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11.07.23Uncensored LLMs by admin[Other]
01.06.23Noam Chatsky by admin[Other]
27.03.23all you need to know about the US incarceration system in one infographic by admin[Other]
09.03.23List of inventors killed by their own invention by admin[Other]
11.03.22Rokos basilisk by admin[Other]
03.09.21[Fixed] The Dark Forest Theory (+ book recommendation ;-) by admin[Other]
03.09.21Make your own Drake equation! by admin[Other]
27.07.21Kristallschädel gefällig? xD by admin[Other]
22.02.19info graphic on mother tongues by admin[Other]
26.01.19wiki of the day: Euthanasia Coaster by admin[Other]
30.10.18wiki of the day: Timeline of the far future by admin[Other]
29.10.18Austrian soldiers being roasted by admin[Other]
29.10.18Stuart MacBride takes a tour through Aberdeen by admin[Other]
18.08.18wiki of the day: Paul Horner by admin[Other]
15.11.17Wiki of the day: Sidewise Award for Alternat History by admin[Other]
17.10.17Titanic Baby-Hitler-Spezial by admin[Other]
26.09.17wiki of the day: Reductio ad Hilterum by admin[Other]
01.08.17wiki of the day: List of nicknames used by George W. Bush by admin[Other]
29.07.17wiki of the day: LGBT Nazis by admin[Other]
25.07.17Social Justice Warrior Insult Generator by admin[Other]
30.06.17Wienerisch für Anfänger? by admin[Other]
29.06.17wiki of the day: list of fetishes by admin[Other]
14.06.17TIL: Bertrand Russell proved that 1+1=2 by admin[Other]
22.03.17Come on, donote those $1135 already! by admin[Other]
17.03.17almost there... SAVE MIKE MCHUGH! by admin[Other]
28.02.17wiki of the day: Dr. Youngs Ideal Rectal Dilators by admin[Other]
23.01.17wiki of the day: Gaslighting by admin[Other]
17.01.17falls wer notebook braucht by admin[Other]
09.01.17how to build an inverted aquarium for a fish pond [gifv] by admin[Other]
29.11.16self-destructive beverages by admin[Other]
25.11.16Wiki of the day: Antimetabole by admin[Other]
11.11.16international frontpages on trump*s victory by admin[Other]
03.11.16wiki of the day: Alcubierre drive by admin[Other]
29.09.16Roland Düringer - nominiert für das Goldene Brett 2016 by admin[Other]
01.09.162-Jähriger löst Weichenstellerproblem by admin[Other]
01.09.16wiki of the day: List of school pranks by admin[Other]
24.08.16wiki of the day: Oscar gold by admin[Other]
31.07.16wiki of the day: Carrington Event by admin[Other]
14.06.16Johann Gudenus - Lei lei? by admin[Other]
18.05.16interactive version of "Famous People Painting" Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante by admin[Other]
14.05.16wiki of the day: list of celebrity sex tapes by admin[Other]
01.05.16Erdogan mit Ziege "Angela" by PeP[Other]
09.04.16Debunking the "Imaginary Bullshit Planet" Nibiru by admin[Other]
07.04.16Does the Average College Graduate Know More than a Priest Could Teach in Five Minutes? by admin[Other]
14.03.16most googled products by country by admin[Other]
11.03.16wiki of the day: Esoteric programming language by admin[Other]
28.02.16wiki of the day: Jesus and friends by admin[Other]
26.02.16Absolute gold: Domino's Pizza Zimbabwe by admin[Other]
26.02.16Fictional alphabets by admin[Other]
22.02.16Wiki des Tages: Eudaimonie by admin[Other]
19.02.16Wiki of the day: Atalanta by admin[Other]
17.02.16Wiki of the day: Hobo by admin[Other]
30.01.16The epic thread of anon's cheating druggie girlfriend by admin[Other]
22.01.16FSK Feiertags-Zensurliste by admin[Other]
19.01.16Wiki of the day: Conway's Game of Life by admin[Other]
10.01.16Wiki of the day: Gombe Chimpanzee War by admin[Other]
07.01.16Help make Lemmium happen by admin[Other]
21.12.15wiki of the day: Chewbacca defense by admin[Other]
08.12.15The Styrian Defence by admin[Other]
05.12.15Anscheinend macht Amazon kein Geheimnis draus, wer die Taschen genäht hat XD by admin[Other]
16.11.155 myths about astronauts by admin[Other]
08.11.15Ginger journalist really hates South Park. by admin[Other]
08.11.15goldgrube: sammlung zensierter satire by admin[Other]
07.11.15Wiki of the day: 'Pataphysics by admin[Other]
02.11.15Wiki of the day: The Great Tantra Challenge by admin[Other]
31.10.15Wort des Jahres 2015 - mit Link zur Abstimmung by admin[Other]
01.10.15Australians. by admin[Other]
27.09.15Neute Nacht! Totale Mondfinsternis! Und Supermoon! Gibt's erst 2574 wieder! by admin[Other]
27.09.15ein klassiker neu ausgegraben by admin[Other]
25.09.15Wiki of the day: Katrina refrigerators by admin[Other]
10.09.15What's the bright spot on Ceres? by admin[Other]
22.08.15Wiki of the day: Berserk llama syndrome by admin[Other]
13.08.15There is a Ned Flanders themed metal band called Okilly Dokilly Read more at by admin[Other]
05.08.15dark side of the moon. no nazis. by admin[Other]
04.08.15lightning maps by admin[Other]
04.08.15Wiki of the day: The Hollywood Vampires by admin[Other]
08.07.156 Species of Crust Punk by admin[Other]
01.07.15Wiki of the day: Don't Buy This - some of the poorest games ever by admin[Other]
12.06.15Looks like PornHub has some shit to work out by admin[Other]
11.06.15The downfalls of reddit #2 (theory) by admin[Other]
11.06.15The downfalls of reddit #1 (data) by admin[Other]
08.06.15Wiki of the day: Dihydrogen monoxide hoax by admin[Other]
08.06.15reading with dyslexia by admin[Other]
08.06.15Clickbait Taxonomy by admin[Other]
02.06.15"I Won a $5,000 Magic: The Gathering Tournament on Shrooms" by admin[Other]
27.05.15chemistry teacher quotes by admin[Other]
10.05.15cooler test zu regionalen mundart variationen by admin[Other]
23.04.15Celebs and Meth by admin[Other]
21.04.15touch your screen by admin[Other]
03.04.15South Park Bro Down - Final 8! by admin[Other]
27.03.15Nightvision Eye Drops by admin[Other]
26.03.15@GlasgowCCouncil &Jeremy Clarkson by admin[Other]
16.03.15wiki of the day: bundling by admin[Other]
11.02.15Wiki of the day: Names of large numbers by admin[Other]
10.02.15Das Sperma Kochbuch - Unbedingt die Bewertungen lesen ;) by Melodic[Other]
02.02.15Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall - the largest known structure in the observable universe by admin[Other]
02.02.15Wiki of the day: Panspermia by admin[Other]
30.01.15get me off your fucking mailing list by admin[Other]
27.01.15Asteroid 2004 BL86 has a small moon by admin[Other]
24.01.15Wiki of the day: Poe's Law by admin[Other]
21.01.15Wiki of the day: List of artificial intelligence projects by admin[Other]
18.01.15Wiki of the day: Georgia Guidestones by admin[Other]
14.01.15Je Suis Capitalisme by admin[Other]
11.01.1536 Reasons why Breaking Bad is awesome by admin[Other]
10.01.15Tim Becker by guten morgen[Other]
07.01.15Astronomy Porn: Top 10 Strangest Things in Space by admin[Other]
06.01.15Wiki of the day: Thomas Glavinic und Wikipedia by admin[Other]
01.01.15tech stuff 2015 by admin[Other]
01.01.152015 Prediction Bot by admin[Other]
31.12.14Happy 11111011111, aka the Palindrome-11-Bit-Year by admin[Other]
30.12.14Woman Draws a Self-Portrait Before And After the Use of LSD by admin[Other]
30.12.14Most viewed articles on Wikipedia 2014 by admin[Other]
27.12.14Implicit Association Tests by admin[Other]
25.12.14Rebranding Krampus by admin[Other]
23.12.14Wiki of the day: Pascagoula Abduction by admin[Other]
18.12.14The lightest substance on earth, graphene aerogel by admin[Other]
17.12.14Zeitgeist-Language in Pop-Charts, 1890-2014 by admin[Other]
15.12.14Wiki of the day: First video game by admin[Other]
29.11.14Liste aller eingetragenen Parteien in Österreich by admin[Other]
29.11.14The 31 Most Pointless Things Of All Time by admin[Other]
28.11.14Goldenes Brett 2014 geht an Xavier Naidoo by admin[Other]
28.11.14Wiki of the day: Death from laughter by admin[Other]
25.11.14Wiki of the day: List of paradoxes by admin[Other]
18.11.14Stupid Projects From The Stupid Hackathon by admin[Other]
12.11.14Wiki of the day: Goldener_Schnitt by admin[Other]
21.10.14Wiki of the day: Death flights by admin[Other]
02.10.14Wiki of the day: Jesus H. Christ by admin[Other]
26.09.14Wiki of the day: List of American sandwiches by admin[Other]
25.09.14Wiki of the day: Trojan Room coffee pot by admin[Other]
15.09.14„Möge dieses Medium dazu beitragen, die Österreicher zu einem gut unterrichteten Volk zu machen.“ by admin[Other]
09.09.14Urlaub geplant und du suchst einen Hunde- oder Katzesitter? Bina Kleintierservice in München hilft! by admin[Other]
28.08.14Wiki of the day: Risk (board game) — Strategy by admin[Other]
27.08.14should be called "the rundabout from hell" by admin[Other]
19.08.14Wiki of the day: Human magnetism by admin[Other]
12.08.14Wiki of the day: Wankers Corner, Oregon by admin[Other]
11.08.14Jute Street. by admin[Other]
11.08.14Wiener Linien lassen über Farbe von U5 abstimmen by admin[Other]
11.08.14"Hitler incident" by admin[Other]
11.08.14Quantified LED-Cockring by admin[Other]
05.08.14wiki of the day: "King of the Dudes" by admin[Other]
01.08.14looks like anon's getting rich [link to ebay auction] by admin[Other]
30.07.14wiki of the day: Oh-My-God particle by admin[Other]
29.07.14wiki of the day: List of recurring South Park characters by admin[Other]
21.07.14Wiki of the day: List of challenges in Takeshi's Castle by admin[Other]
17.07.14SUV from hell by admin[Other]
15.07.14Wiki of the day: List of national dishes by admin[Other]
14.07.14Wiki of the day: Saturn's hexagon by admin[Other]
14.07.14Study: Hard Times Can Make People More Racist by admin[Other]
09.07.1458k+ potato salad by admin[Other]
07.07.14The days of healthy market competition are long gone... by admin[Other]
04.07.14Estimated Life Expectancy in the Ancient World by admin[Other]
29.06.14John's Phone by admin[Other]
29.06.14Here's some scientific fear for you: 150 Things the World's Smartest People Are Afraid Of by admin[Other]
19.06.14where to be borne index by admin[Other]
17.06.14ArnoldC Programmiersprache by admin[Other]
16.06.14fuck this: what your childhood toys would be worth now by admin[Other]
15.06.14hong kong elemetary school first grade student admission test by admin[Other]
11.06.14Wiki of the day: Bald–hairy by admin[Other]
02.06.14Wiki of the day: List of animals with fraudulent diplomas by admin[Other]
28.05.14Wiki of the day: List of frivolous political parties by admin[Other]
24.05.14Wiki of the day: The Cure for Insomnia by admin[Other]
23.05.14Wiki of the day: List of the longest gaps between film sequels by admin[Other]
14.05.14Wiki of the day: Astrobiology by admin[Other]
07.05.14Wiki of the day: One red paperclip by admin[Other]
02.05.14Impressionismus? by admin[Other]
29.04.14Wiki of the day: Trolley problem by admin[Other]
26.04.14Pro/Contra Marijuana-Legalization by admin[Other]
24.04.14This is figuratively the best browser plugin ever. by admin[Other]
23.04.14Wiki of the day: List of fictional religions by admin[Other]
21.04.14another wiki of the day: Abilene paradox by admin[Other]
21.04.14Wiki of the day: Damiana by admin[Other]
17.04.14wiki of the day: Club 33 by admin[Other]
14.04.14USB Pet Rock -,- by admin[Other]
14.04.14Wahlhelfer der Wiener Zeitung (Gogo Rekos?) by admin[Other]
10.04.14Wiki of the day: List of James Bond gadgets by admin[Other]
06.04.14Wiki of the day: List of Israeli assassinations by admin[Other]
04.04.14Brauchst du LED Röhre? by admin[Other]
09.03.14letzte chance meinen ramsch auf ebay zu kaufen #3 by admin[Other]
09.03.14letzte chance meinen ramsch auf ebay zu kaufen #1 by admin[Other]
04.03.14Mysteriöses weißes Notebook auf Ebay by admin[Other]
03.02.14Steiermark 1 TV insolvent. Jetzt mitsteigern. by admin[Other]
01.02.14wiki of the day: list of wars by death toll by admin[Other]
19.01.14Wiki of the Day: Stressbingo by admin[Other]
17.01.14wanna be diabetic? by admin[Other]
11.12.13wiki of the day: End-of-history illusion by admin[Other]
10.11.13The history of time by admin[Other]
18.09.13helpful resources for journalists by admin[Other]
09.09.13My favorite license. by admin[Other]
29.08.13seriously mindblowing maps by admin[Other]
28.08.1331 Signs You Grew Up In Aberdeen by admin[Other]
14.08.13Breaking Bad Locations in RL! by admin[Other]
26.07.13kommentare lesen by admin[Other]
25.07.13Wiki of the day: List of inventors killed by their own inventions by admin[Other]
25.07.13best wikipedia opening paragraph ever? by admin[Other]
24.07.13Wiki of the day: List of breakout characters by admin[Other]
24.07.13TV's Best Characters (That You're Not Allowed To See) by admin[Other]
17.07.13wiki of the day: White Coke by admin[Other]
15.07.13Kommentar lesen by admin[Other]
03.07.1325 years ago on this day a US guided missile cruiser attacked a civillian Iranian Airliner killing all 290 passengers including 66 children by admin[Other]
01.07.13official list of flagged words by admin[Other]
01.07.13Repost: 6 months of cell phone metadata of a German politician by admin[Other]
28.06.13wiki of the day: Timeline of the far future by admin[Other]
19.06.13Some Science for you: The Urinal Problem by admin[Other]
18.06.13Punkrock fat cats by admin[Other]
15.06.13Fuck List Paper by admin[Other]
15.06.13Obama-Spitzel-Sticker by admin[Other]
15.06.13wiki of the day: Allied war crimes during World War II by admin[Other]
11.06.13found on lulu... by admin[Other]
11.06.13wiki of the day: Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution by admin[Other]
10.06.13Israel bezahlt Studenten für zionistische Propaganda im Internet by admin[Other]
04.06.13wiki of the day: Schizophrenia and smoking by admin[Other]
03.06.13Biggest edit wars on Wikipedia by admin[Other]
03.06.13wiki of the day: Nazi IQ Test Scores by admin[Other]
01.06.13Ikea weiß Paint-Skills zu schätzen by admin[Other]
31.05.13The Asylum mockbusters by admin[Other]
31.05.13wiki of the day: List of films considered the worst by admin[Other]
26.05.13Australia explained by admin[Other]
26.05.13wiki of the day: List of micronations by admin[Other]
24.05.1315 Bad Predictions About Today From The Past by admin[Other]
24.05.13Photographer for Humans of New York overturns his preconceptions of Iran in recent visit by admin[Other]
24.05.13wiki of the day: E-Prime by admin[Other]
23.05.13Geeksisters vs. HGM - Gerichtsbericht by admin[Other]
23.05.13wiki of the day: Biological immortality by admin[Other]
22.05.13wiki of the day: Small penis rule by admin[Other]
22.05.13Cosmarxpolitan by admin[Other]
20.05.13one more wiki of the day: Potential cultural impact of extraterrestrial contact by admin[Other]
20.05.13another wiki of the day: Operation Paperclip by admin[Other]
20.05.13wiki of the day: Typhoid Mary by admin[Other]
11.05.13wiki of the day: Well to Hell hoax by admin[Other]
08.05.13wiki of the day: Principle of Evil Marksmanship by admin[Other]
06.05.13Heil Honey I'm Home! by admin[Other]
06.05.13In 1964, a grad student studying the little ice age accidentally killed the oldest known living non-clonal organism on earth. by admin[Other]
06.05.13wiki of the day: Taiping Rebellion by admin[Other]
04.05.13le conspiracy in a nutshell by admin[Other]
04.05.13wiki of the day: HAARP by admin[Other]
29.04.13wiki of the day: List of unusual articles by admin[Other]
27.04.13What the World Eats by admin[Other]
26.04.13The 21 Types Of Hipster You Encounter In London by admin[Other]
26.04.13What happens if you text your parents about weed by admin[Other]
20.04.13sex in space by admin[Other]
13.04.13/b/ story, Link #2 by admin[Other]
11.04.13wiki of the day: List of countries by population in 1900 by admin[Other]
24.03.13wiki of the day: List of common misconceptions by admin[Other]
24.03.13HC April Fools Prank by admin[Other]
21.03.13Auschecken: Neues Denunziantenportal der Österreichischen Staatsanwaltschaft by admin[Other]
19.03.13Häf'nfakten Österreich by admin[Other]
15.03.13Willst du Niere kaufen? [TV Tipp!] by admin[Other]
13.03.13then and now: Peter Costa by admin[Other]
10.03.13Politisch inkorrektes Saatgut by admin[Other]
28.02.13The average Russian woman will have about 6 abortions before having her first child by admin[Other]
27.02.13wiki of the day: List of unusual deaths by admin[Other]
26.02.13wiki of the day: sexually active popes [repost] by admin[Other]
21.02.13wiki of the day: Feynman point by admin[Other]
19.02.13Wasserschlauch jetzt günstig by admin[Other]
15.02.13wiki of the day: List of fictional medicines and drugs by admin[Other]
13.02.13GM of the leading North Korea travel company AMA by admin[Other]
10.02.13Study makes people remember fabricated political events by admin[Other]
09.02.13Pruno by admin[Other]
01.02.13"Science"-Fotos 2012 by admin[Other]
22.01.13best porn titles 2012 by admin[Other]
20.01.13bread. by admin[Other]
20.01.1312km hole by admin[Other]
20.01.13Jakob Maria Mierscheid by admin[Other]
19.01.13Delivery for Mr. Assange by admin[Other]
17.01.13WTF: "Es ist genauso wie mit den Rosinen auf dem Kuchen. Warum soll sie denn nicht ein anderer essen wenn der Besitzer diese nicht essen will." by admin[Other]
16.01.13cheesecake, anyone? by admin[Other]
16.01.13Arnold Schwazenegger AmA auf Reddit by admin[Other]
13.01.13NBOMe by admin[Other]
11.01.13wiki of the day: Wagah by admin[Other]
09.01.13wiki of the day: List of bestselling automobiles by admin[Other]
07.01.13Schwule Black Flag Tribute Band by admin[Other]
06.01.1340 Technology Predictions For The Next 150 Years [Infographic] by admin[Other]
05.01.13Der Tag ist gerettet. by admin[Other]
29.12.12wiki of the day: LOLCat Bible Translation Project by admin[Other]
27.12.12wiki of the day: Grüner Knollenblätterpilz by admin[Other]
27.12.12Most visited pages on Wikipedia 2012 by admin[Other]
26.12.12wiki of the day: Ship's cat by admin[Other]
22.12.12wiki of the day: "Chichijima incident" by admin[Other]
17.12.12Unvollständige Internet-Landkarte by admin[Other]
09.12.12wiki of the day: Piss Christ by admin[Other]
07.12.12Das Wort des Jahres 2012 by admin[Other]
06.12.12Da ist wohl einer zu nah an die Sonne gekommen by admin[Other]
06.12.12Drogen-Shopping-Guide Berlin by admin[Other]
04.12.12Fekter fährt Renault by admin[Other]
03.12.12would u do that on shrooms? by admin[Other]
02.12.12wiki of the day: Atlantropa by admin[Other]
30.11.12Bosch Korkenzieher by admin[Other]
28.11.12let's download a car! by admin[Other]
25.11.12interessant... by admin[Other]
24.11.12wiki of the day: Cobra effect by admin[Other]
19.11.12Mhhh... Betelnuss by admin[Other]
18.11.12wiki of the day: Ben Franklin effect by admin[Other]
14.11.12let some cats bounce by admin[Other]
14.11.12let's cook by admin[Other]
14.11.12wiki of the day: Deleted articles with freaky titles by admin[Other]
05.11.12The modern dictator hires Burson-Marsteller! by admin[Other]
28.10.12Das Ding aus der Mur - ab30.11. im Rechbauerkino by admin[Other]
27.10.12wiki of the day: Wiki games by admin[Other]
27.10.12Tom in the closet by admin[Other]
24.10.12Einer der Architekten der Synthetischen Evolutionstheorie by admin[Other]
16.10.12wiki of the day: List of Austrians by admin[Other]
03.10.12You don't always win with Darwin... by admin[Other]
30.09.12wiki of the day: The Onion taken seriously by admin[Other]
27.09.12Weltverschwörungsgenerator by admin[Other]
19.09.12Shining-Sequel comming soon by admin[Other]
19.09.12Have your mind Blown by Melodic[Other]
10.09.12meet the Jewfro by admin[Other]
05.09.12fear and loathing - the game by admin[Other]
05.09.12wiki of the day: List of tallest mountains in the Solar System by admin[Other]
05.09.12public pranks by admin[Other]
02.09.12Mal ein Vorschlag zur Wehrpflichtdebatte by admin[Other]
31.08.12freebase caffeine by admin[Other]
23.08.12Beschwerden bitte hier einreichen by admin[Other]
22.08.12Wow! signal by admin[Other]
18.08.12Freu mich schon auf "Christen feiern Weihnachten" by admin[Other]
18.08.12MBrotws Frage für Glawischnig by admin[Other]
16.08.12[EN] wiki of the day: Voynich manuscript by admin[Other]
16.08.12[DE] Heute auf Wikipedia: Das Voynich-Manuskript by admin[Other]
16.08.12more about that gps thing... [thx to battlemoench] by admin[Other]
15.08.12impact of continental drift on GPS accuracy by admin[Other]
06.08.12Pizza für echte Männer (offizieller Diskussionsthread) by Melodic[Other]
30.07.12make everything ok - with just one click! by admin[Other]
02.07.12wiki of the day: Conversation games by admin[Other]
01.07.12I scored 18/50 on my GSAT. How geeky are you? by admin[Other]
01.07.12So some people though the currency that was to replace the Pound in Australia in 1966 should be called the "Ming" by admin[Other]
28.06.12wiki of the day: Bristol Stool Scale (thx to Posti!) by admin[Other]
26.06.12soll das heißen, dr-zeller.com ist für kinder nicht geeignet?! by admin[Other]
15.06.12wiki of the day: List of people who disappeared mysteriously by admin[Other]
13.06.12wiki of the day: List of the poorest places in the United States by admin[Other]
12.06.12Ultimate Fictional Character’s Fighting League by admin[Other]
11.06.12Death - The Book by admin[Other]
11.06.12wiki of the day: List of people considered father or mother of a field by admin[Other]
11.06.12CIA Field Agents would Secretly Slip Each Other LSD as a Prank! by admin[Other]
10.06.12wiki of the day: Operation Northwoods by admin[Other]
08.06.12In ein paar Stunden ist Ankick - Jetzt noch schnell Tipps abgeben und eine Nacht in Keller's Weinkeller gewinnen!!! by admin[Other]
08.06.12WTF? (highlight text!) by admin[Other]
07.06.12EM startet morgen. Bitte alle ausser Stegi jetzt beim Tippspiel anmelden! by admin[Other]
06.06.12hedgehog-friendly McFlurry cup design... by admin[Other]
05.06.12wiki of the day: List of domesticated animals and their wild ancestors by admin[Other]
04.06.12how to protect your personal data AND boobs by admin[Other]
01.06.12wiki of the day: List of sexually active popes by admin[Other]
31.05.12interesting theories on movies and tv shows by admin[Other]
31.05.12wiki of the day: Medea hypothesis by admin[Other]
28.05.12so i'm on twitter now by admin[Other]
21.05.12zu extrem? :P by admin[Other]
18.05.12wiki of the day: Nintendo PlayStation by admin[Other]
17.05.12DR-ZELLER.com KICK TIPP RUNDE fuer die EM!!! (thx battlemoench) by admin[Other]
11.05.12wiki of the day: Toynbee tiles by admin[Other]
07.05.12Minderheiten-Quartett by Melodic[Other]
07.05.12bliss by admin[Other]
07.05.12wiki of the day: Interspecific pregnancy by admin[Other]
01.05.12wiki of the day: Names of God by dr[Other]
01.05.12awesome thread... by admin[Other]
25.04.12wiki of the day: The Great Emu War by admin[Other]
23.04.12wiki of the day: Mysterious shortwave radio station "Yosemite Sam" by admin[Other]
20.04.12reinvent the toilet by admin[Other]
16.04.12beer pipline in germany by admin[Other]
13.04.12Klospuelung - der admin bittet um mithilfe by admin[Other]
11.04.12neues aus australien by admin[Other]
05.04.12Nobelpreisträger Günter Grass über die Atommacht Israel by admin[Other]
28.03.12wiki of the day: list of countries by population by admin[Other]
22.03.12Graf Dracula wär fast ein Steirer geworden by admin[Other]
16.03.12Steel made since WWII is slightly radioactive, so instruments sensitive to radiation are made from pre-WWII steel. by admin[Other]
14.03.12neues aus brisbane by admin[Other]
12.03.12Annoy-a-tron 2.0 by admin[Other]
10.03.12ankündigung von unglaublicher unwichtigkeit by admin[Other]
07.03.12Wiki of the Day: Warentrenner by Melodic[Other]
06.03.12wiki of the day: List of common misconceptions by admin[Other]
02.03.12Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme by Propellerman[Other]
29.02.12bizarre experiments by admin[Other]
28.02.12Stallduft by Propellerman[Other]
28.02.12what became of mincer by admin[Other]
28.02.12So much for Marklar. by admin[Other]
27.02.12pictures with beer instead of paint by admin[Other]
26.02.12The FBI on ESP by admin[Other]
26.02.12Online ESP test by admin[Other]
25.02.12see an Englishman growing a beard for a good cause by admin[Other]
25.02.12TIL Ken Kesey (writer of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest") faked his own death in 1965 to avoid a marijuana possession charge! by admin[Other]
24.02.12wiki of the day: Children are the Victims of Adult Vices by admin[Other]
23.02.12wiki of the day: Raoul Duke by admin[Other]
23.02.12must-have by admin[Other]
20.02.12Aetherwellengeige by Propellerman[Other]
17.02.12update aus brisbane by admin[Other]
16.02.12frankfurt police vs. iron sky crew by admin[Other]
16.02.12neues aus brisbane by admin[Other]
14.02.12erste nacht in Brisbane und schon Obdachlos by admin[Other]
09.02.12wiki of the day: Per capita income in the United States by ancestry by admin[Other]
28.01.12wiki of the day: List of criminal enterprises, gangs and syndicates by admin[Other]
25.01.12Die besten Dschungelcamp Zitate by admin[Other]
23.01.12make love not warfare by admin[Other]
21.01.12ein königreich des zynismus.und das beste: du darfst nicht rein. by admin[Other]
21.01.12repost by keller[Other]
19.01.12how chicken mcnuggets are made... by admin[Other]
19.01.12du kommst hier nischt rein by admin[Other]
16.01.12looking for a doomsday-device? by admin[Other]
14.01.12the unknown known by admin[Other]
07.01.12Wie immer im Jänner: Humorvoller Jahresrückblick via clickpix.de by admin[Other]
02.01.12hit the volume button on the right by admin[Other]
02.01.12cats with thumbs by admin[Other]
22.12.11Kampflesben? by admin[Other]
21.12.11Pulgasari by admin[Other]
13.12.11wiki of the day: List of misconceptions about illegal drugs by admin[Other]
13.12.11oh, nothing, just The Trinity College Notebook of Isaac Newton - digitally scanned. by admin[Other]
09.12.11my work here is done by admin[Other]
08.12.1110 cat breed facts by admin[Other]
07.12.11wiki of the day: Clapham Wood Mystery by admin[Other]
07.12.11Meine Mutter by Propellerman[Other]
25.11.11wiki of the day: floater by admin[Other]
21.11.11wiki of the day: poor little mermaid by admin[Other]
19.11.11grund zu feiern by admin[Other]
19.11.11Kühlschrank... by Propellerman[Other]
14.11.11Try selecting the colour black for this shirt. by admin[Other]
05.11.1120 master plots by admin[Other]
04.11.11Aberdeen´s Darren Mackie on books by admin[Other]
03.11.11fear the MILF by admin[Other]
28.10.11i wanna shoot the hole day down by madness[Other]
24.10.11Etwas für Sammler... by Propellerman[Other]
22.10.11Nordbayerische Fingerklatsche by Propellerman[Other]
19.10.11wiki of the day: Miracle of the Sun by admin[Other]
19.10.11why i jews google... by admin[Other]
11.10.11witty by admin[Other]
11.10.11WTF by admin[Other]
09.10.11wiki of the day: russian political jokes by admin[Other]
06.10.11wiki of the day: The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia by admin[Other]
03.10.11why software patents should end by admin[Other]
01.10.11laden vs. usa game by admin[Other]
01.10.11next holiday: zombie adventure by admin[Other]
30.09.11NAMBLA by admin[Other]
30.09.11IG Nobel Prize winners 2011 by admin[Other]
29.09.11mods wanted by admin[Other]
28.09.11Wir brauchen eure Meinung! Anmelden, Meinung Posten, die anderen Foren durchforsten! by Melodic[Other]
19.09.11Berners Street Hoax by admin[Other]
07.09.11mal SEAT IBIZA fahren by admin[Other]
23.08.11´´Pflaume´´ Trockenobst, sehen Sie selbst! by Propellerman[Other]
11.08.11"Türkenhorn" by Propellerman[Other]
08.08.11anonymous hacks website of syrian ministry of defense by admin[Other]
07.08.11sell your soul to Google+ (invitation-link!) by admin[Other]
06.08.11wiki of the day: walking by admin[Other]
02.08.11Kustall Webcam by admin[Other]
28.07.11Hausgemachter, selbstgezapfter Partysiff by Propellerman[Other]
25.07.11schön wär`s gwesen gg by admin[Other]
24.07.11wiki of the day: 27 Club by admin[Other]
23.07.11was für feinschmeckerinnen? by admin[Other]
18.07.1110 min suicide guide by admin[Other]
14.07.11slider version by admin[Other]
12.07.11Strafzettel bei eBay by Propellerman[Other]
10.07.11come on, smoking is more dangerous than XTC? by admin[Other]
08.07.11wiki of day: "While Americans only represent about 5 percent of the world's population, one-quarter of the entire world´s inmates are incarcerated in the United States." by admin[Other]
08.07.11achtung: neuer wurm by admin[Other]
07.07.11wiki of the day: The Clever Hans effect by admin[Other]
06.07.11wiki of the day: Metal umlaut by admin[Other]
27.06.11so many germans... by admin[Other]
22.06.11wiki of the day: religion in the simpsons by admin[Other]
13.06.11Shabba Ranks Exclusive Performance and Interview by Propellerman[Other]
11.06.11check out the .gov stuff! by admin[Other]
11.06.11wiki of the day: List of American words not widely used in the United Kingdom by admin[Other]
10.06.11wiki of the day: cargo cult by admin[Other]
10.06.11OhMiBod by Propellerman[Other]
07.06.11bacon cam :-) by admin[Other]
06.06.11wiki of the day: Project MK Ultra by admin[Other]
26.05.11best apology ever, sun by admin[Other]
24.05.11hear the word our ur almightygod ;-) by admin[Other]
22.05.11Isaac Newton´s occult studies by admin[Other]
22.05.11wiki of the day: Chewbacca defense by admin[Other]
20.05.11wiki of the day: Hogzilla by admin[Other]
15.05.11best reason to pirate music EVER by admin[Other]
14.05.11List of youngest birth mothers by admin[Other]
14.05.11wiki of the day: god save the goat by admin[Other]
11.05.11forever alone involuntary flashmob by admin[Other]
03.05.11What´s the Difference Between Iron Man and Iron Woman? by admin[Other]
02.05.11wiki of the day: powers and abilities of godzilla by admin[Other]
02.05.11what does fox news say? by admin[Other]
01.05.11wiki of the day: schnapsen by admin[Other]
30.04.11time out... by admin[Other]
26.04.11Mal ne Runde Zocken? by Propellerman[Other]
11.04.11wiki of the day: hurenkinderregelung by admin[Other]
08.04.11Die Frühjahrsmode ist da! by admin[Other]
06.04.11mal hakenkreuzrätseln by admin[Other]
04.04.11chatting in 75 by admin[Other]
04.04.11kenny translator by admin[Other]
04.04.11it`s really time... by admin[Other]
02.04.11wiki of the day... by admin[Other]
31.03.11wiki of the day: Futurama theorem by admin[Other]
31.03.11super deal, vor allem die goldmünze - 460 statt 450 euro! ;-) by admin[Other]
30.03.11the MIT and postmodernism by admin[Other]
28.03.11mir fählen die laute (u/y/ü etc... gg) by admin[Other]
27.03.11Would You Put It in Your Butt? by Propellerman[Other]
24.03.11filmtip: TODESPOLKA by admin[Other]
21.03.11was wächst da in meiner küche?! by admin[Other]
18.03.11daft punk vs. ned flanders by admin[Other]
18.03.11chuck lorre vanity cards by admin[Other]
12.03.11st. patrick´s day - be prepared! by admin[Other]
10.03.11brombeeren, brombeeren, brombeeren aus israel... by admin[Other]
03.03.11wiki of the day: turtles all the way down by admin[Other]
01.03.11backmasked messages... by admin[Other]
01.03.11wiki of the day: subliminal messages by admin[Other]
28.02.11bundy rules (oder: armutszeugnisse der synchronisation) by admin[Other]
27.02.11did u know? by admin[Other]
26.02.11wiki of the day: exploding animal by admin[Other]
25.02.11Labs Natural Voices® Text-to-Speech by Propellerman[Other]
24.02.11wiki of the day... by admin[Other]
23.02.11rektale fremdkörper... by admin[Other]
05.02.11auch gut zu wissen by admin[Other]
31.01.11Schimmelbehandlung selbst gemacht by admin[Other]
30.01.11HAUNTED DEMON POWER RING auf ebay by admin[Other]
30.01.11111 GigaPixel - New World Record by admin[Other]
28.01.11Download the Net by Propellerman[Other]
28.01.11Das Internet ist verschwunden by Propellerman[Other]
26.01.119. Februar: GAK Poker Turnier by admin[Other]
22.01.11Die wahrscheinlich größte Erfindung seit der Entdeckung von Frühstück by Dimiman[Other]
14.01.11für alle, die die sonntäglichen columbo-folgen auf orf schon auswendig kennen... by admin[Other]
12.01.11mal ein aquarium ersteigern by admin[Other]
12.01.11the game by admin[Other]
11.01.11Vertraust du Dimitri? [via Facebook] by wettpool[Other]
09.01.11clickpix jahresrückblich 2010 by admin[Other]
08.01.11was wurde eigentlich aus... Coolio? by admin[Other]
07.01.11mal pixclicken und clickpixen by admin[Other]
04.01.11Karriere made in Austria by admin[Other]
29.12.10mal die FPÖ hacken by admin[Other]
25.12.10save jack! by admin[Other]
14.12.10Pro-Wikileaks Petition by admin[Other]
11.12.10Dudeism by admin[Other]
09.12.10best /b/ ever by admin[Other]
04.12.10Random leak by admin[Other]
03.12.10best wikipedia pic EVER by admin[Other]
02.12.10How many PETA members does it take to change a lightbulb? gg by admin[Other]
17.11.10yes please! by madness[Other]
10.11.10"Boa vs. Python" - best and most realistic snake movie EVER by admin[Other]
10.11.10Pedometer says: wtf? by admin[Other]
10.11.10Repost: Pokemon Botschaften by admin[Other]
10.11.1010 Most Bizarre Comic Books by admin[Other]
06.11.10Freizeitspaß mit Schettis in der Bank by admin[Other]
30.10.10Erst wenn die letzte Tankstelle geschlossen ist, werdet ihr merken, dass man bei Greenpeace kein Bier kaufen kann... by admin[Other]
29.10.10TV-Zeitmaschine by admin[Other]
28.10.10Gegen gestrichene Familienbeihilfen unterschreiben! by admin[Other]
13.10.10Coole Filmposter by admin[Other]
10.10.10Bitte testen ob der link funktioniert by admin[Other]
08.10.10Google Pedometer by admin[Other]
03.10.10Delicious: Bacon Explosion by admin[Other]
03.10.10Websites zerballern by admin[Other]
01.10.10Außerdem auf Ebay... (Auf den Hinweis in Grün achten!) by admin[Other]
01.10.10E-Bass Einsteigerset auf Ebay (Eigenwerbung ;-) by admin[Other]
27.09.10Keine Lust auf DonkyKong? Komm zur 2. Weizer Stüberltour! by admin[Other]
20.09.10Penis am Stephansdom by admin[Other]
11.09.10It´s a long way to the iPod... by admin[Other]
10.09.10Stress? by admin[Other]
28.08.10Funktion "Desktop anzeigen" unter Windows 7 by admin[Other]
28.08.10You are AWESOME by admin[Other]
16.08.10Superfun-Tool: Bad Translator by admin[Other]
16.08.10DIY Pocketpussy by dr. sommer[Other]
16.08.10Nette Tierchen in Belize... by admin[Other]
08.08.10Lecker hingekotzt by admin[Other]
04.08.10Sex mit Hitler gg by admin[Other]
31.07.10Siehe auch: Southpark Episode 1402 by admin[Other]
23.07.10What does the Internet think? by admin[Other]
19.07.10Privatdetektiv werden gg by admin[Other]
08.07.10List of drug films by admin[Other]
07.07.10Brazilian Waxing... by admin[Other]
04.07.10Wapanese by admin[Other]
01.07.10Amount of Porn YOU watch... by admin[Other]
30.06.10Top 10 Best And Worst Shark Films by admin[Other]
29.06.10search engines. if ya wanna know more than google tells ya by mincer[Other]
27.06.10u.s. income distribution by mincer[Other]
16.06.10Check out Cryptic Crosswords by admin[Other]
13.06.10Austria on WikiLeaks... by admin[Other]
12.06.10Gratis Hörbücher! by admin[Other]
08.06.10TIPP SPIEL ZUR WM 2010 - freu mich auf zahlreiche Teilnahme ;-) by admin[Other]
04.06.10That´s how they produce headlines... by admin[Other]
03.06.10Erst Nintendo-Core und jetzt das... by admin[Other]
02.06.10Follow me ;-) by admin[Other]
01.06.10"Israel is glad to report that the soldier who stubbed his toe while boarding the ship has made a full recovery" by admin[Other]
31.05.10Happy Quit Facebook Day! by admin[Other]
24.05.10Repost: Wie die Titanic die Fußball WM nach Deutschland holte by admin[Other]
23.05.10The Comission. by admin[Other]
17.05.10Bitte um Support auf Ebay... by admin[Other]
17.05.10Frechheit siegt by admin[Other]
10.05.10Filmtipp zum Montag: Funny Games by admin[Other]
06.05.10NICE pussy...ähm... mouse by admin[Other]
03.05.10Leiharbeiter? Kenne deine Rechte! by admin[Other]
02.05.10repost: story of stuff by mincer[Other]
29.04.10Der goldene Windbeutel 2010 - Sieger steht fest! by admin[Other]
26.04.10Noch 5 Tage 0 Stunden un 32 Minuten by admin[Other]
25.04.10Acid-Toy by admin[Other]
22.04.10Why I Give My Autistic Son Pot by mincer[Other]
22.04.10google and the government by mincer[Other]
21.04.10Blümchen "Boomerang" kaufen - DSDS auslachen! (Musicload) by Melodic[Other]
21.04.10Blümchen "Boomerang" kaufen - DSDS auslachen! (iTunes) by Melodic[Other]
20.04.10and of course.. the volcano webcam by mincer[Other]
13.04.10Steirerkebap! by admin[Other]
12.04.10Da hat jemand nix gelernt, von Tausche Familie... by admin[Other]
02.04.10Zu Ostern mal Jesus auf twitter folgen by admin[Other]
02.04.10Brix... seems to be real by admin[Other]
01.04.10Noch mehr für Diablo III Süchtler by admin[Other]
01.04.10Diablo III GPS by admin[Other]
30.03.10Atlantropa by admin[Other]
27.03.10ACTA leaked by mincer[Other]
25.03.10a peek behind the curtains of politics and time by mincer[Other]
23.03.10Deutscher irc Chatbot-Channel (irc.quakenet.org #quiz) by RastaGyver[Other]
21.03.10Petition: Verjährungsfrist bei sexuellem Missbrauch aufheben by admin[Other]
20.03.10return to sanity part 668 by mincer[Other]
19.03.10Ob die Ähnlichkeit mit einem Löschblattbogen extra starkem Acid bewusst gewählt wurde? by admin[Other]
19.03.10Bordellmatratzen auf Ebay by admin[Other]
16.03.10ihr nennt es austriazismen, wir nennen es deutsch ;) by madness[Other]
15.03.1015 things u should know about boobs by admin[Other]
14.03.10HolliKnolli RathausSpaß by Cannibal[Other]
10.03.10Fakten zum weiblichen Orgasmus by admin[Other]
08.03.10Terrorism vs. Starvation by admin[Other]
23.02.1010 worst olympic mascots - angeführt von "Mukmuk"... by admin[Other]
21.02.10Ein Ziegelstein für jedes FPÖ Gebäude by admin[Other]
13.02.10Best 404 Error pages by admin[Other]
12.02.10Infinite-Monkey-Theorem by admin[Other]
10.02.10Prostatauntersuchtungssimulator by admin[Other]
09.02.10The Devil´s Footprints by admin[Other]
08.02.10Tickets für die WM 2010 zu gewinnen! by admin[Other]
08.02.10an awakening ripples through time by mincer[Other]
04.02.10Und ein heißer Ebay-Link für alle Rob Zombie Fans by admin[Other]
03.02.10Graz: go 4 a walk in city park and look out for black dudes gg by admin[Other]
02.02.10Limit130 Umfrage by admin[Other]
02.02.10Die 25 besten Biere der USA by admin[Other]
25.01.10auto-tertruemmern.de - ein Auto gegen 5 Leute + jede Menge Spaß für 149,95 Euro by admin[Other]
24.01.10Die Katholische Kirche über Sekten... by admin[Other]
24.01.10smart-ass exam answers by admin[Other]
20.01.10Jetzt gratis an der großen Vespa-Verlosung teilnehmen und eine Vespa GTS 300 im Wert von 5.000,- Euro gewinnen. by admin[Other]
20.01.10Praktisches Taschenmesser - Kommentare beachten (mit Dank an Guido!) by admin[Other]
16.01.10Infokrieg by admin[Other]
16.01.10Fake-ID Generator by admin[Other]
16.01.10Lieber Dr-AAV: Neues Zeichengästebuch! by admin[Other]
12.01.10If political parties threw actual parties by admin[Other]
08.01.10Frühstück für echte Männer! by RastaGyver[Other]
06.01.10Was sich in einem Jahrzehnt verändert hat by admin[Other]
06.01.10the 15 most polluted places to live by mincer[Other]
03.01.10Bier-Periodensystem! by admin[Other]
03.01.10More Chrome by admin[Other]
29.12.09Globale Erwärmung: Ja oder Nein? by admin[Other]
26.12.09chinese debate positive side of global warming by madness[Other]
26.12.09the positive effects of global warming | den letzten punkt finde ich am besten :) by madness[Other]
24.12.09Things that happen in one Minute... by admin[Other]
22.12.09liquid prices by mincer[Other]
22.12.09In Ford We Trust by admin[Other]
22.12.09things they dont tell you by mincer[Other]
21.12.09Hangover Myths by admin[Other]
20.12.09Führerscheintest: 47/7 gg by admin[Other]
14.12.09350 reasons why carbon trading will not work by mincer[Other]
10.12.09Repost: Hammertime Plugin by RastaGyver[Other]
10.12.09NY Times: Top10 of everything 09! by admin[Other]
09.12.09Das Vaginaquiz... Wie viele Punkte schaffst du, Stegi? by admin[Other]
07.12.09free webhosting, 1,5gb, and all the toys by mincer[Other]
06.12.09Die Bean Family... by admin[Other]
01.12.09Repost: Dirty Sanchez by admin[Other]
01.12.09Vote for Portia 2010!! Vor ein paar Tagen war sie noch auf platz 500!! by RastaGyver[Other]
01.12.09Umfrage von und für Psycho-Studenten by admin[Other]
27.11.09Nicht vergessen: Heute und morgen FestDerPfosten! by admin[Other]
24.11.09Wie man Videofiles bei Livestream streamen kann by RastaGyver[Other]
24.11.09Der Eisack by admin[Other]
22.11.09Die Geschichte des Internets by RastaGyver[Other]
19.11.09Dinge, die man über seine Katze wissen sollte by admin[Other]
17.11.09Rezept: Cheeseburgersuppe by RastaGyver[Other]
15.11.09Frisch gekocht in der ORF tvthek jetzt 7 Tage nachsehen! by admin[Other]
11.11.09Die 10 häufigsten Todesursachen der Welt by admin[Other]
09.11.09Anophthalmus hitleri - ein blinder, brauner Käfer by admin[Other]
09.11.09starving artists page at soulseek by admin[Other]
09.11.09Super um leute zu belästigen by RastaGyver[Other]
07.11.09The Splat Pack by admin[Other]
06.11.09Tolle Twitter Posts gg by admin[Other]
04.11.09Soziale Hirarchie im Lauf des Lebens by admin[Other]
03.11.09Noch schnell voten: Die Dr-Zeller.com Umfrage by admin[Other]
02.11.09Das gute, alte Spaghettimonster by admin[Other]
28.10.09pure coincidence of course.. by mincer[Other]
28.10.09Top Five Places To Find Vampires in the US by admin[Other]
24.10.09Die Dr-Zeller.com Umfrage by admin[Other]
17.10.09Google ist dein Freund by admin[Other]
11.10.09Dr-Zeller.com Umfrage - bitte mitmachen by admin[Other]
11.10.09Auf zur 1. Weizer Stüberl Tour! by admin[Other]
02.10.09Und hier die offizielle Liste der "Last Statements" by admin[Other]
16.09.09Zoohandlungen.... by Melodic[Other]
15.09.09If you printed the internet... by admin[Other]
08.09.09In 80 Bieren um die Welt by admin[Other]
02.09.09Alles umgedreht by admin[Other]
19.08.09Nur mehr zwei Mal schlafen bis zur 3rd Styrian Tattoo Convention :-) by admin[Other]
17.08.09Wer muss GIS zahlen? by admin[Other]
08.08.09Freiheit statt Angst by admin[Other]
08.08.09The 10 Qualities of a Great Drinking Buddy by admin[Other]
05.08.09Wie Amerikaner ihre Zeit verbringen by admin[Other]
05.08.09Unter Stegis Gewicht in Gold wird nicht verkauft... by admin[Other]
30.07.09Die Nachbarn im Auge behalten... by admin[Other]
26.07.09Otto von Kotzebue by admin[Other]
22.07.09Das Marinov-Experiment by admin[Other]
20.07.09Dirty Beer Names by admin[Other]
16.07.09submedia by mincer[Other]
14.07.09Rettichstrafe by RastaGyver[Other]
12.07.09Obama hat bessere rhymes als Strache by admin[Other]
09.07.09TheFutBlog.com gg by admin[Other]
08.07.09Online Aquarium by admin[Other]
08.07.09"A Photographic Memory - 100% Guaranteed" gg wers glaubt... by admin[Other]
07.07.09I owe my soul to the company store by admin[Other]
07.07.09Babes of the British National Party gg by admin[Other]
07.07.09Nice Shirts! by admin[Other]
06.07.09No Copy by admin[Other]
06.07.09Ich hab für Kodos gestimmt... by admin[Other]
06.07.09Da wird die Regierung doch wohl nix vertuschen? by admin[Other]
05.07.09Wired Boobs by admin[Other]
04.07.09...und nachbearbeiten ;-) by admin[Other]
04.07.09Special Effects zum Selbermachen by admin[Other]
01.07.09Opera Unite by admin[Other]
29.06.09Wenn eine berühmte Person stirbt by admin[Other]
21.06.09Mal die IP stöhnen lassen by admin[Other]
20.06.09Der Schein trügt gg by admin[Other]
20.06.09NIE ohne Dolmetscher tätowieren gehen gg by admin[Other]
11.06.09Stalin is back from hell by admin[Other]
10.06.09mal bei mcdonalds WIRKLICH umsonst essen by Melodic[Other]
09.06.09McGaga Umfrage by admin[Other]
08.06.09Die Piraten zur Bundestagswahl (DE)!!! Macht mit! by Melodic[Other]
05.06.09Ein kleines bisschen Literatur: DER HC STRA CHÈ COMIC! by admin[Other]
03.06.09Opera 10 endlich in der Betaphase by RastaGyver[Other]
03.06.09Die 88 umweltfreundlichsten Autos by admin[Other]
03.06.09Fliegen! by admin[Other]
30.05.09Die 10 giftigsten Tiere der Welt by admin[Other]
29.05.09Orgasmus für die Magenschleimhäute: Lammschlegel mit Mediteranen Gemüse und Rosmarienkartoffeln by admin[Other]
28.05.09Der omninöse Hund bei King of Queens by admin[Other]
28.05.09Ein Adler muss tun, was ein Adler tun muss by admin[Other]
22.05.09...mit Plan B vergleichen! by admin[Other]
22.05.09Bitte Plan A hier... by admin[Other]
20.05.09"Was hält ihr von HC Strache" by admin[Other]
14.05.0910 Ways to Lose a Girlfriend by admin[Other]
10.05.09Skurrile Sommer-Events by admin[Other]
06.05.09Finden und zerstören sie diese widerwärtige Drecksvisage: Schiedsrichter Tom Henning, Vorsitzender des Norwegischen Blindenverbandes by Terminat0r[Other]
04.05.09Tolle Community by Melodic[Other]
03.05.09Uhhhh... die Engländer wollen Weihnachten abschaffen by admin[Other]
02.05.09Schweinegrippe by RastaGyver[Other]
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23.04.09How to Find a Hot Girl on Google Maps? gg by admin[Other]
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27.03.09Amazing super comics! by admin[Other]
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20.03.09Bring MacGyver mit deiner Unterschrift zurück ins Fernsehen! by admin[Other]
20.03.09Probleme, die von MacGyver gelöst wurden by admin[Other]
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07.03.09hurra der lenz ist da *gg* by Cannibal[Other]
06.03.09Wie man sich seine eigene Klimaanlage baut by admin[Other]
06.03.09Bacon Explosion - das beste BBQ-Rezept aller Zeiten!!! by admin[Other]
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18.01.09Neue Raucherregelung (Danke an Klaus) by admin[Other]
15.01.09Kobe-Rind by admin[Other]
13.01.09islandreefjob.com is down!!! no best job in the world :-( by admin[Other]
13.01.09Der Darwin Award ist auch ned schlecht by admin[Other]
13.01.09Der Uri Award gg by admin[Other]
13.01.09xtianity is the sin by mincer[Other]
13.01.09Kochen für echte Männer: Brathendel mit Dosenbierfüllung by admin[Other]
10.01.09Stuhlwochen auf Dr-Zeller.com by admin[Other]
10.01.09die Zeller Selleri verschwörung by Matco[Other]
09.01.09Hebräisch lernen und Israel unterwandern... by admin[Other]
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27.12.08Nettes Hubble-Tool by admin[Other]
25.12.08Politik und Alkohol by madness[Other]
22.12.08Belgierwitze by RastaGyver[Other]
21.12.08Coole Klimastatistik by admin[Other]
19.12.08JA man kann von Katzenurin high werden gg by admin[Other]
18.12.08Wie Titanic einmal die Fußball-WM 2006 nach Deutschland holte by admin[Other]
15.12.08The past tense of "shit" by admin[Other]
08.12.08Tolles Rezept für Entenbraten by admin[Other]
05.12.08Geile Shirts - vor allem das mit den Süßigkeiten by Dimiman[Other]
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16.11.08Heute nur Heute: JOHNNY CASH vs. COLUMBO!!! by admin[Other]
13.11.08Kritik an Ansgar Nünning by admin[Other]
12.11.08das ist aber nicht politisch korrekt, google ;) by madness[Other]
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10.11.08Your Brain on MDMA by admin[Other]
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03.11.08Gedicht von Kurt Tucholsky, 1930 by admin[Other]
01.11.08Schrumpfkopfmuseum by admin[Other]
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26.10.08Baker Street robbery by admin[Other]
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12.10.08aquariums gunsdig apzugebn by admin[Other]
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10.10.08Jesus used Marijuana by admin[Other]
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25.09.08Praktisch: Online Wörterbücher für viele Sprachen by admin[Other]
24.09.08anregungen für spamen in der shoutbox^^ by Cannibal[Other]
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17.09.08Hallowindow.com - Cooles Tool für Halloween by admin[Other]
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08.09.08HAUSPARTY am nächsten Samstag!!! by admin[Other]
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02.05.08Google hat Angst vor Chuck Norris by admin[Other]
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26.04.08rage against the machine for fucks sake by mincer[Other]
24.04.08Tag des Bieres :) by admin[Other]
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22.04.08vaginas... NSFW by mincer[Other]
22.04.08feminism in schools by mincer[Other]
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31.03.08Heute: 3. Todestag von Harald Juhnke - R.I.P. :-( by admin[Other]
28.03.08How old are you on other Planets? by admin[Other]
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27.03.08How to Build a Pocket Amplifier by admin[Other]
27.03.08Best Movie Mistakes by admin[Other]
27.03.08Extrem geile T-Shirts by admin[Other]
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21.03.08gamme ray bursts.... by mincer[Other]
21.03.08Schon vergessen? by admin[Other]
19.03.08Forbidden Lego! Video anschaun by admin[Other]
19.03.08Uranium günstig bei Amazon bestellen by admin[Other]
14.03.08sehr sehr geiles neues musiktool.... find yourself you sinner! by mincer[Other]
14.03.08Coole Satellitenansicht by admin[Other]
14.03.08Unexplained America by admin[Other]
14.03.082nd Styrian Tattoo and Hotrod Show!!! by admin[Other]
13.03.08Online Blumen verschicken by admin[Other]
13.03.08How to Get Cheap Flights by admin[Other]
11.03.08Heroin wurde in einer massiven Werbekampagne in 12 Sprachen als ein oral einzunehmendes Schmerz- und Hustenmittel vermarktet. by madness[Other]
11.03.08stupid forum... yes the internet is an art form... by mincer[Other]
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10.03.08Und noch ein paar tolle Illusionen by admin[Other]
10.03.08So klein ist unsere Welt by admin[Other]
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28.02.08Warum mag keiner mehr tauschen? :( by admin[Other]
27.02.082D Physics Simulator... sehr geil gemacht! by mincer[Other]
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23.02.08Welcher Psycho bist du? by admin[Other]
20.02.08full moon eclipse tonight! the moon will turn red.. by mincer[Other]
20.02.08immer die summe vom antenne bayern cash call wissen by Melodic[Other]
11.02.08The Gay Team by admin[Other]
09.02.08teenage mutant nigger turtles by madness[Other]
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30.01.08Zeit für Urlaub by admin[Other]
29.01.08...und falls das T-Shirt falsch verstanden wird - der Rechtsratgeber hilft! by admin[Other]
29.01.08Da hat sicher schon so mancher braune Recke drauf abgewichst... by admin[Other]
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28.01.08Trends in Japan by admin[Other]
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18.01.08Celebrate Winnie the Pooh day! by Melodic[Other]
17.01.08Benny läuft von zuhause weg by admin[Other]
17.01.08Mitspielen und Bier gewinnen by admin[Other]
16.01.08PC Records Vol. 2 by admin[Other]
15.01.08:D da kenn ich ein besseres PC Records ggg by admin[Other]
14.01.08Mal 10.000 Sticker für Ismael Goldregen bestellen by admin[Other]
14.01.08FUT Haartransplantation by admin[Other]
13.01.08Lust auf ein Coke Zero? by Shredder[Other]
13.01.08platterwatch by madness[Other]
10.01.08Hauptsache dumm fickt gut :D by admin[Other]
09.01.08mal n bisschen in die zukunft schauen by mincer[Other]
07.01.08very nice little machine by mincer[Other]
06.01.08"studivz" "facebook" "photobucket" etc by mincer[Other]
03.01.08Da simma dabei° by admin[Other]
02.01.08Kamel Spinnen... by admin[Other]
02.01.08Erstes Lineup fürs WFF... HELL YEAH! by admin[Other]
31.12.07Auf nach Pussyland! by admin[Other]
26.12.07Bald 200 User! by admin[Other]
25.12.07EDDIE THE EAGLE by admin[Other]
16.12.07Den GAK retten!!! by admin[Other]
16.12.07in 7 stunden gehts los by mincer[Other]
10.12.07amokläufe und antidepressiva by mincer[Other]
09.12.07moviepoopshoot.com by admin[Other]
06.12.07@ZENSIERT.TO-Leute: Hier anmelden, da geht der Punk ab... by admin[Other]
04.12.07Kebap- und Scharf-Wettessen im Kebaphaus Efe!!! by admin[Other]
03.12.07hervorragendes testergebnis, 18% = schlachthofbesitzer by keller[Other]
27.11.07Gleich einstellen by admin[Other]
24.11.07I am 30% Messianic! (Anmeldung erforderlich) by admin[Other]
22.11.07neueste internet-such-engine by madness[Other]
18.11.07cultural conditioned illusion by mincer[Other]
17.11.07LEGO SYSTEM "Konzentrationslager" by Karl[Other]
14.11.07DA MUSS MAN HIN - Am Wochenende! by admin[Other]
14.11.07floskeln fürs volk by keller[Other]
10.11.07Webdesigner der NVP by admin[Other]
06.11.07Gratis Audienz beim Salzamt für den 193. Benutzer!!! by admin[Other]
05.11.07Absolut Disco by Melodic[Other]
30.10.07HEHEHE: Emo of the Year!!! by admin[Other]
28.10.07Sollte man haben! by admin[Other]
28.10.07Spannende Diskussion im FestDerPfosten Gästebuch - Keine Gnade für Rant! by admin[Other]
24.10.07Fake or Slutty (6) by Melodic[Other]
23.10.07Online Rap Battle!!! by admin[Other]
21.10.07Trojan Box Sets by admin[Other]
19.10.07Tolle Kinderbücher! by admin[Other]
19.10.07Mal die IP stöhnen by admin[Other]
17.10.07Mal ein bisschen sparen by admin[Other]
15.10.076 versteckte Spiele in Macromedia Flash by Melodic[Other]
14.10.07Wikiwix by admin[Other]
11.10.07Erfahre intime Geheimnisse deiner Freunden und co by Melodic[Other]
11.10.07sweet treat to wrap up national herb by Melodic[Other]
04.10.07habs noch nicht probiert klingt aber gut by RastaGyver[Other]
30.09.07Über die Herkunft unsere Sprichwörter by LipstickDoggie[Other]
27.09.07mal wieder n test posten (Welcher Killer bist du?) by Melodic[Other]
26.09.07Kein Sex mit Nazis by Melodic[Other]
25.09.07What happened at 9/11 by admin[Other]
25.09.07Hallo! by Melodic[Other]
15.09.07Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator by admin[Other]
13.09.07stegis zeichengästebuch by stegi[Other]
27.08.07Die Tauschinitiative zur Ergreifung der Weltherrschaft geht in eine neue Runde! by admin[Other]
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22.08.07Bist du Deutschland? by admin[Other]
14.08.07Kategorie:Königsmörder by admin[Other]
12.08.07Heute schon getauscht? by admin[Other]
12.08.07Hehehe... by admin[Other]
07.08.07GaGa.net by admin[Other]
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06.08.07vegan-psychotest by madness[Other]
06.08.07Seriöser TV-Sender by admin[Other]
02.08.07kennt ihr noch "what the world eats", hier ist part 2 by Melodic[Other]
30.07.07dick tricks by madness[Other]
29.07.07Best of von bild sozusagen :D by admin[Other]
29.07.07bild.de lässt mal wieder ne bombe los.... by mincer[Other]
27.07.07Der Simpsonizor! by admin[Other]
25.07.07Mal was tauschen by admin[Other]
23.07.07Arschkarte by Melodic[Other]
21.07.07Mal ein bisschen tauschen by admin[Other]
20.07.07cap der guten hoffnung und andere tolle produkte- kaufen! by keller[Other]
20.07.07Das Forum geht wieder!!! Also alle losspammen ;o) by admin[Other]
17.07.07bis zum we bitte hier spammen, repost. gemeldet von zeller by keller[Other]
17.07.07Live-Webcam zum heiligen Stier Shambo by admin[Other]
16.07.07Da hacklt der Madness by admin[Other]
13.07.07sehenswerter film.... by mincer[Other]
13.07.07Die Tauschinitiative zur Ergreifung der Weltherrschaft geht in eine neue Runde! by admin[Other]
10.07.07mal n paar jeans kaufen by keller[Other]
09.07.07Und weils so schön ist: gleich den besten Thread der Welt dazu by admin[Other]
09.07.07asdf.com/forum - Das beste Forum der Welt! by admin[Other]
06.07.07beware teh catzz!! by mincer[Other]
06.07.07Kopimi by Melodic[Other]
06.07.07the worlds strongest girl by Melodic[Other]
05.07.07blubber bots by mincer[Other]
04.07.07asdf by Melodic[Other]
27.06.07mal n satz auf die reihe bringen by keller[Other]
27.06.07mal gemeinsam zeichnen by keller[Other]
23.06.07Englische Schimpfwörter nach "härte" bewertet by RastaGyver[Other]
14.06.07Flieg doch mal wieder irgendwohin by Otto[Other]
13.06.07zückt die cams und knipserlinge! by mincer[Other]
13.06.07Interessantes Web.de-Quiz: Fatale Softwarefehler by Melodic[Other]
06.06.07Ganja? by admin[Other]
05.06.07Mach mit! by Melodic[Other]
30.05.07Rock Chicks *gg* by admin[Other]
28.05.07Queer.de by Stegi[Other]
26.05.07nein danke... by mincer[Other]
24.05.07das Gegenscript by mincer[Other]
20.05.07hakenkreuz sudoku by admin[Other]
17.05.07Blowjob gefällig? by Melodic[Other]
15.05.07Stars und Drogen by admin[Other]
13.05.07Immer diese warez user by Peet[Other]
13.05.07grenzgeniale t-shirts by mincer[Other]
10.05.07besorgen! ankucken! verstehen! by mincer[Other]
08.05.07schon gesehen? by admin[Other]
06.05.07Objektive Berichterstattung by admin[Other]
01.05.07Mal wieder ein bisschen spammen... by admin[Other]
30.04.07"die sendung ohne namen" wurde abegsetzt -> unterschriftenaktion by madness[Other]
22.04.07stay rude, stay sharp, stay rebell by admin[Other]
14.04.07Lordi drehen Horrorfilm !!! by Bleed[Other]
10.04.07Neues Cooper Album im Mai!!! by admin[Other]
10.04.07Pornostar werden by admin[Other]
04.04.07Wie würdest du wohl in Japanisch heißen? by Melodic[Other]
03.04.07so macht man Sport by Melodic[Other]
02.04.07Kurios by Bleed[Other]
31.03.07AHAHAHA by Bleed[Other]
31.03.07fiese Comics by Bleed[Other]
30.03.07Die 5 größten Frauen der Welt by admin[Other]
24.03.07Neue Unterseite!!! by admin[Other]
22.03.07Verwechslungsgefahr by Melodic[Other]
16.03.07Neues Forum gefunden by admin[Other]
10.03.07Mandeloperationsparty by admin[Other]
09.03.07die wahrheit über skinheads by madness[Other]
09.03.07Mondnazi by madness[Other]
07.03.07Traumauto auf Ebay (Gemeldet von: bloodjonny) by admin[Other]
03.03.07heute! mondfinsternis! wow! by mincer[Other]
01.03.07Gute Beschreibungen/Tags für Paris Hilton, rechts oben by Bleed[Other]
01.03.07Liebe Frauen, nicht vergessen! by Mann[Other]
27.02.07Endlich ist sie da: die Wixmaschine! by admin[Other]
21.02.07Das ist echt hart (Downloadlink) by Melodic[Other]
15.02.07Wieder n dummes Quiz -diesmal: What Kind of Rock are you? by Melodic[Other]
14.02.07immer diese Österreicher... by RastaGyver[Other]
12.02.07Empfehlenswertes Forum by admin[Other]
12.02.07Zellers Blowjobserie, erster Teil by admin[Other]
08.02.07lustiges forum by keller[Other]
06.02.07Berlin-Kreuzberg auf Wikipedia by admin[Other]
31.01.07Pro Temelin by admin[Other]
30.01.07Googe mal nach judenhasser88 fragen... oag by admin[Other]
27.01.06Teen Tips by admin[Other]
22.01.07Cunt by admin[Other]
22.01.07Fiktive, reiche Leute by admin[Other]
22.01.07Für die Piefke by madness[Other]
17.01.07mal wieder n aufsatz schreiben by keller[Other]
16.01.07Weg mit den Studiengebühren - Bitte eintragen! by admin[Other]
12.01.07iPhone zum selber bauen by Meister Kackstuhl[Other]
10.01.07Nostalgie pur! by johnnymassaker[Other]
01.01.07Realsatire-Award 2006 zu Ehren von Harald Juhnke - Der Sieger steht fest! by admin[Other]
30.12.06Berühmte Persönlichkeiten die 06 verstorben sind (Saddam Hussein fehlt) by admin[Other]
30.12.06REALSATIRE-AWARD - Letzter Tag zum Voten! by admin[Other]
27.12.06Nur noch 4 Tage zum Voten!!! by admin[Other] Besucher! by admin[Other]
19.12.06Tauschen Leute, tauschen! by admin[Other]
18.12.06Projekt Games@Work by Melodic[Other]
18.12.06Hier bitte wirklich eintragen by Melodic[Other]
17.12.06Gigazoom (Gemeldet von: Lee) by admin[Other]
12.12.06CHIP.de Download - Adventskalender by johnnymassaker[Other]
12.12.06Bitte mal schnell voten by admin[Other]
12.12.06Komplette Windows-Updates by Melodic[Other]
11.12.06Which Programming-Language are u? (PHP) by Melodic[Other]
10.12.06How white and nerdy are you? (22 %) by admin[Other]
10.12.06ASCI-Wars über Telnet (Gemeldet von: JBird) by admin[Other]
10.12.06Abstimmen für den goldenen Harald! by admin[Other]
07.12.06Dr-Zeller.com-Award für Realsatire zu Ehren von Harald Juhnke by admin[Other]
05.12.06schwebende Maus by Melodic[Other]
30.11.06Adi der Fisch by admin[Other]
28.11.06How violent are you? by admin[Other]
25.11.06Spamforum deluxe (3 User, 1700 Bots) by admin[Other]
20.11.06Gib dem Bösen ein Gesicht! - Rette Dr-Zeller.com by admin[Other]
20.11.06Das 100. Bilderrätsel auf Hodenmumps by admin[Other]
19.11.06Sündenrechnung (1443.63 €) by madness[Other]
18.11.06Bugs Bunnys lange verschollene Schwester (Gemeldet von: H4RDC0R3) by admin[Other]
15.11.06Zwei Jahre Dr-Zeller.com! by admin[Other]
13.11.06What`s your pimped out ghetto thug weapon? by admin[Other]
12.11.06Schleimkeim :) by madness[Other]
10.11.06Simpsonsquiz #3 (schon schwerer... 12/15) by admin[Other]
10.11.06Simpsonsquiz #2 (auch zu leicht... 15/15) by admin[Other]
09.11.06Seven dirty words by admin[Other]
03.11.06Mitmachen und 74 Jungfrauen sichern! by admin[Other]
01.11.06Find the right way! by admin[Other]
23.10.06Die Autogrammkarte ist schon weg! TRADE OR DIE! by admin[Other]
17.10.06So sieht Stegi aus! by admin[Other]
15.10.06Frauen und Fußball... by admin[Other]
15.10.06Dr-Zeller.com braucht deine Hilfe! + Stegi-Foto!!! by admin[Other]
15.10.06Der gute Fritz Schröder by admin[Other]
14.10.06Neues Filmquiz!!! by admin[Other]
12.10.06TAUSCHEN, TAUSCHEN, TAUSCHEN!!! by admin[Other]
09.10.06Tauschinitiative - Runde 3 by admin[Other]
08.10.06Tolle Gadgets (Gemeldet von: JBird) by admin[Other]
07.10.06Handy-Ortungs-Programm online! by admin[Other]
04.10.06How To Make Cocaine by admin[Other]
03.10.06"Person of the year" (man beachte 38, 39 und 42) by admin[Other]
30.09.06Stempel und Messer sind noch zu haben! by admin[Other]
29.09.06Geile Antifa Kampagne (kellers tip) by IommI[Other]
26.09.06Sonntagsfrage zur NR-Wahl in Österreich by admin[Other]
23.09.06Der HC Strache Rap - Realsatire Pur by IommI[Other]
20.09.06Iiiiiihhhh... der Mann hat ne Fotze! by admin[Other]
19.09.06Gifs are awesome! (Gemeldet von: JBird) by admin[Other]
19.09.06Der Bierpreis auf dem Oktoberfest!!!!! by Melodic[Other]
18.09.06Wenn die Mama beschneiden lässt... by IommI[Other]
15.09.06Anmelden zur Selbstbereicherung!!! by admin[Other]
08.09.06The Church of Google by admin[Other]
07.09.06Advanced Office Guns by Melodic[Other]
07.09.06Office Guns by Melodic[Other]
02.09.06Phallus Erectus by ich_nicht[Other]
01.09.06Da geh ich imma essen !! by Peet[other]
31.08.06Actionreiche Webcam by RastaGyver[Other]
31.08.06Du hasst Stegi, magst Bullshit und findest Dr. Zeller einfach geil? - Dann meld dich hier an und sei so kewl, wie die anderen Member! by ForenSpamm0r![Other]
30.08.06STOP! Hammertime Firefox Plugin by RastaGyver[Other]
27.08.06wehret den anfängen! (cicero) by keller[Other]
21.08.06Fear and Loathing in China - keller übernimmt Führungsposition by admin[Other]
12.08.06Dirty Sanchez by admin[Other]
10.08.06T-Shirt-Design-Wettbewerb by Koarl[Other]
10.08.06Simpsons Maker by admin[Other]
09.08.06Dr-Zeller.com Tauschinitiative zur Ergreifung der Weltherrschaft by admin[Other]
09.08.06Zellers Augustaktion by keller[Other]
06.08.06ORF stellt Antennenfunk ein... by admin[Other]
02.08.06Neue Partnerseite: Clip-Upload.de by admin[Other]
28.07.06Severance by Melodic[Other]
27.07.06IommI die feige Sau by admin[Other]
24.07.06Stegi- und Herr_Becker-Casting by admin[Other]
23.07.06Lebenserwartung abschätzen by admin[Other]
20.07.06Krippel = schlimmes Kind by admin[Other]
20.07.06WE1Z-CR3W-1337 by admin[Other]
17.07.06Das schreit nach schlechten Scherzen... by admin[Other]
16.07.06Towel Day - A tribute to Douglas Adams by admin[Other]
16.07.06Absolut wahr by admin[Other]
11.07.06Stickfigure Animator by Melodic[Other]
07.07.06dr-zeller-bullshit-simultanzeichnen. heute zu jeder vollen stunde auf pad 4 by keller[Other]
03.07.06Eskimo-Eis-Nostalgie by admin[Other]
02.07.06MS-Weed by admin[Other]
01.07.06Ein richtig geiler power PC by Peet[other]
23.06.06Simpsons Porn die Erste by Melodic[Other]
21.06.06Seven Dirty Words by admin[Other]
13.06.06WM Liveticker by Melodic[Other]
13.06.06und mal ein ordentliches loch graben by keller[Other]
13.06.06wo ist schetti? by keller[Other]
13.06.06wo ist_tim? by keller[Other]
13.06.06The 50 Worst Things Ever To Happen To Music by RastaGyver[Other]
12.06.06Verdammte Crack-Nigger by admin[Other]
12.06.06WM 2006! Die Welt zu Gast bei Keller! Geiler als die Blowjobserie!!! by keller[Other]
11.06.06Sonntag, Feindbild heute: Stegi by admin[Other]
11.06.06Geilesten Autofelgen der Welt by Mr. NiZe[Other]
09.06.06WM-Spielplan (Gemeldet von: DaDirk) by admin[Other]
06.06.06Alles rund um den Bierdeckel by Melodic[Other]
03.06.06Rock am Ring Livestream (von neidisch?) by Melodic[Other]
02.06.06All your video are belong to us (kA wie lange das so bleibt) by RastaGyver[Other]
31.05.06Clocky (Hilft auch dir aus dem bett) by Melodic[Other]
30.05.061.Zeller-Daumenkinowettbewerb! wer bis heute um 22.00 uhr sein daumenkino im forum postet, erhält ein no-stegi-schweißband. GRATIS! by hitchcock[Other]
26.05.06Endlich wieder NiggaStoleMyBike by Melodic[Other]
26.05.06Augenkrebs EXTREM! by Melodic[Other]
23.05.06SOS ORF - Eintragen für mehr Qualität! by admin[Other]
22.05.06WM: Vote-Your-Champ.com by admin[Other]
21.05.06Endich neues Filmquiz! by admin[Other]
20.05.06George W. Bush Magic Warball by RastaGyver[Other]
20.05.06schetti? ..... schaut euch auch die freunde an.... by madness[Other]
20.05.06Der mincer hat heute Geburtstag by admin[Other]
16.05.06Der Hitlerizer by admin[Other]
16.05.06Hammergeiler Duke Nukem 3D Port mit 3d models ohne neuen Texturen... by RastaGyver[Other]
15.05.06Noch ein Sucht-Spiel by Lipstick Doggie[Other]
15.05.06Neue Bonusfrage beim WM-Tippspiel - am besten gleich anmelden! by admin[Other]
15.05.06Zwei klicks für Dr-Zeller.com ;o) by admin[Other]
15.05.06Benutzernamen auf betandwin.at ;o) by admin[Other]
14.05.06Leider leicht kommerziell, aber geil by admin[Other]
14.05.06Realsatire! by admin[Other]
14.05.06“Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train” by admin[Other]
13.05.06Chatbot als Spielpartner für Keller by admin[Other]
09.05.06Jetzt in Version 2.0.20 - das beste Forum der Welt! (ganz ehrlich!!!111einseinself) by admin[Other]
09.05.06Für alle die sich über die wikipedia links aufregen - aber interessant find ich by RastaGyver[Other]
09.05.06ich brauch freunde!!!! :) by madness[Other]
08.05.06Nigga Easily Caught by Melodic[Other]
08.05.06Nigga Stole My Chair by Melodic[Other]
07.05.06Straight Edge Ryan by admin[Other]
07.05.06ROCKNROLL! by admin[Other]
07.05.06HA HA HA by admin[Other]
07.05.06Disco Jay by admin[Other]
04.05.06Kein Kommentar by anonym[Other]
04.05.06Papierflieger, hell yeah! (Gemeldet von: ekelpaket) by admin[Other]
04.05.06David Blaine - Illusionskünstler by Melodic[Other]
04.05.06Serienkiller-Sammelkarten by admin[Other]
03.05.06Findet Waldo! by RastaGyver[Other]
02.05.06IQTest -> Ich hab laut dem test nen IQ von 126 und bin ne rechenmaschine by RastaGyver[Other]
02.05.06How Much Do You Hate Emos? - Test by admin[Other]
02.05.06Emo-Namen-Generator by admin[Other]
30.04.06Edahead, the most rockin guy on the web by admin[Other]
30.04.06 Recommendable songtitles from Anal Cunt by admin[Other]
28.04.06Hadoken! by madness[Other]
27.04.06Sex Toy or Baby Toy (nur 5 von 15 richtig) by Melodic[Other]
25.04.06Virtuelles Ganja züchten... by RastaGyver[Other]
25.04.06Dr. Zeller kocht: Hardcore Paprika by admin[Other]
25.04.06Kochen mit mehr Power - Heute: Die Chips-Semmel by admin[Other]
24.04.06Auf zum BFI! by admin[Other]
23.04.06Rockstar Classics (gta/gta2) gratis download by madness[Other]
23.04.06Abschlussprüfung2006 by madness[Other]
22.04.06Von führenden Schwachstellen empfohlen by admin[Other]
21.04.06DAS RÄTSEL IST GELÖST!!! by RastaGyver[Other]
21.04.061.-Mai-Crossgolf-Turnier der CCCP! by admin[Other]
21.04.06Fosters Home for imaginary Friends by Melodic[Other]
19.04.06Single?! by madness[Other]
19.04.06A Little Perspective on $87 billion by admin[Other]
19.04.06The OkCupid-Test (Yeah, Random Brutal Sex Master!) by admin[Other]
17.04.06Guitar Hero by RastaGyver[Other]
17.04.06Playboy 34 by admin[Other]
16.04.06Der Noob ein schöner artikel by Peet[Other]
16.04.06Neuer Linkpartner - Oxigames.com by admin[Other]
14.04.06Nur Looser brauchen Schlaf by admin[Other]
13.04.06Du magst Pornos? Du redest gerne über Drogen? Du hasst Stegi? - Dann meld dich an! by admin[Other]
12.04.06stream. schamanismus und elektronische musik. cool. by mincer[Other]
12.04.06Something Destructive Comes Up by Melodic[Other]
10.04.06Misteriös: Das Ziegenproblem by admin[Other]
09.04.06HEIL ZIEGEN! by admin[Other]
09.04.06Klassiker: Schwul-O-Meter (gemeldet von: niGhtm4rE) by Melodic[Other]
07.04.06Beurteilung der aktiven Mitglieder unserer Support-Abteilung by admin[Other]
07.04.06How happy are you? by Melodic[Other]
07.04.06Jewish Skacore Retard (Gemeldet von: madness aka Bitchchekcer) by admin[Other]
06.04.06Um wieder ins RL zu kommen (repost) by ich_nicht[Other]
05.04.06Erinnerung: Heute Chatsession um 20:00Uhr Eingeladen sind vor allem unsere Shoutboxspammer ;-) by ich_nicht[Other]
04.04.06Google am 1. April by admin[Other]
04.04.06Comparison Chart by admin[Other]
04.04.06Der erste Online-Drogen-Link von dr-zeller.com by Melodic[Other]
04.04.06Repost: weils so geil ist by admin[Other]
03.04.06Und der blinde Frank kriegt mal wieder nichts mit... by admin[Other]
31.03.06NEUES ZEICHENGÄSTEBUCH!!!!!111eineinelf by admin[Other]
30.03.06lool so leicht kann man ne seite manipulieren by mincer[Other]
30.03.06Wrestling Nostalgie (arg, das waren noch Zeiten) by admin[Other]
30.03.06Scharfe Soßen... by admin[Other]
22.03.06Diskutieren mit Schüssel by admin[Other]
21.03.06Geld verdienen durch Autowerbung by Melodic[Other]
20.03.06Zahlenmystik mit der 11 + Spaß mit Wingdings (Gemeldet von: madness) by admin[Other]
20.03.06Eine ganz interessante Geschichte (Gemeldet von: Paul Besen) by admin[Other]
20.03.06nigga stoled my bike! wie geil! (thanks lipstick doggie) by mincer[Other]
19.03.06zeichnen again by mincer[Other]
19.03.06R.I.P. Randy Rhoads by admin[Other]
17.03.06Regenschirmkampf by admin[Other]
16.03.06Bitte den Platz 7 der "Unsexiest Women" beachten by admin[Other]
15.03.06Krieg der Kekse by Melodic[Other]
14.03.06Von wegen "Gratis X-Box" usw. by Mr. NiZe[Other]
14.03.06www.onebillionviews.com - alle mal klicken bitte by admin[Other]
14.03.06Das Online-Stimmungsbarometer! by Melodic[Other]
12.03.06Bau dir den besten Papierflieger der Welt! by admin[Other]
12.03.06Kewle Tricks by admin[Other]
12.03.06Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3 by admin[Other]
12.03.06Der tolle Chat mit neuer Url by admin[Other]
10.03.06Teste dein Tippvermögen by Melodic[Other]
09.03.06der hammerlink des jahres! by mincer[Other]
09.03.05Politiker rappen übers Kiffen by Mr. NiZe[Other]
07.03.06Film- und Musik-Fonts by admin[Other]
07.03.06Wirklich hilfreiche Suchmaschine by admin[Other]
07.03.06The Skepdics Dictonary by admin[Other]
07.03.06Nominierungsliste für den Harald-Juhnke-Realsatire-Award 06 by admin[Other]
07.03.06Wieder ein Movie-Quiz by admin[Other]
06.03.06Endlich offizieller Chatroom eröffnet by admin[Other]
05.03.06Neuer Linkpartner: Fun-Link.de by admin[Other]
03.03.06Krank by admin[Other]
03.03.06Weitere Geile Comics auf Saufen Gegen Rechts! by Melodic[Other]
03.03.06Bald ist endlich Wochenende by Melodic[Other]
02.03.06Mach dir deine eigene Mir-Ist-Langweilig-Seite! by Melodic[Other]
02.03.06Shock Absorber - Bounce-O-Meter by Melodic[Other]
26.02.06Kraftvolle Waffe by admin[Other]
26.02.06Designer-Visitenkarten by admin[Other]
24.02.06Der Nacktmull by Melodic[Other]
24.02.06Soda Constructor by admin[Other]
24.02.06The worst Superhero costumes of all the time by admin[Other]
24.02.06Bar Code Clock by admin[Other]
23.02.06Carwash - die Kommandoliste gibts bei Keller by keller[Other]
20.02.06Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age by admin[Other]
20.02.06Planetarium by admin[Other]
20.02.06How old do you think I am? by admin[Other]
20.02.06Filmtipp: Lord of War by admin[Other]
20.02.06Juhu, falls alle wie ich leben würden, bräuchten wir 9,3 Planeten :-) by admin[Other]
20.02.06Das wird den Tim freuen by admin[Other]
18.02.06Email-Roulette - Wie geil :D by admin[Other]
18.02.06Koder-Suchmaschine by admin[Other]
18.02.06Neuer Linkpartner - Freddys Forum by admin[Other]
16.02.06Tattooed Banana by Melodic[Other]
16.02.06Mal wieder ein lustiger Bierlink: !!!!!Bierwitze!!!!! by Melodic[Other]
15.02.06Belief-O-Matic by admin[Other]
15.02.06Repost of the month! REPOST! by gästekeller[Other]
14.02.06Grund für den Serverausfall by admin[Other]
14.02.06Worldprocessor by admin[Other]
14.02.06Praktisch! by admin[Other]
14.02.068-Ball aufmachen by admin[Other]
13.02.06The Big 1ß by admin[Other]
13.01.06Das Simpson-Haus by admin[Other]
12.02.06Spamgourmet.com by admin[Other]
12.02.06Film-Quiz by Stuggi-Town.de by admin[Other]
10.02.06 Web Economy Bullshit Generator by admin[Other]
10.02.06Controller Stammbaum by admin[Other]
10.02.06Kostenlose XBOX 360! by Melodic[Other]
09.02.06Der Rasterbator - das geilste Tool aller Zeiten! by admin[Other]
09.02.06The FBI has not been here by admin[Other]
09.02.06Die Top 9 der bösesten Konzerne by admin[Other]
09.02.06Religion and Sexual Ethics by admin[Other]
09.02.06Die Kiez-Cam by Melodic[Other]
07.02.06How much is inside? by admin[Other]
07.02.06Übersetzen mit Stil by admin[Other]
07.02.06Was für Programmierer by admin[Other]
07.02.06Bierlink #11: Spezialversaund für Hausbrauer by Melodic[Other]
06.02.06The God FAQ by admin[Other]
06.02.06Coocking By Numbers by admin[Other]
06.02.06Bookfinder.com - Toller Service! by admin[Other]
06.02.06Songtapper by Melodic[Other]
05.01.06Zoom durch die Milchstraße by admin[Other]
04.02.06Mr.Kellers Zeichengästebuch - TOP ! by gästekeller[Other]
03.02.06WM Voodoo by Melodic[Other]
03.02.06Festplatten bei Ebay by admin[Other]
02.02.06Hier verschenkt einer nen High End Rechner by lool[Other]
01.02.05Nettes Photoshop-Tutorial by admin[Other]
30.01.06Vergleich des Sängers der Black Metal-Band Dark Fortress tagsüber und nachts. (alt aber gut) by Melodic[Other]
30.01.06No-Stegi-Special (remember?) by admin[Other]
30.01.06100$-Notebook by admin[Other]
29.01.06Wieder ein geiler Shop (Nix für Rechts) by Melodic[Other]
29.01.06Interessanter Shop by admin[Other]
29.01.06Sexy, Kompetent, Bürgernah by admin[Other]
28.01.06Schon 99 Benutzer im Forum - Werd Nummer 100 und gewinne einen Gutschein für einen Gutschein! by admin[Other]
28.01.06Dr-Zeller.com Tipp des Tages by admin[Other]
27.01.06Wer hat mich gern? by Melodic[Other]
26.01.06FORUM, FORUM, FORUM!!! by admin[Other]
25.01.06der geilste radiosender.. ambient psy trance... unglaublich geil.. by mincer[Other]
18.01.06Cola + Mentos = Spaß! by [Other]
16.01.06Webjunkie? by [Other]
09.01.05Die Jugend von Heute: Arschfick für X-Box 360 by [Other]
04.01.06"Töchter und Söhne der Stadt" genau anschaun (Gemeldet von: Gemiahl) by [Other]
31.12.05Der gute Ralph (Gemeldet von: Andi) by [Other]
31.12.05Badwordlist (Gemeldet von: Ringtone_mtv) by [Other]
26.12.05Die bayerische Kartoffelkönigin - sehr arm :D by [Other]
20.12.05USB-Bibel by [Other]
19.12.05How to Build a Computerized Android Robot Head for $600.00 by [Other]
17.12.05What Type ofSkinhead are You? by [Other]
16.12.05Repost, aber geil: Sloganizer by [Other]
14.12.05Art or Porn? (7 von 10) by [Other]
14.12.05Killerspiele by [Other]
12.12.05Top Ten Female Streakers by [Other]
11.12.05Fake or Foto? by [Other]
11.12.05Lust auf ein Frühstücks-Ei? by [Other]
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09.12.05Top 100 toys by [Other]
09.12.05Drogenprävention by [Other]
07.12.05Bist du Deutschland? *hehe* by [Other]
07.12.05Geiles Forum "lol" by [Other]
06.12.05The 50 coolest apes of all the time by [Other]
04.12.05The Fatal Consequences of Masturbation by [Other]
02.12.05Kinderschokolade: WEG MIT KEVIN! by [Other]
02.12.05Zigarettenrechner by [Other]
30.11.05Das will echt KEINER sehen... by [Other]
29.11.05Gummibänder wissenschaftlich betrachtet by [Other]
28.11.05Wie 1337 bist du? by [Other]
28.11.05US-Canada by [Other]
27.11.05Gameboy-Maps by [Other]
24.11.05Sinnlose News by [Other]
24.11.05Rrring's sind gaga.. by [Other]
24.11.05Kids with Guns by [Other]
22.11.05Alkoholikertest Vol 2 by [Other]
22.11.05Idaho by [Other]
21.11.05World Beard and Moustache Championships by [Other]
21.11.05Hetracil, macht weiche Kerle hart *krank* by [Other]
21.11.05AAAAAAAA.html by [Other]
20.11.05Die Geburtstagsbilder sind da! by [Other]
20.11.05Krank, krank, krank deluxe! by [Other]
20.11.05Hundeköstüme by [Other]
17.12.05SquirrelSex.com by [Other]
17.12.05Biologisches Alter by [Other]
17.12.05Pimp my ... by [Other]
16.11.05Was kommt eigentlich, wenn man "failure" auf Google eingibt? by [Other]
16.11.05That rocks by [Other]
16.11.05Selbstmordstatistik einer Brücke by [Other]
15.11.05Wieder 60 Illusionen by [Other]
15.11.05Jack Daniels for Breakfast (Gemeldet von: Koarl) by [Other]
14.11.05Ein Jahr Dr-Zeller.com! by [Other]
14.11.05Da Gangsta Test by [Other]
14.11.05SuperBad.com - Online-Drogen-Deluxe! (Gemeldet von: Koarl) by [Other]
13.11.05Use Google by [Other]
13.11.05Tolles Rezept by [Other]
10.11.05Wissenschaftliches Experiment by [Other]
10.11.05Orgasm-Faces by [Other]
09.11.05Mini-Aquarien by [Other]
08.11.05Mal auf Mushrooms anschaun (Gemeldet von: Lee) by [Other]
07.11.05C64 Schettis by [Other]
06.11.05Top 10 Flitzer by [Other]
06.11.05Lego-Porno by [Other]
28.10.05Was wurde aus den Goonies? by [Other]
25.10.05Forum kicks ass! by [Other]
24.10.05How to fake Photos by [Other]
24.10.05Riesenbierdose by [Other]
21.10.05Google 2084 by [Other]
20.10.05RL-Spam-Blocker by [Other]
19.10.05Einfach mal auf Google "awdf" eingeben by [Other]
17.10.05Blowjobs olé by [Other]
16.10.05Head in Jar by [Other]
16.10.05How to recharg alkaline battaries by [Other]
15.10.05Pasteln im Büro by [Other]
14.10.05Kermit in New York by [Other]
14.10.05Zeichnen auf Acid by [Other]
12.10.05GrosseLeute.de by [Other]
11.10.05AIDS-Schutz Werbung by [Other]
10.10.05Traumhaftes modding - Zigarettenanzünder by [Other]
10.10.05Mein Aufklärungsbuch wird sicherlich besser by [Other]
09.10.05Neuer Linkpartner: Arbeitslosenportal Deutschland by [Other]
09.10.05Eviltrash hört auf :-( by [Other]
07.10.05"Der Pate" für Arme by [Other]
07.10.05Kürbiskust by [Other]
06.10.05Domains Registered to Google Inc. by [Other]
05.10.05Fascho-Schlampen sind hässlich by [Other]
05.10.05Kewle Automaten by [Other]
03.10.05Internet Addiction Test by [Other]
03.10.05Die Gesichter hinter der Kinderschokolade by [Other]
01.10.05Morgen ist Wahl. Geht hin. by [Other]
01.10.05Animated Boobs by [Other]
01.10.05The Homo-Handshake by [Other]
30.09.05Naked Air by [Other]
30.09.05Dear God by [Other]
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29.09.05Arbeiten bei Hooters by [Other]
29.09.05Church-Sign-Generator (Gemeldet von: Koarl) by [Other]
28.09.05Comic-Stilblüten by [Other]
26.09.05Wieder was zur Landtagswahl by [Other]
25.09.05Best of Bild by [Other]
25.09.05Hacken im Alltag by [Other]
23.09.05Der obligatorische Hinweis aufs Forum by [Other]
23.09.05Was sind deine Raubkopien wert? by [Other]
23.09.05Dinge die wir immer schon wissen wollten by [Other]
22.09.05Patriot oder Vaterlandsverräter? (Gemeldet von: goTo) by [Other]
19.09.05Wirklich Wayne by [Other]
19.09.05Nützlich by [Other]
18.09.05Neuheit der Textverarbeitung! by [Other]
17.09.05Angie online schöner machen (Gemeldet von: Gusbert) by [Other]
17.09.05Rache gegen Spam by [Other]
16.09.05Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 by [Other]
15.09.05Kleine Form Battle by [Other]
14.09.05Tolle Taschenlampen by [Other]
13.09.05Jesus & HeMan roll a joint by [Other]
12.09.05Endlich wieder ein neues Zeichen-Gästebuch! by [Other]
12.09.05Where Are They Now & Did They Get Hot? by [Other]
09.09.05Verdammte Kinderficker by [Other]
09.09.05Hunde sind echt sowas von absolut dumm... by [Other]
09.09.05Cumshot by [Other]
09.09.05Gaga ist das by [Other]
09.09.05Das nenn ich mal einen Screen by [Other]
09.09.05Blöde Sprüche by [Other]
09.09.05Google OS? by [Other]
09.09.05Kreative Verwendungsmöglichkeiten für Handys by [Other]
09.09.05Casemodding für Notgeile by [Other]
07.09.05Dr.-Zeller-Bastelstunde: Atombombe selber machen (Gemeldet von: Gerrit) by [Other]
07.09.05Neues Sammelkartenspiel by [Other]
07.09.05Das RL is krank *g* (Gemeldet von: Koarl) by [Other]
06.09.05Film Combos by [Other]
04.09.05Hände anmalen ist blöd by [Other]
04.09.05Log- bzw. Bahnführer spielen by [Other]
04.09.05Nette Urinathorien by [Other]
03.09.05Blöde Menschen by [Other]
01.09.05EspressoPorn.com (Gemeldet von: Lee) by [Other]
31.08.05Photoshop-Work wiedermal by [Other]
30.08.05Nippel-Tutorial by [Other]
29.08.05Sendung mit der Maus: X-Box by [Other]
29.08.05Es ist wieder zeit für den "Wahlomat" by [Other]
27.08.05Zungen Tattoos by [Other]
26.08.05Lass Jessica Simpson tanzen by [Other]
26.08.05Knight Rider by [Other]
26.08.05Ein wahrer Schenkelklopfer by [Other]
25.08.2005Jesus Fucking Rocks!!! by [Other]
24.08.05David Hasselhoff wär mir lieber... by [Other]
23.08.05Der Gangsta-Translator by [Other]
20.08.05Leute quälen - Hell Yeah! by [Other]
20.08.05Weltneuheit: kabellose Katze by [Other]
20.08.05Jesus mal anders by [Other]
18.08.05Juhu, 17 Punkte by [Other]
17.08.051337-Humor by [Other]
17.08.057 GHZ-Rechner mit Stickstoff-Kühlung by [Other]
17.08.05Toller Wettbewerb by [Other]
16.08.05FORUM OLÉ by [Other]
16.08.05Wilsons-Hundeschlachtshop - Schicker Katalog by [Other]
16.08.05Kreative Maus by [Other]
15.08.05So versteckt man sich richtig by [Other]
15.08.05Adolf-Hitler-Voicechanger - jetzt auch online! by [Other]
14.08.05Der hässlichste Hund der Welt by [Other]
13.08.05Anzug für Möchtegern-Nudisten by [Other]
13.08.05Flammenwerfer zum Nachbaun by [Other]
13.08.05Geiler Repost: Shoot it! by [Other]
12.08.05Genial! Das brauch ich! by [Other]
12.08.05Latex-Fetisch by [Other]
10.08.05Wanted! by [Other]
09.08.05Schwangerenwitze auf Google by [Other]
09.08.05LSD? by [Other]
08.07.05Der Evilizer (Gemeldet von: Alex) by [Other]
06.08.05Batman ist schwul by [Other]
05.08.05Urinathorien in Computerspielen by [Other]
05.08.05Wie fad muss einem sein? by [Other]
04.08.05Pimpel & Pampel - Die lustigen Eichhörnchen! by [Other]
04.08.05Spaß mit Drogen :-) by [Other]
03.08.05Endlich! Wie lange hab ich gesucht?! by [Other]
02.08.05Linkpartner: Nettes Smalltalkboard zum Kennenlernen neuer Leute by [Other]
30.07.05Bauanleitung für gefühlsechte Wagina ;o) by [Other]
30.07.05Das Wahl-O-Meter - Deutsche Bundestagswahl (Gemeldet von: Markus) by [Other]
28.07.05Der Bodybouncer by [Other]
27.07.05Das neue Google by [Other]
27.07.05List of films ordered by uses of the word "fuck" by [Other]
24.07.05The Most Beautiful Machine by [Other]
23.07.05Dog-Modding by [Other]
22.07.05Wiedermal ein Hinweis aufs Forum! by [Other]
22.07.05Japaner sind verwirrend by [Other]
22.07.05Nintendo-Nostalgie by [Other]
22.07.05Google-Mond - Praktisch für leute ohne Teleskop by [Other]
21.07.05Fingeryoga (Gemeldet von: sugarlolly) by [Other]
21.07.05Miss Balaton by [Other]
20.07.05Trabi-Duft aus der Dose by [Other]
19.07.05Sisha-Bauanleitung (tz... das haben wir mir 14 schon gemacht!) by [Other]
18.07.05Wurde langsam Zeit! by [Other]
18.07.05Welcher Kaffee bist du? by [Other]
17.07.05Kami's Schimpfgenerator by [Other]
16.07.05Anal Cunt: DAS sind Songtitel! (ACHTUNG: Makaber hoch 1000!) by [Other]
15.07.05DIE Tastatur by [Other]
14.07.05Der Print Chat - GENIAL! by [Other]
14.07.05Noch sinnvoller! by [Other]
14.07.05Kommentarlos by [Other]
13.07.05Warum hab ich diesen Film nicht gesehen? by [Other]
11.07.05Ich mag Bier :-) (Gemeldet von: Tyr) by [Other]
11.07.05Multiuser-Paint by [Other]
10.07.059. Voting - Sonntagsfrage by [Other]
10.07.05"Nazis und das ALMRAUSCH" sind lustig-Special by [Other]
09.07.05Weltweit Titelseiten ansehen by [Other]
07.07.05Skurrilste Website des Jahres by [Other]
05.07.05Wird sofort bestellt by [Other]
04.07.05Toast in the Post by [Other]
01.07.05Fit für den Sommerflirt? (Danke Titanic!) by [Other]
28.06.05Anleitung zum Schweineschlachten auf Video (Gemeldet von: Emanuel) by [Other]
27.06.05Dr-Zeller.com-Propagandaoffensive leitet weitere Schritte ein by [Other]
27.06.05Der Faceanalyzer - äußerst seriös ;o) by [Other]
26.06.05Panzer zum Bierholen :-D by [Other]
25.06.05Die deutsche Sprache by [Other]
24.06.05Und natürlich noch die Grundlage zum Papierflieger falten ^^ by [Other]
24.06.05Wie baue ich mir einen David Hasselhoff Papierflieger?! by [Other]
23.06.05Der Sloganizer (Gemeldet von: Zar*Mostovoi) by [Other]
23.06.05Geniale Ortsnamen (Gemeldet von: Sören) by [Other]
23.06.05Superheldinnen by [Other]
22.06.05Wieder ein Monster-Sandwich by [Other]
22.06.05Geek-Shop by [Other]
21.06.05Dr-Zeller.com Hardcore-Bondage-Special by [Other]
21.06.05Professionelle Klimaanlage selber bauen by [Other]
21.06.05Das I.Z.E.T.I.T. erforscht die Charmin-Hängematte by [Other]
20.06.05Jaja von wem wohl die Mutter :-D (Bild ganz oben links) by [Other]
20.06.05Kindergrippel Teil IV (Gemeldet von: DC) by [Other]
20.06.05Kindergrippel Teil III (Gemeldet von: DC) by [Other]
20.06.05Kindergrippel Teil II (Gemeldet von: DC) by [Other]
19.06.05Online Drogen for ever! by [Other]
19.06.05Kindergrippel (Gemeldet von: DC) by [Other]
18.06.05Nerd-Uhr by [Other]
17.06.05Wusstet ihr, dass man im Word Sounds einbinden kann?! by [Other]
15.06.05Castles für sale by [Other]
15.06.05Wiedermal ein Schwein zeichnen (Gemeldet von: neschki) by [Other]
12.06.058. Voting - Was hältst du von Katzen? by [Other]
12.06.05Ergebnis des 7. Votings! by [Other]
12.06.05Wieder geniale Kinderbücher by [Other]
11.06.05Der Münzgenerator (Gemeldet von: M) by [Other]
09.06.05Lego Kirche *freaks* by [Other]
06.06.05Spinnenbiss - ACHTUNG: SEHR EKLIG by [Other]
06.06.05Brutale Hinrichtung im Internet by [Other]
05.06.05Wie man sich sein eigenes Chloroform macht by [Other]
04.06.05Die offiziellen Dr-zeller.com-Buttons sind da by [Other]
04.06.05Test: Welche Dateiendung bist du? by [Other]
03.06.05Darth's Daily Tragedys by [Other]
03.06.05Endlich echte Bananaphones! by [Other]
03.06.05Für Leute die ihr reelles Leben vollkommen verloren haben by [Other]
02.06.05Lustige Bibel Comics by [Other]
01.06.05Angy and the Backstreet Boys by [Other]
31.05.05My favourite Cumshot (Gemeldet von: Lustiger Lurch) by [Other]
31.05.05Nie wieder "White Rabbit" :-) by [Other]
30.05.05Auf vielfachen Wunsch Repost: 1337-Arbeit by [Other]
30.05.05Biereis olé! by [Other]
29.05.05Best of Bush (Gemeldet von: Sören) by [Other]
28.05.05Shock Rock? by [Other]
27.05.05Wiedermal ein neues Zeichen-Gästebuch by [Other]
27.05.05Das gab's doch schon mal by [Other]
27.05.05Schon wieder so ein Hippie-Scheiß... by [Other]
26.05.057. Voting - Was könnte auf Dr-Zeller.com verbessert werden? by [Other]
26.05.05Ergebnis des 6. Votings - Welche Art von Pornos bevorzugst du? by [Other]
26.05.05Was zum Zeitverschwenden by [Other]
24.05.05Darth Gärtner? (Gemeldet von: Miochens) by [Other]
22.05.05DAS Keyboard ;o) by [Other]
22.05.05Dumme Kinder by [Other]
21.05.05Neuer Linkpartner! - Muss man reinschaun ;o) by [Other]
21.05.05Die 100 ältesten Domains (Gemeldet von: TheParanoia) by [Other]
19.05.05DeinName@dr-zeller.com - Gratis Mailadresse jetzt sichern! by [Other]
19.05.05Sehr skurrile Apps! (Gemeldet von: cb) by [Other]
18.05.05Warum ich Jägermeister trinke (Gemeldet von: Guido) by [Other]
18.05.05Die 50 schlechtesten Frisuren aller Zeiten by [Other]
17.05.05LoL-Fighters.de (Gemeldet von: splurge) by [Other]
17.05.05Endlich wieder Hackits! (Gemeldet von: cb) by [Other]
14.05.05Und die dazugehörige Umfrage - gleich abstimmen! by [Other]
14.05.05Dr. Zeller's tiefgründiges Porno-Diskussions-Special! by [Other]
13.05.05Alt aber gut: geile Namen by [Other]
12.05.05Das offizielle Bullshit(TM)- und Sarkasmus-Forum!!! by [Other]
11.05.05Ranking der bösesten Film-Bösewichte by [Other]
10.05.05Woldometers - Arge Statistiken by [Other]
07.05.05Draw a Pig by [Other]
07.05.05Zombie-Pinups - geil! by [Other]
07.05.05Die USB-Barbie by [Other]
05.05.05A Clockwork Orange Tribute by [Other]
04.05.05K.I.T.T. by [Other]
04.05.05Vorsicht, Erdstrahelen aus dem Internetz ;o) by [Other]
03.05.05Cosmic Peephole by [Other]
03.05.05Pimp-Nutten-Manager 2005 by [Other]
02.05.05KitenWar.com - Welche Pussy ist süßer? by [Other]
02.05.05Hehehe: Der ultimative Aufrisstrick by [Other]
01.05.05Sandsturm by [Other]
01.05.052,5 gigapixel Foto! by [Other]
01.05.05Das 8500 Kalorin-Sandwich *g* by [Other]
01.05.05FHM Top 100 Women... Platz 7 spricht für sich, tz... by [Other]
29.04.05Anti-AIDS-Kampagne by [Other]
28.04.05Die ultimative Bier-Bong! by [Other]
27.04.05Age Transformer by [Other]
26.04.05Sinnloser Test (Gemeldet von: Woody) by [Other]
26.04.05Hell Yeah, Hamsterfelle *g* by [Other]
26.04.05Stellung beziehen ;o) by [Other]
25.04.05Noch ein toller neuer Linkpartner: FAH-Q.org by [Other]
25.04.05Sexuelle Belästigung von Statuen *hehe* by [Other]
25.04.05Bitte unterschreiben! by [Other]
24.04.05The Leader-Test (WTF?! Saddam Hussein?!) by [Other]
24.04.05Cooler neuer Linkpartner: MadMag.de! by [Other]
23.04.05Auch das Forum gibt es noch! - ANMELDEN! by [Other]
23.04.05HEHEHE: Gebt auf google.at mal "völlige Inkompetenz" ein! by [Other]
21.04.05Cooles Maus-Modding! by [Other]
21.04.05Mahlzeit! by [Other]
20.04.05Neuer Linkpartner: Stuggi-Town.de! by [Other]
20.04.05Heroin-Bob-Fanlisting by [Other]
19.04.05Wenn ich eine Frau wär, würd ich's sofort bestellen! by [Other]
18.04.05Neues Zitat der Woche by [Other]
17.04.05Coole Stretch-Limo by [Other]
15.04.05Zeichen-Gästebuch #2 - Das erste war nach 2 Tagen voll, DANKE! (Ihr könnt es unter "G-Point" immer noch anschaun!) by [Other]
15.04.05Gratis Augenkrebs! by [Other]
14.04.05BITTE UNBEDINGT KLICKEN! - Auch die Neoliberalen... by [Other]
14.04.05Virtual Bartender 2 (Noch mehr Lesben!) - GOTT SEI GEDANKT!!! by [Other]
13.04.05Coole Idee: Zeichen-Gästebuch, malt mir doch mal was schönes! by [Other]
13.04.05Und gehbt jetzt auf Google "Krabbenschwänze" ein *g* by [Other]
13.04.05SEHR GENIAL: Auf Fotos schießen! by [Other]
13.04.05Perverse Buch-Cover by [Other]
11.04.05Wunderbar! Sofort anmelden und deinen kranken Gedanken freien Lauf lassen! by [Other]
08.04.05Gebt mal "dauerwachsein" auf Google ein... by [Other]
08.04.05Reality Soap: Das Leben einer Hanfpflanze by [Other]
04.04.05Forum!!! Schon angemeldet? by [Other]
04.04.05Die dümmsten Antworten bei Günther Jauch & Co. by [Other]
01.04.05Sinnvolle Verwendungsmöglichkeit für Kleingeld by [Other]
30.03.05Kaffee-Tricks by [Other]
29.03.05Alien v. Predator - Foto-Love-Story! by [Other]
28.03.05GENIAL: DAS BESTE FORUM ALLER ZEITEN! - Wer nix angemeldet, der nix gut! by [Other]
28.03.05Lustiges Kinderbuch (Gemeldet von: TSCHANGO) by [Other]
28.03.05Test: Welcher Kiffertyp bist du? by [Other]
27.03.05Alien-Invasion! by [Other]
27.03.05Auch sehr skurril by [Other]
27.03.05Coole Erfindungen aus Japan by [Other]
26.03.05Nehmts mir nicht böse, aber irgendwie ist das lustig :-D by [Other]
26.03.05Finde heraus, wie du als Schlumpf heißen würdest! by [Other]
26.03.05Neue Full-House-Episoden *g* by [Other]
25.03.05Noch ein Hinweis auf das GRANDIOSE Bullshit(TM)-Forum! by [Other]
24.03.05Die Menstruations-Barbie by [Other]
24.03.05Skyline-Ranking by [Other]
24.03.05Da muss man fast zuschlagen! by [Other]
24.03.05Der Nerd-Test - 7%, ich bin cool *g* by [Other]
23.03.05Der tägliche Hinweis auf's Forum - Bis sich alle angemeldet haben ;o) by [Other]
23.03.05Teste dich beim Schwul-O-Meter (Gemeldet von: Humml) by [Other]
22.03.05DIREKTER LINK INS FORUM - Gleich anmelden! by [Other]
22.03.05"What sex is your brain"-Test by [Other]
05.02.05Die Schimpfwortmaschine by [Other]
05.02.05FetteMama.com offline... so schnell kanns gehn ;o) by [Other]
03.02.05Der gute Harry hats versprochen: Hausdurchsuchung bei Don Vito! by [Other]
02.02.05Neues Zitat der Woche - klick dich mal ein! by [Other]
02.02.05Fedder Rabber! by [Other]
02.02.05Neues Voting online: Dr-Zeller.com-Forum? by [Other]
02.02.05Letztes Votings: 44% der Besucher wollen die Revolution! Was hält uns auf? by [Other]
01.02.05Geniales Rätsel! by [Other]
01.02.05Das Ossi-Quiz ;o) by [Other]
31.01.05Cooles Konzert am 4. Februar im Weberhauskeller Weiz! by [Other]
29.01.05Waren die Super Mario Brothers UdSSR-Propaganda? by [Other]
28.01.05Pornonamen-Generator by [Other]
26.01.05Die 99 begehrenswertesten Frauen der Welt by [Other]
26.01.05Humanclock (vllt. Repost) by [Other]
25.01.05Großes Update im Literatur-Bereich! by [Other]
24.01.05Ich will nochmal aufs aktuelle Voting hinweisen by [Other]
24.01.05Kirche zum selberbasteln und anzünden! by [Other]
23.01.05Selbstmord-Hase by [Other]
20.01.05Hast du Yedi-Kräfte? by [Other]
19.01.0550-Kilo-Mädl isst 30-Pfund-Burger! by [Other]
19.01.04Das 4. Voting ist online: Revolution? by [Other]
19.01.05Ergebnis des letzen Votings: Popstars 16 mal so unbeliebt wie der Frühling! by [Other]
18.01.05Neues Zitat der Woche by [Other]
16.01.05Kinderfotos von Rockstars *cool* by [Other]
16.01.05Das gibts nur in Japan... by [Other]
15.01.05GENIALST: George W's Hotmail-Inbox *g* by [Other]
14.01.05Cooler ASCII-Generator by [Other]
13.01.05Donald und die Drogen... by [Other]
12.01.05Ein Kindheitstraum wird wahr ;o) by [Other]
11.01.05Sinn-frei.tk ist jetzt mein Linkpartner (weil jetzt statt FetteMama.com platz ist ;o) by [Other]
11.01.05Bau dir ein Mini-Flugzeug by [Other]
10.01.05Das beste vom Mundl... by [Other]
09.01.05Ganz nützlich: wie man einen Turban mach by [Other]
08.01.05Wiedermal ein cooles Zitat der Woche by [Other]
08.01.05Schwalbe des Jahres ;-) by [Other]
08.01.05Ganz kewl gemacht das! by [Other]
07.01.05Sinn-frei.tk ist offline... somit hab ich gewonnen Buzz ;o) by [Other]
05.01.05Experiment - auch äußerst interessant! by [Other]
05.01.05Große Sammlung "lustiger Gesetze" by [Other]
03.01.05Bauanleitug-Streichholzrakete by [Other]
02.01.05Voting: Was würdest du am liebsten verbieten? by [Other]
02.01.05Tz tz tz... schaut euch das 1. Bild an, wenn man bei Google "Herz" eingibt! by [Other]
31.12.04Hiermit wünscht Dr. Zeller allen ein gutes Jahr 2005! by [Other]
30.12.04Wieder so ein Alko-Test (juhu, hab "problematischen Alkoholkonsum"...) by [Other]
30.12.04Praktisches Silvester-Tool - "Wie viel darf ich trinken" by [Other]
29.12.04Skandal: so cheatet man bei Minesweeper! by [Other]
24.12.04Dr. Zeller wünscht allen Frohe Weihnachten! by [Other]
22.12.04Osama Claus by [Other]
20.12.04Sinn-Test, sehr interessant! by [Other]
20.12.04Nettes Tool by [Other]
13.12.04Ist diese Seite gut oder böse? by [Other]
13.12.04Neues Zitat der Woche - lesenswert! ;o) by [Other]
11.12.04Welches Bier bist du? by [Other]
08.12.04Zwischendurch bitte wieder zwei Klicks für mich... by [Other]
05.12.04Bitte zwei Klicks für Dr. Zeller... by [Other]
03.12.04Nochmal der Hinweis auf meinen Adventskalender, morgen musst du selber hinfinden *g* by [Other]
03.12.04Größen vergleichen by [Other]
02.12.04Hotkeys für CS-Süchtler by [Other]
02.12.04Kästchen zwei des Adventkalender darf geöffnet werden ;o) by [Other]
01.12.04Der Fluch-o-mat! by [Other]
01.12.04Richtige BH's zur Weihnachtszeit ;o) by [Other]
01.12.04Der 1. Tag von Dr. Zellers Adventskalender geht online! (Mit Lesben!) by [Other]
30.11.04Erschreckend... by [Other]
27.11.04Voting: Wer ist die coolste Person 2004? by [Other]
27.11.04Kopfweh-Macher by [Other]
25.11.04Headline des Jahres... by [Other]
24.11.04Wirklich cooler Screensaver by [Other]
23.11.04Alkoholiker-Test (Meine Auswertung: "Sie haben bereits ein Alkoholproblem!!!") by [Other]
22.11.04Homo oder Hetero? by [Other]
21.11.04Das 1. Voting ist online - Sonntagsfrage! by [Other]
16.11.04Bastel deine eigenen, professionellen Phantombilder by [Other]
16.11.04Ein Klick für Dr. Zeller by [Other]
14.11.04Und noch schnell ein interessanter Test by [Other]

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