Wiki of the day: Atalanta by admin[Other]
19.02.16homepathy by admin[Image]
18.02.16selfie kills baby dolphin by admin[News]
17.02.16Wiki of the day: Hobo by admin[Other]
17.02.16"Unser Lehrer Doktor Specht" zum Thema Political Correctness by admin[Video]
17.02.16stargazing by admin[Image]
16.02.16boulder pool by admin[Image]
16.02.16subvertising by admin[Image]
14.02.16poor steve by admin[Image]
14.02.16polish... by admin[Image]
14.02.16how to ship stuff to friends by admin[Image]
14.02.16wtc brochure from the 70s by admin[Image]
14.02.16software development & organization by admin[Image]
14.02.16mexico is not south america though... by admin[Image]
09.02.16natürlich... by admin[Image]
09.02.16JS in RL by admin[Image]
08.02.16Geology by admin[Image]
06.02.16the tweet of god by admin[Image]
05.02.16dumping babies vs. domestic violence by admin[Image]
04.02.16the british. by admin[Image]
02.02.16the greatest democracy in the world ;-) by admin[Video]
02.02.16österreichisch by admin[Image]
31.01.16never skip leg day ;-) by admin[Image]
31.01.16School Accidentally Opens White Pride Fitness Room by admin[News]
31.01.16"this is how we trip" by admin[Video]
31.01.16gargoyle wtf by admin[Image]
30.01.16The epic thread of anon's cheating druggie girlfriend by admin[Other]
30.01.16Endlich ein wählbarer Hofburgkandidat ;-) by admin[News]
29.01.16eminem loves german dicks by admin[Image]
29.01.16guess she wondered what would happen if... [gifv] by admin
29.01.16everything that's wrong with programming languages by admin[Image]
28.01.16Libertarian Project tries to turn New Hampshire into American Switzerland by admin[HP]
27.01.16Rapper B.o.B. says the Earth is flat; Neil deGrasse Tyson drops diss track in response by admin[News]
27.01.16totally not for cocaine by admin[Image]
26.01.16how to deal with traffic cops by admin[Image]
26.01.16Where the elements came from by admin[Image]
26.01.16bad luck brian's funeral? by admin[Image]
24.01.16white collar crime by admin[Image]
24.01.16arizona number plates by admin[Image]
24.01.16max brot ist impfgegner by admin[Image]
24.01.16chickpea by admin[Image]
24.01.16sugar daddies get you throuth college... by admin[Image]
24.01.16donald trump, not-so-super villain by admin[Image]
22.01.16FSK Feiertags-Zensurliste by admin[Other]
21.01.16Vermögensverteilung in Österreich by admin[Image]
21.01.16Haben wir vielleicht bald wieder 9 Planeten? by admin[News]
21.01.16"dude, he was a camper" by admin[News]
21.01.16peaceful times by admin[Image]
21.01.16chef on air by admin[Image]
21.01.16car hits bear [gifv] by admin[Image]
21.01.16same street, seperated by 71 years by admin[Image]
21.01.16facebook 7 years ago today by admin[Image]
20.01.16proposal lunz by admin[Image]
20.01.16Weißer Mann kritisiert, dass Oscars meistens an weiße Männer gehen. by admin
20.01.16menschen. by admin[Image]
20.01.16hc-strache.at - nicht unbedingt, womit man rechnen würde ;-) by admin[News]
19.01.16Wiki of the day: Conway's Game of Life by admin[Other]
19.01.16Homer's Donut-shaped universe scientifically discussed by admin[Text]
19.01.16susan whores her granny for likes by admin[Image]
19.01.16präsidentenwahl in springfield- ...ähm österreich... by admin[Image]
18.01.16quartz brass knuckles by admin[Image]
18.01.16UPS is hiring by admin[Image]
18.01.16tyrone likes rapes by admin[Image]
16.01.16Max Headroom incident (also 1987) by admin[Video]
16.01.16*WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC* Budd Dwyer shoots himself on air in 1987 by admin[Video]
16.01.16childs play back piece by admin[Image]
16.01.16nicht nur gut für kebab: stempelkarte für die abtreibungsklinik by admin[Image]
16.01.16meanwhile, in south russia... by admin[Image]
16.01.16death does home office by admin[Image]
15.01.16organic anti-virus by admin[Image]
14.01.16Wissenschaft & PR by admin[News]
14.01.16midget is pissed off [gifv] by admin[Image]
13.01.16scary baby robot is scary [gifv] by admin[Image]
13.01.16petting zoo shirt by admin[Image]
11.01.16moar fun in ABDN by admin[Video]
11.01.16meanwhile, in Aberdeen... [gifv] by admin[Video]
10.01.16Mars in 2016 by admin[Image]
10.01.16Contraluz opal by admin[Image]
10.01.16Wiki of the day: Gombe Chimpanzee War by admin[Other]
09.01.16fun with spammers by admin[Video]
09.01.16dog loves darts by admin[Image]
08.01.16heliocentrism vs. geocentrism [gif] by admin[Image]
08.01.16Melbourne man faces stiff opposition to penis signature by admin[News]
08.01.16the future by admin[Image]
07.01.16yummy by admin[Image]
07.01.16rape & sex surveys by admin[Image]
07.01.16wayne+garth=skrillex by admin[Image]
07.01.16Help make Lemmium happen by admin[Other]
05.01.16psychotherapists... by admin[Image]
02.01.16Hochschulinternes Bildungsfernsehen anno 1982 :D by admin[Video]
01.01.16In die Augen schauen führt zu Halluzinationen by admin[News]
29.12.15r.i.p. by admin[Image]
27.12.15dog knows how to write by admin[Image]
26.12.15the scale of things by admin[Image]
23.12.15USA is #1 by admin[Image]
22.12.15this is why drugs are so much fun by admin[Video]
21.12.15wiki of the day: Chewbacca defense by admin[Other]
21.12.15i hope he gets access to good weed [gif] by admin[Image]
21.12.15major mistake marvin by admin[Image]
20.12.15natural selection by admin[Image]
20.12.15a cartoon classic put in action by admin[Image]
20.12.15the linkedin effect by admin[Image]
19.12.15spritzen-bagger [gifv] by admin[Image]
19.12.15london wizard by admin[Image]
15.12.15Sean Evans and Chili Klaus Eat the Carolina Reaper, the World's Hottest Chili Pepper by PeP[Video]
14.12.15Flüchtlinge essen by PeP[Video]
14.12.15RT is on it again by admin[News]
14.12.15drug trafficking by admin[Image]
11.12.15Monkey Sees A Magic Trick by PeP[Video]
08.12.15VR Porn: "I thought I'd seen everything until I saw inside Ella Nova's anus." by admin[Text]
08.12.15The Styrian Defence by admin[Other]
07.12.15Korean Guys Watch American Porn For The First Time by PeP[Video]
05.12.15an ss officer's considerations by admin[Image]
05.12.15Anscheinend macht Amazon kein Geheimnis draus, wer die Taschen genäht hat XD by admin[Other]
03.12.15sexual harassment panda by admin[Image]
03.12.15Fahrrad-Diebstahl Europameisterschaft 2015 by PeP[Video]
02.12.15smart cunt by admin[Video]
29.11.15feeling empty in your soul? by admin[Image]
29.11.15same-sex relationship problems by admin[Image]
29.11.15indian taxi driver by admin[Image]
28.11.15that's how they make chicks out of dudes [gifv] by admin[Image]
28.11.15how to deal with breaking news by admin[Image]
24.11.15she is a hero and an inspiration by admin[Image]
24.11.15last words by admin[Image]
22.11.151000w LED Taschenlampe by admin[Image]
22.11.15Deutsche Welle vs. RT by admin[Text]
22.11.15meanwhile, in Japan... by admin[Image]
21.11.15mud monster by PeP[Flash]
20.11.15Great twerk by PeP[Video]
19.11.15Anonymous releases how-to-hack guide for ‘n00b’ beginners who want to fight ISIS online by admin[News]
19.11.15Katze vs. Gurke by PeP[Video]
19.11.15Wo ist sie nur? by PeP[Video]
17.11.15common phrases from academic meetings and their meaning by admin[Image]
17.11.15squirrel! by admin[Image]
17.11.15natural selection in children books by admin[Image]
17.11.15anon on anonymous' declaration of war by admin[Image]
16.11.155 myths about astronauts by admin[Other]
16.11.15gamechanging lego slippers by admin[Image]
16.11.15Anonymous declares war on ISIS by admin[News]
15.11.15library porn by admin[Image]
15.11.15If SJWs ruled the world - great horror short flick by admin[Video]
15.11.15cats don't like cat mask by admin[Video]
15.11.15facebook today by admin[Image]
15.11.15"what are we offenden by"-dart board by admin[Image]
13.11.15Neil deGrasse Tyson reads mean tweets - movies edition by admin[Video]
10.11.15frühstückspanorama photobombing [gifv] by admin[Video]
08.11.15Ginger journalist really hates South Park. by admin[Other]
08.11.15dictatorships explained to americans by admin[Image]
08.11.15einbahnschilder by admin[Image]
08.11.15goldgrube: sammlung zensierter satire by admin[Other]
07.11.15what's wrong with the youth of today? by admin[Image]
07.11.15Wiki of the day: 'Pataphysics by admin[Other]
06.11.15parenting by admin[Image]
06.11.15feminist ants by admin[Image]
06.11.15hooters girl by PeP[Flash]
06.11.15Tanzmariechen by PeP[Video]
05.11.15cat hates peta by admin[Image]
04.11.15Optical illusion [gifv] by admin[Image]
03.11.15motherfucking fat studies by admin[News]
03.11.15Kathleen Bangs by admin[Image]
03.11.15Instagram model reveals the truth behind her photos by admin[News]
03.11.15Stupid Hackathon in Innsbruck by admin[News]
03.11.15Meteor over Bagkok by admin[Video]
03.11.15volcanoes on venus, earth, mars, io and enceladus by admin[Image]
03.11.15car shredder [gifv] by admin[Image]
02.11.15nice hubble pics by admin[Image]
02.11.15Wiki of the day: The Great Tantra Challenge by admin[Other]
02.11.15shower with your dad simulator XD by admin[Game]
02.11.15need a jewis P.I.? by admin[HP]
31.10.15an Halloween auf die Kinder achten by PeP[Image]
31.10.15Wort des Jahres 2015 - mit Link zur Abstimmung by admin[Other]
31.10.15rl halloween cartman by admin[Image]
30.10.15ear spider [gifv] by admin[Image]
29.10.15Marlboro M... by admin[News]
27.10.15Time and perspective by admin[Image]
26.10.15helloween is coming by admin[Image]
25.10.15Hells Angels protest Cannabis Legalization in Canada XD by admin[News]
25.10.15"14 years ago Steve Jobs announced the iPod, and this is how people actually reacted..." by
23.10.15Bye Bye Nigger Hill by admin[News]
21.10.1530 years back to the future II by admin[News]
19.10.15how first dates have changed by admin[Image]
19.10.15"Caviar Gold" by PeP[Sound]
18.10.15english pronunciation by admin[Text]
18.10.15metal detector by admin[Image]
16.10.15selling guy fawkes masks.. by admin[Image]
16.10.15AfD: Linke Rapper und Punkbands verbieten by admin[Video]
15.10.15Classic text adventure: THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY by admin[Game]
15.10.15Canadian protesters. by admin[Image]
15.10.15kitten chasing ducks [gifv] by admin[Image]
15.10.15Wenn du glaubst dann Tag läuft scheiße... by admin[News]
14.10.15James Randi's TED Talk by admin[Video]
14.10.15Radioaktives Material bei 85-jährigem Tiroler sichergestellt by admin[News]
11.10.15a day with hunter s. thompson by admin[Image]
09.10.15MMA Fight der "versauten" Art by PeP[Video]
09.10.15Hunde haben es auch nicht immer leicht by PeP[Video]
09.10.15leichter Stau by PeP[Video]
09.10.15not so square [gifv] by admin[Image]
09.10.15Finding cannabinoids in hair does not prove cannabis consumption by admin[News]
08.10.15Autcider by admin[HP]
08.10.15dude, i think you wife's cheating... [gifv] by admin[Image]
08.10.15filet minion by admin[Image]
06.10.15kangaroo fights woman in ring [gifv] by admin[Image]
06.10.15the ginger curse by admin[Image]
06.10.15the most american movie by admin[Image]
06.10.15#PissForEquality by admin[News]
06.10.15dinosaurs. by admin[Image]
02.10.15American documentaries by admin[Image]
02.10.15Nina. by admin[Image]
02.10.15hot wo identify that light in the sky by admin[Image]
01.10.15wegbumsen by PeP[Video]
01.10.15oh, the horror [gif] by admin[Image]
01.10.15party cannon by admin[Image]
01.10.15Trainspotting 2 (ie 'Porno' film version) might happen next summer by admin[Video]
01.10.15Australians. by admin[Other]
01.10.15Ding, dong, die Kräuterhex ist weg :) by admin[News]
30.09.15bank hat keinen humor by admin[Image]
30.09.15HC Strache conspiracy by admin[Video]
29.09.1580k für 7 linien by admin[Image]
28.09.15Lunar Eclipse 28th September 2015 by admin[Image]
28.09.15super-massive black hole measured in suns [gif] by admin[Image]
28.09.15last night's lunar eclipse by admin[Image]
28.09.15new snake species! by admin[News]
27.09.15Neute Nacht! Totale Mondfinsternis! Und Supermoon! Gibt's erst 2574 wieder! by admin[Other]
27.09.15anon has a question by admin[Image]
27.09.15haiku bot at it again by admin[Image]
27.09.15ein klassiker neu ausgegraben by admin[Other]
25.09.15all asteroids discovered in our solar system so far [gif] by admin[Image]
25.09.15Katze sorgt für Ruhe by PeP[Video]
25.09.15super fast camera by PeP[News]
25.09.15kill a hipster by admin[Image]
25.09.15Wiki of the day: Katrina refrigerators by admin[Other]
25.09.15keep your office safe by admin[Image]
24.09.15webcam fail [gif] by admin[Image]
22.09.15Österreicher? Dann darf dir Johanna bald beim Wichsen zuschauen. by admin[News]
21.09.15David Cameron fucked a dead pig. by admin[News]
20.09.15/b/ is making caitlyn jenner sexiest man of the year by admin[Image]
19.09.15liberal logic by admin[Image]
19.09.15cats myth is true [gifv] by admin[Image]
19.09.15she's soo fucking modest... by admin[HP]
19.09.15meanwhile in... u can guess [gifv] by admin[Image]
19.09.15where to buy stuff 70% cheaper than on amazon by admin[HP]
19.09.15english vs. other languages by admin[Image]
19.09.15Anon's theory on why Cartman became a SJW by admin[Image]
19.09.15spongbob at the pool by admin[Image]
18.09.15duct tape by admin[Image]
17.09.15most pirated shows august 2015 by [News]
16.09.15spongbob conspiracy by admin[Image]
16.09.15the new mullet by admin[Image]
16.09.15consoles & porn by admin[Image]
15.09.15In Albanien ist eine Cannabispflanze 10.000 EUR wert, behauptet ORF by admin[News]
14.09.15Taschen hauen by PeP[Video]
13.09.15a 9 hours ride by admin[Image]
11.09.15armadillo tits. by admin[Image]
10.09.15how to find nessie.. by admin[Image]
10.09.15while everyone is worrying about refugees... by admin[News]
10.09.15What's the bright spot on Ceres? by admin[Other]
10.09.15fsociety by admin[Image]
06.09.15 bodybuilding jesus by admin[Image]
06.09.15mr. robot intro pics by admin[Image]
05.09.15bible burger by admin[Image]
03.09.15women's studies by admin[Image]
03.09.15don't get a cat, girl by admin[Image]
03.09.15Spinne fangen by PeP[Video]
03.09.15anon's big day at school by admin[Image]
03.09.1519-Jähriger will sich Darwin Award sichern by admin[News]
01.09.15snake givng birth [gifv] by admin[Video]
29.08.15instagram vs. reality by admin[Image]
29.08.15What should I do today? by admin[HP]
26.08.15news presenter and camera man shot on air by admin[Video]
25.08.15god's career [chart] by admin[Image]
24.08.15political protest by admin[Image]
23.08.15grow [gifv] by admin[Image]
22.08.15Wiki of the day: Berserk llama syndrome by admin[Other]
22.08.15random pineapple by admin[Image]
22.08.15Deez Nuts by admin[News]
22.08.15warning signs of art by admin[Image]
21.08.15not feeling very bright? by admin[Image]
21.08.15roadside billboards... by admin[Image]
21.08.15god's plan. by admin[Image]
21.08.15female drivers by admin[Image]
21.08.15RL 1st person shooter by admin[Video]
21.08.15economics and individuality by admin[Image]
21.08.15guide to fuse replacement by admin[Image]
21.08.15Pfefferspray ist zu scharf by PeP[HP]
19.08.15things to do when the internet is down by admin[Image]
19.08.15Popular Science BEstseller Title Generator by admin[Image]
13.08.15There is a Ned Flanders themed metal band called Okilly Dokilly Read more at by admin[Other]
12.08.15shot of milk by admin[Image]
11.08.15regierungszensur.at by admin[News]
11.08.15ist gerade realität geworden O.O by admin[News]
10.08.15why so saad? by admin[Image]
09.08.15how to name animals in german by admin[Image]
09.08.15pot from colorado by admin[Image]
06.08.15finding ways around bureaucracy by admin[Image]
05.08.15hugh collection of historical pics by admin[Image]
05.08.15dark side of the moon. no nazis. by admin[Other]
05.08.15How to sneak choclate into American movie theatres. by admin[Image]
05.08.15awwww by admin[Image]
04.08.1516 y/o girl's view on anchors by admin[Image]
04.08.15one shit given. by admin[Image]
04.08.15oh the good ol' times... by admin[Image]
04.08.15what 9/11 meant for the falafel business by admin[Image]
04.08.15this has potential [gifv] by admin[Image]
04.08.15beer pipe by admin[Image]
04.08.15customer request CHECK by admin[Image]
04.08.15nine lives by admin[Image]
04.08.15finding a company name [gifv] by admin[Image]
04.08.15on request: nackte frau. by admin[Erotik]
04.08.15lightning maps by admin[Other]
04.08.15Wiki of the day: The Hollywood Vampires by admin[Other]
29.07.151982 by admin[Image]
28.07.15cosmpolitan vs. the asswipe brigade by admin[Image]
28.07.15dude fucks around with linkedin ads and turns $0.1 into $120k scholarship by admin[Text]
27.07.15molli [gifv] by admin[Image]
27.07.15nevermind. by admin[Image]
27.07.15solche eltern braucht man [giv] by admin[Image]
27.07.15pun intro by admin[Image]
27.07.15batman is busy by admin[Image]
23.07.15heute in bayern by admin[Image]
23.07.15hitler teaches grammar by admin[Image]
21.07.15poor dave... by admin[Image]
20.07.15Norse god family tree by admin[Image]
20.07.15breaking news on news by admin[Image]
20.07.15na hoffentlich ned... by admin[Image]
17.07.15anon digs a pond by admin[Image]
17.07.15anon plays sims again. by admin[Image]
17.07.15racoon says 'yes' ;) by admin[Image]
17.07.15HEIL Filmtrailer by admin[Video]
17.07.15Interspecies Foursome WTF [gif] by admin[Image]
17.07.15making a difference... true story by admin[Image]
17.07.15feathers vs. bowling ball in vacuum chamber [gif] by admin[Image]
15.07.15wehn anon cooks... [NSFL] by admin[Image]
15.07.15catzooka [gifv] by admin[Image]
14.07.15comic sans lol by admin[News]
13.07.15dog favors by admin[Image]
13.07.15hold & release bungee jump [gifv] by admin[Image]
13.07.15Frost at the Viking 2 landing site on Mars by admin[Image]
13.07.15Political Coordinates Test by admin[Program]
10.07.15...people who like their own posts on facebook... by admin[Image]
10.07.15cat fact by admin[Image]
08.07.15alleged reddit employee leaks info to /b/ by admin[Image]
08.07.156 Species of Crust Punk by admin[Other]
08.07.15Oh Stevie... by admin[Image]
07.07.15wrongulator by admin[Image]
06.07.15always reliable news from best korea by admin[News]
06.07.15not sure if trollig ... or just americans by admin[Image]
04.07.15happy 4th of july... by admin[Image]
02.07.15the smoke of hell by admin[Image]
02.07.15Amis befürchten in zwischenstaatlichen Krieg "hineingezogen" zu werden... by admin[News]
02.07.15venus and jupiter yesterday by admin[Image]
02.07.15cobra bath [gif] by admin[Image]
01.07.15Wiki of the day: Don't Buy This - some of the poorest games ever by admin[Other]
01.07.15ostrich problems by admin[Image]
01.07.15masks. [gifv] by admin[Image]
30.06.15Infographics for Entrepreneurs by admin[Image]
28.06.15weltraummüll im erdumlauf [gifv] by admin[Image]
28.06.15CNN confuses sex toy banner for ISIS flag at Pride by admin[News]
26.06.15car on truck on truck on truck by admin[Image]
26.06.15stilaugen [gifv] by admin[Image]
25.06.15Anemone changing location by admin[Image]
25.06.15goat dad meme by admin[Image]
22.06.15Obama WTF by admin[News]
22.06.15They killed P2P torrents. Bastards. by admin[News]
21.06.15elaborated toilet prank [gif] by admin[Image]
21.06.15TL;DR Kid Rock by admin[Image]
20.06.15bear does dinner by admin[Image]
20.06.15what could possibly go wrong... by admin[Image]
20.06.15anon pretends by admin[Image]
19.06.15Zwischenzeitlich in Wien... by admin[News]
19.06.15aerodynamics [gifv] by admin[Image]
19.06.15God's plan by admin[Image]
18.06.15Neue Mauern für Europa by Melodic[News]
18.06.15Katzenvideos gesünder als frische Luft by admin[News]
17.06.15"Kevin didn't know dogs and cats were different animals" by admin[Text]
17.06.15nice transition [gifv] by admin[Video]
17.06.15history repeats itself ;) by admin[Image]
16.06.15"PhD" by admin[Image]
16.06.154Chan stands with Rachel by admin[Image]
16.06.15This is how Aberdeen businesses make international news regularily by admin[News]
16.06.158Bit-Philosophy: Huxley's Doors of Perceptiony by admin[Video]
16.06.15Will your self-driving car be programmed to kill you if it means saving more strangers? by admin[Text]
16.06.15transguilty by admin[Image]
16.06.15a brief history of corporate whining by admin[Image]
16.06.15Deutsche Schlagzeilen by admin[Image]
16.06.15zu etwas erfreulicherem... by admin[News]
15.06.15katzenklo by admin[Image]
12.06.15factory smoke... by admin[Image]
12.06.15Looks like PornHub has some shit to work out by admin[Other]
12.06.15checks out by admin[Image]
12.06.15Pikachu coverup by admin[Image]
11.06.15Die Identitären in Wien by admin[Video]
11.06.15PornHub crowdfunding for first porn in space by admin[Erotik]
11.06.15The downfalls of reddit #2 (theory) by admin[Other]
11.06.15The downfalls of reddit #1 (data) by admin[Other]
10.06.15WTF. by admin[News]
10.06.15enough internet for today... [gif] by admin[Image]
10.06.15pay your web guy by admin[Image]
10.06.15there is two kinds of people... by admin[Image]
10.06.15WD 40 is awesome by admin[Image]
10.06.15photography then and now by admin[Image]
08.06.15Wiki of the day: Dihydrogen monoxide hoax by admin[Other]
08.06.15inside our planet #2 by admin[Image]
08.06.15inside our planet #1 by admin[Image]
08.06.15reading with dyslexia by admin[Other]
08.06.15Clickbait Taxonomy by admin[Other]
08.06.15Japanese giant hornet by admin[Image]
07.06.15dick from the internet by admin[Image]
07.06.15fat acceptance movement by admin[Image]
07.06.15present for cat by admin[Image]
07.06.15the english national team... by admin[Image]
07.06.15Glow in the dark panties by admin[Image]
07.06.15Don't Escape 2 [point and click] by admin[Game]
07.06.15Cube Escape: Seasonsv [point and click adventure] by admin[Game]
07.06.15thanks, /b/ by admin[Image]
07.06.15FPÖ-Landstraße steht anscheinend auf alte Grenzen by admin[News]
06.06.15Cherokee on the Trail of Tears in 2015 by admin[Image]
06.06.15Sarah Palin. by admin[Image]
05.06.15#plasticbagchallenge by admin[Image]
05.06.15#plasticbagchallenge by admin[Image]
05.06.15The Shawshank Redemption als 8-bit Game by admin[Game]
04.06.15storm troopers on strike by admin[Image]
04.06.15anon regrets jack-off tent by admin[Image]
04.06.15zebra crossing by admin[Image]
04.06.15being a black barista by admin[Image]
04.06.15changing table by admin[Image]
04.06.15amazing short story: which pill do you choose? by admin[Text]
04.06.15meanwhile, in vienna... by admin[Image]
04.06.15update on /b/'s petition by admin[Image]
03.06.15optimist or joker [gifv] by admin[Image]
03.06.1526 Grafiker Fails by admin[Image]
02.06.15"I Won a $5,000 Magic: The Gathering Tournament on Shrooms" by admin[Other]
02.06.15Salvador Dali drawing a penis on the forehead of a woman and signing it with Picasso’s signature by admin[Image]
02.06.15for that special moment... by admin[Image]
02.06.15/b/ is on it again by admin[Image]
02.06.15Opfer und Täter gemeinsam in U-Haft by admin[News]
01.06.15how often does /b/ fap? by admin[Image]
31.05.15common myths by admin[Image]
30.05.15humble ad by admin[Image]
30.05.15Don't fuck around with Audrey... by admin[Image]
30.05.15not scary at all. [gifv] by admin[Image]
29.05.15Blackout Congress by admin[HP]
28.05.15Super chill monkey does Hollywood by Melodic[Video]
28.05.15fun stuff to do on acid [gifv] by admin[Image]
28.05.15Batman 4D by admin[Image]
27.05.15Sweden has the biggest representation of the solar system, covering the whole country at a 1:20m scale by admin[Image]
27.05.15smart thinking #2 [gif] by admin[Image]
27.05.15chemistry teacher quotes by admin[Other]
26.05.15The Illusion of Reality - Astrophotography by admin[Text]
26.05.15stunning mushroom pics by admin[Image]
26.05.15Heckenschnitt by admin[Image]
26.05.15showerthoughts... by admin[Image]
26.05.15smart thinking... by admin[Image]
26.05.15des brauchst... BARBIEPUPPEN BLOND by admin[Sound]
26.05.15Meanwhile, on Mars by admin[Image]
26.05.15polish man does it again... by admin[Image]
26.05.15goat tower or blowjob? by admin[Image]
25.05.15chickenlover by admin[Image]
24.05.15blockbuster review by admin[Image]
24.05.15repost: size in space [gifv] by admin[Image]
24.05.15veteran on the price is right by admin[Image]
24.05.15... sticks by admin[Image]
24.05.15Nationalism. by admin[Image]
23.05.15client speak for graphic designers by admin[Image]
22.05.15Dickhead in Hamburg by admin[Image]
22.05.15Cool short film: Jacques Diego's last stand [3:42] by admin[Video]
22.05.154chan in a nutshell by admin[Image]
22.05.15Timber. by admin[Image]
22.05.15sure thing by admin[Image]
22.05.15multi layered [gifv] by admin[Image]
22.05.15Lustiges Pokerspiel by PeP[Game]
22.05.15crocodile vs. truck [gifv] by admin[Image]
20.05.15be a cat and do your worst by admin[Game]
19.05.15piratebay might have to switch domains by admin[News]
19.05.15Die Österreichmaschine - jetzt mit Depressator! by admin[Image]
18.05.15complete the drawing by admin[Image]
18.05.15Gibt's bald Morphium zum selber brauen? by admin[News]
18.05.15could be anybody's by admin[Image]
18.05.15good ol' days by admin[Image]
18.05.15breaking: shithead fish discovered by admin[News]
18.05.15You've been waiting for this: What Happens When A Man In A Mentos Suit Jumps Into A Tank Of Diet Coke? by admin[Video]
16.05.15dude never lifts the pen [gifv] by admin[Image]
15.05.15wouldn't give that shirt to welfare by admin[Image]
15.05.15Genialer Quadrocopter by PeP[HP]
14.05.15cool new gadgets by admin[Image]
14.05.15Anifer Anrainer XD by admin[News]
13.05.15anon works at Domino's by admin[Image]
11.05.15toilet signs... by admin[Image]
11.05.15Dr. Arthur Fuckingham-Wallace's Geographical Obscenity Compendium by admin[Image]
11.05.15fml tweet by admin[Image]
11.05.15feminists. by admin[Image]
11.05.15Jaguar taucht nach Fischen by PeP[Video]
10.05.15cooler test zu regionalen mundart variationen by admin[Other]
09.05.15So wird mein nächster Zahnersatz by PeP[Video]
09.05.15Zaubertrick mit dem Smartphone by PeP[HP]
09.05.15fucking westerners by admin[Image]
08.05.15lego firewalk by admin[Image]
08.05.15crafting with cat hair... by admin[Image]
08.05.15kids these days... by admin[Image]
08.05.15oh, the irony... by admin[Image]
08.05.15wasser & strom by admin[Image]
08.05.15damn... by admin[Image]
08.05.15mfw rapist by admin[Image]
08.05.15well, hopefully... by admin[Image]
08.05.15well placed ads... by admin[Image]
07.05.15From a 1970s US Yearbook... by admin[Image]
06.05.15the world before the internet by admin[Image]
06.05.15wings... by admin[Image]
05.05.15Lichtenberg Figures by admin[Video]
05.05.15work intelligently by admin[Image]
04.05.15quote of the day by admin[Image]
04.05.15wtf worm by admin[Video]
04.05.15grade change form by admin[Image]
04.05.15how to piss of designers by admin[Image]
03.05.15delicious cartoon character by admin[Image]
03.05.15refraction [gifv] by admin[Image]
02.05.15Gender disparity in the STEM field by admin[Image]
01.05.15Huell's Rules by admin[Video]
01.05.15John Oliver's Doomsday-Video by admin[Video]
01.05.158Bit-Philosphy: Can we trust the News Media? by admin[Video]
01.05.15#Clickbaitbooks by admin[Image]
01.05.15Learn languages online by PeP[Text]
01.05.15coder stories by admin[Image]
30.04.15Killer Karaoke Thailand by PeP[Video]
29.04.15Miss Piggy to receive feminist award, which should end all debate on the subject by admin[News]
29.04.15...IS META by admin[Image]
29.04.15Auch die FPÖ Burgenland hat eine musikalische Ader... by admin[Sound]
29.04.15mcdonalds big max by PeP[Video]
29.04.15Gundance fail by PeP[Video]
29.04.15Octopus vs. Krabbe by PeP[Video]
28.04.15soziales expertiment mit 2 eur t-shirts by admin[News]
28.04.15Fuck Thomas by admin[Image]
27.04.15New noisey docu series on music subculture - first episode on NY Hardcore!! by admin[Video]
27.04.15Guido Sarducci's Five Minute University by admin[Video]
27.04.15lucky numbers... by admin[Image]
26.04.15star trek ships in 3d space by admin[Image]
24.04.15ex-cops smoking pot by admin[Video]
24.04.15epilepsy, anyone? by admin[Video]
24.04.15under-water air rings are like surface smoke rings [gif] by admin[Image]
23.04.15Celebs and Meth by admin[Other]
21.04.15touch your screen by admin[Other]
21.04.15vagina knowledge... by admin[Image]
20.04.15Russian Man Will Become Subject Of First Human Head Transplant Ever Performed by admin[News]
20.04.15In case you missed the total solar eclipse over Svalbard... by admin[Image]
20.04.15ac/dc shirt by admin[Image]
19.04.15wedding invitation by admin[Image]
18.04.15App practices in RL by admin[Image]
18.04.15bullsh. young by PeP[Video]
17.04.15Kampfbereit by PeP[Sound]
17.04.15best USA by PeP[Sound]
17.04.15Tripple-A MILF? by admin[News]
14.04.15Vodkaman Vs. Drunkenstein by PeP[Video]
14.04.15Kiffen macht müde - härtere Strafen helfen! by admin[News]
13.04.15Monsterbumserin III by PeP[HP]
13.04.15no h... by admin[Image]
12.04.15bright side by admin[Image]
11.04.15Teamwork im Kinderzimmer by PeP[Video]
09.04.15air crash [gifv] by admin[Image]
09.04.15japanese women... by admin[Image]
09.04.15lunar eclipse singe frames by admin[Image]
07.04.15spanferkel trifft ingenieurskunst by admin[Image]
07.04.15US Regierung bestätigt: Cannabis bekämpft Krebszellen by admin[News]
07.04.15Giant Pyrosome by admin[Video]
05.04.15natural selection by admin[Image]
05.04.15repost: elevator hack by admin[Image]
04.04.15interspecies erotica by admin[Image]
04.04.15if the polar caps melted [gifv] by admin[Image] glock by admin[Image]
03.04.15South Park Bro Down - Final 8! by admin[Other]
03.04.15mephisto spiral explained by admin[Video]
03.04.15mephisto spiral [gifv] by admin[Image]
03.04.15if VHS was still a thing... by admin[Image]
03.04.15cyber war.. by admin[Image]
01.04.15cats licking window [gif] by admin[Image]
01.04.15albino squirrel rubbing its nipples by admin[Image]
31.03.15Panda Ross by PeP[Sound]
31.03.15best doctor ever by admin[Image]
31.03.15goats. by admin[Video]
31.03.15I just wanna break the rules by PeP[Image]
31.03.15Elena Ninja-Bonchinche by PeP[Video]
30.03.15lungs. [gif] by admin[Image]
30.03.15on facebook... by admin[Image]
30.03.15Every TV news report on the economy ever by admin[Video]
30.03.15Dude releases himself from Prison with Fake-Mail by admin[News]
28.03.15The world's deadliest animals by number of kills by admin[News]
27.03.15Ricky Gervais’ very honest Commercial by admin[Video]
27.03.15Nightvision Eye Drops by admin[Other]
27.03.15toothache? go to 1885! by admin[Image]
26.03.15The Sun says by admin[Image]
26.03.15paramedics by admin[Image]
26.03.15@GlasgowCCouncil &Jeremy Clarkson by admin[Other]
26.03.15Market Niche: "Your website should be so simple, a drunk person could use it." by admin[HP]
26.03.15fastest way to write an essay ;) by admin[Program]
26.03.15Karl Moik ist tot. by admin[News]
25.03.15chuckled. by admin[Image]
25.03.15cool uncle trick by admin[Image]
25.03.15almost there... [gif] by admin[Image]
25.03.15classic story. by admin[Image]
23.03.15quality warning by admin[Image]
22.03.15Bill Cosby? by admin[Image]
18.03.15genehmigte und nicht genehmigte vornamen by admin[Image]
18.03.15IE Nutzer sehen die Meldung dann 2020 by admin[News]
16.03.15Cat Rave! by Melodic[HP]
16.03.15/tv/ discusses fantasy movies by admin[Image]
16.03.15dating in the age of PC by admin[Image]
16.03.15rrrraving [gif] by admin[Image]
16.03.15acoustic levitation [gifv] by admin[Image]
16.03.15meanwhile, in Czech Republic by admin[Image]
16.03.15talk to your cat by admin[Image]
16.03.15rhino perspective by admin[Image]
16.03.15wiki of the day: bundling by admin[Other]
16.03.15intelligent design? ;) by admin[Image]
15.03.15well grammar by admin[Image]
15.03.15Dinos Hypnotize by admin[Video]
12.03.15smart fella by admin[Video]
09.03.15snake stealth by admin[Image]
09.03.15cat sneezes - slow motion [gif] by admin[Image]
07.03.15spiralfichte by admin[Image]
05.03.15An Englishman learning German by admin[Image]
04.03.15Hand Magic by PeP[Video]
03.03.15lovejoy from ISS by admin[Image]
03.03.15been there. by admin[Image]
03.03.15doggy love triangle by admin[Image]
03.03.15weasle riding a woodpecker by admin[Image]
03.03.15Father and dother by PeP[Video]
02.03.15think bombs by admin[Image]
02.03.15last meal by admin[Image]
02.03.15peacock spiders by admin[Image]
02.03.15cummingtonite by admin[Image]
02.03.151770s writer automaton [gifv] by admin[Image]
02.03.15way too general... by admin[Image]
02.03.15“God’s Loophole” by admin[Text]
02.03.15damn u batman by admin[Image]
01.03.15im ausland ist alles besser by admin[Image]
28.02.15Vollbremsung mit dem Gaul by PeP[Video]
26.02.15Aliens in the ocean by PeP[Video]
25.02.15world record paper plane [gifv] by admin[Image]
25.02.15ipad magican by PeP[Video]
24.02.15Plato was a terrible babysitter... [gif] by admin[Image]
24.02.15lesson learned by admin[Image]
24.02.15ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com by admin[Image]
24.02.15PRINT X;"Bottle(s) of beer on the wall,";X;"bottle(s) of beer" by admin[Program]
24.02.15stat fix: age difference in married couples by admin[Image]
24.02.15Citizenfour - full film by admin[Video]
24.02.15Most offensive jokes by British stand-ups by admin[Video]
24.02.15Beconnaise by admin[Image]
24.02.15quick fix by admin[Image]
23.02.15last 9gag link ever. i promise. by admin[Image]
23.02.15Speed on Pope by admin[Image]
22.02.15Catholic Priest Dies for 48 Minutes, Comes Back to Life and Claims God Is Female by admin[News]
22.02.15at least not the KKK by admin[Image]
22.02.15forever alone table by admin[Image]
22.02.15cathat by admin[Image]
22.02.1525 years photoshop by admin[News]
22.02.15Buddha Statue with Mummy in Hospital by admin[News]
19.02.15herr hermes beim opernwürstelstandl by admin[Video]
19.02.15die bayrische Polizei mal wieder by Melodic[News]
18.02.15What Everything Looks Like To Dogs by Melodic[Image]
18.02.15The latest IS propaganda video is just a little different by PeP[Video]
15.02.15Astro TV Abmahnung für Peng! Collective by admin[News]
14.02.15morgan freeman again by admin[Image]
14.02.15Fun Vid Comp. 30 min. by PeP[Video]
14.02.15Steve O in Innsbruck by PeP[Video]
14.02.15Betteln 2.0 by PeP[Video]
13.02.15Peng Collective kapert Astro TV. Live. by admin[Video]
13.02.15Wer ist hier der Boss by PeP[Video]
13.02.15drugs a-z by admin[Sound]
12.02.15The world's greatest HIV leaflet by admin[Video]
12.02.15ebay gebot für MacDonald Souce !?! by PeP[HP]
11.02.15tomorrow is darwin day by admin[Image]
11.02.15Wiki of the day: Names of large numbers by admin[Other]
11.02.15footage from meteor over new zealand by admin[Video]
11.02.15Erowid meets HR by admin[Text]
11.02.15algo: how to get auto-laid with tinder by admin[News]
10.02.15Das Sperma Kochbuch - Unbedingt die Bewertungen lesen ;) by Melodic[Other]
10.02.15The Ultimate Way To Embarrass Your Friend At Airport Security by PeP[Video]
10.02.15pranks and stuff by admin[Image]
08.02.15smartass driver by admin[Video]
08.02.15BIG WTF by admin[Video]
07.02.15Why chihuahuas don't run on the snow? by PeP[Video]
06.02.15qualety family time by admin[Image]
05.02.15How to make Big Mac Sauce by admin[Video]
05.02.15http://www.nerdcore.de/2015/02/05/the-business-of-fake-business/ by admin[News]
05.02.15neighbors XD by admin[Video]
05.02.15awesome school prank by admin[Video]
05.02.15level 10 troll by admin[Image]
05.02.15geile Idee für einen Jungesellinenabschied by PeP[Video]
05.02.15Funny Friday by PeP[Image]
05.02.15Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät - Nicht annhähernd so behindert wie der Songcontest by admin[News]
04.02.15oh for... by admin[Image]
04.02.15meanwhile, in QLD by admin[Image]
03.02.15PEGIDA und der unsichtbare Feind gg by admin[News]
02.02.15Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall - the largest known structure in the observable universe by admin[Other]
02.02.15ride thorugh the solar system at the speed of light (44min) by admin[Video]
02.02.15cat copter by admin[Video]
02.02.15rednecks by admin[Image]
02.02.15suicide watch by admin[Image]
02.02.15#lynch by admin[Image]
02.02.15Wiki of the day: Panspermia by admin[Other]
02.02.15the universe might actually be shrinking, so it just appears like it's expanding by admin[Video]
02.02.15Grundrecht gegen das Gedankenlesen by admin[Text]
01.02.15How the language police are perverting liberalism by admin[News]
01.02.15enthusiastic fat metal bastard by admin[Video]
31.01.15Virale Philo-Tür in Mainz by admin[News]
30.01.15Megamouth shark washed up in the Philippines by admin[News]
30.01.15get me off your fucking mailing list by admin[Other]
30.01.15Headlines. by admin[News]
30.01.15the natural selection selfie-stick by admin[Image]
29.01.15Negerküsse? by admin[Image]
29.01.15Genocide: Americans vs. Germans by admin[Image]
29.01.15anatomy of songs by admin[Image]
28.01.15Damit wäre geklärt, ob Kängurus im europäischen Winter überlebensfähig sind by admin[News]
28.01.15never look a gorilla in the eyes? by admin[Image]
27.01.15This is awesome: Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense - all branches of pseudo-scientific bullshit in one diagram by admin[Image]
27.01.15classic stoner line by admin[Image]
27.01.15Asteroid 2004 BL86 has a small moon by admin[Other]
26.01.15busy universe by admin[Image]
26.01.15cat logic by admin[Image]
26.01.15Election night by admin[Image]
24.01.15Episoden REAL LIFE HEROES by PeP[HP]
24.01.15bachelor frog shirt by admin[Image]
24.01.15linux missionary by admin[Image]
24.01.15anon's punny again by admin[Image]
24.01.15Wiki of the day: Poe's Law by admin[Other]
23.01.15Rießiger Asteroid 2004 BL86 rast am Montag an der Erde vorbei by admin[News]
23.01.15RL AdBlock by admin[Program]
23.01.15absolute gold: richard dawkins reads hatemail from christians by admin[Video]
23.01.15beer bunker by Melodic[Image]
23.01.15User Experience by Melodic[Image]
21.01.15Wiki of the day: List of artificial intelligence projects by admin[Other]
21.01.15Moot retires as 4chan admin by admin[News]
20.01.15anti-terrorism gift wrap by admin[Image]
20.01.15[repost] religion is like a penis... by admin[Image]
20.01.15how to get rid of dog shit by admin[Image]
20.01.15CNN apocalypse video - Blasmusik! by admin[Video]
20.01.15Monopoly? AUSTERITY! by admin[Game]
20.01.1550 for the 1%: Richest Motherfuckers own half the Planet by admin[News]
20.01.15another trippy [gif] by admin[Image]
20.01.15police - cumming by admin[Image]
18.01.15dictator valentine cards by admin[Image]
18.01.15Forscher glauben vierte Art Cannabis gefunden zu haben by admin[News]
18.01.15Wiki of the day: Georgia Guidestones by admin[Other]
18.01.15Stuff to do with water by admin[Video]
17.01.15circus cats [gif] by admin[Image]
17.01.15Liberte & Securite by admin[Image]
17.01.15muslime i dresden by admin[Image]
17.01.15Neil deGrasse Tyson finds meaning of life by admin[News]
15.01.15anon ruins christmas by admin[Image]
15.01.15grandfather clocks [gif] by admin[Image]
15.01.15A Straight Edge story by admin[News]
15.01.15Foreigners around the world - from National Lampoon magazine by admin[Image]
15.01.15desktop holiday by admin[Image]
15.01.15Bullshit Bingo - Asylanten Edition by admin[Image]
14.01.15Je Suis Capitalisme by admin[Other]
14.01.15politically correct cartoon by admin[Image]
13.01.15Knapp die Hälfte der Telekommunikationsüberwachung wegen Drogendelikten by admin[News]
12.01.15catbox by admin[Image]
12.01.15Das Cover der kommenden Charlie Hebdo-Ausgabe by admin[News]
12.01.15Craig Ferguson: A Late Night Revolutionary by admin[Video]
12.01.15Better Call Saul – Trailer 2 by admin[Video]
12.01.15Oompa Loompa Dart Riot by admin[News]
11.01.1536 Reasons why Breaking Bad is awesome by admin[Other]
10.01.15Tim Becker by guten morgen[Other]
10.01.15Squirting is pee, science says by admin[News]
09.01.15Kurzes Making-Of zu "Das Ewige Leben" by admin[Video]
09.01.15science cat [gif] by admin[Image]
08.01.15muslims don't dig pork by admin[Image]
07.01.15ERA by admin[Image]
07.01.15Interview with Titanic editor-in-chief by admin[News]
07.01.15honest graduate by admin[Image]
07.01.15suspicious quotation marks #53634 by admin[Image]
07.01.15South Park Newspaper zoom by admin[Image]
07.01.15freedom of expression, hell yeah by admin[Image]
07.01.15...some solidartiy cartoons... by admin[Image]
07.01.15After Charlie Hebdo attack: Newsoutlets pratice self-censorship - again by admin[News]
07.01.15Anschlag mit 10 Toten auf französisches Satiremagazin by admin[News]
07.01.15Astronomy Porn: Top 10 Strangest Things in Space by admin[Other]
07.01.15objectifying women by admin[Image]
06.01.152388 MS-DOS-Games in your Browser by admin[Game]
06.01.15Wiki of the day: Thomas Glavinic und Wikipedia by admin[Other]
05.01.15Meanwhile, in Corum [gif] by admin[Image]
05.01.15Getting a grip on “masturbation” - You can try this at home. by admin[Text]
05.01.15someone cares. by admin[Image]
05.01.15Homo evolutus - amazing TEDtalk by Juan Enriquez by admin[Video]
05.01.15Meme Instructions by admin[Image]
05.01.15Cambrian explosion outlook vol. 2 by admin[News]
05.01.15how many bulbs does it take to change a light bulb? by admin[Image]
05.01.15kiss the one you love [gif] by admin[Image]
05.01.15Homo evolutus by admin[News]
05.01.15world wide noise machine concert by admin[Image]
05.01.15oh damn... (read the whole way) by admin[Text]
04.01.15Day-Z review on Steam by admin[Image]
02.01.15Just 10 Cuts by admin[Video]
02.01.15spooky: how to recover sound from video... by admin[Video]
02.01.15ironic coat hanger by admin[Image]
01.01.15tech stuff 2015 by admin[Other]
01.01.152015 Prediction Bot by admin[Other]
01.01.15South Park New Year's Eve Short 1997 by admin[Video]
01.01.15petting chart by admin[Image]
01.01.15strict vegetarian diet by admin[Image]
01.01.15first aid. please read carefully. by admin[Image]
01.01.15'merica by admin[Image]
01.01.15puppy movies by admin[Image]
31.12.14Happy 11111011111, aka the Palindrome-11-Bit-Year by admin[Other]
31.12.14Anon's game show idea by admin[Image]
31.12.14dogowner puns by admin[Image]
31.12.14ADD? ADHD? by admin[Image]
31.12.14porn blot twist by admin[Video]
30.12.14Woman Draws a Self-Portrait Before And After the Use of LSD by admin[Other]
30.12.14Most viewed articles on Wikipedia 2014 by admin[Other]
30.12.14biggest statues in the world by admin[Image]
30.12.14"I Want To Fuck You" song by admin[Video]
28.12.14Scientific haircuts by admin[Image]
28.12.14Gravity+Time by admin[Image]
27.12.14Implicit Association Tests by admin[Other]
25.12.14Bye Bye Craig Ferguson's Late Late Night Show :( by admin[Video]
25.12.14Rebranding Krampus by admin[Other]
23.12.14Better Call Saul – First Teaser by admin[Video]
23.12.14wirrsinddasvolk.tumblr.com - Pegida Best Of by Melodic[HP]
23.12.14Wiki of the day: Pascagoula Abduction by admin[Other]
22.12.14math teacher's x-mas solution by admin[Image]
22.12.14ISIS in Canada by admin[Image]
21.12.14Neil deGrasse Tyson: The Most Astounding Fact by admin[Video]
21.12.14walled world by admin[Image]
21.12.14Oink oink by admin[Image]
20.12.14thought experiment on torture by admin[Image]
20.12.14Goldener Umberto für die Kassierer by admin[Video]
20.12.14Where is Waldo plot twist by admin[Image]
20.12.14Deep sky objects compared to the size of the moon by admin[Image]
19.12.14Saul Alinsky - Rules for Radicals by admin[Text]
19.12.14Essay generator by [Program]
19.12.14Looking for alternatives after Piratebay takedown? Check out Tribler. http://www.tribler.org/ by admin[Program]
19.12.14clubs by admin[Image]
19.12.14wtf i'm looking at? [gif] by admin[Image]
19.12.14repost: what women really want in a man by admin[Image]
19.12.14modern subhuman by admin[Image]
19.12.14cat inside by admin[Image]
19.12.14Portable masturbation hut by admin[Image]
19.12.14AD/HD by admin[Image]
18.12.14why take the risk? by admin[Image]
18.12.14need to get one of these by admin[Image]
18.12.14The lightest substance on earth, graphene aerogel by admin[Other]
17.12.14RL AdBlock by admin[Image]
17.12.14nice to be nice by admin[Image]
17.12.14EU Parlament spricht sich für Palästinenserstaat aus by admin[News]
17.12.14how to build a human [gif] by admin[Image]
17.12.14Bender recruits a damned army by admin[Image]
17.12.14Zeitgeist-Language in Pop-Charts, 1890-2014 by admin[Other]
17.12.14Boiler Room knows what you did last night. (party-gifs) by Melodic[Image]
17.12.14"you couldn't write a script like this?" by admin[Image]
17.12.14smart thinking [gif] by admin[Image]
17.12.14call me ron by admin[Image]
17.12.14obviously f*cked by admin[Image]
17.12.14cat in ...bidet by admin[Image]
17.12.14why talk to people when you can look somewhere else? by admin[Image]
15.12.14Wiki of the day: First video game by admin[Other]
15.12.14environmentally conscious elephant [gifv] by admin[Video]
15.12.14This is 2014: How To Detect an Exoplanet with a DSLR by admin[Video]
15.12.14"how much did charly eat" betting pool by admin[Image]
14.12.14imagine this flying by admin[Image]
14.12.14hausmittel by admin[Image]
14.12.143 mates by mr. xxx[Erotik]
12.12.14works every time? by admin[Image]
12.12.14Plan B-BQ? by admin[Image]
12.12.14The Interviewer (filmlet) by admin[Video]
12.12.14Prognosenrückschau 2014: Die Pyramiden und das Empire State Building stehen noch by admin[News]
11.12.14A paper by Maggie Simpson and Edna Krabappel was accepted by two scientific journals by admin[News]
11.12.14Mommy's a superhero by admin[Image]
11.12.14Just edible anus chocolates. by admin[Image]
11.12.14anon stops a burglar by admin[Image]
11.12.14...und das vid dazu by admin[Video] Euro Strafe für Kirchenporno by admin[News]
09.12.14Mistah Leary He Dead: Hunter S. Thompsons’ Timothy Leary-Acidblotter for sale by admin[News]
09.12.1410 Styles of Metal by admin[Video]
09.12.14You know what? You're nothing but a white thrash boner nazi! by admin[Image]
09.12.14SLAYEEEER.... saved a kitten! by admin[News]
09.12.14pizza is awesome by admin[Image]
08.12.14prince charles by admin[Image]
08.12.14"Into a Black Hole" - Stephen Hawking Lecture by admin[Text]
08.12.14Gern a bissal härter... (thx an Manfred!) by admin[Sound]
07.12.14christmas tie by admin[Image]
07.12.14Stinkefinger by PeP[HP]
06.12.14Die 80ér by PeP[Video]
06.12.14stay high - die geilste vers. by PeP[Video]
05.12.14Classic. by admin[Image]
05.12.14"I'll be off taking an Exorcism class in Delaware." by admin[News]
05.12.14Ein golden retriever lässt einfach keine Party aus :-) by PeP[Video]
05.12.14Contentbezogene Werbung... by admin[Image]
05.12.14tricky maze by admin[Image]
04.12.14even santa poops by PeP[Video]
02.12.14pick up da sauce [gif] by admin[Image]
02.12.14How not to get your ass kicked by the police by admin[Video]
30.11.14Tim will not like by admin[Image]
30.11.14Moonset with ISS by admin[Video]
30.11.14business card of Terry the Great by admin[Image]
30.11.14Do they know it's Scheiße? - NEO MAGAZIN zu Campinos Afrika Feldzug by admin[Video]
30.11.14important booklet by admin[Image]
30.11.14poop, anyone? by admin[HP]
30.11.14how not to steal a guitar by admin[Image]
30.11.14how to become a photographer by admin[Image]
30.11.14a geek's boat by admin[Image]
29.11.14Wiki of the day: Die Grünen Österreichs by admin[Program]
29.11.14Liste aller eingetragenen Parteien in Österreich by admin[Other]
29.11.14wtf barbie cake by admin[Image]
29.11.14The 31 Most Pointless Things Of All Time by admin[Other]
29.11.14if andromeda was brighter (moon for scale) by admin[Image]
29.11.14War stuck in trees. by admin[Image]
29.11.14let it snow by admin[Image]
29.11.14two kinds of people... by admin[Image]
29.11.14Pastafari Messe by admin[Image]
29.11.14nice boobs (not for FRANKY) by PeP[Video]
28.11.14Goldenes Brett 2014 geht an Xavier Naidoo by admin[Other]
28.11.14Wiki of the day: Death from laughter by admin[Other]
26.11.14Olympus Mons by admin[Image]
26.11.14they said "leave an impression" by admin[Image]
26.11.14Geh doch alleine raus by PeP[Video]
25.11.14Should Politicians Wear Uniforms Like NASCAR racers? by admin[Image]
25.11.14Soccer Penalty by PeP[Video]
25.11.14If the world were a vilagge of 100 people... by Melodic[Image]
25.11.14Kingdom Rush III by admin[Game]
25.11.14two kinds of nerds... by admin[Image]
25.11.14like mother like daughter by admin[Image]
25.11.14Wiki of the day: List of paradoxes by admin[Other]
23.11.14 Fuck This Shit I'm Out by admin[Sound]
22.11.14like in the good old days: dude programs game from scratch by admin[Game]
22.11.14anon uses tor by admin[Image]
22.11.14simple math by admin[Image]
22.11.14Better Call Saul – Teaser! by admin[Video]
22.11.14office 2013, race level by admin[Image]
22.11.14The real Amazing Randy by admin[Video]
21.11.14Thug Live by PeP[Video]
21.11.14hacking street signs in paris by admin[Image]
21.11.14Männerträume (@FRANKY - you stay and you shut work :-) by PeP[Video]
21.11.14Nase gebrochen? by PeP[Video]
20.11.14some of the first pics ever taken (no selfies) by admin[Image]
20.11.14Grannies hit the Bong for the first Time by admin[Video]
20.11.14perspective. [gif] by admin[Image]
20.11.14Cool Tattoo by PeP[Image]
19.11.14Mal die Glasfassade raufklettern by admin[News]
19.11.14Die Post ist schuld am 2. Weltkrieg by admin[News]
18.11.14more stupid projects by admin[HP]
18.11.14How to Say Mitt Romney in Different Languages by admin[HP]
18.11.14Stupid Projects From The Stupid Hackathon by admin[Other]
18.11.14Meanwhile in... by Melodic[Image]
18.11.14Skating Cat by Melodic[Image]
17.11.14Porn Stars Explain Net Neutrality by admin[Video]
17.11.14gut getarnt vom Paketboten by PeP[Image]
17.11.14some interesting pics from history by admin[Image]
17.11.14looks tidy [gif] by admin[Image]
17.11.14emergency wristband by admin[Image]
16.11.14Rechts Gegen Rechts by admin[Video]
15.11.14tearable puns by admin[Image]
14.11.14spelling error cover up by admin[Image]
14.11.14wurst case scenario by admin[Image]
14.11.14an engineer's coffee mug by admin
14.11.14scrabble. auf deutsch. by admin[Image]
14.11.14It's 2014. by admin[Image]
14.11.14You like the stinki part by PeP[Video]
13.11.14Wir hatten schon lange keine Katzen mehr... by Melodic[Image]
12.11.14Wiki of the day: Goldener_Schnitt by admin[Other]
12.11.14Nerdy Sexytime! by Melodic[Image]
11.11.14wird man ja wohl noch sagen dürfen by admin[Image]
10.11.14Pantomimehund by PeP[Video]
10.11.14Oh, they just love Wetten dass...? by admin[News]
09.11.14i'm all yours, goat by admin[Image]
09.11.14shower curtain by admin[Image]
09.11.1428 replies later... by admin[Image]
09.11.14winter is coming by admin[Image]
09.11.14meisterleistung by admin[Image]
09.11.14summer in the 50s by admin[Image]
09.11.14catzilla by admin[Video]
09.11.14Will Arnett's Crazy German Talk Show Experience by admin[Video]
09.11.14looking close by admin[Image]
09.11.14Cat's Eye (NGC 6543) by admin[Image]
09.11.14black meninist by admin[Image]
09.11.14fireball in texas by admin[Video]
09.11.14dead kennedy? by admin[Image]
09.11.14dreadlocks [gif] by admin[Image]
08.11.14...and the original by admin[Image]
08.11.14Atari commercial feat. Stevie Wonder by a[Image]
08.11.14Anon uses IE by a[Image]
07.11.14where did you get that hot dog? [gif] by admin[Image]
06.11.14Please Drink Responsibly by admin[Video]
06.11.14The Asteroid Belt 2005-2017 [gif] by admin[Image]
06.11.14"Skarping" by admin[Image]
06.11.14freezing australian ginger beer... by admin[Image]
05.11.14Wiedermal Zeit für die Wahl zum Wort- und Unwort des Jahres by admin[News]
05.11.14body painting by admin[Image]
05.11.14körperkleidung by admin[Image]
04.11.14Hunde Fotos (Nr. 4 tränen gelacht) by PeP[Image]
04.11.14tolga bat hospital by PeP[News]
04.11.14der weg zum bahnhof... by admin[Image]
03.11.14portraits turned into selfies by admin[Image]
03.11.14knowledge by admin[Image]
02.11.14anon's experience with gypsies by admin[Image]
01.11.14milky way pic by Marko Korošec by admin[Image]
31.10.14Nature is brilliant by Melodic[Image]
30.10.14god damnit by admin[Image]
30.10.14OP's delivery service by admin[Image]
30.10.14Plejaden / M45 by admin[Image]
30.10.14acrobatics by admin[Image]
30.10.14must have by PeP[HP]
29.10.14wait for it by admin[Image]
29.10.14geocaching by admin[Image]
28.10.14Berlin - damals und heute by admin[Image]
28.10.14bitte liegen lassen by admin[Image]
27.10.14BIC Lighters are Wild Animals by Melodic[Image]
27.10.14IceT(ea) by Melodic[Image]
26.10.14Burmese python gives virgin birth by admin[News]
25.10.14Man VS Parking Garage Gate by PeP[Video]
25.10.14Biblische Prophezeiung? by [Image]
24.10.14Jörg, Jörg, sie kommen gleich by PeP[Video]
23.10.14I want ... by PeP[Image]
23.10.14They were lucky they just got banned from Eden and not human-cent-iPad-ed... by admin[Image]
22.10.14Paintball ist nicht ungefährlich by PeP[Video]
21.10.14Wiki of the day: Death flights by admin[Other]
21.10.14wouldn't believe that by admin[Image]
19.10.14being raised together by admin[Image]
18.10.14fischender hunde by PeP[Video]
16.10.14"celtic cross" on mars + explanation by admin[Image]
16.10.14wasting timeline by admin
15.10.14Der Serious Streeter... by admin[Image]
14.10.14No Caption Needed by admin[HP]
13.10.14wenn nur alle so wären . . . by PeP[Video]
12.10.14Gipfelstürmer [gif] by admin[Image]
12.10.14kangaroo street fight by admin[Video]
10.10.14Infektiös: Ebola-Panik by admin[News]
09.10.14mildly interesting facts by admin[Image]
08.10.14Warum Grumpy Cat mehr Geld verdient als du by admin[News]
08.10.14Energy Drink by PeP[HP]
08.10.14AssCompact.de by admin[HP]
08.10.14"ich wusste es", werdet ihr sagen... by admin[News]
07.10.14metalheads getting themselves ready by admin[Image]
07.10.14for twins by admin[Image]
07.10.14Kuschelersatz by PeP[Image]
07.10.14Sweden recognizes state of Palestine by admin[News]
07.10.14enineering side effect by admin[Image]
06.10.14Minesweeper war das richtige Training für aktuelle Download-Seiten by Melodic[Image]
06.10.14fuerbier.de - Bier wird bald den Euro ersetzen by Melodic[HP]
06.10.14police trap by admin[Image]
02.10.14Wiki of the day: Jesus H. Christ by admin[Other]
02.10.14Bubble Nebula (NGC 7635) by admin[Image]
02.10.14complementary cats by admin[Image]
02.10.14Nicccee... by admin[Image]
02.10.14Überraschung by PeP[Video]
02.10.14kleinstes Ladegerät für´s handy by PeP[Video]
01.10.14atari by admin[Image]
01.10.14Protesting done right (gif) by Melodic[Image]
29.09.14Indian women. by admin[Image]
29.09.1450cent by admin[Image]
28.09.14Level 23 war ich raus by PeP[Game]
26.09.14lied für muslime (i hate you) by PeP[Video]
26.09.14banned by Pep[Video]
26.09.14banana (calssic) by PeP[Video]
26.09.14Printed 3D color holograph from Google Sketchup data by admin[Video]
26.09.14Wiki of the day: List of American sandwiches by admin[Other]
25.09.14Wiki of the day: Trojan Room coffee pot by admin[Other]
25.09.14i see why this dog is so happy by PeP[Image]
25.09.14I'm workin with idiots by Melodic[Image]
25.09.14Best Kiss Cams Collection (gifs) by Melodic[Image]
24.09.14Rope Swing Fail Compilation by PeP[Video]
24.09.14How to take the last doughnut by Melodic[Image]
24.09.14vader grill by admin[Image]
24.09.14think about the kids... by admin[Image]
23.09.14Neulich bei Schiejok Täglich by admin[Video]
23.09.14Chineasy, Lesson 1 by admin[Video]
23.09.14A Bears story by Melodic[Image]
23.09.14They see me rollin #4208 (gif) by Melodic[Image]
23.09.14Mal wieder Zeit für Augenkrebs - wie viele Lvl schafft ihr? by Melodic[Game]
23.09.14What programmers say by admin[Image]
22.09.14otherwise you would've gotten a copy for the kids... by admin[Image]
22.09.14Kenne deine Blätter by admin[Image]
21.09.14Ehrliche Menschen beim Teleshopping by admin[Video]
21.09.14history of avant garde art by admin[Image]
21.09.14No Pie! by admin[Image]
21.09.14Time for an iOS update everyone! by admin[Image]
21.09.14Teenagers Get Down to Yodeling Music by admin[Video]
19.09.14Harry G über die Maß by PeP[Video]
18.09.14it... it worked (gif) by Melodic[Image]
18.09.14Your dog is doing his business on my lawn again... by Melodic[Image]
18.09.14jumping spiders sometimes wear water droplets as hats by Melodic[Image]
18.09.14Die Rosenheimcops schlagen zu by admin[News]
16.09.14ORF recycled anscheinend wiedermal CIA Pressetexte by admin[News]
16.09.14organ theft prank by PeP[Video]
16.09.14Young people swap clothing with older people by admin[Image]
16.09.14Damned kids... by admin[Image]
15.09.14„Möge dieses Medium dazu beitragen, die Österreicher zu einem gut unterrichteten Volk zu machen.“ by admin[Other]
15.09.14Hilarious: Grandmas keep accidentally tagging themselves as Grandmaster Flash on Facebook by admin[News]
15.09.14Oh my Lord by PeP[Video]
15.09.14extremely drunk gif-compilation by Melodic[Image]
15.09.14Men shopping with their ladies by Melodic[Image]
15.09.14Oh, nothing, just a sunset on Mars... by admin[Image]
15.09.14When the Führer is not amused with your boobs by admin[Image]
15.09.14Black people on social media by Melodic[Image]
14.09.14Kenya West don't recognize his bros? by admin[Image]
14.09.14Nail Gun Ad by admin[Image]
14.09.14Befehlsverweigerung in Israel? by admin[News]
13.09.14Existential Crisis Cat by admin[Image]
12.09.14de Russn by PeP[Video]
12.09.14Video Mashup by PeP[Video]
11.09.14Papst tut gutes by admin[Image]
11.09.14Popeye runs out of Spinach by admin[Image]
09.09.14Ameisen bilden eine Kette by PeP[Video]
09.09.14Urlaub geplant und du suchst einen Hunde- oder Katzesitter? Bina Kleintierservice in München hilft! by admin[Other]
09.09.1412 Eric Cartman Life Lessons by admin[Video]
07.09.14Mutant Giant Spider Dog by admin[Video]
07.09.14just spinning the cat [gif] by admin[Image]
05.09.14Das perfekte Verbrechen in weniger als 60sek by Melodic[Video]
05.09.14Mike Supancic - ÖBB train by admin[Sound]
04.09.14Ultimate Instant Karma Compilation by PeP[Video]
04.09.14Das schreiben an H&M > so geil by PeP[Image]
03.09.14this is the last time i take acid... by admin[Image]
03.09.14i don't recognize any of these girls... by admin[Erotik]
03.09.14Extreme Clips by PeP[Video]
30.08.14Now Online Mag Tea After Twelve has just been released! by admin[News]
28.08.14Wiki of the day: Risk (board game) — Strategy by admin[Other]
28.08.14a workplace essential by admin[Image]
28.08.14Oh Jesus... by admin[Image]
28.08.14childhood trauma soap by admin[Image]
28.08.14skipping school by admin[Image]
27.08.14Kunst im Teletext by admin[News]
27.08.14How Russians are born. [gif] by admin[Image]
27.08.14sonnensturm pic by admin[Image]
27.08.14should be called "the rundabout from hell" by admin[Other]
27.08.14skinny sasha by mr. xxx[Video]
27.08.14back to the future, after 30 years by admin[Image]
26.08.14genialer Motoradcrash by PeP[Video]
25.08.14baboons. by admin[Image]
25.08.14Rihanna. by admin[Image]
25.08.14t-shirt review by admin[Image]
25.08.14exhibit 1 by admin[Image]
25.08.14Israel, Gaza, War & Data by admin[News]
23.08.14well that's inappropriate by admin[Image]
23.08.14cali drought by admin[Image]
23.08.14early simpsons writing staff by admin[Image]
23.08.14after 14 years of bunker... by admin[Image]
23.08.14no fucks given that year by admin[Image]
23.08.14dark energy & dark matter by admin[Image]
23.08.14Bierchen by PeP[Video]
22.08.14Who gives a shit anyway by admin[Image]
22.08.14Design pros. by admin[Image]
22.08.14Mug shots of Montreal prostitutes from 1940s by admin[Image]
22.08.14Junge Grazerin by admin[Sound]
22.08.14Censorship Shirt by admin[Image]
22.08.14Funeral SWAG in Russia by admin[Image]
22.08.14Linguistics of Coding-Subreddits by admin[News]
22.08.14Smack my cat up... by admin[Video]
22.08.14knorr anali kizli by admin[Video]
21.08.14Free Shrimp by admin[Image]
20.08.14hail the metric system #2 by admin[Image]
20.08.14hail the metric system by admin[Image]
19.08.14Wiki of the day: Human magnetism by admin[Other]
19.08.14who's visiting who in space by admin[Image]
19.08.14monochrom - danke! by admin[Sound]
18.08.14Understanding RAID configs by Melodic[Image]
17.08.14finding a girlfriend is like finding a parking lot... by admin[Image]
17.08.14it's the future... again! by admin[Image]
15.08.14for all those living in their cars... by admin[Image]
15.08.14postcards by admin[Image]
14.08.14get Google Ultron now by admin[Game]
14.08.14/b/ spams a conference by admin[Image]
14.08.14anon's startup idea by admin[Image]
14.08.14Famous quotes that has a completely different meaning when said by a different person. by admin[Image]
14.08.14don't shoot by admin[Image]
14.08.14Spider Hunter by PeP[Video]
12.08.14Wiki of the day: Wankers Corner, Oregon by admin[Other]
12.08.14earthrise [gif] by admin[Image]
12.08.14beach babe gets a catfish by PeP[Video]
12.08.14deadly facts about water by admin[Image]
11.08.14comic pants by admin[Image]
11.08.14moonlanding pics reveal stars in photoshop by admin[Image]
11.08.14Jute Street. by admin[Other]
11.08.14Achtung: Brieftaubendieb. by admin[News]
11.08.14Religion as a movie. by admin[Image]
11.08.14new home wanted by admin[Image]
11.08.14Wiener Linien lassen über Farbe von U5 abstimmen by admin[Other]
11.08.14Everybody dies in Shakespeare. by admin[Image]
11.08.14Driverless Google car sounds lame by admin[News]
11.08.14"are poop plugs incest?" by admin[Image]
11.08.14wiki of the day: Obsidian by
11.08.14Chuck Norris Bridge by admin[Image]
11.08.14"Hitler incident" by admin[Other]
11.08.14Better Call Saul - FIRST TEASER!!! (9 sec.) by admin[Video]
11.08.14Quantified LED-Cockring by admin[Other]
10.08.14took a pic of tonight's supermoon for you guys by admin[Image]
10.08.14dig this salad by admin[Image]
09.08.14CNN bringing the facts by admin[Image]
09.08.14drinking and driving in the US by admin[News]
09.08.14Metro Map Creator by admin[Program]
09.08.14Banned In The U.S.A. by PeP[Video]
08.08.14Spiders of Vanuatu by admin[Image]
08.08.14ugliest cake contest winner by admin[Image]
07.08.14Dont forget legs day by PeP[Image]
07.08.14Wem gehört das Copyright an einem Affen-Selfie? by admin[News]
06.08.14meanwhile, on chatroulette [gif] by admin[Image]
06.08.14eye tat by admin[Image]
06.08.14cat breeds by admin[Image]
06.08.14Hytopia. by admin[News]
06.08.14the goat invasion is finally starting :o by Melodic[Image]
06.08.14Things people have said in their sleep - comments also worth reading :D by Melodic[Text]
06.08.14gotta know those guys by admin[Image]
06.08.14grocery shopping in the arctic circle... (prices in Canadian Dollars) by admin[Image]
06.08.14Irish Senator David Norris speaks the absolute truth about Israel by admin[Video]
05.08.14English dudes in the US by admin[Video]
05.08.14wiki of the day: "King of the Dudes" by admin[Other]
05.08.14life will get you by admin[Image]
05.08.14catrace by admin[Image]
05.08.14how to fill your advertising space by admin[Image]
05.08.14681 gigapixel photograph of the Moon's northern polar region by admin[Image]
05.08.146 reasons why you should consider being a cat by admin[Image]
05.08.14Genius: Russian Teenagers Turn Their Apartment Into A Swimming Pool by Melodic[News]
04.08.14catholizism rulez? by admin[Image]
04.08.14“This Post Is Art”: Framed 4chan Post “Sells” for $90,900 on eBay by admin[News]
04.08.14jupiter cake by admin[Image]
02.08.14nia darf i wos by admin[Image]
02.08.14Simpsons: Homer Proves God Doesn’t Exist by admin[Video]
02.08.14thank you for smoking by admin[Image]
01.08.14looks like anon's getting rich [link to ebay auction] by admin[Other]
01.08.14anon art by admin[Image]
31.07.14longterm relationship barbie by admin[Image]
30.07.14wiki of the day: Oh-My-God particle by admin[Other]
30.07.14Salzburger Polizei als Inquisitoren? by admin[News]
30.07.14Man-made 'breathing' leaf is an oxygen factory for space travel by admin[News]
29.07.14Two new mysterious giant holes found in Siberia, scientists puzzled by admin[News]
29.07.14wiki of the day: List of recurring South Park characters by admin[Other]
28.07.14My fav piece by Louis CK: Tom Sawyer vs. Huck Finn by admin[Video]
28.07.14South Park un-aired Pilot feat. Carmans Dad by admin[Video]
26.07.14shemale ahead by admin[Image]
26.07.14seems legit. by admin[Image]
26.07.14for boring days at the office by admin[Image]
26.07.14Österr. Polizei singt Atemlos durch die Nacht - Nuff said! by admin[Video]
25.07.14The last six remaining living individuals born in the 1800s by admin[Image]
25.07.14Better Call Saul! by admin[News]
25.07.14Bit WTF fight [gif] by admin[Image]
25.07.14Obmann vom CSC Salzburg verhaftet by admin[News]
24.07.14Astronaut twittert Fotos von ISS, die Explosionen in Gaza zeigen by admin[News]
24.07.14remember 1988? by admin[Image]
24.07.14damn u, scotty by admin[Image]
23.07.14Spiders tune their webs like a guitar. by admin[Video]
23.07.14mr. nanny detail [gif] by admin[Image]
23.07.14Ask a Greek guy anything by admin[Image]
23.07.14no ur not by admin[Image]
23.07.14real cats, real beauty by admin[Image]
23.07.14How pranks, hoaxes and manipulation undermine the reliability of Wikipedia by admin[Text]
23.07.14he has a point by admin[Image]
23.07.14vacations. by admin[Image]
22.07.14youtube in real life by admin[Image]
22.07.14"tablet" fail [gif] by admin[Image]
22.07.14Still beats dealing with the airlines. by admin[Image]
22.07.14Doppeltes Gesicht by PeP[Video]
21.07.14tru story from brisbane by admin[News]
21.07.14Wiki of the day: List of challenges in Takeshi's Castle by admin[Other]
21.07.14meowls by admin[Image]
20.07.14atheist tiger by admin[Image]
20.07.14spiderman conspiracy by admin[Image]
20.07.14way to deal with homo sapiens by admin[Image]
19.07.14Drunk-O-Vision by admin[Image]
18.07.14Kunst mit Sand by PeP[Video]
18.07.14Grown-Up Jokes in Kids Shows by Melodic[Image]
17.07.14SUV from hell by admin[Other]
17.07.14feeding robot [gif] by admin[Image]
17.07.14"Adolph Hitler Made Me Grow It" by admin[News]
17.07.14The adventures of business cat by admin[Image]
16.07.14street fighter by PeP[Video]
16.07.14Best Life Hack ever? :D by admin[Image]
16.07.14dogs watching u eat by admin[Image]
16.07.14John Cleese returns a letter to a fan by admin[Image]
16.07.14Schwierigkeitsgrad by PeP[Image]
15.07.14the world's darkest material by admin[News]
15.07.14Wiki of the day: List of national dishes by admin[Other]
15.07.14Schland WM Cup by PeP[Video]
15.07.14Pipedream by PeP[HP]
14.07.14Wiki of the day: Saturn's hexagon by admin[Other]
14.07.14obi-wan died for all by admin[Image]
14.07.14why people seldom smile in old pictures by admin[Image]
14.07.14Study: Hard Times Can Make People More Racist by admin[Other]
13.07.14black cat analogy by admin[Image]
13.07.14Bierbong mit Kompressor by PeP[HP]
10.07.14kids get a gameboy by admin[Image]
09.07.14pretty straightforward by admin[Image]
09.07.14dick's big package by admin[Image]
09.07.14help your lawyer. by admin[Image]
09.07.14so some dude did it. 7:1 bet. by admin[Image]
09.07.14Pluto as compared to North America by admin[Image]
09.07.1458k+ potato salad by admin[Other]
08.07.14Osterkreuze am Sauberg... by admin[Video]
08.07.14The Futurist Party by admin[HP]
08.07.14VHS. Not even once. by admin[Image]
08.07.144th of July in the Land of the Free by admin[Image]
08.07.14"Daten sind das neue Öl" - Debatte zwischen Jeff Jarvis und Mathias Döpfner von Axel Springer by admin[News]
07.07.14Feuerflöte by PeP[Video]
07.07.14The days of healthy market competition are long gone... by admin[Other]
06.07.14how to identify that light in the sky by admin[Image]
06.07.14#COLBRA - Aberdeen version by admin[Image]
05.07.14Solar FREAKIN' Roadways! by admin[Video]
05.07.14Wecker by PeP[Video]
05.07.14how to stop terrorism by admin[Image]
05.07.14football coaches by admin[Image]
05.07.14metal stars by admin[News]
05.07.14annons password by admin[Image]
04.07.14Estimated Life Expectancy in the Ancient World by admin[Other]
04.07.14use a comma. by admin[Image]
03.07.14Da wäre man gerne beim Lieferservice by PeP[Erotik]
03.07.14doesn't matter by admin[Image]
03.07.14young yoda by admin[Image]
29.06.14cash for gold by admin[Image]
29.06.14swearing at work by admin[Image]
29.06.14has happened by admin[Image]
29.06.14chicks in the bathroom by admin[Image]
29.06.14John's Phone by admin[Other]
29.06.14mars rotation 2014 [gif] by admin[Image]
29.06.14Here's some scientific fear for you: 150 Things the World's Smartest People Are Afraid Of by admin[Other]
28.06.14Planet in Gliese 832s habitable zone could support life by admin[News]
28.06.14anon goes hunting with napalm rounds by admin[Image]
28.06.14Tastes like water though by admin[Video]
28.06.14Wiki of the day: Toilet paper orientation by admin[Image]
28.06.14pac man observatory by admin[Image]
28.06.14"Doch anstatt zur Polizei zu gehen, sollen Großvater und Enkel beschlossen haben, die Leiche in einen Teppich zu wickeln und mit dem Auto der Mutter nach Ungarn zu transportieren." by admin[News]
27.06.14Tweets per second that contain the word "nazi" during GER - USA by admin[Image]
27.06.14cat office by admin[Image]
27.06.14Spongebob Theme Song - 800% Slower by admin[Sound]
27.06.14Hubble pics of 10,000 galaxies by admin[Image]
25.06.14Mysterious X-ray Signal Intrigues Astronomers by admin[News]
25.06.14100 Wege um in die Nüsse zu tretten by PeP[Video]
25.06.14conspiracy theorist keyboard by [Image]
22.06.14heavy metal dedector by admin[Image]
21.06.14four Fs by admin[Image]
21.06.14Wike of the day: Sokal affair by admin[Image]
21.06.14Musicless Musicvideo by admin[Video]
19.06.14so this exists... by admin[Image]
19.06.14where to be borne index by admin[Other]
18.06.14Aberdeen, the oil city where boom and bust happen at the same time by admin[Text]
18.06.14dobsonfly by admin[Image]
18.06.14cat friends by admin[Image]
18.06.14always loses by PeP[Image]
18.06.14The Book Of Mormon Comes To South Park by admin[Video]
17.06.14ArnoldC Programmiersprache by admin[Other]
16.06.14working life. by admin[Image]
16.06.14i need this. by admin[Image]
16.06.14fuck this: what your childhood toys would be worth now by admin[Other]
16.06.14gr8. by admin[Image]
15.06.14hong kong elemetary school first grade student admission test by admin[Other]
15.06.14BFFs by admin[Image]
13.06.14suspension note... by admin[Image]
12.06.14video preview zum universe simulator by admin[Video]
12.06.14universe simulation by admin[Game]
12.06.14The Largest Galaxy in the Known Universe: IC 1101 by admin[Video]
12.06.14work intelligently. by admin[Image]
12.06.14national galleries by admin[Image]
11.06.14Wiki of the day: Bald–hairy by admin[Other]
09.06.14cat/dog by admin[Image]
09.06.14Auf ex by PeP[Video]
09.06.14Dogs React To Finding Cats Sleeping In Their Beds. by PeP[Video]
08.06.14my top dialect: US Black Vernacular / Ebonics, dawg. by admin[Game]
07.06.14every 17 minutes... by admin[Image]
07.06.1472 days sky timelaps by admin[Image]
07.06.14StopFake.org by admin[HP]
07.06.14job interviews by admin[Image]
07.06.14Rich Christians. by admin[Image]
05.06.14good cop, bad cop by admin[Image]
05.06.14Only in Ohio by admin[Image]
05.06.14You're getting old! by PeP[HP]
04.06.14anon ... by Melodic[Image]
03.06.14Livehack by PeP[Video]
03.06.14not an accountant by admin[Image]
03.06.14the canadian hockey team by admin[Image]
03.06.14The science of taking off your shirt by Melodic[Image]
03.06.14/pol on childism by admin[Image]
02.06.14Wiki of the day: List of animals with fraudulent diplomas by admin[Other]
02.06.14the Russian Big Brother house by PeP[Video]
02.06.14Dr. Seuss political cartoons by admin[Image]
01.06.14kitty likes beer by admin[Image]
31.05.14short women by admin[Image]
31.05.14true story by admin[Image]
30.05.14Das wird bestimmt lustig zur WM by PeP[Video]
29.05.14mein reich by PeP[Image]
28.05.14Wiki of the day: List of frivolous political parties by admin[Other]
28.05.14Bilanz nach vier Jahren anarchosurrealistischen Regierung in Reykjavik by admin[News]
28.05.14cat plays Jenga by Melodic[Image]
28.05.14When cats forget how to cat by Melodic[Image]
28.05.14star trek crash with straight angle [gif] by admin[Image]
26.05.14you could fit all other planets between earth and moon by admin[Image]
26.05.14Bill Fucking Murray by Melodic[Image]
26.05.14Naziball by admin[Video]
25.05.14earth and moon to scale by admin[Image]
25.05.14Liste 3: Leer by admin[Video]
25.05.14oh anon austria... by admin[Image]
24.05.14Wiki of the day: The Cure for Insomnia by admin[Other]
24.05.14commitment. by admin[Image]
24.05.14Aktion Doppelstimme by admin[Image]
23.05.14Wiki of the day: List of the longest gaps between film sequels by admin[Other]
23.05.14Funny Dutch Commercial by PeP[Video]
22.05.14Neu entdeckte Tierarten by admin[News]
22.05.14zahlen und sprachen by admin[Image]
21.05.14PornHub ads by admin[Image]
20.05.14Andre the Giant by admin[Image]
20.05.14Slo-Mo KO by PeP[Video]
19.05.14Es wäre eine bessere Welt. by admin[Image]
19.05.14simplified blogging by admin[Image]
19.05.14Actors by kills on screen by admin[Image]
19.05.14plastic money... by admin[Image]
19.05.14not easy being jewish by admin[Image]
19.05.14Cartman by admin[Image]
18.05.14Franzosenspiel. by admin[Game]
18.05.14Jupiter [gif] by admin[Image]
18.05.14how to get booze past security by admin[Image]
18.05.14muss man nicht wählen, kommen trotzdem rein. by admin[Image]
18.05.14die kanzlerin informiert by admin[Image]
18.05.14chicken-in-a-crocodile-wrapped-with-bacon roast sunday by admin[Image]
17.05.14swedish army test by admin[Game]
17.05.14Shellshock Rock - 1979 documentary on Punk Rock in Northern Ireland by admin[Video]
17.05.14The War Game [1965] - banned by BBC by admin[Image]
17.05.14"...and there's nothing worse than too late." - right on, Mr. Bukowski! by admin[Text]
17.05.14Saturn, 2009-2014 by admin[Image]
17.05.14Public transport ain't no fun anymore these days... by admin[Image]
16.05.14Erster Cannabis Social Club in Salzburg! by Melodic[News]
16.05.14limbo king [gif] by admin[Image]
15.05.14MS Paint Jim by admin[Image]
15.05.14The Ross Sisters... by admin[Video]
14.05.14Wiki of the day: Astrobiology by admin[Other]
14.05.14in case of fire by admin[Image]
14.05.14in Mexico... by admin[Image]
14.05.14anon has a pet snake by admin[Image]
13.05.14Timmaaa by admin[Image]
12.05.14A picture of Macaulay Culkin wearing a t-shirt with a pciture Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt that has a picture of Macaulay Culkin by admin[Image]
12.05.14open source apps by admin[Image]
12.05.14Die Partei sprich tdie Wahrheit by admin[Image]
12.05.14Cattle Auctioneer Drops Some Sick Beats by admin[Sound]
07.05.14Wiki of the day: One red paperclip by admin[Other] EUR Mülleimer in Hamburg -,- by admin[Video]
06.05.14Houston's got a problem by admin[Video]
05.05.14"Breaking News" bei Ö3 -,- by admin[News]
05.05.14Roboterjournalismus. by admin[News]
05.05.14The Wars within by admin[Image]
05.05.14RL Landfill by admin[Video]
05.05.14Die Parteien aus der Sicht der Parteien by admin[Image]
05.05.14Damn you, Pagman! by admin[Image]
05.05.14background to pepperspray & flare picture by admin[News]
04.05.14things i hate by admin[Image]
04.05.14in a parallel universe... by admin[Image]
04.05.14That Polish man... by admin[Image]
04.05.14Hip Hop Vocab vs. Shakespeare by admin[News]
03.05.14roadies by admin[Image]
02.05.14welcome to china :D by admin[Image]
02.05.14Impressionismus? by admin[Other]
30.04.14neat breaking bad tribute by admin[Video]
30.04.14Science in April by admin[Image]
30.04.14PornHub gives America Wood by admin[News]
29.04.14took a while... by admin[Image]
29.04.14Irony times 36 by admin[Image]
29.04.14Wiki of the day: Trolley problem by admin[Other]
29.04.14free shrugs by admin[Image]
28.04.14cosmic buzzwords by admin[News]
28.04.14Seven Android Apps for Relativistic Astrophysics Lovers by admin[News]
28.04.14Well, we DID... by admin[Image]
28.04.14Bengalen + Pfefferspray... by admin[Image]
28.04.14Reebok or Nike? by PeP[Video]
28.04.14Hiroshima anniversary by admin[Image]
28.04.14true that by admin[Image]
28.04.14In your face, Baubehörde... by admin[Image]
28.04.14contradiction... by admin[Image]
28.04.14body painting by admin[Image]
27.04.14summertime is great by PeP[Sound]
26.04.14Anti Heavy Metal Doku "Ihr Kinderlein kommet", 1990 by admin[Video]
26.04.14nice belly button for u by mr. xxx[Erotik]
26.04.14FYI by admin[News]
26.04.14jummy lebendhuhn [gif] by admin[Image]
26.04.14gschiacht a ned jeden tog... by admin[News]
26.04.14US-Asylant in Best Korea by admin[News]
26.04.14Erst Jehovas Zeugen, jetzt Pastafaris by admin[News]
26.04.14poor link by admin[Image]
26.04.14girls and their color schemes... by admin[Image]
26.04.14Pro/Contra Marijuana-Legalization by admin[Other]
25.04.14neulich im stadion [gif] by admin[Image]
25.04.14runner by admin[Image]
25.04.14great deal? by admin[Image]
25.04.14cringe fun times 33 by admin[Image]
25.04.14"My first Cat Video" by 14 y/o Adam from Aberdeen by admin[Video]
25.04.14"Unusual" pics from Iran by admin[Image]
24.04.14best value by admin[Image]
24.04.14number of planets discovered in 2014 [gif] by admin[Image]
24.04.14metallica by admin[Image]
24.04.14Creatonotos gangis by admin[Image]
24.04.14coding by admin[Image]
24.04.1450 everyday phrases coined by Shakespeare by admin[Text]
24.04.14"#myNYPD" by admin[Image]
24.04.14now_andagain worth a visit ;) by mr. xxx[Erotik]
24.04.14This is figuratively the best browser plugin ever. by admin[Other]
23.04.14hitler gives anon advice on gun cleaning by admin[Image]
23.04.14time... by admin[Image]
23.04.14switching religions by admin[Image]
23.04.14Wiki of the day: List of fictional religions by admin[Other]
23.04.14ziegen blowjob? [gif] by admin[Image]
23.04.14Schaut aus als würd's Spaß machen by admin[Video]
23.04.14Welle in der Karlau? by admin[News]
22.04.14Tintifax! by admin[News]
21.04.14great job title by admin[Image]
21.04.14another wiki of the day: Abilene paradox by admin[Other]
21.04.14student loans... by admin[Image]
21.04.14Wiki of the day: Damiana by admin[Other]
21.04.14Nobel Laureates per Country by admin[Image]
21.04.14Tax payers help McDonald's pay wages by admin[Video]
19.04.14mobiles Notfall-Klo (Rezessionen lesen) by PeP[HP]
18.04.14camen towing by admin[Image]
18.04.14*husthust* by admin[Image]
18.04.14eggs. by admin[Image]
17.04.14anon's reading list by admin[Image]
17.04.14wiki of the day: Club 33 by admin[Other]
17.04.14interview with a cat by admin[Image]
17.04.14protest fails by admin[Image]
17.04.14in science we trust [gif] by admin[Image]
17.04.14in the 1930s [gif] by admin[Image]
17.04.14Hey Mr. Nazi by PeP[Sound]
17.04.14I Wish I Could Read Wikipedia Like This by admin[Text]
17.04.14Lunar Eclipse Timelapse [gif] by admin[Image]
17.04.14 Marijuana Supercut by admin[Video]
17.04.14Kosmologische Konstante vulgo "Dunkle Energie" by admin[News]
15.04.14rl multiplayer game by admin[Image]
15.04.14even worth a 9gag post: snakes... with hats! by admin[Image]
14.04.14Muslimbrüder bald in Graz? by admin[News]
14.04.14hygiene level: heroin addict by admin[Image]
14.04.14Amazon's Dealer Profile by admin[Image]
14.04.14USB Pet Rock -,- by admin[Other]
14.04.14libertarian paradise by admin[Text]
14.04.14Sience Summary of the week by admin[Image]
14.04.14Wahlhelfer der Wiener Zeitung (Gogo Rekos?) by admin[Other]
14.04.14Die Holländer mal wieder by admin[Video]
14.04.14Mal schnell von ELGA abmelden by admin[News]
14.04.14Warum Martin Ehrenhauser die Pressestunde verlassen hat - Gogo Europa Anders! by admin[Video]
13.04.14perspective by admin[Image]
13.04.14"evolution is a lie" by admin[Image]
12.04.14matchday [gif] by admin[Image]
12.04.14Nagasaki by admin[Image]
11.04.14@ "Luftverkehr": NOT a meteorite after all! by admin[News]
11.04.14how to be a huge dick on the interwebs by admin[Image]
11.04.14truthful election ad by admin[Image]
10.04.14Wiki of the day: List of James Bond gadgets by admin[Other]
10.04.14she's great by admin[Image]
10.04.14a real philanthropist by admin[Image]
09.04.14pink_makes_love hat nicht bezahlt - deine Chance auf ein mysteriöses, weißes Notebook! by admin[Erotik]
09.04.14Kurt-Cobain-Gassse, Graz by admin[News]
08.04.14"Only one in six Americans were able to accurately place Ukraine on a map" by admin[News]
08.04.14Überraschung am Drive In by PeP[Video]
07.04.14all you never wanted to know about typography by admin[Image]
06.04.14captain puerto rico by admin[Image]
06.04.14debugging [gif] by admin[Image]
06.04.14burger thieve by admin[Image]
06.04.14Wiki of the day: List of Israeli assassinations by admin[Other]
05.04.14Luftverkehr by admin[News]
05.04.14damn hippies by admin[Image]
05.04.14Spidersj fuck Mazda by admin[News]
05.04.14Earth II? by admin[News]
05.04.14The 19 Most Awkward Social Interactions Of All Time by admin[News]
05.04.14astronomer pickup line by admin[Image]
05.04.14Randgruppenparteien: Monarchisten by admin[HP]
04.04.14Brauchst du LED Röhre? by admin[Other]
04.04.14praise the lord by admin[Image]
04.04.14good one by admin[Image]
03.04.14bad hiding place [gif] by admin[Image]
03.04.14great hiding place [gif] by admin[Image]
03.04.14Coole Aktion (Sound) by PeP[Video]
03.04.14If you can't keep it in your pants, at least keep it in the family? by admin[Text]
03.04.14make your own fuse by admin[Image]
03.04.14three ways to escape zip ties by admin[Image]
01.04.14business cats meeting by admin[Image]
01.04.14"normal" by admin[Image]
01.04.14cat out of nowhere by admin[Image]
31.03.14captcha for grammar nazis by admin[Image]
31.03.14gotta watch this by admin[Image]
31.03.14some people... by admin[Image]
31.03.14...and dr-zeller.com... by admin[Image]
26.03.14Neuer Zwergplanet! by admin[News]
26.03.14oculus rift by admin[Image]
26.03.14A minor (GIF-)collection of not the.. Smartest cats by Melodic[Image]
26.03.14Ziegen. by admin[News]
26.03.14Good on 'ya, Mr. Wales by admin[Image]
26.03.14Vollmond, Andromeda Galaxie, Seelennebel und Nebel des Orion in Relation vom Standpunkt Erde by admin[Image]
26.03.14Meanwhile, at Walmart... by admin[Image]
25.03.14Anon - The IT-guy Part ½ (Days 11-24) by admin[Text]
25.03.14des brauch ma :D by admin[Image]
25.03.14Mr. Pickles Pilot by PeP[Video]
25.03.14Haynes Baked Beans Astronaut Ad by PeP[Video]
25.03.14new element ;-) by admin[Image]
25.03.14here's some smart talk by admin[Image]
24.03.14Anon - The IT-guy Part 2 by Melodic[Text]
24.03.14Men discussing... by Melodic[Image]
24.03.14Remember kids: Drugs are bad by Melodic[Image]
24.03.14Expectation vs Reality Collection by Melodic[Image]
23.03.14the art of trolling by admin[Image]
23.03.14Koks für den Vatikan by admin[News]
22.03.14support the fight! (with bumper stickers) by admin[Image]
22.03.14Attention Hipsters! by admin[Image]
22.03.14Obey the Game by admin[Game]
21.03.14Cosmic Inflation Explained by admin[Image]
21.03.14a Baby Fox in a can by PeP[Video]
20.03.14Anon - The IT-guy by Melodic[Text]
20.03.14how to pee with morning wood by admin[Image]
20.03.14X-/ by admin[Image]
19.03.14Trust your govt by admin[Image]
19.03.14Some words of wisdom... by admin[Image]
19.03.14Adobe geizt und "verpasst große Chance"... by admin[News]
18.03.14vegetarian hunting.. by admin[Image]
17.03.14learning new languages by admin[Image]
17.03.14a magician's son by admin[Image]
17.03.14Fox News informs: a new menace dawning! by admin[Image]
17.03.14great ambiend ads by admin[Image]
17.03.14solar system tattoo by admin[Image]
17.03.14ask your sister by admin[Image]
17.03.14hauptsoch ma hot a ranziges video... by admin[Video]
15.03.14irish handcuffs by admin[Image]
15.03.14pun furniture by admin[Image]
15.03.14grate lord by admin[Image]
14.03.14True story by admin[Image]
14.03.14at heaven's gate by admin[Image]
14.03.1475,4 megapixels. by admin[Erotik]
14.03.14Fuck GB Cars by PeP[Video]
14.03.14Yesterday was Thorsday! by Melodic[Image]
14.03.14a cat and a butterfly (GIF) by Melodic[Image]
14.03.14People being People 2 (GIFs) by Melodic[Image]
13.03.14yummy... by admin[Image]
13.03.14Schuld sind sicher die Raubkopierer... by admin[News]
13.03.14Harvard wants to hire a Wikipedia editor to be its 'Wikipedian in Residence' by admin[News]
13.03.14an honest bloke by admin[Image]
13.03.14sesame street strip club by admin[Image]
13.03.14Hatte ein ähnliches Setup im Hinterhof, bis eine Nachbarin die Cobra verständigen wollte by admin[Image]
13.03.14Meanwhile, in Dortmund by admin[Image]
13.03.14People are people... (GIF-Collection) by Melodic[Image]
13.03.14Erst drei Folgen und jetzt schon ein Klassiker: Horvathslos by admin[Video]
12.03.1420 intellectual jokes by admin[Text]
12.03.14Penis Chili by PeP[HP]
12.03.14Ziegen... by Melodic[Image]
11.03.14Mal ein bisschen Ubahn fahren... by admin[News]
10.03.14WWIII's strongest Weapon by admin[Image]
10.03.14Notfalltür by admin[Image]
09.03.14puts things in perspective... [gif] by admin[Image]
09.03.14letzte chance meinen ramsch auf ebay zu kaufen #3 by admin[Other]
09.03.14letzte chance meinen ramsch auf ebay zu kaufen #2 by admin[HP]
09.03.14letzte chance meinen ramsch auf ebay zu kaufen #1 by admin[Other]
09.03.14Scotland's outlook by admin[HP]
09.03.14everyone's favorite book by admin[Image]
09.03.14out of inspiration by admin[Image]
09.03.14maybe he's busy turning underwear into profit??? by admin[Image]
09.03.14meanwhile, in bible belt america... by admin[Image]
09.03.14shit got real. by admin[Image]
09.03.14magic baby changing station by admin[Image]
09.03.14Dont be a dick by PeP[HP]
07.03.14good on 'ya, national geographic by admin[Image]
07.03.14What's your guess? by admin[Image]
07.03.14vibratorslip zum jungesellinenabschied by PeP[Video]
06.03.14Vegans destroy the planet by PeP[Image]
06.03.14Visit russia by PeP[Image]
06.03.14so funktioniert die Politik by PeP[Image]
06.03.14Huverboard by PeP[Video]
06.03.14"ohne Worte" - treiben am Skilift by PeP[Video]
06.03.14Videobomb Gif-Collection by Melodic[Image]
05.03.14Worst Book Covers ever by admin[Image]
04.03.14Mysteriöses weißes Notebook auf Ebay by admin[Other]
04.03.14nude photography by admin[Image]
04.03.14cat doen't approve of painting by admin[Image]
03.03.14Water dedected in nearby solar system! by admin[Text]
02.03.14New Union Jack? by admin[News]
01.03.14Das ist fies/mies by PeP[Video]
28.02.14stay in an anus by admin[News]
28.02.14how to feed squirrles by admin[Image]
28.02.14Nations of the World by admin[Video]
28.02.14Our Generation by admin[Image]
28.02.14Fusilli by admin[Image]
28.02.14"say bye-bye to sucking fags" by admin[Text]
28.02.14Airport Pickup by admin[Image]
28.02.14Top 10 NSA Pickup Lines by admin[Image]
27.02.14Mal Hortensien rauchen... by admin[News]
27.02.14West Virginia... by admin[Image]
27.02.14christian logic by admin[Image]
27.02.14Jodel Reggae - exactly what shitfaced-u needs at 00:49am by admin[Sound]
26.02.14use your head by admin[Image]
26.02.14gotta love homeless people by admin[Image]
26.02.14ham ham ringelnatter by admin[Image]
26.02.14gotta be bacteria by admin[Image]
26.02.14 /v/ compares the graphics of Sims 3 and Sims 4 by admin[Image]
25.02.141900s Cartman by admin[Image]
25.02.14Giraffe by admin[Image]
25.02.14Yesterday... by admin[Image]
24.02.14Olympic Wolf Fake by admin[Video]
23.02.14bissi drogengeld by admin[Image]
22.02.14it's easy, really by admin[Image]
22.02.14the shape of stories (by kurt vonnegut) by admin[Image]
22.02.14Schneeräumung am Dach [gif] by admin[Image]
21.02.14Unfreiwillig für die Konkurrenz werben by PeP[Video]
20.02.14futblog.at by admin[HP]
20.02.14Sports Gif Collection by Melodic[Image]
20.02.14A new meme is born by Melodic[Image]
19.02.14...and another eric cartman is born... by admin[News]
19.02.14Boost your WIFI by admin[Image]
17.02.14Screenshot 0.2 by admin[Image]
17.02.14Kittens and Hearts by admin[Image]
17.02.14know your big cats by admin[Image]
17.02.14earth has stopped. by admin[Image]
17.02.14Neulich im verschneiten Mayrhofen by PeP[Video]
16.02.14Druckluft Attacke by PeP[Video]
15.02.14fluorescent minerals [gif] by admin[Image]
14.02.14Fest der Pfosten ist tot. by admin[News]
14.02.14Valentinstag (Tassen) by PeP[Video]
13.02.14five hour time-lapse of Jupiter [gif] by admin[Image]
11.02.14Wiener Blut by admin[Image]
11.02.14C++ in 21 days by admin[Image]
11.02.14Antihelvetismus by admin[News]
11.02.14Spidermans early years by PeP[Image]
11.02.14Streich mit Stuhl (reloaded) by PeP[Video]
10.02.14bedingt nützliche gegenstände by admin[Image]
10.02.14yeah, good luck with that... by admin[Image]
10.02.14So simpel ist 3D. [gif] by admin[Image]
09.02.14how fitghts get started by [Image]
09.02.14Breaking Bad, Alternate Ending by admin[Video]
08.02.14did i already post this? by admin[Game]
08.02.14mkay by admin[HP]
08.02.14u/nsa [gif] by admin[Image]
06.02.14humans of new york (check out #3) by admin[Image]
05.02.14The Wizard of Oz in a nutshell by admin[Image]
05.02.14Nazis with Cats by Melodic[HP]
04.02.14interfering with natural selection by admin[Image]
03.02.14Steiermark 1 TV insolvent. Jetzt mitsteigern. by admin[Other]
03.02.14moon grow by admin[News]
03.02.14great sport... by admin[Image]
03.02.14gets me through [gif] by admin[Image]
03.02.14caught in the act by admin[Image]
02.02.14boobolplex? by admin[Video]
02.02.142010 blog on those bacteria living on arsenic by admin[Text]
01.02.14wiki of the day: list of wars by death toll by admin[Other]
01.02.14some jobs are a pain in the ass... by admin[Image]
01.02.14iOS 7 - MS Word Version by admin[Video]
01.02.14evolution class in bible belt school... by admin[Video]
31.01.14Schnelle Nummer by PeP[Video]
30.01.14Konservative Wahlmotive by admin[Image]
30.01.14Make Your Dreams Come True by PeP[Video]
30.01.14Drama by PeP[Image]
29.01.14Russland: Poesie vs. Prosa by admin[News]
28.01.14got a deploma? yay... by admin[Image]
28.01.14Leaked Quentin Tarantino Hateful Eight Script by admin[News]
28.01.14some whiskey? [gif] by admin[Image]
28.01.14be my valentine, or else: sibiria! by admin[Image]
28.01.14anal: how not to ask for it by admin[Image]
28.01.14FSK18; kein FSK18 oder doch? by PeP[Image]
27.01.14spider chasing laser pointer by admin[Video]
27.01.14"daddy" by admin[Image]
27.01.14Tiere vs Laserpointer by PeP[Video]
26.01.14for your own safety by admin[Image]
26.01.14pope says peace, seagull says no by admin
26.01.14job bei O2 by admin[Image]
26.01.14psychopaths... gotta get them early! by admin[Image]
26.01.14strange slots in your car too? by admin[Image]
25.01.14Al-Qaeda Members Execute Injured Security Forces Point Blank [Warning: Death] by PeP[Video]
25.01.14repost: controversial and imho spot-on TED talk by admin[Video]
24.01.14Yay, Graz makes international news... by admin[News]
23.01.14Life Hack: Eier trennen by admin[Video]
23.01.14Difference Between Cats And Dogs by PeP[Video]
22.01.14was wir nicht alles erzählen hätten können... by admin[Video]
22.01.14london underground troll by admin[Image]
22.01.14strange cat [gif] by admin[Image]
22.01.14Schande - DC by PeP[HP]
22.01.14you are not the father [gif] by admin[Image]
22.01.141,000,000th customer [gif] by admin[Image]
22.01.14E.T. is a Jedi by admin[Image]
22.01.14New $100 Note by admin[Image]
22.01.14100 famous movie quotes visualized by admin[Image]
21.01.14the known universe - in one short clip by admin[Video]
21.01.14dafuqu ham? by admin[Image]
21.01.14fuck 68 by admin[Image]
21.01.14Mexiko wir mich niemal sehen FSK18 by PeP[Video]
21.01.14every day the same dream - neat, awesome flash adventure by admin[Game]
21.01.14Fight Club minus Tyler Durden by admin[Video]
20.01.14cat&squirrl [gif] by admin[Image]
20.01.14hissing booth by admin[Image]
20.01.14repost: Clayton Bigsby, Black White Supremacist by admin[Video]
19.01.14not. seriously. by admin[Image]
19.01.14worst drunk ever by PeP[Video]
19.01.14fails by PeP[Video]
19.01.14Husky say NO by PeP[Video]
19.01.14Wiki of the Day: Stressbingo by admin[Other]
19.01.14President Mujica by admin[News]
18.01.14spammail vom kühlschrank by admin[News]
17.01.14Scientists record Ball Lightning by admin[News]
17.01.14Jamaican bobsled team trying to qualify for Winter Olympics 2014 by admin[News]
17.01.14schußgerät zum selberbasteln [gif] by admin[Image]
17.01.14spread of world religions [gif] by admin[Image]
17.01.14Desert Bus: the worst video game ever by admin[News]
17.01.14wanna be diabetic? by admin[Other]
16.01.14boxing cat (gif) by Melodic[Image]
16.01.14Cats <3 (gif) by Melodic[Image]
16.01.14Cannabis im Gefängnis angebaut by Melodic[News]
14.01.14unlucky by admin[Image]
14.01.14Da Strache am Weizer Hauptplotz... by admin[News]
14.01.1472 oc steak world record by PeP[Video]
13.01.14cooking with ray by admin[Image]
13.01.14crop circles vs helicopters by admin[Image]
13.01.14business cat by admin[Image]
13.01.14evolution made us awesome by admin[Image]
13.01.14pussies & cocks by admin[Image]
13.01.14Moniqe C - Bei Erotiklinks anhängen: by admin[Erotik]
13.01.14Siri und Islam by PeP[Video]
11.01.14Cicada 3301 by admin[News]
10.01.14Neulich in Faßlberg by admin[News]
10.01.14timeline of the far future by admin[Image]
10.01.14social media 2013 infographic by admin[Image]
10.01.14Fundstück der Woche by admin[HP]
10.01.14 Brazil: FIFA Forces Evictions For World Cup, Police Brutality Rages by Melodic[News]
09.01.14NSA cares by admin[Image]
09.01.14russian roulette by admin[Image]
09.01.14mostawesomestthingever.com by Melodic[HP]
09.01.14geoguessr.com by Melodic[HP]
08.01.14new awesome life hacks by admin[Image]
08.01.14Energy drink kills 2 people in Oz? by admin[Image]
08.01.14No Change? No Problem! by admin[Image]
07.01.14please stick to that by admin[Image]
07.01.14beard watch article on BDO players by admin[Image]
07.01.14Top Porn Search Terms From Each Country by admin[News]
07.01.14yep, porn [sfw] by admin[Image]
07.01.14pornhub comments on stockphotos by admin[HP]
07.01.14redhead-blowjob.gif [SFW] by admin[Image]
07.01.14mal schnell nen link abtippen by admin[Image]
06.01.14/b/ helps autistic virgin get his ass kicked by admin[Image]
06.01.14"he claimed that two alien ladies went to Las Vegas to shop dressed as nuns" by admin[News]
05.01.14life hack duck by admin[Image]
05.01.14this picture. by admin[Image]
05.01.14coitus interruptus? by admin[Image]
05.01.14Walmart before the blizzard by admin[Image]
05.01.14Bandidos or Muslim Brotherhood? by admin[News]
05.01.14risk. by admin[Image]
04.01.14201x [gif] by admin[Image]
04.01.14Club 2: Jugend und Gewalt (der Klassiker - jetzt in Vollversion online!) by admin[Video]
04.01.14neujahrsvorsatz gefällig? by admin[HP]
01.01.14South Park smokes dope by admin[News]
01.01.14lasercat by [Image]
30.12.13O-fuckin-C by Melodic[Image]
29.12.13get a cat by admin[Image]
29.12.1310 Fakten über Scheiße by admin[Video]
29.12.13persönlichkeitsarbeit. by mr. xxx[Erotik]
28.12.13hippie nudism by mr. xxx[Erotik]
28.12.13pancake friend by admin[Image]
28.12.13Kaliningrad Zoo by admin[Image]
28.12.13Amazing: every space mission ever flown in one map by admin[Image]
28.12.13brute force by admin[Image]
28.12.13Rtree2tree by admin[Image]
28.12.13Darth Christmas by admin[Image]
23.12.13No time to explain, lets go! (gif) by Melodic[Image]
23.12.13looks like someone wrote a nice press release... by admin[Video]
22.12.13The real life Randy Marsh... [gif] by admin[Image]
22.12.13south park quotes by admin[Image]
21.12.13anon isn't picky by admin[Image]
21.12.13sometime later... by admin[Image]
20.12.13smart ass home less by [Image]
20.12.13sooo easy... by admin[Image]
20.12.13doing it right by admin[Image]
20.12.13metallicza by admin[Image]
20.12.13wrapping presents - pie chart by admin[Image]
19.12.13weihnachtsprobleme by admin[Image]
19.12.13dinosaur pet guide by admin[Image]
19.12.131st internet radio by admin[Image]
19.12.13cat café by admin[Image]
19.12.13Illuminati Card Game 1995 by admin[Image]
19.12.13Online journalism: then vs. now by admin[Image]
19.12.13oh she loves cats by admin[Image]
19.12.13Dat Ass by Melodic[Image]
19.12.13Important Notice by Melodic[Image]
19.12.13Best Day, Ever! by Melodic[Image]
19.12.13Entertain the Dolfins (gif) by Melodic[Image]
18.12.13when two people kiss... by Melodic[Image]
18.12.1380 quotes per page... by admin[News]
17.12.13problem solving 101 by admin[Image]
16.12.13when your wife says "switch seats" by Melodic[Image]
16.12.13Lucky People (Gif-Collection) by Melodic[Image]
12.12.13...isch oba ondersch hugo! by Melodic[Video]
11.12.13meet dog by admin[Image]
11.12.13ring ring ring ring ring bananaphone by admin[Image]
11.12.13wiki of the day: End-of-history illusion by admin[Other]
11.12.13family time by admin[Image]
11.12.13Mac supports windows by admin[Image]
08.12.13driving distances on moon and mars by admin[Image]
07.12.13fucking works. [gif] by admin[Image]
07.12.13"elephant" by admin[Image]
07.12.13around the world in 80 drinks by admin[Image]
07.12.13for se grammar nazis by admin[Image]
07.12.13customers vs. zombies by admin[Image]
07.12.13what if... by admin[Image]
04.12.13Mac Poo by admin[Image]
03.12.13Ski Trick by PeP[Video]
01.12.13Winter is coming. by admin[Image]
01.12.13bored? by admin[Image]
01.12.13mac book repair by admin[Image]
30.11.13 freestyle wheelchair run by PeP[Video]
29.11.13Käfer im Smartphone by PeP[Video]
28.11.1350 Awkward Sexual Experiences by Melodic[Text]
27.11.13dead costumers by admin[Image]
27.11.13Party in aisle 15 (and a typo in the pic) by admin[Image]
26.11.13people are awesome 2013 by PeP[Video]
25.11.13Best Website 2003 [wo man über Tiere lernen tut] by conan_the_librarian[HP]
25.11.13Murica Kart 64 by Melodic[Image]
24.11.13creative street art by admin[Image]
24.11.13The Internet Hates You: Five Writing Habits to Crush by admin[Text]
24.11.13cat sushi by admin[Image]
24.11.13Gigantoball. by admin[Video]
23.11.13exit in a home for the aged by admin[Image]
22.11.13handshake [gif] by admin[Image]
22.11.1342 geniuses... by admin[Image]
22.11.13friendly fire [gif] by admin[Image]
22.11.13J.P. Morgan Q&A by admin[Image]
22.11.13Water bag prank by PeP[Video]
21.11.13kmart by PeP[Video]
20.11.13Arthur Memes by Melodic - upvote! by Melodic[Image]
20.11.13just paper. by admin[Image]
20.11.13asdffdsa by admin[Image]
20.11.13iPaid by admin[Image]
20.11.13Spider fields by PeP[Image]
18.11.13others just light a spliff... by admin[Image]
18.11.13anon smokes 5 whole marijuanas by admin[Image]
17.11.13things cut in two by admin[Image]
17.11.13golden silk orb weaver by admin[Image]
17.11.13Blaking Bad? by admin[News]
15.11.13all about miracles by admin[Image]
15.11.13DaFuqu Tattoo-Piercing Combo by admin[Image]
15.11.13Kaffee Werbung by PeP[Video]
14.11.13Fist of Jesus by PeP[Video]
13.11.13Mal wieder die Russen (GIF-Collection) by Melodic[Image]
13.11.13Prank-gif-collection by Melodic[Image]
13.11.13lolthatsme Tumblr - best of (gif-collection) by Melodic[Image]
13.11.13One Dir*Shrek*tion by Melodic[Image]
11.11.13being frank and earnest with women by admin[Image]
11.11.13Amerikanische Wissenschaftler entwickeln Wunderpille gegen Leichtgläubigkeit by Melodic[News]
10.11.13 News World news Gay rights Homosexuality illegal in 41 out of 53 Commonwealth countries by admin[News]
10.11.13NSA files decoded by admin[News]
10.11.13The history of time by admin[Other]
09.11.13Opfer der Technik... by admin[Image]
09.11.13good one by admin[Image]
09.11.13magic triangle [gif] by admin[Image]
09.11.13don't panic [gif] by admin[Image]
09.11.13beard facts by admin[News]
09.11.13Hippies... by admin[Erotik]
07.11.13highlights russian dating platform by admin[Image]
06.11.13why you eat my candy by PeP[Video]
05.11.13who would bet on that? by admin[Image]
05.11.13punctuation saves lives! by admin[Image]
05.11.13nightmare client by admin[Image]
05.11.13daylight savings by admin[Image]
04.11.13Halloween in England by admin[News]
04.11.13Behind the scenes photos of Iconic movies by Melodic[Image]
04.11.13that son of a bitch, he got a boat by Melodic[Image]
03.11.13WTF: cats wearing tights by admin[Image]
03.11.13"No officer, I'm not high at all." by admin[Image]
02.11.13Hugleikur Dagsson collection by admin[Image]
02.11.13Programmer Costumes by admin[Image]
01.11.13bastard... by admin[Image]
01.11.13never eat in china by PeP[Video]
01.11.13/b/ has a new queen by admin[Image]
31.10.13sollteicheinbiertrinkengehen.de by Melodic[HP]
31.10.13Ultimate Read for Halloween: The SCIENCE of Zombies! by admin[Text]
31.10.13Schon jetzt Weihnachtsgeschänke kaufen? by admin[Image]
31.10.13DJ Arbeitsamt by admin[Image]
31.10.13sony, anyone? by admin[Image]
31.10.13prank by admin[Image]
30.10.139 Ways of hangman by Melodic[Image]
30.10.13uuuaaaahhh by Melodic[Image]
30.10.13Pulp Fiction Dogs by Melodic[Image]
30.10.13do she got a booty? by Melodic[Image]
30.10.13white people... by Melodic[Image]
30.10.13Action-sports pros show off their favorite Halloween costumes by Melodic[HP]
29.10.13Dingos? In Nevada? by admin[Image]
29.10.13Cats&Halloween by admin[Image]
28.10.13halloween. take it to the max. by admin[Image]
28.10.13full screen mario by PeP[Game]
28.10.13Katzenwecker by Melodic[Image]
28.10.13Every fucking year... by Melodic[Image]
28.10.13neighbours dog doesnt stop what? by Melodic[Image]
28.10.13Mandogs, Dogmans? (gifs) by Melodic[Image]
28.10.13outch... by admin[Image]
28.10.13another cat [gif] by admin[Image]
28.10.13coding with paint [gif] by admin[Image]
28.10.13Zombie Flash Game #5443 by admin[Game]
28.10.13CATapult by admin[Video]
28.10.13Das hat mit Wissenschaft ungefähr so viel zu tun wie Stegi mit Weltfrieden... by admin[Video]
24.10.13Damn it bob! by Melodic[Image]
24.10.13Highlights der NSA-Aufzeichnungen von Frau Merkel by Melodic[HP]
23.10.13Papa klaut ein Auto by PeP[Video]
22.10.13Please do not hit each other with... by Melodic[Image]
22.10.13/b/ wants Farcry 6 by Melodic[Image]
22.10.13Tarantino Fan Art by Melodic[Image]
22.10.13how chains are made [gif] by admin[Image]
22.10.13NYPD by admin[Image]
22.10.13IT guy gives you a black eye by admin[Image]
21.10.13Halloween Light Show by PeP[Video]
20.10.13"Alien-Kontaktmethode - Meine wahre Story" by C Berger by admin[Video]
20.10.13the naked truth by admin[Image]
20.10.13shit happens by admin[Image]
20.10.13Austria for English speakers by admin[Image]
20.10.13Germany for English speakers by admin[Image]
18.10.13A classic. [repost] by admin[Image]
17.10.13 Greatest Slam Dunk Attempts the Internet has ever seen. (gif-Collection) by Melodic[Image]
16.10.13DJ mit viel Talent by PeP[Video]
16.10.13Hund mit Schuldgefühlen by PeP[Video]
15.10.13Anon on okcupid by admin[Image]
15.10.13helloween for assholes by admin[Image]
15.10.13Why there are so few stars in the night sky these days... by admin[Image]
15.10.13Chuck Palahniuk Or Cards Against Humanity? by admin[Game]
13.10.13MC HCs neuer Rap by Stegi[Sound]
11.10.13Der Admin schreibt über Katzenbilder. by admin[News]
10.10.13Happy Thursday Dr-Zeller.com Visitors by Melodic[Image]
10.10.13Animals that just can't process what's happening (gif-Collection) by Melodic[Image]
10.10.13Animals being Dicks (gif-Collection) by Melodic[Image]
10.10.13US Government works the same as WWF by Melodic[Image]
10.10.13guter plan für halloween by Melodic[Image]
10.10.13this cat belongs here! by Melodic[Image]
08.10.13Cassowary attack by admin[Image]
08.10.13princesses by admin[Image]
08.10.13Berkeley Mews does nice Comics by Melodic[Image]
08.10.13streitschlichter by Melodic[Image]
08.10.13Rebel Rocket by PeP[Video]
07.10.13more dollar art by admin[Image]
07.10.13Vui oage Steira Memes vom roboterpirat by admin[Image]
07.10.13Stoned Dogs Memes by Melodic[Image]
07.10.13Beste Spardose ever! by Melodic[Image]
07.10.1315 ways to get past an awkward moment by Melodic[Image]
06.10.13Hot Latina with Big Boobs playing with herself by Melodic[Erotik]
06.10.13life after death by admin[Image]
06.10.13Government shutdown? Better call the Irishman. by admin[Image]
06.10.13NON SERVIUM - ACAB by admin[Sound]
05.10.13Last Song by PeP[Sound]
05.10.13mom and daughter by PeP[Image]
05.10.13Jörg, Jörg . . . sie kommen gleich by PeP[Video]
05.10.13Go Pro Hero 3D by PeP[Video]
04.10.13muenchenkotzt.de liefert wieder feinste Fotos vom diesjährigen Bierdesaster by Melodic[HP]
03.10.13Demokratie in AT nicht verfügbar by admin[Video]
03.10.13one more cat in a box (gif) by Melodic[Image]
03.10.13A is for... by Melodic[Image]
03.10.13if your girlfriend starts smoking... by Melodic[Image]
03.10.13Dale knows it by Melodic[Image]
03.10.13Lord of the flies by Melodic[Image]
03.10.13Poo Wine by PeP[Video]
02.10.13eating with your cat by admin[Image]
02.10.13Science! by Melodic[Image]
02.10.13Photoshop Level: God by Melodic[Image]
01.10.13Meanwhile, in Transmuristan by admin[Image]
01.10.13all facebook profile pics in one picture. by admin[HP]
01.10.13Und noch ein tolltes Spiel in der Kurzfassung: American Samoa 0-32 Australia by Melodic[Video]
01.10.13Fußball - Kuwait 20:0 Bhutan - Die Highlights kurz zusammengefasst by Melodic[Video]
30.09.13Steiermoak by admin[Sound]
30.09.13bzö hat's geschafft by admin[Image]
30.09.13probably a great read... by admin[Image]
30.09.13towel folding guide by admin[Image]
30.09.13Die Nachbarn schwächeln... by admin[Image]
30.09.13No Bra Zone by Melodic[Erotik]
29.09.13racial marketing by admin[Image]
29.09.13Bingo für heute Abend by admin[Image]
28.09.13smell by PeP[Video]
24.09.13good one, eel by admin[Image]
24.09.13nippel phone by PeP[Video]
24.09.13too drunk to fuck NFSW by PeP[Video]
24.09.13too drunk to fuck NFSW by PeP[Video]
23.09.13Meanwhile, in the Reichstag by admin[Image]
23.09.13you say body control, i say dancing chickens by admin[Video]
23.09.13Parenting done right by Melodic[Image]
22.09.13catwoman by admin[Image]
22.09.13Wahlhilfe für unsere Deutschen Besucher by admin[Image]
22.09.13lighter bike by admin[Image]
22.09.13browsers by admin[Image]
22.09.13google translator? by admin[Image]
22.09.13walrus prank by admin[Image]
22.09.13penguin flashmob by admin[Image]
21.09.13Awesome Girls by PeP[Video]
21.09.13seit-seid by PeP[Image]
20.09.13Super Hot by PeP[Game]
20.09.13Danielle by PeP[Video]
20.09.13Cat Playing A Theremin by PeP[Video]
19.09.13snoop dog licking ice cream by Melodic[Image]
19.09.13cant steal this bike :( #2 by Melodic[Image]
19.09.13how to prank you friends by Melodic[Image]
19.09.13cant steal this bike :( by Melodic[Image]
19.09.13Amazing bmx flat skill by Melodic[Image]
19.09.13awesome teachers by Melodic[Image]
18.09.13Bull sharks in Queensland living in a pond on a golf course since the flood 2011 flushed them there by admin[News]
18.09.13mindfuck #691 by admin[Image]
18.09.13banana sculptures by admin[Image]
18.09.13helpful resources for journalists by admin[Other]
18.09.13Der Boss by PeP[Video]
17.09.1312 Unpublished Novels We Wish We Could Read by admin[Text]
16.09.13 Narrativ des Widerstandes: Revolutionäres Manifest aus remixten PR-Texten by admin[News]
15.09.13cute spider by admin[Image]
15.09.13success by admin[Image]
12.09.13Warum Frauen länger leben als Männer by Melodic[Image]
11.09.13original version in HR (20mb .jpg) by admin[Image]
11.09.13awesome + punchline by admin[Image]
11.09.13animal photobombs by admin[Image]
11.09.13schnappschuß by admin[Image]
11.09.13Biometrische Systeme by admin[Image]
11.09.13American beer by admin[Image]
11.09.13the point. distracts me. by admin[Image]
11.09.13fuck paper by admin[Image]
11.09.13American kids by admin[Image]
11.09.13investment fonds by admin[Image]
11.09.13not even once. by admin[Image]
11.09.13George asks a legitimate question by admin[Image]
11.09.13quick, it might be happening any day now! by admin[Image]
11.09.13don't let icons control your life. and run out of gas. by admin[Image]
11.09.13cant wait to lose my hair. by admin[Image]
11.09.13frozen soap bubble by admin[Image]
11.09.13very accurate by admin[Image]
11.09.13just approach them with dignity by admin[Image]
11.09.13so many ruined lives... by admin[Image]
11.09.13guy from the interwebs finds a way to make dogs more interesting by admin[Image]
11.09.13guy from the interwebs finds a way to make dogs more interesting by admin[Image]
11.09.13World War III Crowdfunding Project by admin[Video]
11.09.13I guess Putin is the good guy now... by admin[Image]
10.09.13Eselohren by admin[Image]
10.09.13vegans. by admin[Image]
10.09.13Mr. Garrison explains evolution by admin[Image]
10.09.13fußball yeah by Melodic[Image]
10.09.13Hangover Pingu by Melodic[Image]
10.09.13Bill fucking Murray by Melodic[Image]
10.09.13Eggs? by Melodic[Image]
10.09.13meanwhile, in 'murica by admin[Image]
09.09.13magic trick [gif] by admin[Image]
09.09.13Where The Stars And Stripes And Eagle Fly by admin[Image]
09.09.13open-minded cat by admin[Image]
09.09.13anon goes clubbing by admin[Image]
09.09.13spooky spider pic by admin[Image]
09.09.13black widdow vs. ants by admin[Image]
09.09.13My favorite license. by admin[Other]
09.09.13Boys night.... by Melodic[Image]
09.09.13sheep fighting cow (gif) by Melodic[Image]
08.09.13Colbert on Syria by admin[Image]
06.09.13American diplomat flips by PeP[Video]
06.09.13Spinnen für Spiderman by PeP[Image]
06.09.13Lachende Kameramänner by PeP[Video]
05.09.13A sentence with 7 different meanings by Melodic[Image]
05.09.13Another Monkey... "Who the fuck is that?" by Melodic[Image]
05.09.13Gett off my Bed! by Melodic[Image]
05.09.13How to turn off a Kitty by Melodic[Image]
05.09.13Monkey :) by Melodic[Image]
05.09.13CDU? "Ausgezeichnet..." by admin[Image]
03.09.13clever billboard by admin[Image]
03.09.13feierabend. [gif] by admin[Image]
03.09.13Mia... by admin[Image]
03.09.13strangers+candy by admin[Image]
03.09.13some lifehacks by admin[Image]
03.09.13führer tee by admin[Image]
03.09.13Rhetorik Tipp by admin[Image]
03.09.13don't die a virgin by admin[Image]
02.09.13Europawachstum by admin[News]
01.09.13wolf spider nomnom by admin[Image]
01.09.13They sure know what's fun in Bali by admin[Image]
31.08.13The Curious Success of the Communist Party in Graz, Austria by admin[News]
31.08.13what gangsters do for recreation by admin[Image]
31.08.13FDP. NDP. Quark. by admin[Image]
31.08.13Kevin on Craiglist by admin[Image]
29.08.13a styrian punk classic (ostmarkzecken) by admin[Sound]
29.08.13seriously mindblowing maps by admin[Other]
28.08.1331 Signs You Grew Up In Aberdeen by admin[Other]
28.08.13Fuck Felix Baumgartner by admin[News]
28.08.13Morgan Freeman Chain of Command by admin[Image]
28.08.13Mindfuck by Melodic[Image]
27.08.13cat&boobs by admin[Image]
27.08.13Roger Bucklesby by admin[Image]
27.08.13creative process chart by admin[Image]
26.08.13must have gadget by admin[Image]
26.08.13Mal ein paar Fragen stellen... by admin[News]
26.08.13Yes men fix the world by admin[Video]
22.08.13Diät? by admin[Image]
21.08.13paper airplane machine [gif] by admin[Image]
21.08.13Cats in Space! by admin[HP]
18.08.13historic picdump by admin[Image]
18.08.13Hempfest: Seattle Police handing out bags of Doritos with friendly advice by admin[Image]
18.08.13private pics by serial killers by admin[Image]
18.08.13great parenting #622 by admin[Image]
18.08.13Time Magazine, US vs. the world by admin[Image]
18.08.13QLD-scientists find a way to hydrate beer! by admin[News]
18.08.132 Minuten ohne Google - die wahre Story by admin[News]
17.08.13Aaron Paul aka Jesse Pinkman by admin[Image]
17.08.13The Mystery of Underwater Crop Circles, Explained. Puffer fish responsible. by admin[News]
17.08.13cats eating their mother by admin[Image]
16.08.13poor govt, eh by admin[Image]
16.08.13Wiki of The Day: Pareidolia by Melodic[Text]
16.08.13new mammal! by admin[News]
16.08.13Lazarat agricultural project by admin[News]
16.08.13Breaking Bad Webcomic by admin[Image]
16.08.13title N/A by admin[Image]
16.08.13Classic Mitchell. by admin[Image]
16.08.13bald owls by admin[Image]
16.08.13Oh, BBC... by admin[Image]
16.08.13RL english textbook by admin[Image]
16.08.13The journalist survival guide by admin[Video]
16.08.13"boat" by Melodic[Image]
15.08.13das zweite foto by PeP[Image]
14.08.13stoned elephant by admin[Image]
14.08.13Real penguins being used as bowling pins at McMurdo ice station in Antarctica by admin[Image]
14.08.13kids these days... by admin[Image]
14.08.13Breaking Bad Locations in RL! by admin[Other]
14.08.13Frage der Perspektive by PeP[Video]
14.08.13Pranked by god by PeP[Image]
13.08.13Chuck Palahniuk helps you with your writing by admin[News]
13.08.13another sink, another cat by admin[Image]
13.08.13waves [gif] by admin[Image]
13.08.13coke vs. water by admin[Image]
13.08.13fun with dead flies by admin[Image]
11.08.13human occupations by admin[Image]
11.08.13Nicht der Weg nach Kladow by admin[Image]
11.08.13Animals with misleading names by admin[Image]
11.08.13an officer's wife's lover by admin[Image]
11.08.13Gotta love Cornwall by admin[Image]
09.08.13home alone... by admin[Image]
09.08.13just takin a nap by Melodic[Image]
09.08.13and another cat by Melodic[Image]
09.08.13aaaaaaaaaahhhh did you see that mouse by Melodic[Image]
09.08.13jetz fahrn wir übern see übern see.... by Melodic[Image]
08.08.13Weirdest spiders by PeP[Image]
06.08.13Mexican Wrestling Spider by admin[Image]
06.08.13meanwhile, in new mexico by admin[Image]
06.08.13The evolution of video game controllers by admin[Image]
04.08.13so it's 1984day. and obamas b-day. by admin[News]
04.08.13happy birthday... by admin[Image]
04.08.13good guy mr. krabs by admin[Image]
04.08.13Überwachungsstaat by PeP[Video]
04.08.13sommer fail by PeP[Video]
02.08.13Best Vines by PeP[Video]
01.08.13nice shirt for the ladies by Melodic[Image]
01.08.13katzen sind arschlöcher by Melodic[Image]
01.08.13having sex in the shower by Melodic[Image]
01.08.13ausbruch by Melodic[Image]
01.08.13still so cool by Melodic[Image]
01.08.13Being a baby must be very confusing by Melodic[Image]
31.07.13the american public by admin[Image]
31.07.13Erstmals seit Justitia by admin[Image]
30.07.13Alarm Specialist by Melodic[Image]
30.07.13Stop It Beer by Melodic[Image]
29.07.13Have a nice Day by PeP[Image]
28.07.13would eat by admin[Image]
28.07.13hot sunday kitty by admin[Image]
28.07.13 Remote ‘kill switch’ added to Intel’s newest processor by admin[News]
28.07.13rules for dating my daughter by admin[Image]
28.07.13randy tatt by admin[Image]
26.07.13kommentare lesen by admin[Other]
25.07.13oder doch die hier? by admin[HP]
25.07.13Definitiv die Partei, die uns retten wird by admin[HP]
25.07.13Der tägliche Kampf mit Zustelldiensten by admin[Text]
25.07.13Wiki of the day: List of inventors killed by their own inventions by admin[Other]
25.07.13best wikipedia opening paragraph ever? by admin[Other]
25.07.13how to shrink a head by admin[Image]
25.07.13dictatorships by admin[Image]
25.07.13vegetarians by PeP[Image]
25.07.13Dog by PeP[Image]
25.07.13Repost von 2004: "Oft gehts blöd..." by Melodic[Image]
25.07.13the crying cop by Melodic[Image]
25.07.13you brought me flowers <3 by Melodic[Image]
25.07.13Let me join you on this road trip! by Melodic[Image]
25.07.13once more: dangerous turtle attacks cat by Melodic[News]
25.07.13one more nice kitty by Melodic[Image]
25.07.13Vreepy Cat by Melodic[Image]
25.07.13GTA (gif) by Melodic[Image]
25.07.13Good Boy by Melodic[Image]
24.07.13Wiki of the day: List of breakout characters by admin[Other]
24.07.13TV's Best Characters (That You're Not Allowed To See) by admin[Other]
23.07.13word. by admin[Image]
23.07.13smart duck by admin[Image]
23.07.13Oh, Private Eye by admin[Image]
23.07.13unbelievable for what bagatelles you can get arrested today... (happened in Australia) by admin[Image]
23.07.13applause [gif] by admin[Image]
23.07.13old people... by admin[Image]
23.07.13spider eats bee by admin[Image]
23.07.13/b/ vs. radio network by admin[Image]
22.07.13business plan for gingers by admin[Image]
22.07.13not fat enough by admin[Image]
20.07.13true power by admin[Image]
20.07.13getting rid of tourists with photoshop by admin[Image]
20.07.13could be true by admin[Image]
20.07.13Meanwhile, in 'Murica by admin[Image]
20.07.13suicidal creativity by admin[Image]
19.07.13Soon to come, Franky boy by admin[Image]
19.07.13Stronach Plakat Memes by admin[Image]
18.07.13How to live your good ideas - awesome TED Talk by Adam Montandon by admin[Video]
18.07.13fail. [gif] by admin[Image]
18.07.13teamwork [gif] by admin[Image]
18.07.13Käfertuning by admin[Image]
18.07.13this door is alarmed by admin[Image]
18.07.13the kids will love it! by admin[Image]
18.07.13RL Medusa by admin[Image]
18.07.13Handy Prank by PeP[Video]
18.07.13RAMwich by admin[Image]
17.07.13giant tomato plant by admin[Image]
17.07.13cars these days by admin[Image]
17.07.13stumpy cat by admin[Image]
17.07.13yummy? by admin[Image]
17.07.13Shame on you, Mr. Snowden by admin[Image]
17.07.13endless box by admin[Image]
17.07.13wiki of the day: White Coke by admin[Other]
17.07.13living with your family... by admin[Image]
17.07.13damn that's harsh by admin[Image]
15.07.13How to start a book, Douglas Adams style by admin
15.07.13Kommentar lesen by admin[Other]
15.07.13Nut shots by PeP[Video]
15.07.13crowd surfing level: EXPERT by Melodic[Image]
15.07.13Rezepte für echte Männer: Die Oreo Lasagne by Melodic[Image]
15.07.13the confused chicken church by Melodic[Image]
15.07.13i am sweating balls by Melodic[Image]
15.07.13Street Signs :) by Melodic[Image]
13.07.13good work, aliens by admin[Image]
13.07.13Blurred Lines by PeP[Sound]
12.07.13Profi-Staubsauger aus dem CIA Gefängnis by admin[News]
12.07.13Canadians win $250,000 dollar prize for first human powered helicopter. The prize has been unclaimed for 33 years. by Harlaown[News]
11.07.13Is this Open Source? by Melodic[Image]
11.07.13Let it Snow Geschenkpapier by Melodic[Image]
11.07.13real problem for me too by Melodic[Image]
11.07.13why dont you want to play soccer? by Melodic[Image]
11.07.13Rezepte für echte Männer #473 by Melodic[Image]
10.07.13Music Sync by PeP[Video]
09.07.13history of art by admin[Image]
09.07.13best caption ever. by admin[Image]
08.07.13for melodic > best of by PeP[Video]
08.07.13Eincremhilfe by PeP[Image]
08.07.13Call the Cops by Melodic[Image]
08.07.13Name a popular Queen by Melodic[Image]
08.07.13"This is how you should be doing it!" oder "With Heart, Jeff. WITH HEART!" by Melodic[Image]
08.07.13they re not dangerous if you raise them right... by Melodic[Image]
08.07.13mmmhhh towel aaahh by Melodic[Image]
08.07.13Stingray Hug by Melodic[Image]
08.07.13Yes, hello? by Melodic[Image]
07.07.13get down! [gif] by admin[Image]
07.07.13Matt Damon by admin[Video]
07.07.13lazy cat by admin[Image]
06.07.13Ironiedetektor für die EU-Kommission. Großartig. by admin[News]
05.07.13animals sleepy by PeP[Video]
05.07.13Die Top-Verdiener im Parlament by admin[News]
04.07.13/b/ does it again by admin[Image]
04.07.13Repost vom 29.07.2011... by admin[News]
04.07.13"a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to hire an intern to help us investigate unpaid internships" - good read though by admin[News]
03.07.1325 years ago on this day a US guided missile cruiser attacked a civillian Iranian Airliner killing all 290 passengers including 66 children by admin[Other]
03.07.13i thought they were only doing that do dogs... by admin[Image]
03.07.13Meanwhile, at vienna airport... by admin[Image]
03.07.13Very British Problems by admin[Image]
03.07.13protests... by admin[Image]
03.07.13Ami sagt "spring!", wir fragen "wie hoch?"... by admin[News]
02.07.13restore the fourth! (on July 4th) by admin[Image]
02.07.13bitte verbreiten - September ist´s so weit by PeP[Video]
02.07.13Matt Stone's 'South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut' Memo to the MPAA by admin[Image]
02.07.13Statement from Edward Snowden in Moscow by admin[Text]
01.07.13official list of flagged words by admin[Other]
01.07.13Hello, NSA. [feel free to spam the shoutbox] by admin[HP]
01.07.13anon deals with mormons by admin[Image]
01.07.13marketing. by admin[News]
01.07.13lego spoiler by admin[Image]
01.07.13Repost: 6 months of cell phone metadata of a German politician by admin[Other]
30.06.13Wer war mit dabei... by admin[Image]
30.06.13animal instincts. by admin[Image]
30.06.13motivational poster by admin[Image]
30.06.13CNN quality journalism by admin[Image]
30.06.13everyone, everywhere. by admin[Image]
30.06.13scottish death metal by admin[Image]
30.06.13very practical by admin[Image]
29.06.13100 years of breeding... by admin[Image]
29.06.13camel art by admin[Image]
28.06.13Gang Bang Babies? by admin[News]
28.06.13Randy was here by admin[Image]
28.06.13someone had to do it [NSFW] by admin[Image]
28.06.13Blue Sea Slug by admin[Image]
28.06.13Anon on America by admin[Image]
28.06.13Mr. Safety [gif] by admin[Image]
28.06.13family tradition by admin[Image]
28.06.13Riot Raki by admin[Image]
28.06.13Jesus walks into a bar... by admin[Image]
28.06.13Classic: "Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise by admin[Sound]
28.06.13Spiders of Peru by admin[Image]
28.06.13wiki of the day: Timeline of the far future by admin[Other]
28.06.13just a quick workout... by admin[Image]
28.06.13GAC hat mehr Mitglieder als der alte GAK by admin[News]
27.06.13ó by admin[Image]
27.06.13Fies aber cool by PeP[Video]
27.06.13denke, so ist auch unsere michaele unterwegs by PeP[Video]
27.06.13Die lache steckt an by PeP[Video]
25.06.13Original Title: "These pics were taken less than 24hours apart in the exact same parking lot" by admin[Image]
24.06.13Urteil sagt, 7 Jahre Haft für Berlusconi. Berlustoni sagt, Urteil gaga und Anwälte werden's schon richten by admin[News]
24.06.13Mango by xxx[Erotik]
24.06.13Scumbag Obama by admin[Image]
24.06.13Topless Female Bodybuilders by PeP[Image]
24.06.13Epic BMX video by PeP[Video]
24.06.13sonnenbrand by PeP[Image]
24.06.13noch nicht so richtig wach by PeP[Video]
23.06.13long exposure by admin[Image]
23.06.13cat figher [gif] by admin[Image]
23.06.13Es werden bald Milch und Oreos fließen? by admin[News]
22.06.13pizza math by admin[Image]
22.06.13happy caturday by admin[Image]
21.06.13spockcat by admin[Image]
21.06.13floor chess by admin[Image]
21.06.13Brasilianische Demonstranten treiben Polizisten ins Meer by admin[Image]
20.06.13Internet / Neuland / deutschland ? by PeP[Video]
20.06.13Microsoft: Xbox One jetzt doch ohne Stasi-Modul by admin[News]
19.06.13Some Science for you: The Urinal Problem by admin[Other]
19.06.13Americans... by admin[Image]
18.06.13Hipster statues by admin[Image]
18.06.13US/Canadian border by admin[Video]
18.06.13Hi, I’m Troy McClure... by admin[Video]
18.06.13Lazyness Level: Maunz by Melodic[Image]
18.06.13guess someone had too much internet by admin[Image]
18.06.13don't u fuck with communism by admin[Image]
18.06.13Punkrock fat cats by admin[Other]
18.06.13never been that high by admin[Image]
18.06.13water animals [gif] by admin[Image]
17.06.13W.T.F. [gif] by admin[Image]
17.06.13screwing with NSA by admin[Image]
16.06.13sunday ride by admin[Image]
16.06.13abg'matterte schrauben entfernen by admin[Image]
16.06.13McApp by admin[Image]
16.06.13niiiccceee... [South Park reference] by admin[Image]
16.06.13Ihr Verfassungsschutz by admin[Image]
16.06.13with whom do you want to share this information? by admin[Image]
15.06.13find the blonde by admin[Image]
15.06.13face-off caturday by admin[Image]
15.06.13Fuck List Paper by admin[Other]
15.06.13Obama-Spitzel-Sticker by admin[Other]
15.06.13wiki of the day: Allied war crimes during World War II by admin[Other]
15.06.13how to peel a head of garlic by admin[Video]
15.06.13Präsidentenwahl im Iran: Rouhani liegt vorn by admin[News]
15.06.13That's what i call interactive storytelling by admin[Game]
15.06.13statistic junkies: get your fix here! by admin[HP]
14.06.13wanna know what they taste like by admin[Image]
14.06.13human history by admin[Image]
14.06.13security. by admin[Image]
14.06.13$28.99 well invested by admin[Image]
14.06.13Uncle Mickey is a wise man by admin[Image]
14.06.13it's poison gas! by admin[Image]
14.06.13the day pulp fiction paid off by admin[Image]
13.06.13Help i accidentally.... by Melodic[Image]
13.06.13God Damn by Melodic[Image]
11.06.13hard to say i'm sorry by admin[Image]
11.06.13found on lulu... by admin[Other]
11.06.13Überwachungsstaat 20.13 - "Mollath-Tweet": CSU-Politikerin bekommt Besuch von der Polizei by Melodic[News]
11.06.13genius. by admin[Image]
11.06.13wiki of the day: Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution by admin[Other]
11.06.13Sales of George Orwell’s ’1984′ up 69 percent on Amazon by admin[News]
10.06.13Als Amerikaner muss man Prioritäten setzen. by admin[News]
10.06.13Israel bezahlt Studenten für zionistische Propaganda im Internet by admin[Other]
09.06.13Nazi-Naming Dad Fights for Right to See His Son by PeP[Video]
09.06.13unfortunate mugshot shirts by admin[Image]
09.06.13Dear Americans... by admin[Image]
09.06.13"best male artist" by admin[Image]
08.06.13the flood is no excuse by admin[Image]
08.06.13Five myths about legalizing marijuana by admin[News]
08.06.13'Murica, the land of the free... by admin[Image]
08.06.13Sicherheit geht vor? by admin[News]
07.06.13stoner guy meme: behind the scenes by admin[Image]
07.06.13simplified blogging by admin[Image]
07.06.13Ordnung muss sein by admin[Image]
07.06.13history repeats itself by admin[Image]
07.06.13geiles Spiel by PeP[Erotik]
07.06.13capitalism by admin[Image]
07.06.13wtf cat by admin[Image]
07.06.13that's from a bear *NSFL* by admin[Image]
07.06.13Aperschnalzen darf ma a nedmehr by admin[News]
07.06.13Timeline on the NSA thing by admin[News]
07.06.13NSA is watching you by admin[News]
07.06.13Vier Polizisten schießen gleichzeitig auf Mann mit Klappmesser by admin[News]
07.06.13wireless printer by admin[Image]
07.06.13undressing room by xxx[Erotik]
06.06.13Russland führt Fünfjahresplan wieder ein [seriously] by admin[News]
06.06.13you don't wanna see this. by admin[Video]
06.06.13i've seen one too,,, it's been a few weeks though... by admin[Image]
06.06.13computer crash @ the office by admin[Image]
06.06.13if dogs could talk... by admin[Image]
06.06.13painting pros by admin[Image]
06.06.13been there. [gif] by admin[Image]
06.06.13the interwebs in one picture by admin[Image]
06.06.13baby changing station by admin[Image]
06.06.13If you go hiking trough Oleta River in Aventura, Florida... by admin[Image]
06.06.13ironic? by admin[Image]
06.06.13cool stuff you can do with your pizza box by admin[Image]
06.06.13In the Universal Orlando Resort by admin[Image]
05.06.131950s cartoon by admin[Image]
05.06.13Disney explained by admin[Image]
05.06.13Meanwhile in Machland Damm, Austria by admin[Image]
05.06.13Erzbergrodeo 2013 by admin[Image]
04.06.13wiki of the day: Schizophrenia and smoking by admin[Other]
04.06.13would watch by admin[Image]
04.06.13Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz abgeschafft by admin[News]
04.06.13MILF&Son by admin[Image]
04.06.13Die Habsburger und ihre Cousinen by admin[News]
03.06.13Prague Zoo atm by admin[Image]
03.06.13Acronyms. Australia edition. by admin[Image]
03.06.13Biggest edit wars on Wikipedia by admin[Other]
03.06.13man sollte nicht überall einfach pissen gehen by PeP[Video]
03.06.13how to get a free bus by admin[Image]
03.06.13wiki of the day: Nazi IQ Test Scores by admin[Other]
02.06.13Trey Parker, Matt Stone & Black Sabbath by admin[Image]
02.06.13perspective [gif] by admin[Image]
02.06.13Bavarian Monsoon - Collected by Melodic by Melodic[Image]
02.06.13funny stuffz from the press by admin[Image]
01.06.13good job buddy by admin[Image]
01.06.13philosophers are to decide whether OP is a faggot or not by admin[Image]
01.06.13does kitty like caturdayactivityz? by admin[Image]
01.06.13Ikea weiß Paint-Skills zu schätzen by admin[Other]
31.05.13fiction. by admin[Image]
31.05.13Weniger als ein Prozent der Österreicher kontrolliert ein Drittel des Privatvermögens by admin[News]
31.05.13„Heidis Horror Picture Show“, wood work by femen by admin[News]
31.05.13The Asylum mockbusters by admin[Other]
31.05.13wiki of the day: List of films considered the worst by admin[Other]
30.05.13Malhzeit by admin[Image]
30.05.13Die 100 dümmsten Anmachsprüche by PeP[Video]
30.05.13unbekannte Tiere by PeP[Image]
30.05.13Photoshop request by PeP[Image]
30.05.13Photobomb by PeP[Image]
30.05.13blood bomb by admin[Image]
30.05.13Mammut Blut by admin[Image]
30.05.13best. SO-tattoo. ever. by admin[Image]
29.05.13Buddhistische Neonazi in Burma by admin[News]
29.05.13Quantenverschränkung auf Video! by admin[Video]
29.05.13Because fuck you, Nils Holgerson by admin[News]
29.05.13Der Osten ruft by admin[News]
28.05.13what? by admin[Image]
28.05.13On Q&A Australia by admin[Image]
28.05.13humans killed by kangaroos by admin[Image]
28.05.13Und ich dachte, jemand der Deutsch ist, kann kein schlechter Mensch sein... by admin[News]
28.05.13Zigarettenpenetration verboten? by admin[Image]
28.05.13Altbewährtes KIK-Kleiderständerdesign by admin[Image]
27.05.13miau am schiff by admin[Image]
27.05.13animals are awesome by PeP[Video]
26.05.13when coming home... by admin[Image]
26.05.13kitty action [gif] by admin[Image]
26.05.13i feel with you buddy by admin[Image]
26.05.13good one by admin[Image]
26.05.13Australia explained by admin[Other]
26.05.13wiki of the day: List of micronations by admin[Other]
26.05.13tourist shot user manual by admin[Image]
26.05.13almost worked by admin[Text]
26.05.13uhm... seems legit by admin[Image]
26.05.13police emergency by admin[Image]
26.05.13Rattlesnake shot with a .44 in Georgia by admin
26.05.13Aokigahara suicide forest by admin[Video]
26.05.13Mexican Wrestling at its best by admin[Image]
25.05.13Katze vs Hund by Melodic[Image]
25.05.13Katze vs Schwein by Melodic[Image]
25.05.13one more kitty for caturdy by Melodic[Image]
25.05.13maunz by Melodic[Image]
25.05.13wtf hooman? by Melodic[Image]
25.05.13caturday by Melodic[Image]
25.05.13Please don´t f... me in the a.. tonight by PeP[Video]
25.05.13de bleim sitz´n do - i glabs ned by PeP[Video]
25.05.13Name three germans by PeP[Video]
24.05.1315 Bad Predictions About Today From The Past by admin[Other]
24.05.13CNN quality journalism by admin[News]
24.05.13Aljazeera four-part series on Chinese society by admin[News]
24.05.13Photographer for Humans of New York overturns his preconceptions of Iran in recent visit by admin[Other]
24.05.13Kostenlose Übernachtung im Kommissariat Brigittenau führt zu total ungerechtfertigter Gerichtsverhandlung by admin[News]
24.05.13wiki of the day: E-Prime by admin[Other]
23.05.13past innovations by admin[Image]
23.05.13Dental hygiene news by admin[News]
23.05.13Geeksisters vs. HGM - Gerichtsbericht by admin[Other]
23.05.13wiki of the day: Biological immortality by admin[Other]
22.05.13wiki of the day: Small penis rule by admin[Other]
22.05.13Xbox One [gif] by admin[Image]
22.05.13Cosmarxpolitan by admin[Other]
21.05.13Thank You by PeP[Image]
21.05.13so mag ich Barbie by PeP[Image]
21.05.13Popsicles [gif] by admin[Image]
20.05.13shit just goat serious by Melodic[Image]
20.05.13color impact by admin[Image]
20.05.13one more wiki of the day: Potential cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact by admin[Other]
20.05.13everyone does by admin[Image]
20.05.134 African girls invent a generator that produces 6 hrs of electricity from one glass of urine by admin[News]
20.05.13Einfache, tolle Rezepte zur Zubereitung von Cannabis-Food by Dr. Greenthumb[Text]
20.05.13Meteorite with Widmanstätten pattern by admin[Image]
20.05.13how to... by admin[HP]
20.05.13another wiki of the day: Operation Paperclip by admin[Other]
20.05.13wiki of the day: Typhoid Mary by admin[Other]
20.05.13The Antelope Springs "Meister print" by admin[Text]
20.05.13Die Butcher Babes aus Graz by admin[Sound]
20.05.13Butcher Babies - Natural Born Zombie (live) - including tits by Melodic[Video]
20.05.13spuren hinterlassen by admin[Image]
19.05.13addict licks pussy [gif] by admin[Image]
19.05.13seeing the world through google glass by admin[Image]
19.05.13Sexts from Marxists by admin[Text]
18.05.13we are OP by admin[Image]
18.05.13grammar. by admin[Image]
18.05.13you can do it by admin[Image]
18.05.13helpin' a customer by admin[Image]
18.05.13mememaker by admin[Image]
18.05.13cute by admin[Image]
18.05.13Anon's logical propasal by admin[Image]
18.05.13Kentucky Derby on Acid - again by admin[Image]
18.05.13"Preying Mantis Wasp", Mantispidae by admin[Image]
17.05.13Die EU, was sich die wieder einfallen lässt... by admin[News]
17.05.13now that's... freaking funny by admin[Image]
17.05.13hu, whats that? looks like me, but its not me by Melodic[Image]
17.05.13Deer takes the Bus by Melodic[Image]
17.05.13wort zum freitag by admin[Text]
17.05.13it's fun, you should try it by admin[HP]
17.05.13best. senior prank. ever. by admin[Image]
17.05.13huggin'&dyin' by admin[Image]
16.05.13Weird Text Generator by Melodic[HP]
15.05.13Oh, Germans... by Melodic[Image]
15.05.13loled by admin[Image]
15.05.13children of /b/ by admin[Image]
15.05.13Opel macht's wieder: Feuerwerk am GTI Treffen by admin[Video]
15.05.13Swedish man dies after sex with hornet nest by admin[News]
14.05.13tasty cheerleader [gif] by admin[Image]
14.05.13Stool cake by admin[Image]
14.05.13cat invader by admin[Image]
14.05.13confused /fit/izen by admin[Image]
14.05.13"Ganz neu": 7 Minuten Workout by admin[News]
14.05.13word on the street is, he was on acid by admin[Image]
13.05.13boa constrictor litter [snake babies!] by admin[Image]
13.05.13Uno Aufruf: Mehr Insekten essen! by admin[News]
13.05.13thanks, duck by admin[Image]
13.05.13Redneck Kitty by Melodic[Image]
12.05.13Matrix Pussys by Melodic[Image]
12.05.13don't know who the girl on the left is, still funny by admin[Image]
12.05.13queen of cats by admin[Image]
12.05.13I don't wanna live on this planet anymore... by admin[Image]
12.05.13Im Osten geprüft by admin[News]
12.05.13jägerbombs... by admin[Image]
12.05.13Daring jumping spider, Phidippus audax by admin[Image]
12.05.13hm... why so paranoid? by admin[Image]
12.05.13thanks by admin[Image]
12.05.13Live map of recent changes to Wikipedia articles by admin[HP]
12.05.13yo mama... by admin[Image]
11.05.13while some humans are still starving... by admin[Image]
11.05.13na bitte, hat sich keiner wehgetan by admin[News]
11.05.13wiki of the day: Well to Hell hoax by admin[Other]
11.05.13blowfox [gif] by admin[Image]
11.05.13baby eel by admin[Image]
11.05.13Blood&Honor Skin transforms into Italian guy by admin[Image]
11.05.13spy tools by admin[Image]
10.05.13Finnish History by admin[Image]
10.05.13evolution [gif] by admin[Image]
10.05.13Diese schamlosen Abmahn-Anwälte vertreten echt jeden by admin[News]
10.05.13air umbrella by admin[Image]
10.05.13fuck the police by Melodic[Image]
09.05.13In 2025 by admin[Image]
09.05.13housing in new york by admin[Image]
09.05.13cultures and marriage by admin[Image]
09.05.13marketing by admin[Image]
09.05.13hell yeah, more IT Crowd! by admin[News]
09.05.13after all those years, /b/ can still surprise by admin[Image]
09.05.13New Australian $5 coin by admin[Image]
09.05.13holiday cat [gif] by admin[Image]
08.05.13Vietnamese Mossy Frog by admin[Image]
08.05.13celebs mixed up [gif] by admin[Image]
08.05.13Google killed Bambi's Mom. by admin[Image]
08.05.13Ipswich Fight Club by admin[Video]
08.05.13yummy pills from Australia by admin[Image]
08.05.13wiki of the day: Principle of Evil Marksmanship by admin[Other]
08.05.13So the smartest guy on earth boycotts Israel... by admin[News]
08.05.13how to troll ants [gif] by admin[Image]
08.05.13Bierflaschen öffnen - Profi-Version by PeP[Video]
08.05.13Spaß bei der arbeit by PeP[Video]
08.05.13Deutsche Parteien by admin[Image]
07.05.13the story behind it by admin[News]
07.05.13"Classic quote from Charles Ramsey. The guy who saved 3 kidnapped girls in Ohio." by admin[Image]
07.05.13that's why you don't drink from brisbane river. by admin[News]
07.05.13Dog terrified of low-fat lamb jerky by PeP[Video]
07.05.13"Impfung" hilft beim Heroin-Entzug by admin[News]
06.05.13Funny Youtube Comments by Melodic[Image]
06.05.13Matt Groening's Mom is dead. by admin[Image]
06.05.13Heil Honey I'm Home! on Youtube by admin[Video]
06.05.13Heil Honey I'm Home! by admin[Other]
06.05.13Justin Bieber at 1/8 speed becomes ambient music by admin[Sound]
06.05.13OUTCH. by admin[Image]
06.05.13In 1964, a grad student studying the little ice age accidentally killed the oldest known living non-clonal organism on earth. by admin[Other]
06.05.13wiki of the day: Taiping Rebellion by admin[Other]
06.05.13Poor Gary by admin[Image]
06.05.13how to catch birds by admin[Image]
06.05.13this has potential by admin[Image]
06.05.13ich weiß nicht... by admin[News]
06.05.13Monday Anagrams by admin[Image]
06.05.13you had one job by Melodic[Image]
06.05.13throw the ball by Melodic[Image]
04.05.13le conspiracy in a nutshell by admin[Other]
04.05.13wiki of the day: HAARP by admin[Other]
04.05.13gääähn by PeP[Video]
03.05.13Teddy Has An Operation by PeP[Video]
03.05.13Jeff Hanneman ist tot. by admin[News]
02.05.13Kannibalen Puritaner by admin[News]
02.05.13Clémence Poésy [Gif] by xxx[Image]
02.05.13boxes too small by admin[Video]
30.04.13Bing ftw by Melodic[Image]
30.04.13cat pets human by Melodic[Image]
30.04.13Mindfuck #347 by Melodic[Image]
30.04.13yeah gonna lay down here in that box that totally fits my size by Melodic[Image]
30.04.13Feiges Volk, feige Religion by PeP[Video]
30.04.13Good help for critical situations by Melodic[Image]
29.04.13physics [gif] by admin[Image]
29.04.13in case of overmediation by admin[Image]
29.04.13Spielentwickler nervt Piraten mit Piraterie by admin[News]
29.04.13wiki of the day: List of unusual articles by admin[Other]
28.04.13a london transport message by admin[Image]
28.04.13AustralianChristianLobby.org ... by admin[HP]
28.04.13i see what's going on here... by admin[Image]
28.04.13Dortmund support [GIF] by admin[Image]
28.04.13was wurde aus Rosi by PeP[Sound]
28.04.13the boxes just work... even for big cats by Melodic[Image]
28.04.13acrobatic babe by Melodic[Image]
27.04.13How Humans Eat Their Food by admin[Video]
27.04.13/b/ is scared by admin[Image]
27.04.13What the World Eats by admin[Other]
27.04.13free rice 2.0 by admin[Game]
27.04.13smart old lady by admin[Image]
26.04.13Traumjob in Beijing by admin[News]
26.04.13Kloster bietet "ideale" Struktur für Missbrauch by admin[News]
26.04.13Grandpa <3 by Melodic[Image]
26.04.13Reasons kids are pretty much tiny drunk adults by Melodic[Image]
26.04.13The 21 Types Of Hipster You Encounter In London by admin[Other]
26.04.13What happens if you text your parents about weed by admin[Other]
26.04.13jump [gif] by admin[Image]
25.04.13climbers... by admin[Image]
25.04.13der gestiefelte Kater? by Melodic[Image]
25.04.13Miss Korea contestants GIF by admin[Image]
25.04.13Clip Art by admin[Image]
24.04.13Bye bye „Shared Space“... by admin[News]
24.04.13moar on that by admin[Image]
24.04.13home improvement deluxe by admin[Image]
24.04.13a tetris lesson by admin[Image]
24.04.13Miss Korea 2013 contestants by admin[Image]
24.04.13100 years later, a time capsule is opened by admin[News]
24.04.13My funeral... by Melodic[Image]
24.04.13Intelligent ppl on Facebook collection by Melodic[Image]
24.04.1315 years FreeOnes infograph by admin[Image]
24.04.13Haha, Deutschland goes back to 1996 by admin[News]
24.04.13120 degrees by admin[Image]
24.04.13XD by admin[Image]
23.04.13Way to Learn Yoga by PeP[Erotik]
23.04.13Leben älter als die Erde? by admin[News]
22.04.13Meanwhile somewhere in Asia by Melodic[Image]
22.04.13420? Lets light up some pot by Melodic[Image]
22.04.13Mac Bath by Melodic[Image]
22.04.13neulich aufm festival by Melodic[Image]
22.04.13Meanwhile in Russia by Melodic[Image]
22.04.13How do I stairs? by Melodic[Image]
20.04.13perspective [gif] by admin[Image]
20.04.13sex in space by admin[Other]
20.04.13towels in space by admin[Video]
20.04.13Neulich auf dem Männerklo by PeP[Video]
19.04.13Meanwhile, in Wales by admin[Image]
19.04.13111111111x111111111=12345678987654321 by admin[Image]
19.04.13how to ask for oral sex by admin[Image]
19.04.13miau by admin[Image]
19.04.13look at the small text white on blue by admin[Image]
19.04.13Fukushima flower by admin[Image]
19.04.13kings of photoshop by admin[Image]
19.04.13Polycephaly turtle by admin[Image]
19.04.13Lottery winner puts $1-million toward effort to legalize marijuana by admin[News]
19.04.13"Agent Smith" - GE Commercial by admin[Video]
19.04.13Zweifelhaft, ob das jemals passieren wird... by admin[News]
19.04.13cat vs hoover [gif] by admin[Image]
18.04.13Chuck Palahniuk AMA by admin[Text]
17.04.13Studie: Trennungsangst hilft beim Pokerspielen by admin[News]
17.04.13Klage gegen Automatenfirma in der Steiermark by admin[News]
17.04.13more CSI work... by admin[Image]
17.04.13so this is going on in venezuela by admin[Image]
17.04.13nomnomnom by admin[Image]
17.04.13good on ya' Ozzy by admin[Image]
17.04.13lovely pair [gif] by admin[Image]
17.04.13Canada. by admin[Image]
17.04.13More from the 4Chan ThinkTank by admin[Image]
17.04.13CSI 4chan again by admin[Image]
17.04.13Falls die Kängurus jemand findet: unbedingt mit Rosmarien zubereiten! by admin[News]
17.04.1370 years of LSD by admin[News]
17.04.13Correlation or causation? by admin[Image]
17.04.13Fabulous by Melodic[Image]
16.04.13Scheiß Koksnasen by admin[News]
16.04.13things i hate by admin[Image]
15.04.13that's precision [gif] by admin[Image]
15.04.13Thats Gaming by Melodic[Image]
15.04.13Just sittin and waitin by Melodic[Image]
15.04.13Maunz by Melodic[Image]
15.04.13I am Flying! by Melodic[Image]
15.04.13Censorship?! by Melodic[Image]
15.04.13Acid $1.00 by Melodic[Image]
15.04.13Sweet pussies by Melodic[Image]
15.04.13Take me with you by Melodic[Image]
15.04.13This Cat is kinda unkillable by Melodic[Image]
14.04.13Europe: 1 by admin[Image]
14.04.13Now he's in real trouble by admin[Image]
13.04.13Meanwhile, at Stegi's self-support group by admin[Image]
13.04.13Short film: We've all been there (7 min) by admin[Video]
13.04.13how to use your neighbors wifi by admin[Image]
13.04.13don't donate! by admin[Image]
13.04.13/b/ story, Link #3 by admin[News]
13.04.13/b/ story, Link #2 by admin[Other]
13.04.13/b/ story, Link #1 by admin[Image]
13.04.13Ripple Vase by admin[Image]
13.04.13British water taps by admin[Image]
13.04.13Graffiti on bridge by admin[Image]
12.04.13Hate to say I told you so :D by admin[Video]
12.04.13Mal unterschreiben gehen by admin[News]
12.04.13Lenin dealing communism by admin[Image]
11.04.13wiki of the day: List of countries by population in 1900 by admin[Other]
11.04.13Ginger Sunburn *NSFL* by admin[Image]
11.04.13that's how they keep you from finding the pirate treasure by admin[Image]
11.04.13You ok Bro? by Melodic[Image]
11.04.13Bitcoins immer noch viel wert by admin[News]
11.04.133,3 km? Bierkistenlauf für Arme! by admin[News]
11.04.13Thank you Sir! by Melodic[Image]
11.04.13Do It! by Melodic[Image]
11.04.13Nice Bunnies having fun by Melodic[Image]
11.04.13Lets Skate by Melodic[Image]
11.04.1319 very big animals by Melodic[Image]
10.04.13fuck you flowers by admin[Video]
10.04.13Britain by admin[Image]
10.04.13British soldiers drink tea and smoke cannabis in a tank by admin[Image]
10.04.13hangover science by admin[News]
10.04.13again, words of widsom from that duck by admin[Image]
10.04.13High on D'n'B by admin[News]
09.04.13Ketchup ist Chinesisch by admin[News]
09.04.13Free gun by admin[Image]
09.04.13how to diabetes by admin[Image]
08.04.13Aphrodisiac The Sexual Secret Of Marijuana (1971) by Melodic[Erotik]
08.04.13suffocating kitty by admin[Image]
08.04.13a man who keeps his promises by admin[Image]
08.04.13Aus aktuellem Anlass by admin[Video]
08.04.13Maggie Thatcher ist tot. by admin[News]
08.04.13Nice COS-Play Collection by Melodic[Image]
08.04.13Very Nice Pussy Collection by Melodic[Image]
08.04.13Porno-Piraten im Vatikan by admin[News]
07.04.13Bio-Tschisi by admin[News]
07.04.13Puppy Carousel by PeP[Video]
07.04.13Insomnia painting by admin[Image]
06.04.13YouTube and privacy... 2011 and 2013 by admin[Image]
05.04.13KCNA: U.S. Is Bound to Meet Fate of Tiger Moth by xxx[Text]
05.04.13FEMEN International Topless Jihad Day by admin[News]
05.04.13Good Guy Tesla by admin[Image]
05.04.13Chinesen geben im Urlaub mehr Geld aus als Amerikaner und Deutsche by admin[News]
05.04.13"weiße Zivilisation"... by admin[News]
05.04.13Team Stronach ohne Frank Stronach in Tirol by admin[News]
04.04.13Roger Ebert ist tot. by admin[News]
04.04.13behind the scenes by admin[Image]
04.04.13Laser löscht Drogensucht bei Ratten by admin[Image]
04.04.13Go for it by admin[News]
04.04.13legit suspicion by admin[Image]
04.04.13bunny toes by admin[Image]
04.04.13Kim surrounded by happy faces by admin[Image]
04.04.13Joy on Air Force One by admin[Image]
03.04.13brain in bed [gif] by admin[Image]
03.04.13"...sollte irgendein Verrückter auf die Idee kommen, den Iran anzugreifen, werden die Juden das Land sicher verteidigen.“ by admin[News]
03.04.13Finde den Ausländer by admin[Game]
03.04.13sex with your Doppelgänger by admin[Image]
03.04.13before motion pictures by admin[Image]
03.04.13egg on a stick [gif] by admin[Image]
03.04.13beeracle by admin[Image]
03.04.13Sound recording of the Big Bang by admin[Sound]
02.04.13Krone hört Stimmen aus dem Jenseits by admin[News]
02.04.13It's not red, you can go! by Melodic[Image]
02.04.13meow by Melodic[Image]
02.04.13Super Mario Ca(r)t by Melodic[Image]
02.04.13Cat vs Laserpointer by Melodic[Image]
01.04.13elaborated police trolling by admin[Image]
01.04.13Ob Al Gore damit gerechnet hat? by admin[News]
30.03.13Knüppeltag by admin[News]
30.03.13letters&numbers found in nature... by admin[Image]
30.03.13damn humans. by admin[Image]
30.03.13evolution [gif] by admin[Image]
30.03.13flowchart: choose a religion by admin[Image]
30.03.13Richard Dawkins playing the sarcasm-harp by admin[Image]
30.03.13Pot Dealer in UK Gets Sentenced to Write 10-Page Essay by admin[News]
30.03.13Most popular sport by country. Austria is easy to spot. by admin[Image]
30.03.13G'scheit... by admin[News]
29.03.13kitlerbiatch by admin[Image]
29.03.13Teheran verleiht „Nasses Schießpulver“-Award by admin[News]
29.03.13And one more by Melodic[Image]
29.03.13Not Caturyday yet, anyways heres a kitty by Melodic[Image]
29.03.13Eier anmalen? by Melodic[Image]
29.03.13Hey Kids... by Melodic[Image]
28.03.13Happy Shake? by admin[News]
28.03.13Österreicher: fett&stolz? by admin[News]
28.03.13suddenly: shark by admin[Image]
28.03.13must have :P by admin[Image]
27.03.13joker without makeup by admin[Image]
27.03.13Meanwhile, on Times Square... by admin[News]
27.03.13Nagl will den Führerschein by admin[News]
27.03.13in a Swedish prison by admin[Image]
27.03.13sea robin by admin[Image]
27.03.13WTF robbery [gif] by admin[Image]
27.03.13kitty licky licky [GIF] by admin[Image]
26.03.13Google vs. Schwedish - "language development doesn’t care about brand protection" by admin[News]
26.03.13girls love horses by admin[Image]
25.03.13Hand Fart Champ by admin[Sound]
25.03.13Man braucht viel Platz, für die Verbrechen des Christentums by admin[News]
25.03.13time will do the job by admin[Image]
25.03.13de-extinction of species by admin[News]
25.03.13Wird das Grundeinkommen in der Schweiz kommen? by admin[News]
24.03.13surely worked by admin[Image]
24.03.13stupider by admin[Image]
24.03.13ageing by admin[Image]
24.03.13yummy... by admin[Image]
24.03.13wiki of the day: List of common misconceptions by admin[Other]
24.03.13HC April Fools Prank by admin[Other]
24.03.13Poker doch kein Geschicklichkeitsspiel mehr... by admin[News]
23.03.13Choco Treasure... die Amis... by admin[News]
21.03.13eine der engsten städte der welt... by admin[News]
21.03.13Auschecken: Neues Denunziantenportal der Österreichischen Staatsanwaltschaft by admin[Other]
21.03.13evolution by admin[News]
20.03.13when guns get barred from tv... by admin[Image]
20.03.13PG rated by admin[Image]
20.03.13ignorance is strength... by admin[Image]
20.03.13manga makeup by admin[Image]
20.03.13kitty wants to play [gif] by admin[Image]
20.03.13science by admin[Image]
19.03.13Häf'nfakten Österreich by admin[Other]
19.03.13Der Komet vom Gaislachkogel by admin[News]
19.03.13Aogashima Island, Japan by admin[Image]
19.03.13not sure if he approves by admin[Image]
19.03.13meanwhile.... by admin[Image]
18.03.13Who is the Coon? by admin[Image]
18.03.13Happy St. Patrick's Day... BUT: by admin[Image]
18.03.13WIN SOLITAIRE!!! by admin[Game]
17.03.13Please someone take me there? by admin[Image]
17.03.13So Vice claims China is working on genetically engineered geniuses by admin[News]
17.03.13word's fail... [gif] by admin[Image]
17.03.13Öl stehlen - direkt von der Pipeline by admin[News]
17.03.13Bilder aus'm Kinderhäfen by admin[News]
16.03.13Cop Punches Woman in the Face Outside Club Envy in Elizabeth, N.J. by admin[Video]
16.03.13Bus Driver Uppercut and Punches Woman on Bus in Cleveland (cheers to Brian!) by admin[Video]
16.03.13Klassiker, diese Zitate. by admin[Text]
16.03.13Schweifstern C/2011 L4 sollte ab heute sichtbar sein by admin[News]
16.03.13Das Football Team. Eh klar. by admin[News]
15.03.13source: some Canadian guy by admin[Image]
15.03.13i dig their spirit by admin[Image]
15.03.13a gendering home experiment by admin[Image]
15.03.13Willst du Niere kaufen? [TV Tipp!] by admin[Other]
15.03.13Also die möglichen Alternativen zur „barmherzigen Nichtregierungsorganisation“ machen mir persönlich Angst... by admin[News]
14.03.13Edith Klinger ist tot. ;( by admin[News]
14.03.13New York Times, March 13, 1938 (aka the day Austria made it into international news... and then vanished) by admin[News]
13.03.13some pics by admin[Image]
13.03.13yin&yang cats by admin[Image]
13.03.13this harlem shake video deserves attention by admin[Video]
13.03.13Experiment am Elektrozaun by PeP[Video]
13.03.13Hipster Mars. by admin[Image]
13.03.13then and now: Peter Costa by admin[Other]
13.03.13Curiosity findet "einst bewohnbare" Umgebung am Mars by admin[News]
13.03.13do anscheinend :P by admin[Sound]
11.03.13meme-people by admin[Image]
11.03.13Riesensalamander isst Forelle by admin[News]
11.03.13Graz: Polizist vor Gericht (Follow-up zum "Tierschützer"-Video von Dezember 2011...) by admin[Video]
10.03.13make them learn while they are young by admin[Image]
10.03.13antface by admin[Image]
10.03.13story of my life by admin[Image]
10.03.13catapult? by admin[Image]
10.03.13practical English by admin[Image]
10.03.13confused cat [gif] by admin[Image]
10.03.13punography by admin[Image]
10.03.13Neue Runde für Falkland... by admin[News]
10.03.13Politisch inkorrektes Saatgut by admin[Other]
09.03.13"Jannik, melde dich!" :P by admin[News]
09.03.13jäger bomber by admin[Image]
09.03.13yeah it's confusing by admin[Image]
09.03.13pics from Iran by admin[Image]
09.03.13porn stars before and after makeup by admin[Image]
08.03.13I wonder if they are serious... by admin[News]
08.03.13Ich sag nur mehr WTF by admin[News]
08.03.13"I enjoy the seclusion" by admin[Image]
08.03.13Alarm! [gif] by admin[Image]
08.03.13A Penguin Classic. by admin[Image]
08.03.13Vor Ort bei Frei.Wild by admin[Video]
07.03.13Kleiner Timmy droht mit Stinkbombenerstschlag, falls Eltern ihm Taschengeld kürzen by Melodic[Image]
06.03.13lalalalalala ....... by PeP[Video]
06.03.13Anaconda by admin[Image]
06.03.13dog's dinner [gif] by admin[Image]
06.03.13delicious worms by admin[Image]
05.03.13evil cat by admin[Image]
05.03.13caterpillar birds by admin[Image]
05.03.13have cookies ready by admin[Image]
05.03.13Zweisitzer by admin[Image]
05.03.13Dieser Stimmzettel soll dem BZÖ also ein Mandat gekostet haben by admin[Image]
05.03.13Hippie Porn Stars: Behind the Scenes by admin[Video]
04.03.13Professor Broflovski agrees by admin[News]
04.03.13Muslim Brotherhood does the Harlem Shake by admin[Video]
04.03.13Wenn der Jörgl doch nur ned g'storben wär... by admin[News]
04.03.13Walmart Pork Supplier Caught Abusing Pigs by PeP[Video]
04.03.13winnie the... by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13Remember Friends? I know why you watched it! by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13Videogames vs. RL by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13photobomb by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13Weregay? by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13neulich in russland by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13Collection of nice Snapshots by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13Detailed Floor Plan Drawings of Popular TV and Film Homes by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13wuffis by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13have you seen pulp fiction? by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13Kittie by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13When boys... by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13Endlich wieder Katzen! by Melodic[Image]
04.03.13Great Idea for Condoms by Melodic[Image]
01.03.13nice one, Tyr by admin[Image]
01.03.13Der Küniglberg... by admin[News]
28.02.13Rattengehirne "zusammengeschlossen" by admin[Image]
28.02.13The average Russian woman will have about 6 abortions before having her first child by admin[Other]
28.02.13Brisbane looks like a happy dog sucking a dick. by admin[Image]
27.02.13Stilblüten aus dem Krone.at Forum by admin[Text]
27.02.13similar category by admin[Image]
27.02.13this is what capitalism gets you by admin[Image]
27.02.13yep, he really was an idiot by admin[Image]
27.02.13Orange Marbled Orb Weaver Araneus marmoreus by admin[Image]
27.02.13wiki of the day: List of unusual deaths by admin[Other]
26.02.13SFW by admin[Image]
26.02.13wiki of the day: sexually active popes [repost] by admin[Other]
26.02.13Da hat sich die Weizer BH wieder ausgezeichnet by admin[Video]
25.02.13last row. always. by admin[Image]
25.02.13great parenting by admin[Image]
24.02.13Music sales 1980-2013 by admin[Image]
23.02.13birds eat a lot of dumbs by PeP[Video]
22.02.13Winterlicher Raabklammfetischismus by admin[Image]
22.02.13Megalobulimus maximus by admin[Image]
22.02.13fixed by admin[Image]
21.02.13wiki of the day: Feynman point by admin[Other]
20.02.13good milage... by admin[Image]
20.02.13of course... by admin[Image]
20.02.13scubaru by admin[Image]
20.02.13Ungarische Kommunisten-Nazis dürfen sich nun wieder visuell outen by admin[News]
20.02.13MILP (Mum I'd Like to Pet) by admin[Image]
20.02.13Lesbians eat What?! by Melodic[Image]
19.02.13barbie 2013 by admin[Image]
19.02.13more strange bugs by admin[Image]
19.02.13Snake and Dragonfly by admin[Image]
19.02.13Wasserschlauch jetzt günstig by admin[Other]
19.02.13science fact by admin[Image]
19.02.13the rise, decline and fall of an internet meme by admin[Image]
19.02.13still... real good stuff by admin[Image]
19.02.13at least in ancient Egypt... by admin[Image]
19.02.13yummy by admin[Image]
18.02.13Nicholas Müller von Jupiter Jones hat sich über der "Herren Frei.Wilds Niveau-Limbo" Gedanken gemacht by Melodic[Text]
18.02.13Le Mantis by admin[Video]
18.02.13octopussy by admin[Image]
18.02.13...ohne worte... by admin[Image]
18.02.13Macracantha arcuata (Long-horned Orb-weaver Spider) by admin[Image]
18.02.13wtf bug by admin[Image]
16.02.13...und hier ein interessanter WhoIs Eintrag dazu [2] by admin[HP]
16.02.13Islamophobe Pseudo-Rassisten... [1] by admin[HP]
16.02.13trippy gif by admin[Image]
16.02.13why not by admin[Image]
16.02.13sure... [gif] by admin[Image]
16.02.13hihihi by admin[Image]
16.02.13Na endlich: Fair Trade Elektronik by admin[News]
16.02.13Multinationales Arbeitsumfeld? H.E.S.S. sorgt für Ruhe! by admin[News]
15.02.13very interesting... by admin[Image]
15.02.13wiki of the day: List of fictional medicines and drugs by admin[Other]
15.02.13Panama Spider by admin[Image]
15.02.13Firefox is having Problems with Windows by Melodic[Image]
15.02.13...und hier eine Story dazu by admin[News]
15.02.13Meteor in Russia!! by admin[Video]
14.02.13iWar by admin[Image]
14.02.13new favorite for the holy see? by admin[Image]
14.02.13Colgate by PeP[Image]
14.02.13Interessanter Strickpullover by admin[Image]
14.02.13Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens by admin[Image]
14.02.13Einfal mal den Junkies das Substitol streichen by admin[News]
14.02.13Finanztransaktionssteuer olé by admin[News]
14.02.13Viele Zwangsdelogierungen - Es brodelt weiter in Spanien by admin[News]
14.02.13mol a steira meme poustn by admin[Image]
14.02.13Gewalttätige Videospiele und wir by admin[Text]
13.02.13GM of the leading North Korea travel company AMA by admin[Other]
13.02.13smart tea cup by admin[Image]
13.02.13European Anon on Chris Dorner by admin[Image]
13.02.13Fuck HP. by admin[Image]
13.02.13Presidential handshake by admin[Image]
12.02.1352 animated katty perry boobs gifs by asdf[Image]
12.02.13be my valentine... by Melodic[Image]
12.02.13diversity, fuck yeah! by xxx[Erotik]
12.02.13armed goat by admin[Image]
12.02.13catpan by admin[Image]
11.02.13that tongue... by admin[Image]
11.02.13homework by admin[Image]
10.02.13dead? [gif] by admin[Image]
10.02.13dafuqu, japan... [gif] by admin[Image]
10.02.13Study makes people remember fabricated political events by admin[Other]
10.02.13if irony were made of strawberries... by admin[Image]
10.02.13punkrock! by admin[Image]
09.02.13Pruno by admin[Other]
09.02.13catastic [gif] by admin[Image]
09.02.13TPB AFK: The Pirate Bay Away From Keyboard by admin[Video]
09.02.13Speedpainting by PeP[Video]
08.02.13anon has 17 hits of acid by admin[Image]
08.02.13they sure do. by admin[Image]
08.02.13Putin being Putin. by admin[Image]
08.02.13anon on The Big Bang Theory by admin[Image]
08.02.13Breaking Bad Cat by admin[Image]
08.02.13basement bonus points by admin[Image]
08.02.13Ted Talk: One second every day by admin[Video]
07.02.13Rechner zur drohenden Festplattenabgabe by admin[News]
07.02.13Banned bands by admin[Image]
07.02.13Heino - Sonne by admin[Video]
07.02.13Also langsam wünsch ich mir die Mitzi ins Innenministerium zurück... by admin[News]
07.02.13how to paint a Squirrel by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13yeah yeah no time to pay the tax by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13Forgot how to walk by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13so i run and oh gotta take a ... by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13Höchste Parkkunst by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13stop that by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13sup? by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13Video Game Logic 3 by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13Video Game Logic 2 by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13Video Game Logic 1 by Melodic[Image]
07.02.13id rather cuddle... by Melodic[Image]
06.02.13Neulich in Indien by Melodic[Image]
06.02.13Zwar keine Spinne aber auch sehr schön, nicht wahr Zeller? by Melodic[Image]
06.02.13is doch noch garnicht caturday?! by Melodic[Image]
06.02.13Not a single fuck by Melodic[Image]
06.02.13Smartphones... by Melodic[Image]
06.02.13Melon <3 by Melodic[Image]
06.02.13Von der Modernen Kunstausstellung: Der Kanickelköttelkanickel by Melodic[Image]
06.02.13Prozess gegen Platzstürmern: 5 Liter Mischung, 18 Bier und der Richter wird frech by admin[News]
05.02.13Fuck "synthetic marijuana"... by admin[News]
05.02.13Photobomb by Melodic[Image]
04.02.13scary? by admin[Image]
04.02.13caturrrdayz? by admin[Image]
04.02.13Unconfirmed Stegi sighting in West Hollywood by admin[Image]
04.02.13Kingdom Rush by admin[Game]
04.02.13FB Universe by admin[Image]
03.02.13ECO-Werbung by PeP[Video]
03.02.13Meanwhile, in Stegi's basement by admin[Image]
03.02.13Pandemic II [Repost] by admin[Game]
02.02.13climbing - Australian style by admin[Image]
01.02.13life in mommy's root cellar by admin[Image]
01.02.13Fuck Wigglytuff by admin[Image]
01.02.13"Science"-Fotos 2012 by admin[Other]
31.01.13no bricks to shit by admin[Image]
30.01.131903/2012 by admin[Image]
30.01.13Prince Charming... by Melodic[Image]
30.01.13Diese Wesen könnten die Bedrohung der Ziegen als nichtig aussehen lassen by Melodic[Image]
29.01.13Studie bestätigt Verdacht: Parteibuch hilft bei Wirtschaftskarriere by admin[News]
28.01.13snake x-ray by admin[Image]
28.01.13pussy wagon by admin[Image]
28.01.13death star merch... by admin[Image]
28.01.13that duck again by admin[Image]
28.01.13Tardy... by admin[Image]
28.01.13cat time by admin[Image]
28.01.13c'mon anon... by admin[Image]
28.01.13Jonestown mass "suicide" by admin[Image]
28.01.13meanwhile, in Brisbane by admin[Image]
28.01.13Christine Nöstlinger, der schlimmste Nazi von allen? by admin[News]
28.01.13halt's maul, website by admin[HP]
27.01.13This Ecosystem has only been waterd once in 40 years! by admin[News]
27.01.13must see by admin[Image]
26.01.13Mc Donald by admin[Image]
26.01.13usa! usa! [gif] by admin[Image]
26.01.13stop the firearm-bann-madness [gif] by admin[Image]
26.01.13caturday it iz by admin[Image]
26.01.13picidumpy by admin[Image]
26.01.13amsterdam... by admin[Image]
26.01.13najo... by admin[News]
25.01.13R2D2 by xxx[Erotik]
25.01.13smart dog by admin[Image]
25.01.13makro world by admin[Image]
25.01.13GAK erwägt Klage gegen Bundesliga by admin[News]
25.01.13dreifach autsch [gif] by admin[Image]
25.01.13autsch [gif] by admin[Image]
25.01.13Die Schotten... by admin[Image]
24.01.13Food Porn 2 by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13Mission Snowcat by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13Festival Day 3 by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13Bad Influence by Melodic[Image]
24.01.1362 by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13a cat on a cat by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13i war my heart on my sleeve! by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13This seat is taken by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13Free Therapy by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13emmmm hilfe.... by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13Neulich in... by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13Into the Lake by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13Boom Headshot! by Melodic[Image]
24.01.13Knock knock! by Melodic[Image]
23.01.13Wasser ist ein Menschenrecht! Jetzt unterzeichnen!!! Die EU will die Wasserversorgung privatisieren! by Melodic[News]
23.01.13WoW joke by admin[Image]
23.01.13Nachdem ich mir das Lied angehört habe, würd ich gerne mitklagen... by admin[News]
22.01.13 ‘Population Bomb’ scientist: ‘Nobody’ has the right to ‘as many children as they want’ by admin[News]
22.01.13best porn titles 2012 by admin[Other]
22.01.13lets enjoy the weather by Melodic[Image]
22.01.13we love obama <3 by Melodic[Image]
22.01.13mindfuck by Melodic[Image]
22.01.13i love you lamp by Melodic[Image]
22.01.13The how and why of heroin addiction by admin[Video]
22.01.13beware of cat by admin[Image]
21.01.13Netter Euphemismus für einen Totschläger by admin[Image]
21.01.13iArm by admin[Image]
21.01.13correlation between IE and murders by admin[Image]
20.01.13hair tattoo by admin[Image]
20.01.13guess he had to kill the dog [gif] by admin[Image]
20.01.13Twitter, die Volksbefragung und die Sperrfrist by admin[News]
20.01.13another anaconda by admin[Image]
20.01.13i wonder how much he made by admin[Image]
20.01.13for the little ones by admin[Image]
20.01.13gangster buddies by admin[Image]
20.01.13bread. by admin[Other]
20.01.13Africa Cup: Congo Goalkeeper celebrates [gif] by admin[Image]
20.01.13schnurr by admin[Image]
20.01.13cool photo art by admin[Image]
20.01.1312km hole by admin[Other]
20.01.13nice... by admin[Image]
20.01.13Jakob Maria Mierscheid by admin[Other]
20.01.13Octopus eggs! by admin[Image]
20.01.13...und jetzt die story zum Bulgarien-Video by admin[News]
20.01.13a monthly celebration by admin[Image]
19.01.13i'll try to remember this one by admin[Image]
19.01.13that duck is awesome! by admin[Image]
19.01.13lol'd by admin[Image]
19.01.13caturday sink cat by admin[Image]
19.01.13Today in Bulgaria by admin[Video]
19.01.13smart duck by admin[Image]
19.01.13strong girl [gif] by admin[Image]
19.01.13creationists by admin[Image]
19.01.13Delivery for Mr. Assange by admin[Other]
19.01.13"Militärisch", "Armee", "Kampf" - der fette Kim tritt die PR Mühle by admin[News]
17.01.13WTF: "Es ist genauso wie mit den Rosinen auf dem Kuchen. Warum soll sie denn nicht ein anderer essen wenn der Besitzer diese nicht essen will." by admin[Other]
17.01.13petting [gif] by admin[Image]
17.01.13how to make a baby by admin[Image]
17.01.13Pirat für geringere Poliker Gehälter by admin[News]
17.01.13interesting photo album by admin[Image]
17.01.13doggie by admin[Image]
17.01.13interesting shadow by admin[Image]
16.01.13Schwarz-Rot-Blaues Arbeitsübereinkommen in Graz by admin[News]
16.01.13meanwhile, in South America by admin[Image]
16.01.13everyone has their fetish... by admin[Image]
16.01.13meanwhile, in Amsterdam by admin[Image]
16.01.13glowing ice cubes by admin[Video]
16.01.13Irrfahrt nach Zagreb II by admin[News]
16.01.13Irrfahrt nach Zagreb I by admin[News]
16.01.13Mmmmm... Pferd by admin[News]
16.01.13cheesecake, anyone? by admin[Other]
16.01.13Arnold Schwazenegger AmA auf Reddit by admin[Other]
15.01.13smart+comfortable by admin[Image]
14.01.13Richter Georg Olschak - Respekt, der Mann hat Eier! by admin[News]
14.01.13More Toughest Pubs in Britain by admin[Video]
13.01.13Shanghai by admin[Image]
13.01.13alcoholic truth by admin[Image]
13.01.13possum by admin[Image]
13.01.13@rihanna by admin[Image]
13.01.13hamster by admin[Image]
13.01.13NBOMe by admin[Other]
13.01.13AnonAustria behauptet, die Kreditkartendaten von Spindelegger, Berlakovich, Darabos und Fekter gehackt zu haben by admin[News]
13.01.13Experten raten PC-Nutzern Java komplett zu deinstallieren by admin[News]
13.01.13good advice, duck by admin[Image]
13.01.13perfect cover by admin[Image]
13.01.13heavy... [gif] by admin[Image]
13.01.13redneck by admin[Image]
13.01.13More1990s rave footage by admin[Video]
13.01.13"I'm a junky. And an alcoholic. This, is Tuesday." by admin[Text]
13.01.13baldbama... by admin[Image]
13.01.13Impressive Aaron Swartz speech on SOPA by admin[Video]
13.01.13meanwhile, in Stegi's backyard by admin[Image]
12.01.13pull [gif] by admin[Image]
12.01.13Wagah Border Ceremony by admin[Video]
11.01.13wiki of the day: Wagah by admin[Other]
11.01.13moar bullshit by admin[HP]
11.01.13Best Personality Coach ever? by admin[Video]
10.01.13airport logic by admin[Image]
10.01.13good parenting by admin[Image]
09.01.13wiki of the day: List of bestselling automobiles by admin[Other]
09.01.13Arbeitslosenquote in der EU: Besorgniserregend? by admin[News]
08.01.13The Next Seven States To Legalize Pot by admin[News]
08.01.13fat cat by admin[Image]
08.01.13nice hand-held game emulator! by admin[Game]
07.01.13Restart. by admin[HP]
07.01.13Schwule Black Flag Tribute Band by admin[Other]
07.01.13Pythons sind Nesträuber by admin[News]
07.01.13das pack ich jetzt ned by admin[News]
06.01.13Acrylic Body Painting by admin[Image]
06.01.1340 Technology Predictions For The Next 150 Years [Infographic] by admin[Other]
06.01.13deep sea creatures by admin[Image]
06.01.13The Real South Park by admin[Video]
05.01.13nice iglo by admin[Image]
05.01.13 Band of Robots play Motörhead by admin[Sound]
05.01.13Der Tag ist gerettet. by admin[Other]
05.01.13Neues vom Tatortreiniger III by admin[Video]
05.01.13Neues vom Tatortreiniger II by admin[Video]
05.01.13Neues vom Tatortreiniger I by admin[Video]
04.01.13there is no I in TEAM, right? by admin[Image]
04.01.13badesalz tötet by admin[News]
03.01.13ant-mimic spider by admin[Image]
03.01.13'i'm not gay'-shirt by admin[Image]
03.01.13Cat Lady Law goes into effect in Kansas, 4 cat limit per household by admin[News]
03.01.13Freezer Friday - By Charlie Layton by admin[Image]
03.01.13cigarette break by admin[Image]
03.01.13anaconda by admin[Image]
02.01.13The Lakers... by admin[Image]
01.01.133 x kater [gif] by admin[Image]
01.01.13agree by admin[Image]
30.12.12Neulich, auf Youtube by admin[Video]
30.12.12facebook by admin[Image]
30.12.12pickup vs pickup by admin[Video]
30.12.12timing by admin[Image]
30.12.12newcastle by admin[Image]
30.12.12meanwhile, at Wal-Mart by admin[Image]
30.12.12so romantic by admin[Image]
29.12.12now that's alliteration... by admin[Image]
29.12.12Use of Painkiller Drugs Triples in 20 Years by admin[News]
29.12.12Ladybug mimic spider by admin[Image]
29.12.12wiki of the day: LOLCat Bible Translation Project by admin[Other]
29.12.12caturday? by admin[Image]
29.12.12that's just.... mean!! by admin[Image]
29.12.12Bombenstimmung dank Haschisch-Öl by admin[News]
29.12.12Skandal: Chinesische Internetprovider verlangen Ausweis! Hat's denn sowas schon gegeben? [\Sarkasmusmodus] by admin[News]
28.12.12oh, nothing, just a peacock spider by admin[Image]
27.12.12RL tekken by admin[Image]
27.12.12Dancing Plague of 1518 by admin[Image]
27.12.12wuhuu [gif] by admin[Image]
27.12.12wiki of the day: Grüner Knollenblätterpilz by admin[Other]
27.12.12Christmas attitude by admin
27.12.12Most visited pages on Wikipedia 2012 by admin[Other]
26.12.12wiki of the day: Ship's cat by admin[Other]
26.12.12Turbo Tractor by admin[Image]
26.12.12EXTERNER picdump by admin[Image]
25.12.12Note from Chinese labour camp by admin[Image]
24.12.12atheism by admin[Image]
24.12.12Rap is like scissors by admin[Image]
22.12.12wiki of the day: "Chichijima incident" by admin[Other]
22.12.12frog by admin[Image]
22.12.12snake eats snake by admin[Image]
22.12.12glamourpuss by admin[Image]
22.12.12Green Tree Pythons and Nicaraguan Red Tail by admin[Image]
22.12.12horse by admin[Image]
22.12.12awesome spider! by admin[Image]
21.12.12my day so far by admin[Image]
21.12.12...consumerism... by admin[Image]
21.12.12Crossfire - Trapped by admin[Sound]
20.12.12Neulich, bei den Kellers by admin[Image]
19.12.12frozen aquarium by admin[Image]
19.12.12gettin' ready by admin[Image]
19.12.12Frozen Foxes by admin[Image]
19.12.12/b/'s getting ready for Friday by admin[Image]
18.12.12Wiener Polizei fahndet nach Keanu Reeves by admin[News]
18.12.12wtf? by admin[Image]
18.12.12Gold im Stuhl... by admin[Image]
18.12.12how computers are made by admin[Image]
18.12.12go out with a bang by admin[Image]
18.12.12PR für Diktatoren - alles cool im Kapitalismus. by admin[News]
17.12.12KKK @ Newton... by admin[Image]
17.12.12how to start a fight by admin[Image]
17.12.12was für cannibal by admin[Image]
17.12.12Raucherlunge doch nicht schwarz? by admin[News]
17.12.12Unvollständige Internet-Landkarte by admin[Other]
16.12.12endless picdump 2012 by admin[Image]
16.12.12freshcut by admin[Image]
16.12.12national tragedies... by admin[Image]
15.12.12awwwwwww [gif] by admin[Image]
15.12.12Die Kummerl... by admin[News]
15.12.12breaking news by xxx[Erotik]
14.12.12scorpion king by admin[Image]
13.12.12Martha by xxx[Erotik]
13.12.12interracial family by admin[Image]
13.12.12until 2016 by admin[Image]
13.12.12well done. by admin[Image]
13.12.12mirror cat by admin[Image]
13.12.12jesus dressup by admin[Flash]
11.12.12party people by admin[Video]
11.12.12school vs life by admin[Image]
11.12.12GUTS by Chuck Palahniuk by admin[Text]
10.12.12acid snake by admin[Image]
10.12.12UK MP calls for drug decriminalization by admin[News]
10.12.12operation: white man can jump by admin[Image]
10.12.12Repost: Post-Demokratie? by admin[Video]
09.12.12/b/ wants Obama to build a Death Star by admin[Image]
09.12.12c'mon... by admin[Image]
09.12.12caught by admin[Image]
09.12.12pool [GIF] by admin[Image]
09.12.12evolution by admin[Image]
09.12.12wiki of the day: Piss Christ by admin[Other]
09.12.12reptile dump by admin[Image]
09.12.12sex tape by admin[Image]
08.12.12dogdog by admin[Image]
08.12.12YouSilvio by admin[Image]
08.12.12"No weirdos" by admin[Image]
08.12.12twitter birds by admin[Image]
08.12.12"We are out of Bort signs!" by admin[Image]
08.12.12wenn's für an guadn zweck is... by admin[News]
07.12.12Das Wort des Jahres 2012 by admin[Other]
06.12.12Da ist wohl einer zu nah an die Sonne gekommen by admin[Other]
06.12.12Walking Gordie by admin[Image]
06.12.12Drogen-Shopping-Guide Berlin by admin[Other]
04.12.12Fekter fährt Renault by admin[Other]
04.12.12get some practice by admin[Image]
04.12.12tennis. [GIF] by admin[Image]
04.12.12zombie chart by admin[Image]
03.12.12more useless stuff by admin[HP]
03.12.12would u do that on shrooms? by admin[Other]
03.12.12Schweinsgalopp by admin[Game]
02.12.12cats by admin[Image]
02.12.12tabloids... by admin[Image]
02.12.12keep on truckin' by admin[Image]
02.12.12/b/ gives advice to trippers by admin[Image]
02.12.12dresden bombing... by admin[Image]
02.12.12happy parrot [GIF] by admin[Image]
02.12.12i like denmark by admin[Image]
02.12.12damn pringles... by admin[Image]
02.12.12wiki of the day: Atlantropa by admin[Other]
02.12.12slomo [GIF] by admin[Image]
01.12.12f.e. by admin[Image]
30.11.12Ich behaupte ja, die PR-Manager sitzen auf beiden Seiten... by admin[Text]
30.11.12externe HD gefunden by admin[Image]
30.11.12Bald wird's teuer für österreichische Filesharer... by admin[News]
30.11.12Palästina als Beobachterstaat by admin[News]
30.11.12water on mercury by admin[News]
30.11.12Unser nächster Bundeskanzler? by admin[Video]
30.11.12Bosch Korkenzieher by admin[Other]
29.11.12street marketing by admin[Image]
29.11.12shampoo by admin[Image]
29.11.12kill a biker by admin[Image]
29.11.12time to harvest by admin[Image]
29.11.12train etiquette. by admin[Image]
28.11.12let's download a car! by admin[Other]
28.11.12fresh baby by admin[Image]
27.11.12Diadophis punctatus regalis - regal ringneck snake by admin[Image]
25.11.12interessant... by admin[Other]
24.11.12caturday update ends on this note by admin[Image]
24.11.12stairway to heaven [GIF] by admin[Image]
24.11.12christmas is gonna be weird by admin[Image]
24.11.12how to store your jack cables by admin[Image]
24.11.12let's rub out two then by admin[Image]
24.11.12Rub one out for the USA! [GIF] by admin[Image]
24.11.12snake by admin[Image]
24.11.12Vintage Brisbane by admin[Image]
24.11.12Spitting spider? by admin[Image]
24.11.12wiki of the day: Cobra effect by admin[Other]
24.11.12software development by admin[Image]
24.11.12sweet zombie survival kit by admin[Image]
23.11.12Mulligan's by admin[Image]
23.11.12congrats, you're bankrupt by admin[Image]
23.11.1261 Jahre alter Computer reaktiviert by admin[News]
23.11.12entry... by admin[Image]
22.11.12i'm with stumpy by admin[Image]
22.11.12deep down... by admin[Image]
22.11.12how to catch a panda by admin[Image]
22.11.12neulich im gericht by admin[Image]
22.11.12Twilight in a nutshell by admin[Image]
22.11.12real crazy cat lady picdump by admin[Image]
21.11.12"sexuelle Handlungen mit menschlichen Gebeinen" by admin[News]
21.11.12...tattoo... by admin[Image]
21.11.12t-rex by admin[Image]
19.11.12Was wurde aus: Otto Wanz by admin[News]
19.11.12Mhhh... Betelnuss by admin[Other]
18.11.12kitty [GIF] by admin[Image]
18.11.12be real by admin[Image]
18.11.12Scoreboard: Palestine vs. Israel by admin[Image]
18.11.12Lecker Turmspring Schwein by admin[News]
18.11.12wiki of the day: Ben Franklin effect by admin[Other]
17.11.12BFFs by admin[Image]
17.11.12The Fence. by admin[Image]
16.11.12Jesus Is My Friend by admin[Video]
16.11.12playultras.com by admin[Game]
15.11.12find the irish girl by admin[Image]
15.11.12somday they will build a fence so high... by admin[Image]
15.11.12Free Mordor! by admin[Image]
14.11.12let some cats bounce by admin[Other]
14.11.12driving in russia by admin[Video]
14.11.12today i'm thankful for... by admin[Image]
14.11.12don't trust soap dispensers by admin[Image]
14.11.12science. by admin[Image]
14.11.12Muslim problem by admin[Image]
14.11.12snakecake by admin[Image]
14.11.12let's cook by admin[Other]
14.11.12wiki of the day: Deleted articles with freaky titles by admin[Other]
14.11.12demon light by admin[Image]
14.11.12The Joker strikes again by admin[Image]
13.11.12Wo ist Sido wenn man ihn mal braucht? by admin[Video]
13.11.12Alaba zu Ribery (1:50) by admin[Video]
13.11.12Venezuelan vs US Elections: A Democratic Example by admin[News]
13.11.12Obama sings Can't touch this by admin[Video]
12.11.12big cats on catnip by admin[Video]
12.11.12they're taking our medicine! by admin[Video]
12.11.12kitty sewing by admin[Image]
12.11.12gay marriage and marijuana by admin[Image]
12.11.12near death metal by admin[Image]
12.11.12...sagt eine Studie... by admin[News]
12.11.12Scruffy (Futurama) in real life by Melodic[Image]
12.11.12Cops auf ner Demo <3 by Melodic[Image]
12.11.12Tolles Zitat! by Melodic[Image]
12.11.12Spidergoat!!! by Melodic[Image]
12.11.12Birthday Party by Melodic[Image]
12.11.12Metal Detector by Melodic[Image]
12.11.12Cars cannot fly by Melodic[Image]
12.11.12Winter in Seattle by Melodic[Image]
12.11.12Was die US-Amerikaner noch gewählt haben. (Legalisierung!) by Melodic[News]
12.11.12Ever since pot was leglized... by Melodic[Image]
12.11.12Spüre meine Macht!...........AAAAHHHHHH! by Melodic[Image]
09.11.12Cocksparrer - Sunday Stripper by admin[Sound]
09.11.12Tolle Werbung (rechts unten) by admin[Image]
09.11.12Katholische Religionslehrer und das Internetz... by admin[News]
09.11.12Nice green lynx spider, Peucetia viridans by admin[Image]
09.11.12holy shit by admin[Image]
09.11.12Paris by admin[Image]
08.11.12don't drop acid... by admin[Image]
08.11.12persians by admin[Image]
08.11.12aixam power [GIF] by admin[Image]
08.11.12Police and rioters come together to help fat man out of trousers by admin[Image]
08.11.12kitty jumps [GIF] by admin[Image]
08.11.12a Jim Carrey lesson by admin[Image]
08.11.1290s Rave Party... by admin[Video]
08.11.12Classic: Four Chords [respost] -cheers to Kassel! by admin[Video]
08.11.12Roadtrip version by admin[Video]
08.11.12All night long. All night long. by admin[Video]
07.11.12Melodics Kätzchen beim Baden by Melodic[Image]
06.11.12nice one by admin[Image]
05.11.12a brave generation by admin[Image]
05.11.12The modern dictator hires Burson-Marsteller! by admin[Other]
05.11.12Edward Scissorhands Filming Locations Then and Now by admin[Image]
04.11.12mowing the lawn by admin[Image]
04.11.12be american by admin[Image]
03.11.12Psychout by admin[Game]
03.11.12klar by admin[Video]
01.11.12Coffeeshops in Amsterdam remain open for tourists by admin[News]
01.11.12Arrested Development by admin[Image]
01.11.12Yoda with human skin color by admin[Image]
01.11.12cat is not amused by admin[Image]
01.11.12Brisbane skyline transforms: time lapse (2004-2015) by admin[Video]
01.11.12fuck zipplining by admin[Image]
01.11.12bear cam by admin[Image]
01.11.12little spider in Victoria by admin[Image]
01.11.12Pocket Creatures by admin[Game]
31.10.12he's got a point by admin[Image]
31.10.12london dresscode by admin[Image]
31.10.12entering the contest for the best celebrity costume this year by admin[Image]
31.10.12WTF wind by admin[Image]
31.10.12troll your neighborhood by admin[Image]
31.10.12mountain cat by admin[Image]
31.10.12Spock by admin[Image]
31.10.12fool me once... by admin[Image]
31.10.12Stupid sexy Flanders! by admin[Image]
31.10.12Gewalt zahlt sich also doch aus (zumindest beim ORF) by admin[News]
31.10.12halloween spider by admin[Image]
31.10.12photobombing cow by admin[Image]
31.10.12pumpking birth by admin[Image]
31.10.12snake dump by admin[Image]
31.10.12shit's gettin' real in NY by admin[Image]
31.10.12bathroom cat by admin[Image]
30.10.12shut up and take my money by admin[Image]
30.10.12Bertrand Russell's Message to the Future by admin[Video]
30.10.12;-( by admin[News]
30.10.12rape movie by admin[Video]
30.10.12Junkies in the Hurricane by admin[Text]
30.10.12allergic to latex by admin[Image]
29.10.12instant regret by admin[Image]
29.10.12Alice is dead [awesome adventure] by admin[Game]
28.10.12Das Ding aus der Mur - ab30.11. im Rechbauerkino by admin[Other]
28.10.12Baumgartner für "gemäßigte" Wirtschaftsdiktatur by admin[News]
27.10.12king of caturday by admin[Image]
27.10.12troll dad by admin[Image]
27.10.12freaking news by admin[Image]
27.10.12wiki of the day: Wiki games by admin[Other]
27.10.12Menbearbuck? by admin[Image]
27.10.12damn hipsters by admin[Image]
27.10.12true story, bro by admin[Image]
27.10.12Republicans on rape by admin[Image]
27.10.12Tom in the closet by admin[Other]
27.10.12mirror strip by xxx[Erotik]
27.10.12Oh Roberto.... by admin[Video]
27.10.12something that gets passed around - A JOINT! by Melodic[Video]
26.10.12juden vs. nazis... ein weiterer internet showdown by admin[News]
26.10.12Minderheiten-Quartett by admin[Game]
26.10.12conspiracy crow by admin[Image]
25.10.12that's how u climb a motherfucking wall... [GIF] by admin[Image]
25.10.12jet-skis... by admin[Image]
25.10.12teamwork [GIF] by admin[Image]
25.10.12Schlange frisst Waran by admin[Image]
24.10.12So Madison Swan brought her mom to her porn audition... [GIF] by admin[Image]
24.10.12Einer der Architekten der Synthetischen Evolutionstheorie by admin[Other]
22.10.12internet history by admin[Image]
22.10.12Racist Field Trip by admin[Video]
20.10.12gaffer tape. that's why. by admin[Image]
19.10.12drug quotes by admin[Image]
18.10.1299 more life hacks by admin[Image]
18.10.12ice pool by admin[Video]
17.10.12Merkels vollstes Vertrauen by admin[Image]
17.10.12Bitte, ein Universalwort. by admin[Image]
16.10.12potentielle heilmethode für herbstdepression by admin[Video]
16.10.12Glühbirnen [GIF] by admin[Image]
16.10.12Bambi meets Godzilla [GIF] by admin[Image]
16.10.12Math lesson for Mitt by admin[Image]
16.10.12Scheidungstorte by admin[Image]
16.10.12Red Bull Stratos - was wirklich geschah! (thx cannibal) by Melodic[Image]
16.10.12wiki of the day: List of Austrians by admin[Other]
15.10.12Raupen by admin[Image]
15.10.12companies replace nations... by admin[Image]
15.10.12commas by admin[Image]
15.10.12good guy shark by admin[Image]
15.10.12housewife 2000 by admin[Image]
15.10.12among the savages... by admin[Image]
13.10.12cat lord [GIF] by admin[Image]
13.10.12how to deal with unattended children by admin[Image]
13.10.12french toilet by admin[Image]
13.10.12caturday snack [GIF] by admin[Image]
13.10.12Amazing Peacock Spider by admin[Image]
13.10.12happy caturday by admin[Image]
13.10.12Lei Lei 1998 by admin[Video]
13.10.12looking forward to looking for work... by admin[Image]
12.10.12strip by xxx[Erotik]
12.10.12Western spotted orbweaver, Neoscona oaxacensis by admin[Image]
11.10.12well, that's a mindfuck by admin[Image]
11.10.12black cat by admin[Image]
11.10.12i only miss you when i'm breathing by admin[Image]
11.10.12Arrow-shaped Micrathena (Micrathena sagittata) - North Carolina by admin[Image]
11.10.12Your Premier of QLD by admin[Image]
11.10.12male ranking by admin[Image]
11.10.12honest apple store by admin[Image]
10.10.12Be American. by admin[Image]
10.10.12repost by admin[Image]
10.10.12Good on ya, Harry by admin[Image]
10.10.12it's TASTY, try it! by admin[Image]
10.10.12Halloween costumes picdump by admin[Image]
09.10.12A modest proposal... by admin[Text]
08.10.12retards on youtube... by admin
08.10.12mistitled movies by admin[Image]
08.10.12war on pot by admin[Image]
08.10.12how to smoke a milkshake by admin[Image]
07.10.12shit artist by admin[Image]
06.10.12genius by admin[Image]
06.10.12kid's got visions by admin[Image]
06.10.12obama's debate notes by admin[Image]
06.10.12mothafuckn animl by admin[Image]
06.10.12400,000,000 dollars by admin[Image]
06.10.12nice spot u found there... by admin[Image]
06.10.12dog by admin[Image]
05.10.12very true, Neil by admin[Image]
05.10.12freddy the dog by admin[Image]
05.10.12"i told you, iPhones are totally gay" by admin[Image]
05.10.12could happen to anyone by admin[Image]
05.10.12my fav superhero by admin[Image]
05.10.12had to look twice by admin[Image]
05.10.12killed me twice by admin[Image]
05.10.12on popular demand: the grammar nazi tshirt by admin[Image]
05.10.12totally notacop by admin[Image]
05.10.12deal with it by admin[Image]
05.10.12toilet wisdom by admin[Image]
05.10.12true that by admin[Image]
05.10.12Resume by admin[Image]
04.10.12muenchenkotzt.de - Die Seite zu unserem absoluten Lieblingsfest des Jahres by Melodic[HP]
03.10.12You don't always win with Darwin... by admin[Other]
03.10.12Darum Mindeslohn verdoppeln!!! by admin[News]
03.10.12Mommy was right by admin[Image]
02.10.12Wort des Jahres gesucht by admin[News]
02.10.12Nazi Buddhist statue was carved from an ancient meteorite by admin[News]
02.10.12Bitcoin by admin[News]
02.10.12Schwein isst Mensch by admin[News]
02.10.12Korallensterben: Dornenkrone legt bist zu 100 Millionen Eier auf einmal by admin[News]
02.10.12Zakk Wylde by admin[Image]
01.10.12asian boobs by xxx[Erotik]
01.10.12IKEA in Saudi Arabia... by admin[Image]
01.10.12Schlingnatter, Coronella austriaca by admin[Image]
30.09.12beauty ideals in a 1950's commercial by admin[Image]
30.09.12kitte drinks by admin[Image]
30.09.12sitting on a bike by admin[Image]
30.09.12justice beaver finally on crack by admin[Image]
30.09.12wiki of the day: The Onion taken seriously by admin[Other]
30.09.12killed by a hot dog by admin[Image]
30.09.12Resuscitating a drowned cat by admin[Image]
30.09.12Listen to Barbie... by admin[Image]
28.09.12weird shadow by admin[Image]
28.09.12don't let her win... by admin[Image]
28.09.12confirmed by admin[Image]
28.09.12Fidel Castro Speaks to Harlem by admin[Video]
27.09.12Weltverschwörungsgenerator by admin[Other]
25.09.12Keine PC bei der Feuerwehr by admin[News]
24.09.12crime story by admin[Image]
24.09.12Copier Warning by admin[Image]
24.09.12Brisbane in old times by admin[Image]
24.09.12pick-up sign... by admin[Image]
24.09.12Styrian Analemma - Nasa's pic-of-the-day on sunday by admin[Image]
23.09.12mathematicians... by admin[Image]
23.09.12someone's gonna feel a bit misplaced here... by admin[Image]
23.09.12lovely personality by admin[Image]
23.09.1250 shades of Merkel by admin[Image]
23.09.12grumpy cats by admin[Image]
23.09.12keller's street in hong kong by admin[Image]
23.09.12strange [gif] by admin[Image]
23.09.12cats, say no to catnip by admin[Image]
23.09.12"I hear it's a speciality in Japan" by admin[Image]
23.09.12Australian money (fell into the heater...) by admin[Image]
23.09.12Having fun isn't hard when you have a library card by admin[Image]
23.09.12Baby bird being eaten by ants *NSFL* by admin[Image]
23.09.12baby instructions by admin[Image]
23.09.12Giant Dragonflies by admin[Image]
23.09.12Hätte gedacht, dass 100% der Mitarbeiterinnen Frauen sind... by admin
23.09.12Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen betrunken bei NDR DAS! - hier läuft das Video noch by admin[Video]
23.09.12Meanwhile, in Amsterdam by admin[Image]
23.09.12find the cat by admin[Game]
23.09.12Drunks love tigers by admin[Image]
23.09.12disapproving cat by admin[Image]
23.09.12toy soldiers close to real life... by admin[Image]
23.09.12Do you have anyone dependent on you? by admin[Image]
22.09.12Die G'stopften haun sich auf ein Packerl... by admin[News]
21.09.12Marshmallow Test by admin[Video]
20.09.12geht a... by admin[Image]
19.09.12Shining-Sequel comming soon by admin[Other]
19.09.12anon stuck in traffic by admin[Image]
19.09.12Die Post, wenns mal wieder länger dauert by admin[News]
19.09.12Have your mind Blown by Melodic[Other]
18.09.12Heiligsprechung vom Mutzibu by admin[Video]
17.09.12i'd call them allstars by xxx
17.09.12naughty cats by admin[Image]
17.09.12YES to Amendment 64 by admin[News]
16.09.12watch out, Tokyo by admin[Image]
16.09.12Typha latifolia, commonly known as Cattail by admin[Image]
16.09.12kitties by admin[Image]
16.09.12snake buddy... by admin[Image]
16.09.12European garden spider by admin[Image]
16.09.12cat theatre by admin[Image]
14.09.12blonde by xxx[Erotik]
14.09.12"Beehhhring" by admin[Image]
14.09.12Camel commercial by admin[Image]
14.09.12meanwhile, in /Forum by admin[Video]
14.09.12Mal wieder Spaß bei Chatroulette: Blowjob by Melodic[Image]
14.09.12Schneewittchen... by Melodic[Image]
13.09.12hell yeah, chesterfield by admin[Image]
13.09.12wer hätte das gedacht... by admin[News]
13.09.12anti-racism panda by admin[Image]
13.09.12Deutsche unbedingt diese Petition mitzeichen! Umsatzsteuer - Steuerfreiheit für private Ballett-, Tanz- oder Musikschulen vom 01.08.2012 by Melodic[Image]
11.09.12Armin Wolfs (und vllt auch Werner Faymans) letztes Sommergespräch (thx Franky) by admin[Video]
10.09.12Uschis Rettung (thx an Petti) by admin[Video]
10.09.12Cute Chick with Nice Pussy by Melodic[Image]
10.09.12meet the Jewfro by admin[Other]
10.09.12Groß- und Kleinschreibung by admin[Image]
09.09.12Subway Sign by admin[Image]
09.09.12oh, canada. oh, florida... by admin[Image]
09.09.12Bildmanipulation = "Unfall" :P by admin[Image]
09.09.12Es lebe die Internet Demokratie ;) by admin[Image]
09.09.12Bildmanipulation in der Kronenzeitung by admin[News]
07.09.12old-fashioned cam lesbos by xxx[Erotik]
06.09.12this man is a genius. by admin[Image]
06.09.12this is a real picture. no photoshop. by admin[Image]
06.09.12pro-legalization police car in Chicago by admin[Image]
06.09.12darf man das? [gif] by admin[Image]
06.09.12i've got to trie this... by admin[Image]
06.09.12here's the befuddled billionaire meme by admin[Image]
06.09.12Religions of the World by Melodic[Image]
05.09.12fear and loathing - the game by admin[Other]
05.09.12fantasy football is boring... by admin[Image]
05.09.12katzengras im blumenstrauß? by admin[Image]
05.09.12ping pong cats [gif] by admin[Image]
05.09.12college bingo by admin[Image]
05.09.12wiki of the day: List of tallest mountains in the Solar System by admin[Other]
05.09.12human software by admin[Image]
05.09.12In Search of the Living, Purring, Singing Heart of the Online Cat-Industrial Complex by admin[News]
05.09.12public pranks by admin[Other]
05.09.12kitty no amused by admin[Image]
05.09.12drugs by admin[Image]
05.09.12'I couldn't believe CNN was making me put what I knew to be government lies into my reporting.' by admin[News]
05.09.12enthusiastic camwhore by xxx[Erotik]
05.09.12easy origami by admin[Image]
05.09.12Grumble! by admin[Image]
05.09.12more suspicious quotation marks by admin[Image]
05.09.12vacuum cleaner + toilet paper [GIF] by admin[Image]
05.09.12Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins by admin[News]
05.09.12Da Ösi Bua beim Strache by admin[Video]
04.09.12lovely pussyz by xxx
03.09.12i want her alive by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Sicherheit zuerst by admin[Image]
03.09.12Lieutnant Dan! by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12wo kriegt man dieses tier? by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Is this the Krusty Crab? *hahaha* by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Transformers by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12eine normale konversation zwischen zwei hunden by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12doch noch n parkplatz gefunden by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Dangerous Killer Bear Attack by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Neulich in Graz by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12i'm a ninja by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Gut genug für mich by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12MacGyver Multitool by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Got in trouble with my friend the other day... by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Nettes Häuschen by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12How to Read This Book by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Raus hier, ich bin beschäftigt! by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12RAWR! Turtle by Melodic[Image]
03.09.12Dat Ass by Melodic[Image]
02.09.12Mal ein Vorschlag zur Wehrpflichtdebatte by admin[Other]
31.08.12mehr ifap by admin[HP]
31.08.12Wer möchte da nicht wohnen? by Melodic[Image]
31.08.12freebase caffeine by admin[Other]
31.08.12let's get trippy by admin[Flash]
31.08.12thug life by admin[Image]
31.08.12Befestigungtechnik. by admin[Image]
31.08.12he's got my vote by admin[Image]
31.08.12engineering. duct tape and wd 40. by admin[Image]
31.08.12stroh rum. der klassiker. neuauflage. by rellek
30.08.12silicone... by admin[Image]
29.08.12Institut für angewandte Pädagogik... kurz: ifap by admin
29.08.12more brainfuck by admin[Image]
29.08.12proper pie chart by admin[Image]
29.08.12wouldn't have seen that coming... by admin[Image]
29.08.12a hug by admin[Image]
29.08.12brainfuck by admin[Image]
29.08.12Tatooine found by admin[News]
29.08.12dorbell broken by admin[Image]
28.08.12Schlammschlacht Wolf vs. Strache nachschauen by admin[Video]
27.08.12Meinungsmache. Der Artikel hat mal alles. by admin[News]
27.08.12Seid ihr bereit für die Unterschicht? by admin[News]
26.08.12tic tac secret by admin[Image]
26.08.12same shit every goddamn time.. by admin[Image]
26.08.12interesting... by admin[Image]
26.08.12more awesome LIFEHACKS by admin[Image]
26.08.12that's hollible by admin[Image]
26.08.12would recommend by admin[Image]
26.08.12dafuqu? by admin[Image]
26.08.12fuck everything about this [gif] by admin[Image]
26.08.12try F2 by admin[Image]
26.08.12ACHTUNG: schmerzhaft by PeP[Video]
26.08.12riders are awesome by PeP[Video]
23.08.12Beschwerden bitte hier einreichen by admin[Other]
23.08.12USB Kettensäge by PeP[Image]
22.08.12nice one [gif] by admin[Image]
22.08.12friendzoned guy did it! by admin[Image]
22.08.12free pussy by admin[Image]
22.08.12fuck 'em gangs... by admin[Image]
22.08.12Bob Hawke by admin[Image]
22.08.12/b/ gave Skrillex cancer by admin[Image]
22.08.12/b/ makes new film titles by admin[Image]
22.08.12The Pussy Riot case & Western hypocrisy by admin[News]
22.08.12Wow! signal by admin[Other]
22.08.12Berlusconi in Moscow by admin[Image]
21.08.12evil mastermind [repost] by admin[Image]
21.08.12honestly? by admin[Image]
21.08.12...and here's one for your kids by admin[Image]
21.08.12BRA by admin[Image]
21.08.12how to teach your cat a lesson... by admin[Image]
21.08.12true that by admin[Image]
21.08.12meanwhile, in mincer's bathroom... by admin[Image]
21.08.12"it she's a good wife, she'll get him one" by admin[Image]
21.08.12didn't know this was illegal... by admin[Image]
21.08.12Pentagon entwickelt Anti-Suizid-Nasenpray für Soldaten by admin[News]
21.08.12Der kriegt sicher Schutzhaft... by admin[News]
21.08.12Happy tree friends by PeP[Flash]
21.08.12Lieber Putin by admin[Image]
21.08.12Happy tree is happy by Melodic[Image]
21.08.12rock paper scissors by Melodic[Image]
21.08.12in case of fire by Melodic[Image]
21.08.12should i stop beating my wife? by Melodic[Image]
21.08.12Synchronized Failing by Melodic[Image]
21.08.12Cannibals Day by admin[Video]
20.08.12pissing by PeP[Video]
20.08.12An Usual Week by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12"rescued" cat by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12neulich beim kacken by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12Dammit, Carl! by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12Spot the millionaire by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12give something back to the world by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12animals driving in a car by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12 Ready to conquer the world by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12What did u just call me?! by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12Someones got enough money for a castle and the life-size Star Wars toys that come with by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12posing cats by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12deer god! by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12what is your gender? by Melodic[Image]
20.08.121st world problem #2 by Melodic[Image]
20.08.121st world problem #1 by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12Donald :) by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12The Deadly Facts about Water! by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12One more hot climbing Chick by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12Hot Climbing Chick by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12Ghost Tits - coming soon by admin[Image]
20.08.12The New Listerine-Ad by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12Mal Moped fahrn by Melodic[Image]
20.08.12happy crocodile by admin[Image]
20.08.12cat on top by admin[Image]
20.08.12"baby on board". literally. by admin[Image]
18.08.12money. use it wisely. by admin[Image]
18.08.12and what a great birthday it was! by admin[Image]
18.08.12so i found an old PEZ in my new car... by admin[Image]
18.08.12scary? by admin[Image]
18.08.12Freu mich schon auf "Christen feiern Weihnachten" by admin[Other]
18.08.12MBrotws Frage für Glawischnig by admin[Other]
18.08.12katzen sind frei. by admin[News]
17.08.12Pussy Riot - aktueller Stand der Dinge by Melodic[News]
16.08.12darwin helfe uns by admin[Video]
16.08.12[EN] wiki of the day: Voynich manuscript by admin[Other]
16.08.12[DE] Heute auf Wikipedia: Das Voynich-Manuskript by admin[Other]
16.08.12more about that gps thing... [thx to battlemoench] by admin[Other]
16.08.12Der letzte Sommer by PeP[Sound]
16.08.12keller fällt auf den alten klofrauentrick nicht hinein (am oberen tellerrand...) by admin[Image]
16.08.12street cat by admin[Image]
15.08.12impact of continental drift on GPS accuracy by admin[Other]
15.08.12bad cat by admin[Image]
15.08.12Double Diabeetus Light? by admin[Image]
15.08.12in Arabic by admin[Image]
14.08.12amazing candle trick by admin[Video]
14.08.12Thor Steinar in Plauen vor dem Aus by Melodic[News]
13.08.12Call me Maybe Chatroulette Version by Melodic[Video]
13.08.12Bolt near Finish by Melodic[Image]
13.08.12Thats Happiness by Melodic[Image]
13.08.12Wuffi by Melodic[Image]
13.08.12tewo girls - one-up! by Melodic[Image]
13.08.12Must dance by Melodic[Image]
13.08.12safer, healthier workplaces by Melodic[Image]
13.08.12Where did you come from? by Melodic[Image]
13.08.12im so fucking wet, give it to me right now! by Melodic[Image]
13.08.12Sniiiiiiiiiper! Get Down! by Melodic[Image]
12.08.12The human jukebox by PeP[Video]
12.08.12Hochzeitsprank by PeP[Video]
12.08.12mit der U5 zu David Guetta by admin[News]
12.08.12How to build your own nuclear power plant by admin[Video]
12.08.12braces: the disadvantage by admin[Image]
12.08.12atheism by admin[Image]
12.08.12at least i hope so... by admin[Image]
11.08.12bad news: they're growing by admin[Image]
11.08.12little corn snake by admin[Image]
11.08.12someone finally did it by admin[Image]
11.08.12it's getting hotter by admin[Image]
11.08.12a smoker's life... by admin[Image]
11.08.12Indian Jeff by admin[Image]
10.08.12Frauen in Uniform by admin[Image]
10.08.12so erden die profis by admin[Image]
10.08.12meanwhile, wherever by admin[Image]
09.08.12Neulich beim Shoppen by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12Ive got a song stuck in my head by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12stegis moms appartment by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12Katze 1:0 Hund by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12Und hier Zellers Geburtstagsdrinks by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12seeing myself in the mirror by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12Zellers Pinata vorgestern by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12nice Facebook Status again by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12Nachträglich zum Weltkatzentag: Super-Cat by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12Mal am Kopf kratzen by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12Champions do! by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12home is where... by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12success by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12Dogs by Melodic[Image]
09.08.12Noodles by Melodic[Image]
08.08.12Parasit in Gottesanbeterin by admin[Video]
07.08.12Turkey call back by PeP[Video]
07.08.12Paul Kalkbrenner by PeP[Sound]
06.08.12Pizza für echte Männer (offizieller Diskussionsthread) by Melodic[Other]
06.08.12Mal n paar Hunde und n paar Katzen posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12prostitutes best friend?! by Melodic[Image]
06.08.1254 Jahre liegen zwischen diesen beiden Goldmedaillengewinnerinen by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Fußballer mal wieder by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Mal ne Schildkröte und n Vogel posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Clint Eastwood by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Dong Dong by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Mal n Bären posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Mal n Frosch posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Great Youtube Comments by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Mal n Reh posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Selfportrait by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Diese Schriftzeichen sind so schwer :( by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12mal n elefanten posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12mal ne ente posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12mal n kätzchen und n hündchen posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12mal n hühnchen posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12mal ne katze posten by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Bush mal wieder by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12solche vögel by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Bro, dont move! by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Circle of Life by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12Total Missverstanden by Melodic[Image]
06.08.12a GIRL named STEVE by Melodic[Image]
05.08.12igel 7 tage alt by PeP[Video]
05.08.12FIT ? by PeP[Video]
03.08.12How to make a british guard laugh by PeP[Video]
03.08.12pussy grab move by PeP[Video]
03.08.12solid police work by admin[Image]
03.08.12wait, we will fix that by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12Marajuanas?! by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12Neulich in Wimbledon by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12Olympia by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12Just taking a Picture... lika an asian! by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12wer kennt das nicht? by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12Neulich an der Ampel by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12bla bla bla - Egg by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12Kids, this is how i met your mother by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12The Lion King by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12Steve dealt seit Kurzem by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12Buchempfehlung des Monats August by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12spezielles Kunststück by Melodic[Image]
03.08.12In Case of Fire by Melodic[Image]
02.08.12Glastüren fail by PeP[Video]
02.08.12könnte Regen geben by PeP[Video]
02.08.12Aus aktuellem Anlass: Animaniacs - Hello Nurse! by Melodic[Sound]
01.08.12Geld geben ??? by PeP[Video]
01.08.12Epic Knock Out by PeP[Video]
31.07.12uh oh by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Get of your high horse by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Aufwärmen! by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Die Amis und ihre Nachrichten by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Tarnung ist die halbe Miete by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Excalibur Vibrator... by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12come on baby light my fire by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12da weiß jemand wie es läuft by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Date with a Captcha? by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12verpiss dich! by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12relaxing by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12neulich bei den Simpsons by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Die Ziegen sind zurück und starten einen neuen Feldzug zur Weltherrschaft by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Photobombs - Bikini Edition by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Mal wieder n animierter Picdump by Melodic[Image]
31.07.12Mal bisschen Breakdancen by Melodic[Video]
30.07.12make everything ok - with just one click! by admin[Other]
30.07.12remember the antimaniax? by admin[Video]
29.07.12Seemöwen auf abführmittel by PeP[Video]
29.07.12nutzkatze by admin[Image]
29.07.12kaufen, kaufen, kaufen by admin[Image]
26.07.12impossible game by PeP[Game]
26.07.12Unser neuestes Forenmitglied by admin[Video]
26.07.12goldene zeiten by admin[Video]
25.07.12good to know by admin[Image]
25.07.12european languages by admin[Image]
25.07.12USB rocks by admin[Image]
25.07.12two assholes by admin[Image]
25.07.12twilight vs. buffy by admin[Image]
25.07.12Send Republicans to Iran by admin[Image]
25.07.12geschieht ihm recht by admin[News]
25.07.12So macht Basketball noch mehr Spaß by Melodic[Erotik]
25.07.12Zungentattoos Teil 2 by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Zungentattoos Teil 1 by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Boxes still working?! by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Spidercat by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12The Wet William Tell by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Neulich beim Sport by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Bill Fucking Murray by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Karate by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Rodeo like a Boss by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Neulich im Garten by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12must have been a great trip by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Und wieder höchste Intelligenz bei Facebook by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Balance by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Heroes by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Da wird das Fahrradschloss unnötig by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Kittea by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12speak english ... by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Sehr tolle Idee by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Neulich beim Reiten by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Boxes still working by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12Where are my fries? by Melodic[Image]
25.07.12I fell it by Melodic[Image]
24.07.12mal kurz aufstehen by PeP[Video]
23.07.12LEGO Spielzeug by PeP[Video]
19.07.12A Crash-Course in Online Piracy by Melodic[Image]
19.07.12nur Bilder by PeP[Image]
19.07.12what’s my motherfucking name… by PeP[Sound]
19.07.12police @ work by Melodic[Image]
19.07.12Todays Soup is... by Melodic[Image]
19.07.12Ready for a challenge? by Melodic[Image]
19.07.12Nice Move Doggie by Melodic[Image]
19.07.12London 2012 Logo by Melodic[Image]
19.07.12Childhood by Melodic[Image]
18.07.12best of Juni by PeP[Video]
17.07.12Jerk for Me! by xxx[Erotik]
17.07.12INDECT - sehr schockierend! by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12Gimme water please by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12neulich irgendwo by Melodic[Erotik]
17.07.12Animals have amazing instincts by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12Nice Gift by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12ACAB by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12How to prank your friends! by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12Great work George by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12Cats Cab by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12Things to eat and drink in Public by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12Thor by Melodic[Erotik]
17.07.12Best Touchdown Ever by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12Please Photoshop the Clothes off this girl by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12Hot Double D Fingering by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12Mal jonglieren by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12This Cat got Skill by Melodic[Image]
17.07.12no one uses ... by Melodic[Image]
16.07.12How to catch a Kangaroo. by PeP[Video]
16.07.12Werbung mit Wasser by PeP[Video]
16.07.12Neulich an der UNI by PeP[Video]
11.07.12free cookies by PeP[Video]
11.07.12Turn the Page by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12da war er also die ganze zeit by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Slower Spidy.... PLS! by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Mal n Brett zerschlagen by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Dancestar by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Wash It! by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Spidercat by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Real Spongebob by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Photobombed by a cat by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12lung cancer? by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Nettes Zelt by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Im gonna fix it by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Cat needs Support by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12verginity... by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Nice Move! by Melodic[Image]
11.07.12Sind Ausrufezeichen Rudeltiere? by Melodic[Text]
11.07.12Former Cro-Mags Bassist Slashed Band Members Before Show by Melodic[News]
10.07.12Abstimmung in Deutschland by PeP[Video]
09.07.12BMX (in and out´s) by PeP[Video]
09.07.12Kinetic rain by PeP[Video]
09.07.12Militär Parade by PeP[Video]
09.07.12Haare weg by PeP[Video]
09.07.12Youtube ad! by Melodic[Image]
09.07.12not forbbiten by PeP[Erotik]
07.07.12Janessa Brazil Collection by Melodic[Erotik]
07.07.12Calis POV Collection by Melodic[Erotik]
07.07.12Bryci Collection by Melodic[Erotik]
06.07.12extrem fight (mit untertitel ;-) by PeP[Video]
06.07.12Make-up tutorial goes wrong by PeP[Video]
06.07.12Aufrissparty in Österreich by PeP[Video]
06.07.12it's simple by admin[Image]
06.07.12eventuell. by admin[Image]
06.07.12@keller by admin[Image]
06.07.12how religions get started by admin[Image]
06.07.12Gratis-Bild Unboxing (thx Magoo) by admin[Video]
05.07.12Super Slow Motion (thx to Posti) by admin[Video]
05.07.12Wakeboarding in Edersee by admin[Video]
04.07.12not like this, justin by admin[Image]
04.07.12cats&dogs peacefully united by admin[Image]
04.07.12CERN bestaetigt Higgs Boson!!! by admin[News]
04.07.12eagles vs. mountain goat by admin[Video]
04.07.12good on ya by admin[Image]
04.07.12millennium lexus by admin[Image]
04.07.12most guys will know this by admin[Image]
04.07.12a warning by admin[Image]
04.07.12meanwhile, in Australia 2009 by admin[Image]
04.07.12spongebob aquarium by admin[Image]
04.07.12Go Earth! by admin[Image]
04.07.12Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor. That's about as Independence-Day as it will get here. by admin[Image]
04.07.12scumbag cops by admin[Image]
04.07.12Asians... by admin[Image]
04.07.12super mario aquarium by admin[Image]
04.07.12politicians are like sperm... by admin[Image]
04.07.12Walmart Kodiak employees' reaction to the Pitbull vote by admin[Image]
04.07.12awesome sweater design by admin[Image]
04.07.12Ketchum Hall by admin[Image]
04.07.12wtf [gif] by admin[Image]
04.07.12cat tank by admin[Image]
04.07.12two birds by admin[Image]
04.07.12google it by admin[Image]
04.07.12what israelis do after selling a car for cash #ReinforcingStereotypes by admin[Image]
04.07.12for all those who click this from their work place by admin[Image]
04.07.12spider king [gif] by admin[Image]
02.07.12wenn die Frau nicht Zuhause ist by PeP[Image]
02.07.12nice list of card games by admin[Game]
02.07.12wiki of the day: Conversation games by admin[Other]
02.07.12/b/eing creative by admin[Image]
02.07.12Another Balotelli Collection by Melodic[Image]
02.07.12Balotelli Collection by Melodic[Image]
01.07.12Schweizer Pornosynchronisation by Melodic[Video]
01.07.12I scored 18/50 on my GSAT. How geeky are you? by admin[Other]
01.07.12The Death Star can be yours - for $15.6 Septillion by admin[News]
01.07.12No hyperlocal future for corperate media... by admin[News]
01.07.12objektiv wie immer: die bildzeitung by admin[Image]
01.07.12So some people though the currency that was to replace the Pound in Australia in 1966 should be called the "Ming" by admin[Other]
01.07.12happy canada day by admin[Image]
01.07.12leave 'em goats alone by admin[Image]
01.07.12how to loose pants and alienate people [gif] by admin[Image]
01.07.12i just had an apple by admin[Image]
30.06.12pretty random by admin[Image]
30.06.12true by admin[Image]
30.06.12fuck you by admin[Image]
30.06.12booobs... by admin[Image]
30.06.12words of wisdom by admin[Image]
30.06.12problem seems familiar... by admin[Image]
30.06.12send Pitbull to Alaska by admin[Image]
30.06.12my wife's account by admin[Image]
30.06.12ninja bread by admin[Image]
30.06.12blow-up afro [gif] by admin[Image]
30.06.12Position of Goals Scored by Different Teams in Euro 2012 so Far by admin[Image]
30.06.12should've seen it commig by dr[Image]
30.06.12Australia Marijuana Smoking Nation #1 by admin[News]
28.06.12weed cures nazis by admin[Image]
28.06.12Back in the Future II is TODAY by admin[Image]
28.06.12whatever... by admin[Image]
28.06.12ATM machine that speaks Cockney by admin[Image]
28.06.12Dank Finanzchaos beim FC Lustenau doch noch Aufstiegschancen für den GAK by admin[Image]
28.06.12wiki of the day: Bristol Stool Scale (thx to Posti!) by admin[Other]
28.06.12Auch KI steht auf Katzen by admin[News]
27.06.12Alkohol im Cola by admin[News]
27.06.12PR hat's auf jeden Fall gebracht... by admin[News]
27.06.12python mouth wide open by admin[Image]
27.06.12Deutschland rettet die Vorhaut by admin[News]
27.06.12Besser mal volltanken: Iran droht mit Sperre der Straße von Hormus by admin[News]
26.06.12fuck shop by PeP[Video]
26.06.12Piraten-Brief an die Republik Deutschland zum Weltdrogentag by admin[Text]
26.06.12say hello to the drunken baby meme by admin[Image]
26.06.12South Park: The Stick of Truth Trailer by admin[Video]
26.06.12hab mich nach ueber 3 jahren zum ersten mal bei Xing eingeloggt, und dieser kontakt wurde mir vorgeschlagen by admin[Image]
26.06.12fractalizer by admin[Program]
26.06.12soll das heißen, dr-zeller.com ist für kinder nicht geeignet?! by admin[Other]
25.06.12omfg... more white trash barbies by admin[Image]
25.06.12shower strip by xxx[Erotik]
25.06.12Dark Fishing Spider Dolomedes tenebrosus breeding by admin[Image]
25.06.12Lonesome George, last-of-his-kind Galapagos tortoise, dies by admin[News]
25.06.12monster pizza by admin[Image]
24.06.12Ma na na na by PeP[Video]
24.06.12you win by admin[Image]
24.06.12santa's summer trip by admin[Image]
24.06.12spider dump by admin[Image]
24.06.12alkohol vereint by admin[Image]
24.06.12free mustache rides by admin[Image]
24.06.12freedom! [gif] by admin[Image]
24.06.12RL nyan cat by admin[Image]
24.06.12die guten, alten zeiten by admin[Video]
23.06.12mushroom ? by PeP[Video]
23.06.12tacocat by admin[Image]
23.06.12HR spider enjoying a meal by admin[Image]
23.06.12how wie die: 1900 vs. 2010 by admin[News]
23.06.12billboard in Los Angeles by admin[Image]
22.06.12Anti Raucher Kampagne by PeP[Video]
22.06.12working at google by PeP[Video]
22.06.12most awesome snake pics by admin[Image]
22.06.12Anerythristic Sandboa by admin[Image]
22.06.12rainbow boa by admin[Image]
22.06.12The Best of the Queensland Rail Ad Meme by admin[Image]
22.06.12already excited for caturday? by admin[Image]
21.06.12Seit gestern gibt's das neue grow!-Heft. KAUFEN und meinen Artikel übers Mardi Grass in Nimbin lesen (s. 14-20) by admin[News]
20.06.12Jesus Condom by PeP[Image]
20.06.12F---rankfurt by admin[Image]
20.06.12how did that work? by admin[Image]
20.06.12boobs by admin[Image]
20.06.12living with your girlfirend... by admin[Image]
20.06.12Due to high incarceration rate: Men Outnumber Women Among American Rape Victims by admin[News]
20.06.12exoplanets by admin[Image]
20.06.12Arnautovic zum Verkehrspolizisten: "Ich verdien' so viel, ich kann dein Leben kaufen" by admin[News]
20.06.12Eresus sp. from Ukraine by admin[Image]
20.06.12suspicious... by admin[Image]
19.06.12Jack McBrayer & Triumph Visit Chicago's Weiner's Circle - CONAN on TBS by PeP[Video]
18.06.12Das Orakel wusste es schon lange... [DE-NL] by admin[Image]
18.06.12science [gif] by admin[Image]
18.06.12borderline racist? by admin[Image]
18.06.12nice eyes [spider] by admin[Image]
18.06.12got you by admin[Image]
18.06.12nice tumblr... by xxx[Erotik]
18.06.12katie's cameltoe by admin[Image]
18.06.12bye bye oranjes (thx Cannibal) by admin[Image]
17.06.12trippy rug by admin[Image]
17.06.12male seahorse giving birth by admin[Video]
17.06.12delicious liz vicious [album] by xxx[Erotik]
17.06.12Laut Gallup Umfrage 7% für die Piraten in Österreich! by admin[News]
17.06.12dentists... by admin[Image]
17.06.12Kornkreise in Oberoesterreich... by admin[News]
16.06.12intresting questions, mrs. gates... by admin[Image]
16.06.12Dr. Kroiss und Scientology by admin[News]
16.06.12what happened to kony by admin[Image]
16.06.12Bold Jumping Spider Phidippus audax by admin[Image]
16.06.12so this works? [gif] by admin[Image]
16.06.12british cats? by admin[Image]
16.06.12office mate on vacation... by admin[Image]
16.06.12Käsekrainer bleibt Käsekrainer by admin[News]
15.06.12nice dog trick [gif] by admin[Image]
15.06.12he said "relax" ;) [gif] by admin[Image]
15.06.12wird wohl nix mit meiner neuen domain: by admin[Image]
15.06.12true that, bible by admin[Image]
15.06.12album ripper by admin[Program]
15.06.12wiki of the day: List of people who disappeared mysteriously by admin[Other]
15.06.12Mexican Breaking News ~[feat. Midget in Gorilla Costume!]~ by admin[Video]
15.06.12wusste gar nicht, dass es bei uns Stachelschweine gibt... by admin[News]
15.06.12EM Angebot by rellek[Image]
15.06.12words of wisdom by Chris Hedges (thx niGhtm4rE) by admin[Image]
14.06.12all you need, all you want, and all you have... by admin[Image]
14.06.12oh, the irony by admin[Image]
14.06.12squirrel's paradise by admin[Image]
14.06.12Historia da Arte by admin[Image]
14.06.12why not? by admin[Image]
14.06.12perfect timing: bee sting by admin[Image]
14.06.12baby and snake buddy by admin[Image]
14.06.12poetry that's already written... by admin[Image]
14.06.12Female King Baboon Spider (Pelinobius muticus) by admin[Image]
14.06.12cat's CV by admin[Image]
14.06.12a new social network by admin[Image]
14.06.12Jogi das alte Scherzkeks [gif] by admin[Image]
13.06.12shake your head by admin[Image]
13.06.12frank by admin[Image]
13.06.12grandpa and the internet by admin[Image]
13.06.12so bad... but a classic by admin[Image]
13.06.12someone's gonna be disappointed by admin[Image]
13.06.12slug maze by admin[Image]
13.06.124chan: the movie by admin[Image]
13.06.12German police release photo of mystery boy, whose identity has yet to be established, one year after he showed up claiming to have lived in German forests for five years by admin[News]
13.06.12old people wtf by admin[Image]
13.06.12wiki of the day: List of the poorest places in the United States by admin[Other]
13.06.12Dave Watson jumps over Tour de France riders by admin[Image]
13.06.12nice orb weaver by admin[Image]
13.06.12boooom by admin[Image]
13.06.12some graphs most americans should be mad about by admin[News]
13.06.12bathing - like a boss by admin[Image]
13.06.12Fuck Chuck Norris - Bruce Willis is the Shit! by Melodic[Sound]
13.06.12real americans support GER today. GO HOLLAND! by admin[Image]
12.06.12geburtstag/todestag by admin[News]
12.06.12HC Strache hat Geburtstag - dr-zeller.com gratuliert! by admin[Image]
12.06.12Scientology mails leaked by Anonymous by admin[News]
12.06.12someone's gonna get some cum on that pretty face by xxx[Erotik]
12.06.12more lesbians by xxx[Erotik]
12.06.12blonde & redhead waiting for the train ;) by xxx[Erotik]
12.06.12sexy blonde cam girl by xxx[Erotik]
12.06.12Jasmine Plaisir by xxx[Erotik]
12.06.12Ultimate Fictional Character’s Fighting League by admin[Other]
12.06.12Freddy and Jason have fun by admin[Image]
12.06.12little snake by admin[Image]
11.06.12frittierte gadgets by admin[Image]
11.06.12toasty by admin[Image]
11.06.12Death - The Book by admin[Other]
11.06.12wiki of the day: List of people considered father or mother of a field by admin[Other]
11.06.12cities by admin[Image]
11.06.12Gopher snake by admin[Image]
11.06.12jehova's logic by admin[Image]
11.06.12batcat vol. 3 [gif] by admin[Image]
11.06.12Bananacar by admin[Image]
11.06.12follow up to the deer crossing story by admin[Image]
11.06.12teamwork fail [gif] by admin[Image]
11.06.12proud parent by admin[Image]
11.06.12burner by admin[Image]
11.06.12good thinking for programmers by admin[Image]
11.06.12enough with jokes by admin[Image]
11.06.12omnomnom by admin[Image]
11.06.12in another universe... by admin[Image]
11.06.12this is brilliant: miniature book to miniature golf by admin[Image]
11.06.12spider eating bee by admin[Image]
11.06.12Alice Cooper covers Lady Gaga's "Born this way" by admin[Video]
11.06.12moar from that redhead by xxx[Erotik]
11.06.12Dr. Zeller's CatHolic Catdump Vol. 1 by admin[Image]
11.06.12cat tattoos by admin[Image]
11.06.12CIA Field Agents would Secretly Slip Each Other LSD as a Prank! by admin[Other]
10.06.12Das Leben kann so aufregend sein ... by PeP[Video]
10.06.12Criss angel - Spider by PeP[Video]
10.06.12Robot Dance by PeP[Video]
10.06.12kitty want sleep [gif] by admin[Image]
10.06.12caution by admin[Image]
10.06.12optimist club by admin[Image]
10.06.12best bus ever by admin[Image]
10.06.12good one-liner... by admin[Image]
10.06.12cat fish by admin[Image]
10.06.12note to myself: get chalk for car by admin[Image]
10.06.12Dave Chappelle on white people passing out by admin[Image]
10.06.12happens once in a while by admin[Image]
10.06.12can't miss this by admin[Image]
10.06.12cat + fan [gif] by admin[Image]
10.06.12remember this litte fucker? by admin[Image]
10.06.12the people have spoken by admin[Image]
10.06.12oh, that's how it works by admin[Image]
10.06.12First person cured of HIV by admin[News]
10.06.12in your face, kitty by admin[Image]
10.06.12beach party by xxx[Erotik]
10.06.12wiki of the day: Operation Northwoods by admin[Other]
10.06.12a ball python called Vera by admin[Image]
10.06.12i'll call this "in your face, holland" by admin[Image]
09.06.12Dragonball Z Dubstep Battle by Melodic[Video]
09.06.12Tattoo-Laser-Entfernung by PeP
09.06.12good shot by admin[Video]
09.06.12video vom platzsturm der GAK anhaenger in Hartberg by admin[Video]
09.06.12my last words on twitter by admin[Image]
09.06.12new subject in highschool by admin[Image]
09.06.12Die Titanic weiss auch schon alles by admin[News]
09.06.12Kein Aufstieg, dafuer Platzsturm by admin[News]
09.06.12my rather short life on twitter by admin[Image]
08.06.12best of mai 2012 by PeP[Video]
08.06.12wrestling snapshot by admin[Image]
08.06.12Hi Jack by [Video]
08.06.12Kat ind er Kneipe by admin[News]
08.06.12Pronunciation Exercise by admin[Text]
08.06.12In ein paar Stunden ist Ankick - Jetzt noch schnell Tipps abgeben und eine Nacht in Keller's Weinkeller gewinnen!!! by admin[Other]
08.06.12EM Elfer by rellek[Image]
08.06.12Some of Mother Nature's weirdest Creations by admin[Image]
08.06.12threesome by admin[Image]
08.06.12WTF? (highlight text!) by admin[Other]
08.06.12japanese needlefish [nsfw/l] by admin[Image]
08.06.12and not a single fuck was given that day... by neither of them by admin[Image]
08.06.122004 sexy survey.... by admin[Image]
07.06.12Es grüßen der Bundeskalnzler und sein ex-spezi (thx Cannibal!) by admin[Image]
07.06.12Darth Vader on Pink Floyd by admin[Image]
07.06.12nice skirt... [gif] by xxx[Erotik]
07.06.12From Vice magazine 1994: Beavis and Butthead do WTC by admin[Image]
07.06.12Americans... by dr[Image]
07.06.12too much information? by admin[Image]
07.06.12understand your cat by admin[Image]
07.06.12Some guy from Brooklyn on CNN: Marijuana law just creates criminals by admin[News]
07.06.12most action films... by admin[Image]
07.06.12wheelgaps... by admin[Image]
07.06.124chan task force by admin[Image]
07.06.12don't masturbate at your work place! [SFW] by admin[Image]
07.06.12running out of options here by admin[Image]
07.06.12RIP Ray Bradbury. Thx for your literature. by admin[News]
07.06.12that's how you miss it... by admin[Image]
07.06.12EM startet morgen. Bitte alle ausser Stegi jetzt beim Tippspiel anmelden! by admin[Other]
06.06.12evolution by admin[Image]
06.06.12verlockend... by admin[Image]
06.06.12Problem mit dem Einkaufswagen by PeP[Video]
06.06.12the Antikythera mechanism, 2000yo computer by admin[News]
06.06.12Stuxnet war tatsächlich eine Cyber-Waffe der USA und Israels by admin[News]
06.06.12grossartiges interview zum thema 'cyberwarfare' by admin[Text]
06.06.12If you missed the Venustransit and don't want to wait until 2117: here are some good pics by admin[Image]
06.06.12hedgehog-friendly McFlurry cup design... by admin[Other]
06.06.12Anonymous calls for 'Project Mayhem-2012' by admin[News]
06.06.124chan makes her feel like a lady by admin[Image]
06.06.12meowww by admin[Video]
06.06.12welll played by admin[Image]
06.06.12Cocaine, Heroin, Opium, Morphine..... by admin[Image]
06.06.12mahlzeit by admin[Image]
06.06.12spinnen und drogen [video] by admin[Video]
06.06.12spinnen und drogen [repost] by admin[Image]
06.06.12trust by admin[Image]
05.06.12Really funny ventriloquist performance by PeP[Video]
05.06.12fat cat by admin[Image]
05.06.12does anyone else miss bill clinton? by admin[Image]
05.06.12wiki of the day: List of domesticated animals and their wild ancestors by admin[Other]
05.06.12the last supper by admin[Image]
05.06.12My best Succubus experience by admin[Text]
05.06.12don't forget, Transit of Venus tomorrow!! by admin[News]
05.06.12Liz Vicious Sexy Gif Collection by xxx[Erotik]
05.06.12Zwei Geparden waren in Salzburg unterwegs by admin[News]
05.06.12Tube Socks - HOT by xxx[Erotik]
05.06.12neues von lars by rellek[Image]
05.06.12dear crossing masterplan by admin[Image]
05.06.12Künstler baut Helikopter aus toter Katze by admin[News]
05.06.12moar Liz by xxx[Erotik]
05.06.12Liz Vicious: The_fire_place_flirt_ by xxx[Erotik]
05.06.12Indien: Invasion der Riesenspinnen by admin[News]
05.06.12spidercat by admin[Image]
05.06.12moar redhead pics by xxx[Erotik]
04.06.12how to protect your personal data AND boobs by admin[Other]
04.06.12queue to get on eiffen tower by admin[Image]
04.06.12So verwirrt man einen Verwirrten by Melodic[Image]
04.06.12boss spider by admin[Image]
04.06.12camwhore poses by admin[Image]
04.06.12readhead by xxx[Erotik]
04.06.12cancer? by admin[Image]
04.06.12men... by admin[Image]
04.06.12beautiful spider by admin
04.06.12nice snake shot by admin[Image]
04.06.12single dad by admin[Image]
04.06.12two cats by admin[Image]
04.06.12Nice Street Performers by Melodic[Video]
04.06.122nd generation atheists by admin[Image]
03.06.12Tabasco Prank by PeP[Video]
03.06.12Anarchist flag flying in place of Union flag Bank of Scotland HQ Edinburgh by admin[Image]
03.06.12Interview mit der Piratenpartei Österreich by admin[News]
03.06.12design fixed! by admin[HP]
03.06.12baby stingrays by admin[Image]
03.06.12guess we need more nukes by admin[Image]
03.06.12that's how you get your honey by admin[Image]
03.06.12skills vs fame by admin[Image]
03.06.12legendary flash game: Endless Zombie Rampage by admin[Game]
03.06.12that's what you get for doing stuff you're not supposed to do by admin
03.06.12mindblowing 3D street paintings by admin[Image]
03.06.12there's a club for everything. by admin[Image]
03.06.12Drymobius in costa rica by admin[Image]
03.06.12goldon orb weaver HR (shot on heron island april/12) by admin[Image]
03.06.12spider wallpaper by admin[Image]
03.06.12spider by admin[Image]
03.06.12real party starter by admin[Image]
03.06.12troll a dog by admin[Image]
03.06.12must-see by admin[Image]
03.06.12gangsta bird by admin[Image]
03.06.12brilliant booze disguise by admin[Image]
02.06.12still using v2.7? check this out! by admin[HP]
01.06.12green huntsman by admin[Image]
01.06.12wiki of the day: List of sexually active popes by admin[Other]
01.06.12time travel trolling by admin[Image]
01.06.12epic paintball battle by admin[Video]
31.05.12dear neighbors by admin[Image]
31.05.121st person tetris by admin[Game]
31.05.12tpb giftcard by admin[Image]
31.05.12mutterkreuz by admin[Image]
31.05.12dog logic by admin[Image]
31.05.12katzen killer by admin[News]
31.05.12Sowas sollte jeder haben! by Melodic[Video]
31.05.12Thors Hammer by Melodic[Video]
31.05.12safe-for-work pron by admin[Image]
31.05.12interesting theories on movies and tv shows by admin[Other]
31.05.12dito... by admin[Image]
31.05.12interesting idea... by admin[Image]
31.05.12trimm it by admin[Image]
31.05.12oh, nothing, just granny talking her gimp for a walk... by admin[Image]
31.05.12age of consent in the US by admin[Image]
31.05.12kamin katze by admin[Image]
31.05.12Indifferent cats in amateur porn by admin[Image]
31.05.12cool spider gifs by admin[Image]
31.05.12wiki of the day: Medea hypothesis by admin[Other]
31.05.12Israelische Forscher... by admin[News]
31.05.12Liz Vicious Presents: The Un-Funny Truth About Scientology by admin[Video]
31.05.12bauerstefan.at PICDUMP! by admin[Image]
30.05.12Euro 2012: Stadiums Of Hate by PeP[Video]
30.05.12cat saviour by admin[Image]
30.05.12Wenn Politiker nur an Geld denken (via Sueddeutsche) by admin[News]
30.05.12Dr. Zeller jetzt auf Facebook! like like like! by Melodic[HP]
30.05.1220 Hottest Volleyball Bodies by Melodic[Erotik]
30.05.12Sexy Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles by Melodic[Erotik]
30.05.12Fett am Gas... by Melodic[Image]
30.05.12koala bus by admin[Image]
30.05.12Timelapse- EARTHEREAL by Propellerman[Video]
30.05.12Star Wars Yodalling by Propellerman[Sound]
30.05.12Es hat passieren muessen: GAK in der Relegation gegen Hartberg!! by admin[News]
30.05.12Waldrapp gesucht by admin[News]
29.05.12MOBFLASH (and castle for ever) by PeP[Video]
29.05.12can we be friend by PeP[Image]
29.05.12We are so high right meow! by Melodic[Image]
29.05.12Landeshauptmann Günther Platter schaut kein UEFA... by admin[News]
29.05.12dads... by admin[Image]
29.05.12get well soon by admin[Image]
29.05.12Trolling A Frog FAIL by admin[Video]
29.05.12Trolling a spider by admin[Video]
29.05.12being posh in hollywood by admin[Image]
29.05.12creepy rock by admin[Image]
28.05.12so i'm on twitter now by admin[Other]
28.05.12Slavoj Zizek on the Hypocrisy of Conscious Consumerism by admin[Video]
27.05.12High Five by PeP[Video]
27.05.12facepalm by admin[Image]
27.05.12Los Colorados - Du Hast (Official Rammstein Cover) by Propellerman[Sound]
27.05.12FORMEL 1 SOUNDCHECK by Propellerman[Video]
26.05.12caturday pin-ups by admin[Image]
26.05.12a real genius by admin[Image]
25.05.12best merch ever? by admin[Image]
25.05.12Opel PR am VW Treffen by rellek[News]
25.05.12Wie man einen Lügner entlarvt by PeP[Video]
25.05.12sicher... by admin[Image]
24.05.12it's... art! by admin[Image]
24.05.12levitating bed by PeP[Image]
24.05.12tea party gone wrong by admin[Image]
24.05.12lucky student by admin[Image]
24.05.12well, that's one way to get drunk by admin[Image]
24.05.12bffs? by admin[Image]
24.05.121st 700m+ jump without parachute (just Wingsuit) by admin[News]
24.05.12colibri smuggle... by admin[Image]
24.05.12legit licence plate by admin[Image]
24.05.12nice by xxx[Image]
24.05.12more of David Thorne by admin[Image]
23.05.12he likes swords by admin[Image]
23.05.12your parents and you... by admin[Image]
23.05.12Kellogs. The "anti-masturbation food". by admin[Image]
23.05.12stay cool by admin[Image]
23.05.12More by David Thorne by admin[Text]
23.05.12hahahaha... truly hilarious by admin[Image]
23.05.12get out your dollars by admin[Image]
23.05.12shade letters by admin[Image]
23.05.12Brisbane's CBD by admin[Image]
23.05.12Moses: The College Years by admin[Video]
22.05.12D.I.A. - Show by PeP[Video]
22.05.12Kyrie Irving dresses as an old man and plays BB. by PeP[Video]
22.05.12not a single puck... by admin[Image]
22.05.12finally: SPIDER CAT! by admin[Image]
22.05.12selber schuld by admin[Image]
21.05.12Bayern Ultras randalieren nach Niederlage im Champions-League-Finale gegen Chelsea by admin[Video]
21.05.12toast by PeP[Video]
21.05.12Zimmerservice by PeP[Video]
21.05.12meister glanz? by admin[Image]
21.05.12fuck coincidences by admin[Image]
21.05.12bathroom shot by admin[Image]
21.05.12wtf gif by admin[Image]
21.05.12creepy by admin[Image]
21.05.12natural beauty by admin[Image]
21.05.12zu extrem? :P by admin[Other]
20.05.12EPIC Horny Dog by Propellerman[Video]
20.05.12w-lan Staubsauger by Propellerman[Video]
19.05.12enjoy the finals like this dude here will by admin[Image]
19.05.12TURKEY DUBSTEP by Propellerman[Sound]
19.05.12revenge cows... by admin[Image]
19.05.12come in and try... by admin[Image]
19.05.12philadelphia by admin[Image]
19.05.12makro by admin[Image]
19.05.12animals by admin[Image]
19.05.12spider on demand by admin[Image]
19.05.12ginger cat by admin[Image]
19.05.12no dogs by admin[Image]
18.05.12parkour - vodka style by PeP[Video]
18.05.12Kind aus dem Schlaf holen by PeP[Video]
18.05.12Fucking Diebe by admin[News]
18.05.12neues von Stephan Rossegger by admin[Video]
18.05.12wiki of the day: Nintendo PlayStation by admin[Other]
18.05.12here, have a cat by admin[Image]
18.05.128-legged drummer by admin[Image]
17.05.12i'm catholic again by admin[Image]
17.05.12some more spiders by admin[Image]
17.05.12appeared in Cosmopoliton by admin[Image]
17.05.12"real fact" by admin[Image]
17.05.12cheater... by admin[Image]
17.05.12indian humor by admin[Image]
17.05.12best protester ever by admin[Image]
17.05.12steinigt mich... aber ich finds gut by admin[News]
17.05.12DR-ZELLER.com KICK TIPP RUNDE fuer die EM!!! (thx battlemoench) by admin[Other]
16.05.12mammals by admin[Image]
15.05.12This cop must be a pothead. by PeP[Video]
15.05.12NOT a spider by admin[HP]
14.05.12NOT a cat as well by admin[Image]
14.05.12How to blow steam out of your mouth by admin[Video]
14.05.12Legalization argument by Superior Court Judge by admin[Video]
14.05.12another beauty by admin[Image]
14.05.12equal rights demo brisbane by admin[Image]
14.05.12on the porch by admin[Image]
13.05.12NOT a cat by admin[Image]
12.05.12it's masturbation month, everybody! by admin[Image]
12.05.12scumbag vampire by admin[Image]
12.05.12on request by xxx[Erotik]
12.05.12wenn der laserpointer fad wird... by admin[Image]
12.05.122010 HEMP OLYMPIX Bong Throw and Yell by admin[Video]
12.05.12threesome by admin[Image]
12.05.12Piratenpartei in NRW zensiert! by admin[News]
12.05.12arrrrrrrr by admin[Image]
11.05.12auteischt by admin[Video]
11.05.12the fuck?! by admin[Image]
11.05.12man's life by admin[Image]
11.05.12ignore hitler by admin[Image]
11.05.12futurama by admin[Image]
11.05.12a quarrrter by admin[Image]
11.05.12wiki of the day: Toynbee tiles by admin[Other]
11.05.12new Mayan calender found by admin[Image]
10.05.12cathero by admin[Image]
10.05.12names... by admin[Image]
10.05.12disney and porn... by admin[Image]
10.05.12technology by admin[Image]
10.05.12reasonable question by admin[Image]
10.05.12soon... by admin[Image]
10.05.12hey there... by admin[Image]
10.05.12how to trap ants by admin[Image]
10.05.12Kiffen macht faul by admin[News]
10.05.12it's obvious... by admin[Image]
10.05.12pussy cafe in wien oeffnet seine pforten by admin[News]
09.05.12riders a awesome by PeP[Video]
09.05.12smokerings by admin[Image]
09.05.12Let's talk about the cover of today's Australian by admin[Text]
08.05.12Cat Sings The Blues by Propellerman[Video]
08.05.12stop toothpasting by admin[Image]
08.05.12stop toothpasting by
08.05.12detective 4chan.. by admin[Image]
08.05.12knitler by admin[Image]
08.05.12evil mastermind by admin[Image]
08.05.12gorilla kid vs human kid by admin[Image]
08.05.12cat in box by admin[Image]
08.05.12it seems to start working by admin[Image]
08.05.12irony by admin[Image]
08.05.12gerittene polizei? by admin[Image]
07.05.12Diese Taste brauche ich auch... by Propellerman[Video]
07.05.12Minderheiten-Quartett by Melodic[Other]
07.05.12bliss by admin[Other]
07.05.12hey jude by admin[Image]
07.05.12robo t-rex... by admin[Image]
07.05.12for dogs by admin[Image]
07.05.12toy yoda... by admin[Image]
07.05.12OP toothpasting by admin[Image]
07.05.12wiki of the day: Interspecific pregnancy by admin[Other]
04.05.12mad dog by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12One more thing we hate about dogs by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Billy Mays maize maze Mayonnaise by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Und jetz Katzen by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12now i understand gangsters by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Dad <3 by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Another Dog by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Sweet Cigarettes by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Dogs by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Potty Putter by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Darth Vader flying high by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12You re on TV?! Me too by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12was die wohl in den kuchen gemischt haben? by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Stereotypical Truth by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Leave the Stress behind by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12Thats my Boy by Melodic[Image]
04.05.12shocking... by admin[Image]
04.05.12The importance of focal length by admin[Image]
03.05.12WoW is schuld an allem!! by admin[Video]
02.05.12jehova cat by admin[Image]
02.05.12der songcontest hat endlich wieder sinn by admin[News]
02.05.12wtf delfine by admin[News]
02.05.12kein bier im stadtpark mehr?? by admin[News]
02.05.12Deutschland 2020 by admin[Image]
02.05.12Cat ruins woman's bath time plans by Propellerman[Video]
01.05.12wiki of the day: Names of God by dr[Other]
01.05.12CATZILLA by admin[Image]
01.05.12Motorradfahrer klagt BMW wegen Dauererektion by admin[News]
01.05.12The Marauder by admin[Video]
01.05.12new smart by admin[Image]
01.05.12true story by admin[Image]
01.05.12start of the zombie acopalypse by admin[Image]
01.05.12spaet aber doch: ein paar unterwasser pics von heron island + mein erstes kaenguru by admin[Image]
01.05.12awesome thread... by admin[Other]
30.04.12speedtest.net by admin[HP]
30.04.12alien vaginas by admin[Image]
30.04.12quotes. by admin[Image]
30.04.12the bat-stache by admin[Image]
30.04.12ist das wirlich was neues? by admin[News]
29.04.12i'm off by admin[Image]
29.04.12soon. by admin[Image]
29.04.12meanwhile, in amsterdam by admin[Image]
29.04.12mind blown by admin[Image]
29.04.12great window by admin[Image]
29.04.12learn from super mario by admin[Image]
29.04.12fathersday by admin[Image]
29.04.12wtf by admin[Image]
29.04.12cat by admin[Image]
29.04.12vegans... by admin[Image]
29.04.12windows doesn't rock. by admin[Image]
29.04.12positive weeding attitude by admin[Image]
29.04.12imperial walker dog by admin[Image]
29.04.12warning: philosophy by admin[Image]
29.04.12meanwhile, in berlin by admin[Image]
29.04.12surra de bunda by admin[Video]
27.04.12Creepy Chewbacca Dog by Propellerman[Video]
26.04.12wtf for dummies by admin[Image]
26.04.12neulich, bei den _horsts by admin[Image]
26.04.12familiar... by admin[Image]
26.04.12einmal leichenkopf in einen see werfen fuer 1000 euro by admin[News]
26.04.12brainfuck by admin[News]
25.04.12who feeds us by admin[Image]
25.04.12ADD/ADHD by admin[Image]
25.04.12wiki of the day: The Great Emu War by admin[Other]
25.04.12smart boy by admin[Image]
25.04.12poor waldo by admin[Image]
24.04.12soundtrack zum aufstehen by admin[Video]
24.04.12putin bleibt cool by admin[Image]
23.04.12plastic surgery gone bad by Propellerman[Video]
23.04.12trolling 2012 by admin[Image]
23.04.12wiki of the day: Mysterious shortwave radio station "Yosemite Sam" by admin[Other]
23.04.12good articles via abc media watch by admin[Text]
23.04.12video from heron island by admin[Video]
22.04.12Cat Alarm Clock by Propellerman[Video]
22.04.12wtf dress by admin[Image]
22.04.12happy sunday by xxx[Erotik]
22.04.12life hacks by admin[Image]
22.04.12...and a dog... by admin[Image]
22.04.12catpark by admin[Image]
22.04.12kitty can jump by rellek[Image]
22.04.12cats vs. dogs.... again by admin[Image]
22.04.12fourK by admin[Image]
22.04.12game of chess by admin[Image]
22.04.12keeping islandic pure by admin[Image]
22.04.12fuck off bear by admin[Image]
22.04.12cattrap by admin[Image]
22.04.12russial roulette by admin[Image]
22.04.12Trivial Persuit by admin[Image]
21.04.12working late by Propellerman[Video]
20.04.12Mac Gyver cat by Propellerman[Video]
20.04.12reinvent the toilet by admin[Other]
20.04.12Warum eigentlich Club 2? by admin[Video]
19.04.12gymnastics crash by Propellerman[Video]
19.04.12Ist doch nichts neues?! by Melodic[Image]
19.04.12Israeli Minister Agrees Ahmadinejad Never Said Israel ‘Must Be Wiped Off the Map’ by admin[News]
18.04.12don't drust b by admin[Image]
18.04.12300+ Economists, including 3 nobel laureates, petition the US government to legalize marijuana by admin[News]
17.04.12Hard Challenge by Melodic[Image]
17.04.12Escape Attempt by Melodic[Image]
17.04.12Movie Covers by Melodic[Image]
17.04.12Fucking by admin[News]
17.04.124chan on conservatism by admin[Image]
16.04.12beer pipline in germany by admin[Other]
16.04.12Russen sind mit abstand das dümmste volk by PeP[Video]
15.04.12rap music by admin[Image]
15.04.12too much metal in your blood by admin[Image]
15.04.12politik mit... by admin[Image]
15.04.12stegi heute by admin[Image]
15.04.12better bin myself by admin[Image]
15.04.12cat traps cat by admin[Image]
15.04.12Frilled shark by admin[Image]
15.04.12genetic research by admin[Image]
15.04.12another bad tatt by admin[Image]
14.04.12still caturday in europe by admin[Image]
14.04.12Traktor in Tirol bei Flucht vor Polizei in Bach gestürzt by admin[News]
14.04.12great headlines by admin[Image]
14.04.12history repeats itself by admin[Image]
14.04.12ein paar neue pics aus australien by admin[Image]
14.04.12spiderbro's back by admin[Image]
14.04.12a ray of hope in an insane world by admin[News]
13.04.12HAVING A BARREL OF FUN by Propellerman[Video]
13.04.12would not hesitate by admin[Video]
13.04.12Threw It On The Ground by admin[Sound]
13.04.12Klospuelung - der admin bittet um mithilfe by admin[Other]
12.04.12What Happens If You Push A Random Button by Propellerman
12.04.12Tuning extreme... by Propellerman[Video]
12.04.12Kind vom Auto angefahren by Propellerman[Video]
12.04.12i mean... god can't be wrong, right? by admin[Image]
12.04.12war by admin[Image]
12.04.12heroin comic by admin[Image]
11.04.12neues aus australien by admin[Other]
10.04.12The Door to Hell by Propellerman[Video]
07.04.12Hands by Propellerman[Video]
07.04.12google profekt glass by PeP[Video]
07.04.12coole fans by PeP[Video]
07.04.12Bouquet Toss Gone Wrong by Propellerman[Video]
07.04.12Guten Appetit... by Propellerman[Video]
05.04.12classic by admin[Image]
05.04.12the good old days... by admin[Image]
05.04.12genial: Wie man einen Beitrag baut by admin[Video]
05.04.12Nobelpreisträger Günter Grass über die Atommacht Israel by admin[Other]
05.04.12TIL: das grazer wappentier gaxt feuer by admin[Image]
05.04.12Worst Album Covers of All Time by rellek
05.04.12than and then by admin[Image]
05.04.12hc rasenmäher by admin[Image]
04.04.12betrunken LoL by PeP[Video]
04.04.12war nicht sein Tag by PeP[Video]
04.04.12elements are just like guinea pigs... by admin[Image]
04.04.12good to know by admin[Image]
04.04.12konstrukte by admin[Image]
04.04.12huxley's last words by admin[Image]
03.04.12Anya (MPLStudios) by xxx[Erotik]
03.04.12klonerfolg in zahnarztpraxis by keller[HP]
03.04.12Standing Moto Double Fail by Propellerman[Video]
02.04.12augenkrebs by admin[Image]
02.04.12Neulich beim Surfen by Melodic[Image]
02.04.12Unusual vagina smell by Melodic[Image]
02.04.12Sad Bird by Melodic[Image]
02.04.12Pool Rules by Melodic[Image]
02.04.12dont ride... by Melodic[Image]
02.04.12Just a Cat by Melodic[Image]
01.04.12 Good Guy Grog by admin[Image]
01.04.12honest twilight trailer by admin[Video]
01.04.12wie vermutet: operation pitdog war ein aprilschärz - und AnonAustria ist lächerlich by admin[News]
01.04.12AnonAustria Leak verzögert sich by admin[News]
31.03.12Hacker Jeopardy by Melodic[Video]
31.03.127258 Schülling by Melodic[Image]
31.03.12jabba the hutt snowman by admin[Image]
31.03.12the adventures of employee man by admin[Image]
31.03.12jaws by admin[Image]
31.03.12oh, google... by admin[Image]
31.03.12good boy by admin[Image]
31.03.12casa bonita is fucking real by admin[Image]
31.03.12grüne ampel kann auch sch.... sein by PeP[Video]
31.03.12World War II Casualties by Country by admin[Image]
31.03.12go go piratenpartei by admin[News]
31.03.12years of us warfare... by admin[Image]
31.03.12österreichische medienvielfalt by admin[Image]
31.03.12pics from iran by admin[Image]
31.03.12Sammelklage gegen Vorratsdatenspeicherung in Österreich by admin[HP]
30.03.12Laser explodes firecracker inside balloon! by Propellerman[Video]
30.03.12Petzi :) by Melodic[Image]
30.03.12B macht auch sinn by admin[Image]
29.03.12Jedi Cat by Propellerman[Video]
29.03.12workin' hard by admin[Image]
29.03.12smart by admin[Image]
29.03.12anti-rape condom by dr[Image]
29.03.12a scholar explains... by admin[Image]
28.03.12metal bands per capita by admin[Image]
28.03.1210 Billion Earth-Like Planets May Exist in Our Galaxy by admin[News]
28.03.12wiki of the day: list of countries by population by admin[Other]
28.03.12mobbing am revier by admin[Image]
28.03.12Batman by PeP[Video]
28.03.12Osama Bin found by PeP[Video]
28.03.12Traktor Fail by Propellerman[Video]
28.03.12Malte Spitz und seine Datenspuren by admin[News]
28.03.12Beppo der Clown by admin[Image]
27.03.12innovative baby products by admin[Image]
27.03.12censorship by admin[Image]
27.03.12LIFE by admin[Image]
27.03.12exactly by admin[Image]
27.03.12cat vs. bat by admin[Image]
27.03.12...did u know? by admin[Image]
27.03.12Quantenfilm by admin[Video]
27.03.12held der arbeitslosen by admin[News]
26.03.12Glückliche Kühe by Propellerman[Video]
26.03.12alien in south park by admin[Image]
26.03.12People are amazing by PeP[Video]
26.03.12Fliegen wie ein Vogel by PeP[Video]
26.03.12LoL - Motorrad entfernen by PeP[Image]
25.03.12ToDo by admin[Image]
25.03.12good girlfriend by admin[Image]
25.03.12best customer service in holland by admin[Image]
25.03.12clever cat by admin[Image]
25.03.12AnonAustria Press Release - Punk 2... by admin[News]
24.03.12WoW vs. Dating Sites by admin[Image]
24.03.12i hate messy desktops by admin[Image]
24.03.12super quellenangabe wiedermal by admin[News]
24.03.12black bull by admin[Image]
24.03.12cat drinks by admin[Image]
24.03.12sideshow plant by admin[Image]
24.03.12kids are assholes by admin[Image]
24.03.12'sup? by admin[Image]
24.03.12nice brassknuckles by admin[Image]
24.03.12that's gonna hurt by admin[Image]
24.03.12"just because" protester by admin[Image]
24.03.12more people jailed in america than in stalin's gulags by admin[News]
24.03.12kirche so zeitgemäß by admin[News]
24.03.12Desk DOTS by admin[Video]
23.03.12Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck! by Propellerman[Video]
23.03.12respekt für deutschland by admin[Image]
23.03.12hyde's got a point by admin[Image]
22.03.12fox news... by admin[Image]
22.03.12jesus is always by your side by admin[Image]
22.03.12Troopers: Laser Sword by Propellerman[Video]
22.03.12Schrei by Melodic[Image]
22.03.12Apple by Melodic[Image]
22.03.12Do not put METAL in Microwave! by Melodic[Image]
22.03.12Love you bro! by Melodic[Image]
22.03.12Seth Rogan is right by Melodic[Image]
22.03.12I would take him with me fa sho by Melodic[Image]
22.03.12Zellers Neues Headset - jetzt im Angebot direkt hier für 19,99 EUR bestellen by Melodic[Image]
22.03.12Mmmhh Donuts! by Melodic[Image]
22.03.12Unfair Race! by Melodic[Image]
22.03.12The Morning After by Propellerman[Video]
22.03.12UQ student goes to Austria by admin[News]
22.03.12Graf Dracula wär fast ein Steirer geworden by admin[Other]
21.03.12meanwhile, on 4chan by anonymous[Image]
21.03.12cancer humor by admin[Image]
21.03.12pics from a chinese gangster's lost phone by admin[Image]
21.03.12perfect crime by admin[Image]
21.03.12little has changed since 1994... by admin[News]
20.03.12die idiotie geht weiter... by admin[News]
20.03.12sport ist mord by admin[Video]
20.03.12Ahmadinedschad im ZDF: "Atomwaffen sind unmoralisch" by admin[Video]
20.03.12Catnip is a hell of a drug by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12Lightning Bolt by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12scusi... by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12Look at my horse, my horse is amazi... fuck by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12Falling asleep... not! by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12Seen this dog? by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12Schindlers Lifte by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12row, row, row a boat by Melodic[Erotik]
20.03.12HUGE tits bouncing by Melodic[Erotik]
20.03.12Was n riesiger Arsch by Melodic[Erotik]
20.03.12Neulich bei RTL by Melodic[Erotik]
20.03.12Tila Tequila having fun by Melodic[Erotik]
20.03.12Fish-Tits by Melodc[Image]
20.03.12Patrick? by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12Rat Fight! by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12Trollhättan by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12Fuck Yeah! by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12ACAB by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12The box is still working by Melodic[Image]
20.03.12They see me rollin #645 by Melodic[Image]
19.03.12So... by Melodic[Image]
19.03.12Dangerous and Illegal!!! by Melodic[Image]
19.03.12death metal logos by admin[Image]
19.03.12kreativer biername by admin[Image]
19.03.12it's the future by admin[Image]
19.03.12trapped by admin[Image]
19.03.12stylisch stapeln by admin[Image]
19.03.12cats by admin[Image]
19.03.12LesbianAnalCumshot.com by admin[HP]
19.03.12blowjob by admin[Image]
19.03.12proper parenting by admin[Image]
19.03.12love is forever by admin[Image]
19.03.12wonderful days by admin[Image]
17.03.12jerk off for kony by admin[Image]
16.03.12Steel made since WWII is slightly radioactive, so instruments sensitive to radiation are made from pre-WWII steel. by admin[Other]
16.03.12the happiest place on earth by admin[Image]
16.03.12Journalist Gary Webb committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with shotgun - *twice* by admin[Text]
16.03.12Der Grund warum Fliegen immer gegen die Scheibe fliegen by Melodic[News]
16.03.12swingers by PeP[Game]
16.03.12striptease once again by admin[Erotik]
16.03.12hair tatts by admin[Image]
16.03.1250 worst band fotos ever by admin[Image]
16.03.12schlechtester feuerwehrmann aller zeiten! by Propellerman[Video]
15.03.12new southpark episode by anonymous[Video]
15.03.12World's First Beatboxing Champion by Propellerman[Sound]
15.03.12Why God never received a PhD by admin[Image]
14.03.12awesome notebook by admin[Image]
14.03.12democracy by admin[Image]
14.03.12srael is planning to demolish 'illegal' solar panels that are the only source of electricity for Palestinians in West Bank villages by admin[News]
14.03.12Apfel schälen by PeP[Video]
14.03.12neues aus brisbane by admin[Other]
14.03.12wie geht kacken?! by PeP[Video]
14.03.12gegen GEZ by PeP[HP]
14.03.12fatality cow wins! by Propellerman[Video]
13.03.12Bierstabilisator by Propellerman[Video]
12.03.12fiese Eltern by PeP[Video]
12.03.12Playjedi by PeP[Erotik]
12.03.12Annoy-a-tron 2.0 by admin[Other]
12.03.12bearded dragon pimping by admin[Image]
12.03.12touché by admin[Image]
12.03.12pizza roulette by admin[Image]
12.03.12not safe for lunch by admin[Image]
12.03.12umgekehrt wär's terrorismus by admin[News]
11.03.12KAZAKHSTAN NATIONAL ANTHEM FAIL! by Propellerman[Video]
11.03.12sushi by admin[Image]
11.03.12workin` hard by admin[Image]
11.03.12sunday hotty by xxx[Erotik]
11.03.12Norwegian scientists suggest to combat Alcoholism with LSD by admin[News]
11.03.12china`s bitch by admin[Image]
11.03.12compound word misconceptions by admin[Image]
11.03.12jesus... by admin[Image]
11.03.12CityKitty by admin[Image]
11.03.12bible news by admin[Image]
11.03.12beetles by admin[Image]
11.03.12Hesus Shoe Repair by admin[Image]
11.03.12need dis by admin[Image]
11.03.12Unfortunate Dog Markings by admin[Image]
10.03.12ein Man Heli by PeP[Video]
10.03.12Mysteriös by admin[News]
10.03.12besser eichhörnchen als delphin by admin[Video]
10.03.12neues vom Tatortreiniger by admin[Video]
10.03.12ankündigung von unglaublicher unwichtigkeit by admin[Other]
09.03.12Hulk masturbiert :-) by PeP[Image]
09.03.12drei elfmeter an einem stück by PeP[Video]
09.03.12SuriTV - An Early Look by Propellerman[Video]
09.03.12Flying piglet by Propellerman[Video]
09.03.12TV reporter walks into sign post by Propellerman[Video]
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08.03.12First-Ever Images of Atoms Moving Inside a Molecule [Winamp-Style] by admin[News]
08.03.12i finally get how sewing machines work by admin[Image]
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08.03.12the truth about heroin by admin[Text]
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07.03.12Wiki of the Day: Warentrenner by Melodic[Other]
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07.03.12with our powers combined... by admin[Image]
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07.03.12PICASSO by admin[Image]
07.03.12the beginning of McDonalds by admin[Image]
07.03.12don`t cheat on your kitty by admin[Image]
07.03.12acid cat by admin[Image]
07.03.12can`t hurt... by admin[Image]
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06.03.12wiki of the day: List of common misconceptions by admin[Other]
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06.03.12A possum broke into an Australian bakery & ate so many pastries it couldn't move. This is how they found him! by admin[Image]
06.03.12rewind your cat by admin[Image]
06.03.12OMFG tattoo fail by admin[Image]
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06.03.12how to deal with wheel locks by admin[Image]
06.03.12what they REALLY do in the ladies room by admin[Image]
06.03.12police pee prank - #3 has a point ^^ by admin[Video]
05.03.12nur in Australien auf "Ball´s Pyramide" by PeP[News]
05.03.12frauenkampf by PeP[Video]
05.03.12nazis, überall nazis ;-) by admin[Text]
05.03.12cultural reproduction update by admin[Image]
05.03.12for science! by admin[Image]
05.03.12Cocaine World Chamionship by admin[Image]
05.03.12i hate racism by admin[Image]
04.03.12Motorausbau in Russland by PeP[Video]
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04.03.12some sunday motivation by admin[Image]
04.03.12the morning after... by admin[Image]
04.03.12rust gall by admin[Image]
04.03.12this. is. sick. by xxx[Erotik]
03.03.12Türke mit nem 3 BMW Cabriolett - Schäm mich für Deutschland! by PeP[Video]
03.03.12jump - game by PeP[Game]
03.03.12Autoscheiben einbrechen by PeP[Video]
03.03.12satans hunde by PeP[Video]
03.03.12Deichkind - Leider Geil by Propellerman[Sound]
03.03.12Papierflieger by PeP[Video]
03.03.12schade - keine salzsäure :-) by PeP[Video]
03.03.12classic konzert by PeP[Video]
03.03.12what i want for my birthday by admin[Image]
03.03.12Scooby-Don´t by admin[Image]
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03.03.12caturday pinups by admin[Image]
03.03.12got pussy hair everywhere? the solution! by admin[Image]
02.03.12Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme by Propellerman[Other]
02.03.12Grow your own pineapple from the top of another one by admin[Image]
02.03.12an essential upgrade for every christian household by admin[Image]
02.03.12cats & routers by admin[Image]
02.03.12cultural reproduction... by admin[Image]
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02.03.12Japanese build Speech-Jamming Gun by admin[News]
01.03.12awesome drivers licence by admin[Image]
01.03.12word. by admin[Image]
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01.03.12Go Bahrain! by admin[Image]
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01.03.12KHG ein Kleinverdiener by admin[News]
29.02.12Lachen verbindet by Melodic[Video]
29.02.12Hub City Stompers - Little Julie Swastika by admin[Image]
29.02.12hitler`s back by admin[Image]
29.02.12bizarre experiments by admin[Other]
29.02.12Österreich leitet jetzt Daten über "politische Einstellung, sexuelle Orientierung und Religionszugehörigkeit" an die USA weiter by admin[News]
29.02.12lucky bastard by admin[Image]
29.02.12Movie: The Movie by admin[Video]
28.02.12Stallduft by Propellerman[Other]
28.02.12what became of mincer by admin[Other]
28.02.12Katze geht von Graz nach Bayern by admin[News]
28.02.12The Fellowship of the Ring Remix by Propellerman[Sound]
28.02.12awesome Babysitter Prank by admin[Video]
28.02.12So much for Marklar. by admin[Other]
27.02.12Das Merkel by Propellerman[Video]
27.02.12good one by admin[Image]
27.02.12albinos by admin[Image]
27.02.12watch out by admin[Image]
27.02.12pictures with beer instead of paint by admin[Other]
26.02.12epic scene from dr. strangelove by admin[Video]
26.02.12The FBI on ESP by admin[Other]
26.02.12Online ESP test by admin[Other]
26.02.12PETAkillsAnimals.com by admin[HP]
26.02.12my new Dell by admin[Image]
25.02.12see an Englishman growing a beard for a good cause by admin[Other]
25.02.12na echt jetzt?! by admin[News]
25.02.12font cats by admin[Image]
25.02.12professionelle erdung by admin[Image]
25.02.12politics by admin[Image]
25.02.12every goddamn time by admin[Image]
25.02.12says pretty much everything about German... by admin[Image]
25.02.12TIL Ken Kesey (writer of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest") faked his own death in 1965 to avoid a marijuana possession charge! by admin[Other]
25.02.12strip by xxx[Erotik]
25.02.12snakeride by admin[Image]
25.02.12free hat! by admin[Image]
25.02.12freaking awesome: moss graffiti by admin[Image]
25.02.12police brutality in Valencia by admin[Video]
24.02.12Pornoattacke im Elektronikmarkt by Propellerman[News]
24.02.12Scum pot valve explosion by Propellerman[Video]
24.02.12first usefull G8 meeting by admin[Image]
24.02.12milf? by xxx[Erotik]
24.02.12wiki of the day: Children are the Victims of Adult Vices by admin[Other]
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24.02.12How To Trick an Online Scammer Into Carving a Computer Out of Wood by admin[Text]
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23.02.12so what happened? by admin[Image]
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23.02.12catmap by admin[Image]
23.02.12Faster-than-light neutrino result reportedly a mistake caused by loose cable by admin[News]
23.02.12wiki of the day: Raoul Duke by admin[Other]
23.02.12new metal genre by admin[Image]
23.02.12twitter fail by admin[Image]
23.02.12must-have by admin[Other]
22.02.12zitat der woche von der schottermitzi by admin[News]
22.02.12brilliant desktop by admin[Image]
22.02.12home made wax seal by admin[Image]
22.02.12mel schnell den mietvertrag kündigen by admin[News]
21.02.12Opas iPad by [Video]
21.02.12neulich bei einer Umfrage... by Propellerman[Video]
21.02.12Leimkraut Samen treibt nac